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Source: Sir Havoc

Of Tanks | Twilight Zone | Clips For Your Amusement
This Is an Adapted Re-Upload Of My Last (Deleted) Video More
Moron Time *Which Includes Some Extra Bits.


Please put Time stamps in the description of WHAT happens and WHEN 🙂

►Then email the link to the Video on WoT too:
If you think this is a worthy cause then perhaps you could help by:

►Dutty Moonshine – Takin’ It Back
►Odjbox – Otto Croy
►World Of Tanks Main Theme
►OMFG – Yeah
►Chase (Benny Hill Theme)

End Music by:

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:


Royalty Free Music by (for videos that make use of music tracks)
by (for videos that make use of sound effects)

© If any producer or label has an issue with any of the uploads please contact ( and we will delete it immediately


  1. And i thought you only got these fuckwits on the asia server

  2. When will we get to see the results of the 20k give away? I am really
    looking forward to it.

  3. What’s the song at 2:50 called?

  4. Welcome to windowlicker central!

  5. can only see the first 10 seconds :(

  6. I like the videoscenes and the music you used for them, but i do not like
    the pictures you put in the video.

  7. what happened to your 20k giveaways?

  8. Frederick Burkert

    Interesting text read at the begining, more feminin and more British – or
    is it a Mumbai accent ???

  9. In my opinion Sir Havoc. Morons should be shown and identified which will
    make others think twice before acting like a moron.

  10. Why your last video was deleted?


  12. That’s way i hate so fuckin much this game and this fuckin fucktards… i
    hate them from all my heart. Only a fuckin retard kid or a sick human can
    do this…

  13. Ok. Now i see where the difference is. As one of those that saw the
    ‘original’ before it was ‘deleted’, I would just like to say, if folk don’t
    want to be seen in a bad light then they should stop acting like spoiled,
    dummy-out-the-pram, tantrum excreting, brats. You obviously have your
    reasons for an ‘Adapted Re-Upload’ (personally I’d have left it up) and you
    are quite within your rights to do so. Just to let you know however,
    regardless of who did what & when, if he thought he had been wronged he
    should have went through the appropriate channels & complaint procedures.
    Firing upon an ally is a NO-NO!!! Although, in saying that, 2 wrongs don’t
    make a right.

  14. How far back you willing to accept replays from?

  15. Still can’t get over those AT15… with friends like these eh!!??! lol!
    (also, I would never do that… )

  16. what modpack do u use

  17. not sure who the bigger a hole is the su152 or the jpanther although im
    inclined to say the su because of him firing the first shot

  18. Pete just some constructive comments i love these style of video but maybe
    try find original music and voices as i heard these all on other peoples
    video (the one and only and i believe ship the nuts ) also i love what you
    do with the community keep up the good work mate

  19. I like this series, but hate that it happens so often in game!

  20. I’d like to say this amused me but as a player with 13k random
    battles..nothing surprises me..gj though :D

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