World of Tanks | Type 59 Giveaway X 5!!! Epic Giveaway to Celebrate WoT’s Birthday

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Source: Sir Havoc

Guys get ready time to 5 of the most wanted Tanks in .
maybe you can return the favor…

●Hall of Fame Rare Medals Or Base XP over 1600
●Its Moron Time – People on your team being Dicks
●Really Funny things in game LOL moments
●And Thug Life moments

Please title the email with one from above and put in the time stamp of what there to see

Please send replays you would like featured to:
●Looking for a Clan~?
Must be over 16 Years Old
Must be in Teamspeak when ever in game
Must not be a pain in the arse
come to my teamspeak;
Ask for a recruitment officer 🙂

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  1. So Thanks, i have Type 59 but heavy nerfed gun and movement. Crying RU
    server and nerf nerf

    Unfortunately no the tank what there was once.

  2. Did the contest could be won by NA players ?

  3. Unicums also watch your channel. We still enjoy watching these videos and
    maybe learn some things again ;)

  4. can i have a link from the side who will upload the replays please?

  5. It will buff Out bruh

    Hey Sir Havoc when World of Tanks University is starting, is it just in
    January, February, March???

  6. at every server?

  7. Waawaaweewaawaa! My trouble is I don’t get too many kills but tend to do
    better on damage… I’ve not got many Radley Walsters but literally
    hundreds of Confederate Medals!

  8. Well I’m out already I never kill anything lol

  9. Just quietly, if your goal was to get the most amount of participants, one
    could consider using random numbers to match entry number or xp or damage
    number with 5 set numbers. Most people won’t even bother trying for this,
    knowing they don’t often get epic kills, and, a platoon could leave kills
    for a member, stacking one tank which would mean people playing solo are at
    a disadvantage. At any rate, I only have one tier five tank with a
    reasonable crew, its not derpy so don’t expect to one shot kill with top
    tier match and get a chance at this rare prize. This comp is really only
    for the experts to try for. you’ve aimed this at the top 1%…like they
    need another op tank

  10. Glad to have you back Sir Havoc. Wish your mom a speedy recovery and the

  11. forget the givaway, the replay you posted is epic

  12. Wow is the first video being featured? That’s me. :D

  13. Love your videos! are ps4 players included in the contest?

  14. Only 138 comments on his video wow I love this guy why so little

  15. Bahamut666 DragonLord

    Guess that means I will just load up the M44 and start targeting anyone
    with 2 or more kills in a T5 tank. Screw you and your anti arty mentality
    @SirHavoc and all the other whiners that are sure to comment.

  16. so its only those who got good mm and a hyper good computer will win?thats
    just stupid..those who like your channel subskribe cause we like what we
    see..stop giving away tanks to those who have the best computers without
    wifi…just a tip. dont you to be a sellout.orelse ill unsub,easy as a rock

  17. I guess no love for us arty players. 😀 Time to seal club with my Excelsior
    XD and T67 then

  18. MrImmortalityPrince

    T67, OI Exp, derp M4, derp Pz IV. I’ll be skipping. i don’t like playing
    that tier that seems to wreck the gaming experience for new players

  19. ELC AMX/Chaffee Maybe.
    KV-1S/KV-220-2/O-I Exp.
    M4 with derp and HEAT.
    T67 loaded with APCR/AT2 in a game where no one knows where to shoot it.

    Probability of being winners? PRetty high.

  20. Nice pay it forward there mate… long time watcher, don’t comment
    much….Bags2247 NA

  21. Sir Havoc, Type 59 is a gold dust,but maybe just a dust. That tank is not
    even close competitive to other tier 8 premium tanks,and those idiots in WG
    made it just useless. So,anyone who will get that tank,i wish all the luck
    in playing it. And i’m not just another potato head,i’m playing wot from
    closed beta in september 2010. So i wish you all the best.

  22. Is it only for EU?

  23. Is the Type 59 only good for the EU Server?

  24. Will this be based on the player’s timezone or a different one? I ask
    because it’s possible to have up to a 25 hour time difference which could
    cause a bit of a problem.

  25. I guess it’s time to rebut the su 85 and feast :D

  26. balls. sometimes i get rly good games. but since its gonna be a
    competition… ill suck ass haha . laying off dust from my KV-1 derp gun 😀
    ( the bigest score was 9 kills)

  27. do you have to Come from the NA server?

  28. It will buff Out bruh

    I’m so noob I can’t get 7,how do you think I’m going to get 14 kills.Not
    going to win but I gonna try

  29. Armas Jürgenson

    time to take out my kv1 :)

  30. Guys a slight amendment, please put Sir Havoc Type 59 Give in the title of
    the replay on the website.

  31. nice one Sir Havoc :)

  32. I hope i ‘ll be in lucky 5 list ! Thanks for giving this opportunity !

  33. Tier 5? Meeting OIs and OIs Experimental? No thanks.

  34. +Sir Havoc – games played from now only, or old replays qualifying also?

  35. That replay was so cancer

  36. awww what’s wrong with arty’s?

  37. I bet the Heavy tank winner will be in an O-I exp.

  38. Randomly choosing from QB’s replay site without any specific tag or note of
    SirHavoc… So telling viewers they have to compete with the hundreds, even
    thousands, of QB viewers who upload there who don’t even know who you are.

    Already ruined the giveaway.

    I’ll still be here watching but not going to bother to compete with QB and
    his unicum viewers and clanmates at this.

    Severely disappointed.

  39. So when we upload do we have to put down “Sir Havocs Contest” on the title
    or description when we upload to QB replay site or do we just put down
    reguar title and desc and you judge all tier 5 replays?

  40. Very nice of you to do this HAvok. I’m not going to win, so my reward will
    be watching the replays you post. I don’t think I’m going to even try
    because when i go in with a mindset to do anything other than just win, it
    negatively affects all my gameplay, and I’m not good enough to afford that.
    haha. take care and thanks again for all you do!!

  41. Nice video again, SirHavoc!! I love the intro with all the different
    pictures the most! xD It nearly killed me of laughter. 😀 And competition:
    OH! IT. IS. ON!!!

  42. can i get a type 59 if i call that a jap tier 5 heavy will win that cat :P

  43. Maybe better idea would be like this: Who does Closest DMG to 5000 gets the

    Cuz stealing frags really dont require a lot of skill
    Can i upload older replays?

  44. jeffrey schreuder

    jingles is the granddad and quickybaby is the dad

  45. My record is 11 kills, and that was like 2 years ago xD

  46. What’s not to like? I’m afraid that means a lot of stetpedding in ELC, T67
    or alternatively Wolverine, but hey, there will be a lot of O-I Exp to farm

  47. Bogdan Toma-Silai

    1) the puns were cringeworthy
    2) yey, gogo OI exp and AT2s ftw, jesus – who thought this was a good idea?

  48. After watching the video of Victor saying they are rebalancing the entire
    game this year they’ll probably put these back in the shop once they’ve
    made them useless.

  49. Niels Duyvejonck

    Ofcorse I will not win, I’m never lucky, but I will still try it, you never
    know… I guess…

  50. Server specific?
    The problem without having a replay title requirement is that there is a
    really good chance that the four prize winners will just be random WoT
    players and not fans of Sir Havoc…that doesn’t seem right.

  51. lol i was just about to send an elc amx replay in with much spotting
    damage… Crap :D

  52. Wargaming Customer Services

    Definitely discriminating against artillery.

  53. Jack Clark (Jackarooneyroo)

    Hey Sir Havoc, although I’d like a Type 59, I don’t usually get high
    amounts of kills in tier 5 games. However, I do need garage slots and you
    said you were giving them away on your livestream. But because of times
    zones, I’d be waking up for school when it begins. Is there a way you can
    maybe change how you give them away so us American West-coasters have a
    chance? Thanks!

  54. does it matter which server you play on?

  55. Prepare for at least 3 ELC AMX replays :P

  56. gonna try to call the tanks of the winners
    light amx elc
    medium m4 sherman
    heavy oi experimental
    tank destroyer t67

  57. I got one alrdy :D

  58. Best of luck to you all. It is an epic tank to have 🙂
    (though you do get teamkilled once in a while for it 🙁 )

  59. i suggest to change the rule “in case of equal number of kills, the first
    who submit the replay wins” to another one, like counting the base
    experience. Otherwise you are going to exclude people that can play mostly
    during the weekend.

  60. Frederick Schulze

    If we don’t have to put something in the title, there is going to be a
    bunch of random people who didn’t even watch this vid or know about the
    giveaway who can get the Type 59.

  61. Jump in T49 with full female crew, premium shells and consumables, play on
    the weekend, kill steal like hell. Easy mission.

  62. Tea drinking crumpet munching British dude

    You’ll just a load of reroll statpadders in their favourite tier 5 stat
    padding tanks sending you all their replays…
    Just do random givaways for all of them on your stream FFS….

  63. Um… does the KB-220 count?

  64. I just happen to have 12 kill T67 replay :D

  65. is the giveaway just for eu?

  66. Ah, damn it. I only got T4 Tanks. Maybe I shouldn’t pursue multiple rows at
    a time, or should I?

  67. so let me get this straight, all u have to do is;
    – In a tier 5
    – as many kills as possible

  68. Can I confrom that the date is when the replay are to be played, not

  69. It is not pat stadding if I am trying to win something

  70. I like the channel, but that fairy comment seemed a bit insensitive and

  71. what should we put in the replay title? SirHavoc WOT 5 years competition?

  72. Nice to see youre finally getting recognized Havoc! keep up the good work

  73. The Pilot Penguin

    i loved the annotations on the screen like sir hay voc and ape rill you
    should put them on you games cast to raise the funny level. what if i have
    a replay from last week and upload it on the 12th with that still count?

  74. Is this for EU only or are the other regions included? (NA, SEA, ROK)?

  75. I guess that O-I exp. t67 chaffee and m4 sherman will win

  76. I never got more than 5 kills in my nearly three years of playing the game.


  78. I need this!!!

  79. Just got 3000 damage in cromwell B in a tier 8 game can I please use that

  80. Andy “Da7thSon” Lord

    Sorry Pete… Can I just get some clarity.. Does the game have to be played
    on the 12th or is it anytime and just uploaded on the 12th??? Cheer pal.

  81. well ill be staying up all night on the 11th, and hoping to get bare
    amounts of kills at like 2 in the morning on 12th:)

  82. Eason Wong (Stcom88)

    does SEA allow to join too??

  83. So to sum it all up i need to post a replay in the quickybabys replay site
    ( a lot of kills one ) and be on your livestream is it all ? do i need to
    name the re-name the replay or somethig so thats easy for you to find it ?
    , hello from Croatia , lol the live stream is gonna probably be in like 3
    in the morning in my time zone. Keep up with great work ! :)

  84. Jan-Willem Jansen

    you should let People put sirhavoc giveaway in the replay title! otherwise
    people who uploaded a replay without even watching this vid will get a
    type59 and be like wtf how did that happen.

  85. so we have to get the kills between the 12th and the 17th? or can we if we
    have a great game todoy whit lots of kills opload it on the 12th and then
    stil compete for the type 59?

  86. Ah man, we have to use QB’s replay site? Not a fan of that sites design :/

  87. the new M41 german bulldog is a way better than the type 59 ^^

  88. congrats on getting the type 59 to do a contest your content is great and
    you deserve the recognition on a side note I play on Xbox and own the type
    59 its a great tank if anybody out there is unfamiliar with it

  89. Kaspars Maksims Vidiņš

    @Sirhavoc does 9.14 replays count?


  91. Vladimir Makarov

    fuk ye

  92. Bananaza!

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