World of Tanks | Type 59 Give Away Results | The Winners

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So the results are here!!! Who are the Winners!!!???

The Winner of the Heavies replay Here:
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●Its Moron Time – People on your team being Dicks
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●And Thug Life moments

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Please send replays you would like featured to:
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  1. How easy was to win Type 59 xD .. How easy xD .. Good luck with Type 59’s
    winners :)

  2. dam i didnt win it i hate you t67 i uploaded mine with 9 kills :(

  3. Damian Navushtanovv

    my game was better with TD t5 .. and was with StuG .. not with the OP t67
    .. so jealous ..

  4. Andy “Da7thSon” Lord

    well done everyone who won.. the mm just didn’t go for me over the time,
    but a very well done to everyone, well deserved.

  5. Jonas Schoustrup-Thomsen

    The td replay you point your mouse at in the video dont have Type 59
    giveaway in the title. First I thought you bend your own rules but noticed
    that sanadan uploaded the same video just below with the correct title.
    Thanks for a great video and hey there realy should have been an arty video

  6. Not that I uploaded any replay, but to be fair to the uploaders.. you did
    put that annotation with “you have to put Sir Havoc in the name” in your
    video after it was already online. I made some notes when watching the
    video right after you uploaded it and then you said: “you can put give away
    in the title, but I will be doing a search based on frags and date”. So I
    can imagine people who had a lot of kills also didn’t know this because you
    changed the rules. I see now you put in a clear annotation on that video..
    but why would people look at it again, when they wrote the rules down the
    first time they saw it?

  7. Some people may have just looked at the kills they needed to beat whoever
    had the most, without looking at the date the game was played (I know that
    I had a game that would’ve won the LT if I’d know the ELC game hadn’t been
    played in the correct period)

  8. so hurley wins 2 types?

  9. i didn’t understand that the game HAS to be played in that time frame too.
    I had a pretty nice KV1/13kills game.

  10. Sorry about that Type T-34 (10 kills one), i obviously didn’t hear that you
    said it had to be played in 12-16 period :(

  11. SHIT RLY 6 kills?? I made 20 games with 6 kills during that time omgg btw
    I’m xxX_MLG_Banana_Xxx..

  12. Im sure we are all kicking ourselves knowing we needed 7 kills in a light
    for a fecking type 59 D:

  13. Also, the T-67 guy didnt have to name his relpay tpye 59 giveaway sir havoc
    or smth?

  14. HURLEY already won a TYPE 59 !!! He won in Maxwell’s giveaway 🙂
    here is the link to that, his
    replay starts at about 6 minutes.

  15. I know I did not have a chance in hell to win as I am not a good player,
    however well done to all the players. Sir Havoc great & fair competition.
    love all your videos pls keep them rolling.

  16. I thought I had no chance so I did not even try but I got a 7 kill game on
    16th april

  17. Hurley you da real MVP!

  18. As per the Description (For those who turn off annotations…)

    The Winner of the Heavies replay Here:

    Congrats JoshMeggie [5LINE] !!

    Also, Such RNG for me, I try for 3 years to earn a Type59 with bugger all
    luck…then win two in space of a few days…I think Ill buy some
    Euromillions lottery tickets today just in case 😉

    (I had to rescind my win in KV220-2 as I had already won a Type59 earlier
    in the week in a separate competition from Maxwell)

  19. Dammit, there’s my 7 kill Chaffee game! I didn’t know you had to put up a
    certain title 🙁
    You should check that one out Havok, 3229 damage in a Chaffee!

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