World of Tanks || Type 4 Heavy – 10,000 Damage…

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today Tilith of the NA server is going to show you the raw power of the T9 Japanese heavy tank the Type 4 Heavy. Carrying hard getting 10,000 Damage.

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  1. Before everyone calls this tank op, keep one thing in mind. There is no
    arty in this battle. 1 or 2 tier 8/9 artillery could easily have crippled
    that tank and made it much harder for him.
    Also some of his opponents were not the smartest, like the IS driver trying
    to penetrate the front of a tier 9 heavy. Yes, there was some skill from
    his side but a lot of luck is involved here.

  2. dont like the new jap tanks at all … “balance”

  3. At 11:27 you see, that the Is-3 clearly needed that buff…… Still
    underpowered as hell…. Wargaming, nerf Type 4 pls!

  4. I really feel the E100 needs buffed pen and or armour with tanks like this
    coming in, It’s all very well having better on paper DPM but if all your
    shots bounce, it’s useless……..

  5. 49% scrub getting 10k damage. OP tank much?

  6. There were only reds and yellows in both teams + no arty. Those are the
    ingrediënts for a good heavy battle. At the end some misplay (he should
    yolo the IS-3 because he knew the SU was behind him). For the rest, GJ!

  7. such luck.

  8. Very good play indeed, thoroughly impressed. It was only a shame that the
    25% penetration RNG saved him in the end, he should have never come around
    the corner like that on such low health.

    This replay highlights as well that the only way you can really have good
    games in armoured heavies like this is when there is no artillery on the
    enemy team, otherwise this battle would have been over much earlier and
    ended in a defeat.

    Can’t wait for Wargaming to redesign artillery so these monster heavies
    become viable again.

  9. Cool Battle, but MY reality in this Tank is different.
    I always come in a Battle with at least 5 Tier 10 Tanks and three Arties
    and 90% of them are shooting Premiumammo only.
    I wish, I had this oppotunity once ;)

  10. the japanese heavys destroyed this game. you are going to need so much pen
    to damage them its impossible. even gold ammo from the e75 is not going to
    penetrate. the only one with enough pen is the jgde100. the gun of just the
    tier5 is way too overpowerd, it does at least 300 damage. i hope that they
    are going to nerve them soon. so that the game is playable again.

  11. All I have to say is I can’t wait until they Nerf this tank! It is going to
    be splendid. Too OP if you ask me.

  12. Finally done with the first set for jp….. :)

  13. He played really well 😀 but the type 4 heavy needs a nerf of a gun
    depression 😀 the only tanks in my garage that can penetrate type 4
    frontally are Centurion 7/1 and of course my T-54 with those lovely HEAT
    shells 😀 great video :D

  14. Андрей Шостак

    блять по русски говори

  15. I have just posted on Quickybaby Replays my gameplay with the Tier 7 HT
    O-Ni: Japan Steel | 4k dmg dealt – 7k dmg blocked

  16. bullshit broken tank. You can’t even penetrate this tank frontally with
    E75. There no frontal weak spots. The copula is angled down so that when
    you aim up, it makes the angle more to bounce your shot. The frontal lower
    plate and drive socket plate are so heavy that you can’t pen frontally
    unless using prem on E75. The only tiny weak spot is the frontal driver
    vision slit.

    More armor than E100 checked. More penetration than E100 150mm checked.
    More health than E75 checked.

    This tank is stupidly OP.

  17. @QB, any chance for some review of changes into armor structure for HD
    models. You recently mentioned that there is some change in T110E5 HD
    model, but it’s not so obvious if old weak spot (cupola) is still weak spot
    or not. From in-game experience it’s really difficult to assess this. Any
    other tanks were affected by this?

  18. what a cheating cunt!

  19. absolutely OP tank..WG is bullshit. making these fake OP tanks ..

  20. here is the thing, the m103 was like 20-30m away i dont care was any1 says
    like most of the tanks if your that close and aiming at something it would
    never miss, same goes for arty when there cud me close and the round
    misses, would have never happened!

  21. No arty = Jap HT’s OP

  22. so fucking over power fuck WG they make the game silly and silly day by day
    i cant pen that thing with e75 with ap round just fuck WG

  23. In this situation , su-152 should use HE rounds and type 4 heavy will go to

  24. I’m just wondering… Why the hell don’t people load HE when they’re up
    against top tier heavies or actually any heavy, they know there’s a chance
    they’ll miss and i think that an HE round from the 152 could have easily
    killed the jap heavy with an HE shell

  25. Im not trying to take anything away from Tilith here, but this was a
    1:1.000.000 game and whoever now thinks that the Japanese HTs are actually
    worth it, should know that they’re indeed NOT worth it and are mostly just
    huge HP pinatas for SPG players and every other decent player who knows how
    to buy premium ammunition for credits.

  26. LOL somebody named Grumpy Vietnam Veteran

  27. Alexander Vandermeulen

    RNG loves him it seems…

  28. show me a game with this tank that involves arty and we will see how well
    it does….

  29. How are ppl geting t9 so fast :D

  30. holy crap, Tilith is on my friends list

  31. OP fantasy tank. I will use always premiun ammo against these Japanese

  32. wow…just wow..

  33. Was I the only one yelling “run little doom turtle, run!”?

  34. Damn ?

  35. Elliott “Lost One” Gaal

    Next match I’d like to see: Object 260 vs Type 5 tank.

  36. im grinding for the type 4 right now but it will never replace the e75 in
    its position as king

  37. I like how warming spiced the new Japanese heavies really well know the
    Americans had better tanks than them and Americans were not the best when
    it came to the Russians, Germans, and British back in wwII. Only some
    existed and the ones that were made were crap. These heavies were on paper
    with good armor but the guns weren’t the best. I actually did research on
    this and you can look it up too. The Japanese focused more on ships and
    that’s where they excel the most. So please give these tanks the stats they
    are suppose to have. Thanks!

  38. poor t95s need a buff at this point

  39. SPGS like it

  40. can you please do a video on the wolverine I had the tanks for some time
    and I like it and I want how to play it better

  41. These tanks were way over hyped by QB….the t6 is only good in t6….when
    it gets into a t7 ot t8 it gets wrecked very quickly. The 8 is a step up,
    but the same thing, put it up agaisnts 9s and 10s…they have the pen to
    wreck it. Ive even seen the 10s get killed easily…..It literally is only
    good if the people dont have the pen or jsut dont know where to
    shoot…other than that these tanks are a joke.

  42. First I want to know just how much money this guy paid to rush to this
    tank. Second this game proves two things: Even the sun shines on a dogs ass
    some days, and that WG has no idea what power creep is, and why it is bad.
    This tank should never see tier 7’s.

  43. Wot Quickybaby u just said, ” I cant wait to get this tank” but in the 9.10
    preview of it U HATED IT!

    maybe im mistaken:/

  44. I personally welcome welcome these new Japanese heavies, basically because
    there arty heaven…maybe not as much damage as hitting a medium or td but
    soooo enjoying pissing them of because there so easy to hit

  45. world of warships was released over a month ago lol wtf is he smoking lol

  46. Fabian “Stowney” van den Bussche

    dat ping though

  47. I have to say. Arty would have balanced him right out. When I play arty
    those Japanese heavies make big, fat targets.

  48. So overpowered

  49. these fantasy monsters ruin the game

  50. I really dont understand WarGaming,I mean u put those japanese heavies in
    the game make them shit tone of armor put the beast gun (thinking its not
    OP because of little less accuracy and aiming time) and then after few
    patches u will nerf them so they become more shitty then now like thats why
    AW will become more popular YOURSELVES are destroying the game morons

  51. I have not encountered the higher tiers of the Japanese heavy line but if I
    need to use gold in order to pen them (besides the tiny spot on the inside
    of the tracks) then I think that is bullshit. I do not buy gold ammo. I do
    not have the money to spend and am not good enough to accumulate the silver
    to buy gold ammo that way. It does make me want to play more arty however.

  52. great game and thankfully sky cancer wasn;t present

  53. This is my clan member he said it was the best game he has ever had!!

  54. P.S. Can you play the Kanonenjagdpanzer for your next video please

  55. i think that the type 4 heavy is a very large and hight tank with a
    powerfull gun. But, it is not fast enough for me.

  56. Look how well you can do with a heavy if there is no arty!

  57. QuickyBaby, I think that the Japanese Heavy lines might be a bit OP by
    means of Armor and the engines within!

  58. Pls Nerf… Too OP

  59. He Has WINDOWS 10 :D

  60. WG are idiots.Make a tank which is barrely penetrated by gold amu of T9
    tanks.How T7 can destroy it ? gg

  61. this days i play WoT only casual, but i think that almost whole line of
    this tanks are way way way to OP. what is this supposed to be? i dont get

  62. Spooky “Bones” Skeleton

    I’m one of the few people who don’t give a shit about historical accuracy
    and just want the game to be fun.

  63. Christian “SKILL” RezZquiiL

    crap gameplay only RNG luck and snapshots without aim, he hit all shots
    cause 49% and yellow bot stats, thats all, nothing special to this gameplay
    noskill, aim like a looser and hit everything… so bad i hate my stats

  64. This is the tank I’m working on getting right now. I’m presently in the
    O-Ho (which is pretty good); but I’m really looking forward to my Type 4.

    I’ve been enjoying the entire Japanese Heavy line so far really – not so
    much for killing things, but for being able to be the ultimate in damage
    absorption for my team. I genuinely feel like an MMORPG tank at times, and
    kind of wish I could get “THIS IS A DISTRACTION” painted on the rear of my

  65. The biggest weakness of this line is the speed Dx

  66. WorldOfTanks Gaming

    Thats why u should use the stock gun with the SU-152

  67. QB really don’t know what are you so impressed about. Moronic overpowered
    tank, need no tactic,no one can pen you, and you have overpowered gun.

  68. why dont u use replays of urself?

  69. quickybaby should have wayyyy more subs

  70. i love these videos

  71. Powercreep as per usually.

  72. These new tanks are just noob proof and noob friendly at the same time.

    Super slow so idiots cant get themselves killed in the first minute.
    Heavily armored so you can make stupid mistakes and still come out on top.
    Big guns with good pen so you dont have to shoot too much to do serious

    Any decent player will just make fun of these idiotic tanks. Load any 300+
    pen premium round and just pen anywhere on the front. Or side hug them in
    any medium tank, they are so big and so slow they wont even be able to
    shoot you. Or just leave them to arty, they are impossible to miss.

    These tanks are considered good only because the playerbase as a whole is

  73. This tank is so OP that people think its russian!

  74. If there were no arties in WoT, this tank would be catastrophical
    OP…Can’t even think about it…Jeez…

  75. Very balanced, Kappa

  76. Серегй Яновский

    Поиграй на русском сервере, пойми, что такое skill.

  77. Another guy who never think to laod he for finish easy heavy armored target
    with low hp..
    Then like new scout are totaly op compared to old, new heavy follow the
    same ligne.. pathetic.. this game creat more and more easy tank for
    retarded player. No strat anymore on this game, play op tank and rulez..

  78. A lucky game for a shit player in a shitty t9… In a nutshell.

  79. this tank is way too overpowered just like all these new tanks. they need
    to patch them it isnt even fair honestly

  80. saw NA server …. instantly left

  81. before I finish the video I’m just gonna call it. kolobanovs
    medal…..surprise surprise surprise.

  82. Thank you for using my replay, i will admit I got lucky at the end though

  83. What a noob tank… it’s actually not even quite hard to kill jap
    heavies… only the fucktard playerbase makes these op, as they are
    bouncing all day along off of it. A half decent player can easily kill
    these shites, just flank or load ze gold and fuck em right in the pussy.
    These tanks are disgusting for me, no skill machines, a potato like this
    can have good matches in em as we saw, just because of all the tomatoes.

  84. quickyaby please include these lightbulbs for spotted tanks in the next

  85. I Love it

  86. Nice game didn’t have to work to hard at the start for the damage. But
    finished strong well deserved gg.

  87. The Warlord of the Rising Sun

    I’m not one to say that he did badly, all luck, etc, but he really did get
    incredibly lucky. I mean you have to play well to get 10,000 damage but he
    got so lucky.

  88. 8:29 convinced he said mineral possibility

  89. jason li (gunfyre212)

    This tank and the type 5 is the reason im grinding for my e3 or at least my

  90. well so much missplay from the Japanese tank driver….
    Just prooves taht these new japanese tanks are OP blunt tanks for noobs….
    And yes pls fall all over me, but remember you get wasted from one of em

  91. I saw a Type-4. He came, he saw, he died in 10 seconds. I penetrated 2/2

  92. A lot of new heavys japanese are OP. Thanx wg for this invention… Nerf is

  93. João Francisco Marques

    Hi guys, this my opinion about the type 4 and 5 heavy. I think that they
    are over powered when you compare whit germen tanks. In my opinion people
    will (I guess) choose them in stead of the Vk45.02b, or E-75 and Maus anda
    E-100. The japoneses thanks have a beter frontal armor and highest
    damage… that is my opinion. Of couser you can have diferent poits of view
    and that is fine, but for me wargaming need to do something about and
    balance more the new japoneses monsters. See you later

  94. let’s spot the reason for this epic replay
    no artillery

  95. Baby evil lol but love the tank I wish I could get it

  96. if a noob can have a 10k dmg game in a tier 9 you know its overpowered,
    they didnt even fucking test this tank or what

  97. great video and tank and wp to guy who played gl :D

  98. I can count at least 10 moments towards the end where he got so close to
    throwing the game – and yet he won, because the enemies had too low
    penetration, didn’t know where to shoot or both. This isn’t really a
    convincing win, when it really should’ve been, considering how powerful the
    tank can be. No artillery, very few tier IX’ that can match, and yet he was
    almost shut down by a tier VII tank destroyer.

  99. This 60 fps is no necessary i think.
    The quality is not so much better and for me the 60fps means, I have to let
    the video get load about 5 minutes…

  100. qb do a vk 1602 review!!!! it’s a second aufkl.pz panther!!!!!
    plz do a review its a good tank but the 50mm gun has poor pen.plz beg for
    more it doesn’t work with me…
    thx ether way☺?

  101. Oh, look, the guy had a good game. I wonder why… oh, no artillery on
    either side. Hm… what a shocker.

  102. Good game but its not interesting for me to see how much dmg is done , it
    will be more interesting if we see armor blocking 10k dmg

  103. Well spent 70€ on free xp convert.

  104. so you just hope that nobody shoots gold and to find no arty otherwise the
    tank is complete garbage? that’s just 1 in a million chance if you ask me..

  105. Another OP Jap tank!

  106. The ease with which he achieved this result shows simply just how
    overpowered that tank is.. Time to start grinding it :3.

  107. *********************Tier 10 vs 7 Noobs Type 4 Heavy

  108. What do you guys think of the Type 4 Heavy?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  109. Why don’t you just free XP to tie tier 10?

  110. what a beast

  111. Hi

  112. 49% win rate banana pwning high tiers? Looks OP to me :)

  113. Actually the only miss was against that M103 up close

  114. The japanese top tier tanks are annoying

  115. good job to this guy he played well this tank isn’t op it can be killed
    easily i think a lot of u just cant shoot ijs

  116. I bet full camo on it gives you -10m detection range. Must skill!!!

  117. Type4 vs T95 = like fight of retired wrestlers :P

  118. Loving this tank so far. Don’t have the topgun yet but already 2 matches
    with more then 10K damage blocked by armor.

    Highest damage dealt so far was 7272.

  119. Love the videos man, they’re an inspiration for my own. (Different
    channel.) Keep up the content 🙂

  120. that tank is so beautiful!

  121. Hey QB I saw that you were using a free cam mod in this replay. Could you
    drop a link so the rest of us could get one to work as well. Thanks and
    keep up the great work

  122. Another bob with retard bonus nothing special.

  123. That was soo ez to play this op heavy shit i see that in my is 3 no chance
    destroy that shit this is op as fuck

  124. If anybody could pls help me, again i have the Problem that every Video
    laggs for a few seconds at the Start and after that the sound isnt
    syncronized anymore to the picture…

  125. Too much japanese heavy replay.

  126. Top tier and only 3 t9, and no arty, this tank is bad, worst tank in game
    and this game will not make it good, guy don’t grind this s… of tank and
    tank line……

  127. Fuck world of warships

  128. good game in a heavy tank
    looks toward match making
    no arty
    makes sense

  129. seem balance in my opinion only tier 6 maybe tier 7 is BIT OP

  130. Fucking shitty donater

  131. Can’t wait to see the Type 2604 in War Thunder!

  132. How stupid SU ??? I dont understand…..

  133. Jean-Sébastien Poirier

    Fu ckin PoS OP tank…. there’s no way a 49%er be good in a tank beside
    said tank being OP. Power creep à-la WG…..

  134. What a business model. Produce a series of heavy tanks (almost totally
    fictional) that are over powered and sell like hot cakes. Then wait for the
    massive nerfs. And it doesn’t hurt high tier Arty sales either, because
    they are such big fat juicy targets.

  135. This guys deserves a cookie for playing 200 ping btw.

  136. After this replay i really think wg is going to nerve some of those tanks!

  137. Would it have been a good idea for that SU at the end to load HE for that
    last shot?

  138. overpowered

  139. wp to this guy, he deserved the win

  140. I really dont understand why wargaming is putting in such an akward tanks
    who have been only on paper, but they say they want it to be

  141. I want to see these Orcy Tanks in a match with three high tier Arty

  142. if wargaming is going to add fantasy paper Japanese tanks they need to add
    at-ats and at-ats from star wars, about the same amount of historical
    accuracy lol

  143. Lol how is think tank balanced?? A somewhat slow reload and bad accuracy? I
    mean cmon war gaming…

  144. Please do a video of your new PC

  145. He should thank the enemy team, he was just good luck

  146. I love Japanese tanks.

    I think they have great tier 10 tanks.STB-1 and type 5 heavy are
    beautiful,powerful and japaneseee :D

  147. it’s not that suprising, that thing is overpowered as hell

  148. im early

  149. Just missed the 301 club lol

  150. oh lawd

  151. Dang these are powerful. Never been here this early either :D

  152. Is QB still accepting replays?

  153. Mathis Ringelestijn

    I love your vids man!!

  154. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  155. LoL 1 view – Nice replay ! But the tank is usseles vs T10 Tds

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