World of Tanks || TYPE 59 IS BACK!

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World of Tanks – . Update 1.2 brings huge buffs to the it too much?


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Pay to win is still alive and well

  2. Best way to balance the game is to make all matchmaking single tier, balance the tanks, and the do skills based match making. Better for everyone except stat padders, and therein lies the problem. Credit Card warrior stat padders are the favorite customers. New players getting owned by unicums is bad for the new players and the game in total

  3. Console player here: we used to have the map, but I haven’t seen in it like a year or so

  4. Disgusting buffs from a disgusting company.

  5. t34 got nurfed.

  6. QB i really like your vids, you always do comprehensive study. Just want to know your opinion on this – i feel WG should match players at the same PR levels, much more like a ranking system, all tomatoes on the other team and above average players on the other team is really unfair, this prolly would lessen raging in-game. what do u think?

  7. Its weak as it was…. 4mm additional penetration is a joke… And I wont buy apcr becasue wg wants it… And its not back while we have so many op premiums… Strong armor You say? Against strv s1 , scorpion g, wz120-1gft etc ??? eeeee nope

  8. Map is back on console named “Great Wall”

  9. Mister Torgue Flexington

    No that’s exactly why it was buffed. They will build up hype with the buff,then sell it for one day around Christmas for $200. It’s a great idea because all these fools will actually buy it if they can just to say they have one…which will no longer matter as a ton of others will have it as well.

  10. I find also, that the premium tanks are in these days to op. Pay to win is rollin in, thats why im worried. Great job telling your own oppinion, maybe someone is hearing what you are saying!

  11. Everything players complain about WG turns into a make more money plan.Like when players cried about mm they changed mm into 3-5-7 indirectly nerfed tier 8 prem credit income.With these pref.tank buffs they have plan to sell more.

  12. Empires boarder aka Great wall on the consoles. It’s still on the consoles QB.

  13. Yeh, I’ll take mine out again after a long rest in the garage

  14. Assault on empire’s border is ridiculous. This map is a real eye-candy but it reminds too much of a Hidden village or Pearl river in terms of a gameplay: just drive to a chokepoint and shoot each other turrets. Does this map have encounter mode? So far i have seen only assault and standard, but I think it is best suited for encounter.

  15. Adrian_Iron 'Outsmart channel Wot

    not everyone who plays the Type 59 will be a unicum ‘ so many different levels of players skill sets and also most who brought it way back when it was on the basis that it didn’t meet T 10s so with that said it would be suicide for wargaming to remove it now It would also be a shame if wargaming went to the loot box route i truly hope they dont go there again

  16. Cris Racing and Gaming

    why is this game allowed lootcrates? this is gambling…pls EU make a fuckin law to ban this shit . Just let ppl buy the tank normally……….

  17. Stop whining QB, you’re playing a pay to win game, what do you expect?

  18. They nerfed the T26E4 too. Did you forget that?

  19. Richard McConnachie

    I luv my Type 59 as it is – we don’t have update yet – your t shirt effect is cool lol

  20. Having played nearly 200 games recently on T-44-100 I also took the freshly buffed Type 59 for a spin. Frankly it still feels awful. QB maybe got lucky with MM, I did not. Against tier 9, all the Type’s flaws become apparent. Horrible gun handling (dispersion), low DPM, frontal armor is butter, APCR pen is so low you cannot even pen the weakspots of some heavy tanks (if you are lucky enough to hit them in the first place). Yes, it is slightly better, but I can still do more damage with a T-44-100 in a Tier X match up than with Type 59 in a Tier IX one. To be good, it would need the upper frontal armor of 200mm effective kept straight and some serious buffs to dispersions that compensate for it’s inherently worse inaccuracy. To be honest, I cannot even hold the same damage with full premium ammo spam in it that I was able to do back in 2015 with only 8 rounds of prem carried!

  21. did anyone notice that his shirt was probably green in the middle so it looks like there is a hole in him

  22. After 4 years, I have switched from wot console to wot pc about a month ago. I think the map empire’s border was nice to some extent but defenitely not great

  23. I have not spent any money on WOT since christmas and a lot of players I know have also stopped spending money on the game. The type 59 is a chinese version of the T-54. and comparing it against that it is a litte bit less which you would expect for a lower tier tank. But is now at a level where it can not expect preferential MM. Compared to the T54-Mod 1 its close. WG have a lot to fix. They need to work on that not new tanks or maps. Player numbers on my server(SEA) have reduced markedly. I imagine all servers are the same. Fixing issues is the only way WG can get those players back . Look for buff to T-34-2 next update.

  24. “The Type 59 was already a heavily armored medium”
    Yeah, because armor works so well in WoT…
    “But what about facing tier 6 now?”
    You mean, same way they meet other tier 8’s?

    Sorry quacky, this time I think you’ve lost it.

  25. Meanwhile, indian panzer, ferdi, type 58, t 34 1, t34 2, wz 120, type 61, sta 1, stb 1, tiger 2 still waiting for their well deserved buffs

  26. i think its a completly unfair buff , compared to the is-6 , which is basically still worthless, 175mm to 186 ??? and only 200 on gold ammo ??.. but this gets 20% better dispersion, 15% better armor in the turret + its so much faster with a much better P/T/W ratio .

    Another massive fail from WG imho, just fix the god damn match making..

  27. I bought the Type back when it was OP. Yeah, it needed a little bit of a nerf, but not the multiple gigantic nerf bats it got destroyed with. Then WG expanded the Russian medium lines, and the Type slid further back into uselessness. WG absolutely destroyed this tank, and this minor upgrade doesn’t even come close to making up for what WG did to the Type after people paid for it. If anything, WG hasn’t gone far enough to returning this tank to it’s former glory, which is about midrange in power level compared to what’s out there now.

  28. I got the Typ 59 for 4,95 at Xmas

  29. Type 59~ No.1

  30. stop QB, I wanted my old type 59 back

  31. We had this map on console but they removed it for about a year or so. It’s now been reinstated, last week.

  32. what about making a general oveview of buffs made to all T8 premiums in patch 1.2? making a smal review of yours to these changes?

  33. On console this map is called “Grate Wall” they took it off for a little bit, but now it’s back

  34. It was Called Great Wall

  35. on console people spawn at the b2 area and the diagonally oppisite side.

  36. Are my speakers going as both you and the gnome overloard both sound like your heads in a bucket

  37. Luís Augusto Panadés

    The only useless TD to deal damage is Grille 15, this shit that wargaming pushed over players. All mediun tank bounces its shells easilly. A complete useless vehicle. We got robbed.

    In you gameplay the shit German WT auf Pz IV just was vanished like nothing. Simply german TDs are completly useless. Ridiculous they do not fix this. A tier IX TD smashed by a tier VIII premiun tank, like nothing. Well balanced… Wargaming.

  38. 10:08 Quicky, they didn’t try fixing the mm! If they did, we would have some differences over testing periods!
    MM is the first that needs fixing, then after the mm fix we can go for the tier by tier, tank by tank balance without the sandbox style -.-

  39. You said “But OBVIOUSLY they’ve (Wargaming) tried” (to fix the matchmaking) – Are you really sure about that ? You can’t. How could they change the MM to 3/5/7 at one point and couldn’t change it to 5/5/5 or whatever you want? That’s the best joke ever isn’t it ?

  40. I don’t agree with QB .. type 59 has to be buffed if u consider all the tier 8 he is facing now .. and i don’t think the old 59 is back because the old 59 did not have tough oppenents at tier 8 unlike this time .. crazy oppenents such defenders, patriots, caer ax , etc

  41. I’ve been playing WoT since first release. T59 was the first premium I bought, then KV5, then they nerfed 59. Haven’t bought a premium since because I will not reward bait and switch marketing. Now they’ve put the acceleration back to something like the original 59 I will consider buying premiums again. Having said that, I think premiums should NOT have an advantage in battle over FTP tanks, the advantage should be limited to the meta-game, (ie: more credits / xp).

  42. Sándor Ottó Pleskó

    Nice advertisement your boss going to like it. Of course, they will put it in loot boxes. They would like to see how many people get interested to invest in after It’s called by you an overpowered tank what will be nerfed again after poor naive people bought it. This is ridiculous have even from this greedy company and their puppets… The best thing what I did it was when I quitted from this game.

  43. the great wall map was taken out but was brought back for tier5-7 on console it used to be for tiers 5-10

  44. QB is acting like the Type is completely overpowered now. Its just actually playable again and not total trash

  45. I love the T-34-3 – 6.5 gun depression !!!!!

  46. umm wasn’t the type 59 was n ot supposed to come back in to premium shop? but waaaait the m4 premium heavy wasn’t supposed to be in premium shop like EVER but wargaming… yeah…. their word is worth less than toilet paper….

  47. Didn’t they nerf the Super Pershing at one time too? At least the armor they nerfed. ???

  48. It’s far too late but it would have been very simple to create premium tanks that weren’t over or underpowered. Just take an in-game tank and sell a premium version. For example, take the IS-3 and sell a IS-3P; the only difference being for the 3P; all soviet heavy crews can play it, it earns more credits and it earns more XP. The stats are exactly the same; so, it is not better or worse than the standard IS-3. Hind sight is usually 20/20.

  49. Super pershing is now more OP than M46 patton KR and T25 pilot number 1. Whitch are nonpreferentia matchmaking tanks. I hope they will buff them to! ?

  50. This map (named Great Wall on console) was removed from console but WG never really gave any clear answer why, but most suspect it was due to file size limits for the console. They removed many maps at that time and not just this one. We just got it back last week and as far as I can see they haven’t made any changes to it, so I don’t think there were any issues with it. We don’t have assault mode though and that’s an interesting placement of the cap.

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