World of Tanks – Two For One

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Today the action’s intense but the duration’s a bit short, so we’re showing off two replays, one of which features the return of the most broken, overpowered and overpriced tank in the game.

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System Specs: i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 10×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships replay, consider using a hosting service like

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Jingles, if you stand on Southsea sea front, how many forts can you see that were built to keep the French out?? We were taking the piss out of the French well before most 😉

  2. Point of order Jingles, Was there ever a time when it was uncool to hate the French? Because I’m pretty sure that the French have been hated even BEFORE France existed. There were a group of peoples that used large throwing axes called Franks, whom eventually became the French and they were pretty much universally hated as well.

  3. a panzer2j holy crap….

  4. As much as I’d love to go seal clubbing in a Panzer IIJ, I’m not paying $100 for the damn thing.

  5. You stay back and hold the cap circle, and I’ll keep driving out of the cap circle to get shots

    • Yeah, better to just sit in cap and let the enemy decap both tanks instead of one willingly losing his points in order to kill said enemies.

  6. Pz2j. Cmon Jingles, you’re better than this.

  7. 2:50 If you’ve ever seen POTC 3 where the Dutchman destroys a fleet of ships….yeah, that in tank form.

  8. Jingles… You need to do a replay of the ultra rare rocking horse shit tank.. That makes the pz2j cry… The legendary su76i..

  9. Thanks for the wot vid …….. I know it’s tough

  10. Being french and living in Ireland i must say that this anti english stuff is long time gone, (for example , on any french tv channel, nobody would make one of this low level jokes about England or english people). Not the same on the other side……. But anybody find its pleasure where he can.

  11. Jingles, it was worth it. I’d like to have a kill like that any time.

  12. Jingles have you done any videos on world of war ships legends recently?

  13. I was wondering if you will play Horizon Zero Dawn The Frozen Wilds s pool me time?

  14. We don’t actually hate the French, we just like razzing them over the time they surrendered to the Germans. We still remember how they stood with us against you Brits after we told King George to go to hell and declared independence.

  15. The french and english are natural enemies
    Just like the french and the german
    or french and the dutch
    or french and other french people.
    Damn french people, they ruined france.

  16. That IS-7 attack just before 8:00 deserves a medal. Too bad he failed to flip the enemy tank completely.

  17. At one point id´like to relay on you, but you seem to not give a FUCK so here is a FuCk to YOU! i used to love your VIDS. but somehow you dont give a FUCK! you use to give replays of your own vids but that is FUCKING 4 yers a go! sorry for my lack of french im Danish!

  18. Well Jingles, I’m really struggling to find if anybody loves the french. Englishmen? Nope! The Germans? Nein! Italians? I can assure you “assolutamente no!” 😀
    I should ask why nobody loves the french but at this point I’m too afraid to ask.

  19. Suggestions for your next titles “Scraping The Barrel”, “Phoning It In”, “Can I Go And Do Something Else Now?”.

  20. The panzer 2 j is free on console, it’s also always available

  21. “We’re not quitters. Once we start something, we see it through to the bitter end.”

    *glances at Brexit

  22. “But it’s different for you though, isn’t it?”  “How so?”  “Well I mean…you’re English, You lot spent the last thousand years kickin’ the shit outta everybody else, you’ve fuck all left to prove to anyone.”

  23. the French are a nation of map-pingers.

  24. uhh we ran into a panzer II J and 6 of us were defeated by it

    YOU WHAT?!

  25. Every time i watch a new WoT video i feel better for quitting this garbage game lol

  26. Wargaming doesn’t deserve the community they have, they swallow so much shit from the developers of this game and somehow continue to play this awfully balanced game.

  27. ~Actually, Jingles~ the French and the British were allies and fought on the same side in the Crimean War.

    As for France, most Americans don’t travel and don’t know shit about France. The general mindset is France is basically a country peopled by rude parisian waiters, and the vast majority of people in the US remain totally clueless to how tremendous France was towards gaining independence from the British.

    Most over here are hugely limited to tired jokes about the French surrendering.

  28. Jingles you forgot the Crimean war where after 30 years of naval build-up with the UK and France expecting another war between themselves they ended up teaming up to send the largest and second largest navies in the world against the poor old Russians.

  29. Eirikr Sparkelson

    Are you forgetting about the Crimea war when you talked about the French and the British fighting side by side for the first time ?

  30. If he had missed that final shot, this would probably have been a “defeat from the jaws of victory” video.

  31. Anime Profile Picture

    literally the only reason the second replay was featured was just so Jingles can rant about the god damn Chieftain not being in the game for the umpteenth millionths time

  32. You see, us germans hate you both so much but know that you hate each other as well, so we forced you twice to fight against us as allies, see? 😀

  33. I know you are joking but we don’t all hate the French and most French people don’t hate the English.

  34. Well ACTUALLY Jingles… the French and the British fought together in the Crimean war so…

  35. Actually Jingles the French had the pleasure of being on our side in Crimea

  36. Premium ammo is just pay to win. Hate it

  37. we arnt quiters we see it through to the bitter end …. but … what about that issue with throwing some tea in the ocean then? 😛

  38. Tadeusz Małuszyński

    That moment when 1214 base xp is only enough for a 2nd class…
    But noooo, the NotAChieftainHonest is not op in any capacity whatsoever.

    What’s next? Leopard 2 as a german tier 10 premium? What about T72? Or even better – a T90? Tier 10 russian clanwars reward premium heavy anyone?

    Wot is a joke.

  39. IS7 very honourabru..

  40. Funny joke calling the panzer 2 j hard to kill! All you gotta do is shoot it once with HEAT in a cruiser 2 🙂

  41. 3:30 – To be fair, getting the Ace Tanker Badge for this tank requires dark magic in order to beat the Sealclubbing Gods.

  42. Notification squad, Had to Reboot the PC, What did I miss?

  43. well, at least the brits earned the right to hate us, just like we did. but it’s ok, because we recognized each other value in battle, and despite the hate, respect it. the youngster on the other side of the atlantic tho, just do it because they think it’s cool…..teenagers…. at least until they really need some help and call the french or the brits (and sometimes both at the same time) to get their sorry ass out of the sand 🙂

  44. That IS-7 ram was glorious.

  45. So I’m Exterminator5,
    And when I noticed I was featured on Jingles’ channel for the first time, my reaction was something like this:
    And thank you so much for all of the amazing videos over the years, it’s been my pleasure to be one of your faithful viewers.
    Yes, I’ll get back to the salt mines…

  46. First time we’ve been on the same side in 700 years? tut tut Jingles, you forgot the Crimean war. Political expediency resulted in us pairing up with Monsieur Baguette during an empire building dust up with the Russians. For this faux pas, I propose a long weekend for all salt-miners!

  47. Jingles: “we are not quitters” BREXIT? Jesus Christ England is so much a quitter they might even quit quitting the EU 😀

    • and one more funny story: at the Football World Cup 2006 in Germany Scottish fans chanted (towards the German fans) “WE HATE ENGLAND MORE THAN YOU” 😀

  48. really? 700 years?? Jingles did you forget that France and Britain fought vs the Russians in the Crimea in the 19th century?

  49. Laurent Boitouzet

    You are quite right my English Frenemy ! 😀

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