World of Tanks – Two For Tuesday

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

That awkward moment when you upload the wrong video and don’t realise until AFTER you make it public… which is why todays’ video is slightly later than you may be used . Jingles done screwed up, son!

Yeah I know. So unlike me.

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  1. I believe the word you’re looking for is Brutal Defeat

  2. The M60 seems like a pretty good tank… Great mobility, ok armour, good

  3. LOLed at the Polish salt at the end at 19:39

  4. economy in WoT needs balancing.. 9kg damage and 40 k Credit loss. Even if
    you take away the Cola that still is 20k loss on a 1 in 100 000 game

  5. anyone know what the T57 Heavy was going on about in chat, he seemed kinda
    pissed about something

  6. So is this what makes a difference between a good player and very good
    player in face to face at end game situation Jingles… Y…you… load the


  7. First battle wasnt really worth showing, but the 2nd battle was really
    Good, his movements were really well thought. but Nice vid as always :)

  8. Woah, it has audio this time

  9. No i oczywiście sapiące się polaczki .kocham mój kraj

  10. 6:26 Also, if you take a look at the exp earned by the enemy team…. well.
    GG, was close.

  11. I thought you had gone French and abandoned us Jingles!

  12. hey, thata my name:)

  13. That M60 v IS-4 battle reminded me of the fight at the end of Cap America
    Civil War.

  14. It’s my birthday! :))

  15. Bogateanu Andrei Silviu (SilviusX21)

    I saw the fail upload, without the sound… not as funny without Jingles

  16. What’s so special about the 1st gameplay? Pretty much every second match of
    mine ends the same way.

  17. wait, so am I actually early enough to catch the mythical Jingles this

  18. dont you dare to skip on migels whit jingels again you are already slacking
    on that front so dont you dare

    In other words jingels your shit and we love you for it <3

  19. When you uploaded the first (the wrong) video, I really thought you have
    turned over to the dark side of the youtubers, which occasionally will feed
    their subscribers with incredibly sub-par content.
    I’m extremely happy it wasn’t your intent.
    Your content always kept me entertained, and I love you (no homo though :P)
    for cheering me up so much over the course of my latest years of life,
    which took a lot of bad turns – but with your videos I always have some
    time to put my mind at ease.
    Thanks for you and your excellent entertainment, overlord Jingles!

  20. I think the Skoda and FV215b Drivers also deserve some Credit. Those guys
    knew what they were doing.

  21. Jingles that Skôda had the single-shot stock gun

  22. Jingles i had an epic battle in my Isokaze but sadly i didn’t save the
    replay i think you would have liked the replay if it had saved lots of
    funny stuff

  23. someone correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the M48 not have the commanders
    MG turret on the turret

  24. That last match gave me a stomach ache. Well played.

  25. So you fixed the video,eh, jingles

  26. lol the Škoda T50 was clearly Stock.

  27. spike59305 Fireblitz1050

    It’s funny that right before this video came out I watched the M60
    replay… so I know how they both turn out.

  28. Travis Plays/ Gangster Joey

    much better

  29. you been eating domino’s again, jingles?

  30. hockeyfighting baker

    i love yo vids keep up the french butt sex lol

  31. Cool, we get comentary this time…

  32. Cameron McWilliams

    haha M4A1 ravioli xD priceless

  33. liked it better without commentary ??

  34. Tbh it looked like the Skoda had the single shot 100mm based on the way he

  35. 13 minutes ago, 21 Minutes long, So many likes. lol

  36. TheSoulOfTheSith YT

    You can tell who’s a newcomer to this channel: When they blame Jingles when
    it always is Billy’s fault.


  38. So it’s just like Dominos Jingles, two for the price of one and it’s later
    than you expected ;). Just giving you a hard time, love the video. Keep
    making fantastic content!

  39. I love your videos, but I can’t hear that intro song anymore.

  40. Thanks for making this video today Jingles, it’s my birthday!

  41. Two For Tuesday? What? Why just one replay video? Why no commentary? What
    has Dominoes Pizza to do with anything of this? I’m confused. I think I
    hurt myself…

    Oh wait… nvm.

  42. That M60 Patton looks just Like my kit of M48 A3 Patton 2.

  43. shankarshan kundu

    Are u American or what? ’14 hundred’ I’m looking at you.

  44. Its 3 for me today, Youre forgiven Jingles :D

  45. Wow I’m in the top 20% of WOT players! I’ll take that as my win for today!

  46. Sorry for asking a bad question, but can somebody tell me which video Steve
    the IS-7 was originally in?

  47. Already watched the wrong one?

  48. hey jingles can you ask wargaming gaming about premium rounds and not being
    for gold in World of Tanks on Xbox

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