World of Tanks + Twitch Prime = CARE PACKAGE!

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World of Tanks and Twitch Prime are teaming up to create “Care Package Alpha” – possibly the best World of Tanks yet!



World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. canada one is not working…giving me DE

  2. its ok I clicked the DE one and it gave me Canada, so they are switched

  3. pffff advertising a massive dislike from me.
    this is disgusting ?

  4. Dave & Tracey McPhail

    I know it’s asking a lot, but is there any chance you have a recording of the PZ IIJ game we played today?

  5. 2 hours after I have linked my account and still haven’t got free stuff. Good job war gaming!

  6. already had prime, since i use amazon very often… + the game loot, so im super happy we have this for world of tanks now 😀

  7. Adverts! Adverts!

  8. ..hmm making advs for 3 party partners of Wargaming is really pathetc QB .. i do understand that u need suport on your twitch ,, but u should be our voice (players ) not Wargaming’s machine money makers as u do lately ….i’m a regular member of your youtube channel .. but i think i should move to some one who speaks more for us :players , not for Wargaming .
    peace and love

  9. More BS from WG when they cant even fix the bloody matchmaker and stop rigging the f#cking matches so you keep losing 15-1 over and over and over and ovber and over again. What an utter pile of BS!

  10. oh that looks cool…. well that didnt work

  11. I have Amazon prime and have a payment card added, yet I can’t “Enable Twitch Prime” on my Twitch account. I tried adding my card on my Twitch account too yet it doesn’t change anything.

  12. what happens if you have a 30 day free amazon prime trial and have the twitch prime loot on your account and then cancel the subscription afterwards? do they charge you? do you lose the twitch prime benefits? please, help.

  13. DE and CA are reversed

  14. Activated and linked all of my accounts together yet I get nothing in game? Does it take some time to come through or what?

  15. Attempt#1 can u pls do a video about whether is4 needs a buff or not?

  16. does this include xbox one?

  17. you switched up the canadian and the german link in your description

  18. LowCommentaryGamer

    purple maus? thanos maus

  19. well, twitch prime NEEDS a debit/credit card…so yeah **** this promotion…good luck for all those who got them…

  20. The Bonus XP and the Bonus Credits are only modify the Base Value.
    The Base Value is with Premium Account or Without, depends on the Account Status (the Marathons AX and Prot. realy use only the Base Value).
    BaseValue + BaseValue*(Victory + Halloween + Twitchmission + Reserve + Premuimtank)
    It means you get by 500 Base XP
    500+500(Victory or more depends on Faktor)+25(Halloween depends on the Number)+75(for the 15% Bonus Mission) + 250(Depends on the Reserve)+125(Depends on the Premtankfaktor)
    and so on.
    With Premium this 500 goes up and so the other Values. 500*1,5 = 750 so the Victory goes up to 750, the Halloween goes up to 37,5 and so on
    But with a Reserver Bonus, only the Reserver Bonus goes up.

    hope it helps

    ps: The Crew gets also this XP Bonus, with Elite Status you can give one the Double of the Amount. So Crew Training is also very great at the moment

  21. Gives us the modpack update! FFS!

  22. which link is for the asian server?

  23. Wait does amazon prime = twitch prime?

  24. Does she have a different voice to regular female tankers?

  25. Does this work with a student prime account or only if you pay the full prime amount?

  26. what is up with the female crew members? There was like 1 female tanker in ww2 so why is there so many on woT

  27. hahaha i get my crew member thx XDD

  28. Didn’t do jack shit for me, typical wargaming can’t trust them to do anything right.

  29. How To Defeat ISIS 101

    And with the power of Wargaming and Twitch prime I will now create a crew member with three skills that just so happens to be Swedish. Ta da

  30. Its funny because I claim all the twitch prime games but I dont even know where to go to install them 😀
    My twitch prime is already linked and I claimed it but didnt get shit all, ASIA server usually does not get a lot of stuff, although I did manage to get the Texas twitch thing for Warships.

  31. booooo no tank gameplay 😉

  32. after 12 hours waiting it looks like it dosnt work on the Asia server…….grrrrrrr

  33. please give me one account of twich prime for RU server. email

  34. Why is it all the new maps have a middle line where no one can cross so everyone camps at the back? Can we have some maps like westfield and not fucking studzianki?

  35. trash, cant compare it to warframe’s twitch prime for prime.

  36. hey i just noticed youtube videos are broke i can put something for you to click like 3:05 and youtube will take you to the video you are watching at 3:05 but i can put 18:59 which this video definitely does not have and it will still take you there see for your self 18:59

  37. Bartholomew Macaluso

    Ehh….! Dont come to the Bay Area you hack. You are a minion of the Russians, RT is your twist with us Americans and you only stand to gain by belittling our politics and applauding our society even though you represent the most backwards of ethnostate politicing of Western societies discourse. Your “war trophy” is clear evidence of this!@!

  38. Bartholomew Macaluso

    @00:16 what do you mean Amazon prime, dont you mean twitch prime because I have only seen Twitch prime as the sub we need to get extra shit you howling tool!

  39. Bartholomew Macaluso

    Do you know what a meat hook looks like, you deserve one to drag you through the shallows of the straights ^ ^. Maybe lord Nelson would howl with delight over the likes of you being “rendered” so magnificently.

  40. Bartholomew Macaluso

    OH well, why didnt you say they could be linked you limy BOY. smh….

  41. Bartholomew Macaluso

    You arent being very clear about how twitch and amazon prime relate to one another, for instance, if we have Amazon prime does that mean we dont have to pay for twitch prime or are you leading us down a blind ally you twit. Cause, I wont fuck with it man, its so vague and with the way WG and you youtubes act to push their shit I am very skeptical
    about what it is your lack of clarity means.

  42. uh yeah, pay2win mechanic again… this is just next level pay2win mechanic… glad I quit

  43. i really love amazon prime it delivered my pc accesories and part just in 1 day or even less.

  44. Can all controyes do this?

  45. Yeaaaah… But for Subscribing to Twitch Prime for the free Trial, you need a credit Card, and if you don’t own one, you’re f…ed. Because you can’t subscribe, and you can’t get the Care Package..

  46. the reason i click into quickybaby videos is because of the yellow words in the thumbnail. the yellowness makes you feel comfortable.

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