World of Tanks || Type 5 Heavy – 9.10 Preview

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

9. Preview of the T10 Japanese Heavy tank. It has the thickest armour of any heavy tank in the game and a meaty 140 mm main cannon!

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  1. Do T-40 Skoda please

  2. I think it will be one of those tanks where you have to pray to the
    matchmaker and i do not think i will like it, maybe i get myself the kv2
    fake. Wanted to have a troll tank since i started wot

  3. Did u see the chezslovakian flag when baby changed to Germany to Japan??

  4. o yea arty magnets.

  5. Did anyone alse see the Czechoslovakian flag in his filter?

  6. Why does it says 0.38 accuracy on the site and 0.4 ingame?

  7. why did wg not switch off the premium rounds in the test server?

  8. So did anybody else see the Czechoslovakia nation tab at around 1:40?

  9. so, Maus is better. Thanks for the preview.

  10. why do ppl like that e5 feel the need to scratch themselves into ppls
    tanks? just get space dude

  11. Andrew Collins (Shotgun Showdown)

    I want the Japanese Heavy Tanks. They are very cool

  12. ⊂_ヽ
    \ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    < ⌒ヽ / へ\ / / \\ レ ノ ヽ_つ / / / / ( (ヽ | |、\ | 丿 \ ⌒) | | ) / `ノ ) Lノ (_/

  13. “Starting from the bottom and ending up at the top” no we are here

  14. wargaming making it harder and harder to Pen. with E100 and superpershing’s

  15. No matter how you angle, this thing will always have a massive weakspot an
    it’s slow.

    Unless for novelty there is no reason or incentive to grind the Japanese
    heavy line as in T10 matches you’re just a big fat XP pinata and it won’t
    be used in CW’s or SH’s.

  16. amx 13 75s cant pen that thing no where with ap.

  17. ratte 2.0 :P

  18. now we need also the SPG and the tank-destroyer and we will have all
    japanese tanks

  19. his thumbnail is just a zoom in of your last vids thumbnail…

  20. im definitely grinding towards the type 5 because i have all of the german
    armoured titans unlocked the only one i dont own is the e50m but i likley
    will own one at around christmas time. also im currentlu grinding for the
    tortoise (the death star doesnt appeal to me) and im at the at15 so it will
    be nice to have another juggernaut line to grind through 🙂 because even
    though their slow i think their rewarding to drive unlike most of the
    soviet meds which honestly are like playing with god mode on which isnt
    much fun for me atleast.

  21. Its nice to see some tanks witch character released rather than more
    generic OP mediums

  22. most fv215b 183s shoot prem any way I know I do because the reload is to
    severe to bounce a shot

  23. Oh look, another premium ammo spam target. Because that’s the way to
    balance a game, wealth cancels armor and tactics. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

  24. have you ever thought about going into a training room wit ha friend?? best
    way to test the vehicel

  25. Japanese tier 10 heavy… he he he he he….
    If it had been real it would have been disastrous on the battlefield.

  26. Absolutely love this tank! Just like the E-100, very reliable…..but that
    is just mine opinion.

  27. calling it now, this tank won’t be competitive

  28. Sad thing you cant angle the turret like E100.

  29. They added this battleship to the wrong game!

  30. That’s a naval gun right?

  31. Imagine the tier 3 French tank destroyer next to it XD

  32. Just seeing those side cheeks made me hate this tank. Can’t count how many
    times I raped a sidescraping TigerP because he though he was
    unpenetratablewhile showing that nasty flat sidecheek. Its even bigger in
    the Type 5 Absolute shell magnet.I was hoping it would be thicker but it
    sadly isnt. Therefore this tank is useless to any experienced player.

  33. I keep thinking these japanese heavies are an April fool’s joke… then I
    realise it’s August. Then I double check the month again just to be

  34. Apostolos Papagelos

    Quickybaby did u notice T110E5(teammate) fired 2 rounds on you?:P

  35. When it comes to angling, it`s kinda like dealing with a Tiger (P) …
    Besides the copula

  36. +QuickyBaby how do you get to the test server?

    • 1. go to world of tanks website
      2. see if you can find an available test server
      3. download and install it

  37. wait is it just me or did i just see Czech filter at 1:38 ? QB are you
    hiding something?

  38. these tanks will be the death of the Jg tig 88 :O:O:O: (

  39. All i have to say is put that thing on a msp like fiery salient with arty
    its done

  40. Hey thanks for your work I really enjoy all your videos. Just out of
    curiosity show us your computer plz.

  41. My Centurion 7/1 is going to frequently wreck this tank.

  42. Stewart The Third

    ur channel is 8/8 m8, bin watching u since 2008, u make me feel gr8, your
    thumbnails make me feel like b8, wanna d8?

  43. Philip Oesterle Pekrun

    Ue57 co pared to that

  44. medium tank gets beside your Type 5, well you are screwed.

  45. Warhammer40k References aside… well actually no, rivets and the
    stormshadow looks with that paint scheme… yeah, no way its not going to
    be a super heavy IG tank of WoT.

  46. type 5 is one of Japanese MOE:)

  47. It seats 6 crewmembers and 1 Godzilla.

  48. Cristian Villanueva

    i can’t wait for these new heavies, i’m going to have a field day in my

  49. Sounds awful.

    At least you can go hull down behind small houses.

  50. When does 9.10 come out? Everybody is expecting that these heavies will
    have paper armor. I wanna prove them wrong and hear their stupid
    explanations ASAP.

  51. I see czech flag, haha

    Quickybaby, please continue the good work

  52. I’m gonna love ramming tanks in a O-I. On the test server I rammed a 113
    with a O-I and I barely took damage while it took over 250.

  53. Im already seen ppl playing in platoons of Type 5 to protect each other
    like KV2 platoons.

  54. I didn’t like how the other tanks were cowering behind your bigger
    body…which is really annoying when they also block your exit and steal
    your kills.

  55. Qbs 499 EP 500 special?

  56. I saw Czech tanks

  57. Christian Alboroto

    who’s gonna win in facehugging with IS-7 in this tank?(sorry for my bad

  58. Christian Alboroto

    who’s gonna win in facehugging with IS-7 in this tank?(sorry for my bad

  59. they should have a pen cap in the game.

  60. Anyone else notice when he went to pick a new nation that there is a Czech
    tech tree at 1:39???

  61. Just another gold ammo magnet. Next.

  62. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    they need to change the premium ammo cost from like 4k to 14k so if your
    going to use it, be prepared to lose profit that game, if they did that,
    there would be less gold, alot less flying around.

  63. at 1:39 when he is changing nations it says czechoslovakia. Are their czech
    tanks in the test server?

  64. looks like this tank is the ticket for a mastery badge for 13 90 drivers.
    Imagine finding this tank a full health at the end of the game and be able
    to sneak up on it. The tank is too tall. On the other hand there might be
    some firing slits on city maps that this and no other can use.

  65. Review the O-I please!!!!!

  66. Would love to see your video backdrop more in keeping with your persona…
    So for example, move the sofas and guitar case and put in de activated
    STUFF and posters etc….MAN CAVE QB—man cave!!!

  67. I thought it was a magnified Chi-Ri or something >.>

  68. im gonna murder these 24/7 in my GWE100 using AP shells

  69. Quickybaby the “indeed” guy ahah you’re a fantastic player and youtuber
    great job

  70. I think these japanese tanks should be nerved a littlebit …. I mean if
    you are facing the type 5 heav frontally with a e75 for example there is
    nothing that you can do … even with premiumrounds… but you could damage
    a e100 or a Maus by shooting into the lowerplate very easy… that is Kind
    of unfair i think :

  71. Uuum Quickybaby, I know this is a bit random, but I was just wondering what
    settings you are playing at

  72. QB complaining about “all people here fire only gold so we cant test well”,
    while firing nothing but gold ammo himself on both gameplays (I saw 1
    standart ammo being fired, he probably had forgotten to preload. Well even
    thi this ammo did pen rather load gold directly after…)

    It’s like saying “pollution is bad we need to save earth” while throwing
    contaminated water in a river.

    Really, even if other people dont make it easy, you wouldnt not feel how
    the tank performs if you’re firing only gold at everything QB. IS-7 sides,
    E-75 lower plate, and even the said Type 5 weakspot, you keep firing gold…

    “Guys do not play like that. Dont fire gold because I cannot test ! Only I
    can do that without bothering others !”

  73. In a way, I think it’s armour is too good for its own good. I for one will
    only fire premium rounds at this thing and 300+ is impossible to reliably
    bounce off your turret front. Sad but true

  74. That is one BIGGGGG tank !!!

  75. I did an armor test on this thing. It’s terrible. Heat and apcr will go
    through this thing like butter. Plus it had the same angled cheek armor
    problem like the IS. You can’t side scrape because it makes it flat. If
    they release it on the live server this heavily armored, why even drive
    tier 8s.

    • Thats not fair to say because heat and apcr will literally go through
      anything anyway, except gun mantlets so this isnt an exception.

  76. adam stull (gunmad)

    just more armor to be blown threw by premium spam. so you just get a big
    slow pin cushion.

  77. Mr. Puertorican007

    Thanks to you I’ve improved my skills considerably! Thank you, keep up the
    good work. Subbed!

  78. are there new maps in 9.10 on the testserver

  79. RainBowGamezNL ---〉 Dutch & English Content

    Did anyone noticed Chezchoslowakia?

  80. Just plain silly. Who can a country with no tank doctrine, limited design
    and industrial capacity, arguably one of the weaker tank nations in ww2 now
    have the biggest most powerful tanks. Makes no sense wargaming to move away
    from reality.

    • Nazi germany lost the war because they fought on multiple fronts, but the
      japs lost because the Americans dropped the bombs and Hirohito didnt want
      such massive civilian casualties anymore.

    • They were blueprint drawings. Also any historian would take a massive dump
      on you for saying Japan was a weaker nation in ww2. Do you know the extent
      of their empire? Also we kicked their ass because Japan had most of its
      forces in China. America and Russia won the war not because they were
      better but because Hitler and Hirohito decided to fight on two fronts which
      instantly lost them the war.

    • +Kev KFZ you must be new here

  81. You should do a video about the changes to Redshire. I’m curious on what
    you think of it!

  82. Alexander Michels


  83. that thing is going to be usless against is-7

  84. Extra 25%…. 20 x 1.25 = 25 sorry it bothers me.

  85. Wow. Really huge for the garage.. ??

  86. pause at 1:07 there is czokoslovakia

  87. And I thought the Maus and E-100 are big o.o

  88. I dont really like them. Theyre not very exciting, and make all the other
    tanks in the game that were actual real tanks look silly. Like you cant
    look at a Maus in awe when theres the massive turd of a Type 5 Heavy
    stumbling about.

  89. There was the Czech tanks as well. He should preview them as well. He has
    them there 

  90. Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

    The only pb i see with these new heavies, is that from tier 6 up to 10,
    they dont really have any real frontal weakspots that you can pen with
    standard rounds in a same tier tank, you pretty much need premium to get
    through what looks like a weakspot, like those machine gun mini turrets,
    but in fact isnt a weakspot.

    • Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

      +Zak Loveland Yeah maybe you’re right.
      But now that ive looked the armor in detail on, they more or less
      have the best armor in tier everytime, without any real weakspot apart from
      some flat zones that are still very thick. Oh well we’ll see.

    • They aren’t very thick though so its fine. Most tanks of equal tier have
      enough pen to go through these heavies if they aren’t angled and the
      turrets have the same armor. Plus the turrets will never benefit from
      angling because they are round, so they will always have a flat spot.

  91. Can somebody tell me how to move to camera around the map on replays? 

  92. Arty will love that bigger target :)

  93. i was on the test server yesterday and i tried out the type 5 in a few
    games and in one i ran into a platoon of three e100s all firing heat at me
    and none of them were able to get through the armor on this beast when you
    angle it

  94. dont put these donkey tanks into the game please. make the spotting sytem
    better, or skill based matchmaking somehow into the game.

  95. E5 looks good with german flags. <3
    I cannot wait to fight these Type 5s with my Maus and E100 on live server.
    They seem to be equal foes. Bit big and ugly, but at least you will see
    them fast. XD

    • MollysMoshing TankCrew

      +KubusSc7 i have enough free exp to get the type 5 heavy, and iv already
      saved up enough money 🙂 get ready, ill be playing on day one, my japanes
      tiger crew has 2 perks already, repairs and brothers in arms, 🙂 ill see
      ya on the feild.

  96. Anyone else not excited for this tank? Doesnt have the same class or
    excitement as the E100 or Maus for me really

    • Is anyone excited ? Not planning to touch them.

    • well eventually WG is gonna run out of new tanks to add. I think it would
      be better if they put a little of their imagination and speculation of what
      the tanks would of been rather than not adding them at all.

    • +Edward Mears its because they’re all made up bullshit from WG. At least
      the Maus and E100 were real tanks.

  97. Well now it would finally be time to give the E100 more AP pen

  98. I’d like to see how this gets around Himelsdorf

  99. thejoedude thefirejoe

    wargaming adding a non glass cannon tank? are they finally getting smart?
    now if only they would make to viable to use a heavily armored tank when
    people are using gold ammo

  100. Ryan Marra (Thorthemighty)

    Did I see a nation flag that said Czechoslovakia next to it?

  101. drinking game: take a shot every time Quicky says “indeed”.

  102. Quickybaby plays FTB?! :0

  103. Anyone else notice the check country tag?

  104. If you played one of these on the Asia server there’d be no difference from
    the test server in that everyone will simply HEAT/APCR/HESH spam you to
    Totally pointless, stupid fictional tanks.

  105. Can u review the new European tanks

  106. Please do preview of O-I, I would like to see how tiers V. and VI. will do
    against it´s armor.

  107. New tech tree confirmed 1:39 Czechoslovakia

  108. Everyone fires prem on the live server against T10 heavys or TDs with armor
    so…. you’ll be able to bounce those T8 scouts no problem :D

  109. Its shit. Simple as that.

  110. Yeah, japanese heavy tanks – dumb, dumb, dumb … The next line of tanks
    would be that of Fantasya. PS: there must be many types of premium ammo,
    more expensive but with better caracteristics, so that wallet warriors
    could be sure they can one click kill all.

  111. Tier 10 premium ammunition will penetrate every flat part on the front of
    that tank.

  112. Mistör Helikopter

    100%,that this tank will get a nerf

  113. Your teammates gave me cancer, all over you and shit, it was annoying .-.

  114. The Warlord of the Rising Sun

    I was on the test server and someone in a T-62A tried to block me. I
    laughed at him and used him as extra armor.

  115. Huge magnets of arties shell’s xDD

  116. That noise quickybaby makes at 8:46

  117. it is the BANEBLANDE!!!!

  118. The test server does not work for me I hit play in the launcher and my
    screen goes black and it crashes 

  119. but, is the type 5 longer than a Tog?

  120. 1:39 is that the check flag??!!

  121. i have a feeling this may be obsolete before its even been put in the game
    because the medium tanks of tier 10 are just going to eat that thing alive

    • Flyingspacepotato deadbambi

      +The Warlord of the Rising Sun thats probably because on the test server,
      any idiot can drive t10 med tanks. on the normal server however, you will
      meet much better players who will not fight you frontally pretending their
      tanks are invulnerable because its t10.

    • The Warlord of the Rising Sun

      meh even on the test server I rekt most tier 10 meds even though they were
      spamming gold but that may have been because they never played above tier 5
      most likely

  122. QB your almost to 300,000 subs!

  123. the type 5 looks kind of like a CHi-Ri

  124. tier 10 heavy is just ok considering to its tier. im worried about the tier
    9 heavy when it gets into top tier 9 mm. 4502 and e75 was enough… type4
    will be so op.

  125. The design for the Type 5/Type 2605 makes no sense. The Japanese Army high
    command knew the importance of slopped amour… they had a very great tank
    in development, The Chi-Se. So why wouldn’t they have just that chassis
    longer? Why did they design this tank like this? Why would they put such an
    out of date 140mm in it when they had long 150mm available? Just how old is
    this tank design? The Type 4/Type 2604 at least makes some sense. It looks
    to be a enlarged Type 5 Chi-Ri.

  126. Arty are going to feast on them. Scumbag back of map campers rejoyce.

  127. The Satifactory Meat Stick Of Your Very Doom And While You Were Reading This I Stole Your Meats

    shut up and take my money.

  128. Hello QB, you do very nice job for us, but i need to ask you about t110e5.
    I reed about some nerfs, can you please make a video about american heavy?
    i love that tank and my opinion is: he’s good but can be better not worst,
    more especialy when japan will have so much power in their guns and all
    matches will be some guys hwo shoot wit premium rounds. sorry for posting
    this here

  129. 8:36 Sauuu-sage!

  130. ares354 ares354 (Ares)

    Mause should have dpm buff cuz type got alpha, and Mause has to angle
    turret or be autopen for a lot of tanks. yes aim time is good for Mause,
    but dpm is very bad. Same goes for Jpe100…well maybe after few patches we
    gonna get some dpm for Mause

  131. Completely immune to standard AP dmg from IS7 frontally, gg.

  132. Only had Japan actually had these in the war. People would be intimated by
    the sheer size of that thing. 2 Togs can fit in that thing, like, OP much?

  133. Type 5 is basically a tiger p

  134. It’s funny how, when looking at the end-tier Japanese vehicles, you’ll now
    see a beautiful modern STB-1 and an old beast-looking heavy tank like the
    Type 5 Heavy :O
    Nice review, QB 🙂 Keep up the good work!

    EDIT: Dunno why but it reminds me of Chi-Ri LOL XD

  135. am l the only one who loves the Japanisse tanks?

  136. This tank makes the maus looks like a maus

  137. Fuck im so mad at those assholes wanted to see the tier 10 heavy, fuck you
    and fuck you guys u can fucking wait for tier 10 for last :@

  138. Another unbalanced tank.How am i supposed to ram them with my pz 1 c.I
    might as well play war thunder where half of my crew dies from hitting a

  139. I’m more interested in tier 5, 6 and 9 since tier 10 is basically unicums
    and tomatoes spraying gold.

  140. Hey quickly baby do you play blitz

  141. 12:46 “It’s hard to showcase the armor of this machine since everyone is
    firing premium ammo” -> bounces a shell on the rear of the tank xD.

  142. i drive a T57 Heavy and the type 5 Heavy and JPanzer E-100 with normal
    rounds cuz HEAT bounces too much (believe me or not it does allot)

  143. Legion The Comrade

    Wat. Has it always been that way or is it just Russian servers being

  144. i think this jp heavy line needs a little bit of nerf

  145. It’s… so… BIG AND HONORABLE!!!

  146. i bet i can drive under it in my ELC AMX or park it on top of the turret

  147. Charles “The Hammer” Martel

    finally they add something other than a glass cannon tank.

  148. xXx FaZequickscopePRO xXx

    thumbs up if you jerked off this week

  149. 14cm gun it freaking Light cruiser Gun

  150. However, none of them can shoot over their side

  151. It has haveyer armor than maus but maus is havier logic

    • +Kresimir Jenjic It actually has not, only at the front. Ever taken a look
      at the side and rear armor of the Maus? Explains a lot, I would say. Plus,
      the weight of a tank is not just determined by the armor it carries, but
      also engine etc.

  152. I get the feeling that all the Japanese heavy tanks are buffed, because the
    Russians lost to the Japanese badly, and their giving them an advantage

  153. Interesting that the IJN cruisers in WoWS up to tier 4 also use 140 mm
    guns. I wonder if it’s a similar gun, or even the same gun

  154. How does this fit in the Jap tech tree? Can I cut across from the mediums
    to get to the heavies?

  155. TOG is happy! TOG be having a new friend to play with. TOG is not the
    slowest anymore! Wheeeee!

  156. I imagine your gonna have a blast with the O-I at tier V

  157. cheeks of the hull armour is o annoying and behind it there is ammorack

  158. Der mit den Spinnen tanzt

    Arty players will really appriciate those tanks. ^^

  159. I saw Czechoslovakia on the filter at 1:37 – Anything we should know? ;)

  160. e100 best heavy tank ..<3 the gun and the armor are amazing and the
    mobility is very good

  161. Quicky, I don’t think anything’s going to be hitting that cupola…
    remember, you’re twice the height of just about every tank, meaning if they
    can even manage to SEE it, they’re hitting it at a major angle.

  162. Czechoslovakia tank line CONFIRMED!

  163. these things are overpowered

    • say this to every med and a light tank which will be able to farm all this
      dmg from its side and rear armor on point-blank distance,. say that to tier
      X Tank Destroyers, which will always be able to kill it wherever they fire,
      say that to E100 on its standard, i mean gold, ammo. say it to arty, even
      ConqGC will have no problem to hit that monstrosity. German meds will be
      able to snipe at him fronally from 450+ meters and punch him on standard
      ammo – try the same vs E100 or IS-7.
      These things are dmg-farm, a wanna-be line breakers. Quasi-strong front
      armor with useless sides and back.

  164. This tank needs more “turret boobs”.

  165. What a Trash Tank

  166. 11:36 Argh,for a second I thought you accidentally teamkilled the FV right
    before you!
    The Shot and his explosion came nearly at the same time

  167. wargaming should restrict the amount of premium rounds you can carry on the

    Edit: OR rather premium ammo should either do less damage and have higher
    pen, or do more damage and have less pen. There should never be a straight
    up better ammotype, just different types for different opponents.

  168. Someone should compare the Type 5 to the lol-tractor.

  169. To be honest i’m more excited for the t6 entry, looks awesome but i’m sure
    it will get nerfed

  170. Well played WarGaming, they are basically screaming at us “USE GOLD ROUNDS,
    GIVE US MONEY” which is fine and all on the test server because you get a
    metric crap ton of credits and gold but on the live server unless you feed
    Wargamu not many players have gold. “OH BUT YOU CAN BUY GOLD ROUNDS WITH
    CREDITS, SHUT-UP YOU NOOB” yes but when this tank has 2800 hp that’s a lot
    of gold ammo and I am aware that you don’t play Tier 8+ to make money, but
    the number of gold rounds you’re going to have to fire will be ridiculous.
    no, no you really don’t understand the artillery will be aiming at the
    softer heavies (FV’s. T110E5’s, IS-7’s etc) as they will do more damage as
    they sit lower so their shells with have a higher chance of slamming
    straight down into the decks. These Japanese heavies (while slow) are
    overpowered, the only thing which will be able to take these on is
    artillery (who will only shoot this thing when they’ve got nothing else
    to), medium tanks or faster heavies because they can flank it. Any other
    tank is screwed. The weakpoint sits so high that the angle you shoot it at
    will make it more effective and because of the accuracy nerfs a few patches
    back you’ll be lucky to hit it straight on. It is so tall it can overmatch
    the top of the IS-4’s turret and many more. Facehugging this thing you
    won’t even be able to hit the “weakspot”.

    So could someone explain how this tank is balanced aside from it being slow
    (it’s slowness won’t matter when it has allies to stop you from flanking
    it, last tank standing it won’t do well but do we really have to count on
    it being the last tank standing to beat it -_-) many thanks.

    • The Type 5 also gets a turret, although I am wondering if an FV215b might
      be able to just sneak alongside it, probably not as it has great gun
      depression the T110E5 certainly cannot as we saw and the T110E5 was
      designed to be small :/

    • +Huw Lines The T110E3 is the same, if not worse. If you also go hulldown
      with the E3 you’re more or less impenetrable, while also having a bigger
      gun. The Type 5 still has the cupola.

    • Yes but not even tier 10’s can pen this with standard ammo -_-

    • Maxence Schneider

      +Huw Lines What is the point of a HEAVY heavy tank if the first T8 tanks
      that comes around can spam an op ammo at it until its destruction ?

  171. Quickybaby can you stay by his Side as scout And medium so he can’t shoot
    you? Or can he still hit you with his 10 degrees of gundepression?

  172. Proof that wargaming is pulling these tanks out of their asses: Type 5 is
    taller, and longer than the Maus, and it has thicker armor. Not to mention
    a bigger gun.
    So why the hell is this tank 20t lighter than the Maus?

    • +osurulz2010 It’s larger but not a huge amount, the turret is way smaller
      though for sure. That probably makes up for it. And those modules, etc.
      There’s a possibility for this, don;t just compare size and front armor.

    • But the tank itself is significantly larger. Dunno, I just feel like this
      tank should be heavier. And judging by the fact that I have scoured the
      pages of google and found NOTHING but WoT crap on most of these new heavy
      tanks, I feel like Wargaming are going off of napkin art of Japanese
      engineers, the designs they created with little thought behind it. Even a
      blueprint has to have possibilities to be made, and Japan had nowhere near
      the metallurgy nor the factories to create these massive tanks. Germany is
      on mainland and had conquered some rich mines, and even they couldn’t do
      these huge vehicles.

    • +osurulz2010 It’s side and rear armor is thinner, and I think it’s probably
      the turret is smaller? Not sure about this, but yeah, the thinner side/rear
      armor helps. Also shorter turret profile, length wise.

    • The Type 5 is 160 tons, the Maus is 188 tons. So sorry, I was wrong. It’s
      over 30 tons lighter.

  173. Pissed off chi ri

  174. Dennis Gilje (imLayZ)

    9:19 Gameplay

  175. now that WG is pretty much out of new tank lines they need to focus on more
    types of gameplay features

  176. You mean the Type 5 kaiju

  177. You’ll be impenetrable to tier 8 tanks!!! WOOOOT TROLLCANNON OP!!!!

    • E-100s can get shit on by tier 8s and so can both american and british
      heavies. The only impenetrable heavies for tier 8s are the maus and the
      russian heavies and Im being generous with the is-4. Also this isn’t
      bullshit because i could pen the tanks I mentioned if i was driving an
      average tier 8. So imo this tank is special in a way.

    • +Cnf 60 As if current tier 10 heavies aren’t impenetrable by tier 8 tanks.
      Or tier 9 heavies. Also, 15cm E100. Nothing too special about this, but
      it’s rather interesting and it seems very strong.

  178. Why is QuickyBaby is the message bar?

  179. 9:58

    Here I am, stuck in the middle with you?


  180. The accuracy and reload of the 140mm gun needs a buff in my opinion. So
    many guns that are bigger then it that can out perform it

  181. Very appropriate timing with attack on titan movie. This is a freaking

  182. cant wait to get the tier 5/6 japanes heavy that weigh 102/152 tons so i
    can ram the shit out of everyone :)

  183. 20/100= 0.2
    5/0.2= 5*10/2=25%

  184. They are bad. Almost anything can stand next to you and you will not hit
    them! And all those flat surfaces let most acpr medium ammo go through!

  185. 1571th viewer. Oorah.

  186. The Jap heavies are a very weird looking tank line

  187. I actually like playing baseball.

  188. How many japanese can you fit in that thing? o_0 100?

  189. Everyone can say the Japanese heavies suck, but no one can say that they
    don’t have character.

    • +strilight it’s not like the tank itself sucks, but it’ll suck a lot of D
      in current meta

    • Flyingspacepotato deadbambi

      who needs character

    • The reload is perfectly fine. The accuracy may be the only problem.

    • well i jumped onto the test server after saying and there seemed to be far
      less Type 5s around so I got to test it against other targets and I must
      say, my opinion has certainly changed. The gun is far better then I gave it
      credit for, was averaging 4k damage even on a loss so I’m more then
      satisfied with it

    • +TheChaoticBeats I think it’s fine…it’s a T9-T10 tank, you deal ~600 dmg
      per shot, think about that. E100 has longer reload and deals ~700dmg per
      shot, one E100 reload is two Maus reloads, and Maus deals ~500dmg, and Type
      4-5 is perfectly in between these two, it has reload slower than maus, but
      faster than E100…
      Think about it, do you really need much better reload time ?
      By the way, accuracy seems okey to me, seeing that shells are not flying
      out of circle, and aiming is not that slow. There are worse tanks at that

  190. ബോസ്പാണ്ടി MA,M.Phil

    Fist :)

  191. easy to pen /useless tank

  192. First first first first first first oh wait nobody gives a shit

  193. The cheeks of the type 5 are much like the Porsche tigers, it seems

    • Tomislav Gašpert

      +Kevin Hu Porsche tiger cheeks are half the thickness of the rest of it’s
      frontal armor. This thing has 260mm (and frontal caps out at 300 cause you
      don’t really need more)– which is *86%* the average frontal thickness. So
      it’s *nothing like the porsche* tigers; the type has much stronger cheeks
      compared to the rest of it’s armor than the tiger.

      (I’m assuming you’re talking about the Tiger 2’s with the porsche turret)

    • +Kevin Hu yeah

  194. What is war gaming going to do now Japan TD or ARTY

    • +Nadeem Lobner I do not think that there would do that

    • +The Warlord of the Rising Sun cool and I love your name comrade

    • +Ethan585790 the happiness did have TD and arty but they were like the
      heavy tank never build so i think TD would be great some of there TD were
      so cool and powerful

    • The Warlord of the Rising Sun

      +Ethan585790 Although they didn’t have many arty pieces and TDs they had
      enough planned and existing to probably make at least one full line of each

    • +Sherman Tanker The arty would just be a suicide bombing zero, lol. I’m
      just kidding, I don’t know that Wargaming is ever going to add Japanese TD
      or Arty. I don’t know history about Japan and their military, but I don’t
      think they would actually even create Arty or TDs. Who needs artillery
      tanks when you are always battling on islands or fighting in the air or sea?

  195. This tank is so big that hitting its commander’s cupola will be very hard
    for not tall tanks.

  196. I think they need to nerf the tanks armor a bit it’s to much really

  197. I like cake

  198. Omg only 194 views do far my comment is the eleventh comment woohoo

  199. First comment

  200. QB <3

  201. hi QB what do you think about the type 4 and type 5 about looks i think the
    type 4 looks better because of the engine deck what do you think?

  202. second comment ;D

  203. hehe

  204. First comment XD

  205. What do you think of the Type 5 Heavy? Especially compared to the Maus and


  206. First!

  207. (Y)

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