World of Tanks || Type 59-Patton – Tank Preview

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Check out the brand new T8 Chinese premium the Type 59-Patton; a combination of the infamous Type 59 hull with the T10 M48 Patton’s turret! COMING SOON!

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  1. 18:44 Panther 88 got some buffs? Where?

  2. Garbage tank. No power, low mobility = can’t flank, can’t death circle,
    can’t rush. Poor accuracy = not a sniper. Lets give it great gun depression
    but a huge weakspot on the top, which makes it useless for any ridge work.
    Decent armor= potential brawler, if you want to do that in a medium.

    I’m glad to discover WG continues on their idiotic trend, set 2 years ago.

  3. That JT on the Ensk would be able to totally nail AboveAvg while he was
    dueling with that AMX… if he just paid attention to the minimap

  4. Yes, let’s start giving premium tanks awful penetration, so that they will
    have to load gold ammo. That’s just how it works.

  5. I have no idea why someone would pick up this tank, instead of the T-54
    First Prototype.

  6. QB, can you elaborate on why the T-34-3 of gun dep is such a bad deal? And
    are they planning to replace the T-34-3 with the 59-Petton as the non-PMM

  7. u talk to much

  8. The premium 54 rip off (what was it’s name..) sounds more promising.. Think
    I’ll get that& I think QB is trying very hard to indicate this tank is crap
    without saying so. LOL

  9. that tank just isn’t worth it everything is so crap about it, there are no
    good features

  10. Will it bounce JgPz E100 shells?

  11. the price is 7k2 gold

  12. This tank is just not the right medium for me. There are more than enough
    better mediums to choose from with better fun factor. It is damn ugly too!

  13. Cupolas aren’t weakpoints: Why do you think most tanks had cupolas? Oh,
    that’s right: SO THEY CAN SEE. I’d much rather see my target, or who’s
    shooting at me, than bounce shot after shot after shot while not knowing
    where the enemy is.

    The M4 didn’t have a cupola initially, and they added a cupola after the
    T23 failed for some reason. Centurion didn’t have a cupola, but in the Mk
    III they added one. The Conqueror has a cupola. The M26 had a cupola. The
    Russians added a cupola to the T-34. T-44, cupola. T-54, cupola again.
    Leopard 1 has two cupolas. M48 had a cupola, the M48A3 made it bigger, so
    you can see more. M60 has a cupola as well.

    If it was such a disadvantage, why the hell do most tanks have cupolas and
    those which didn’t got modified to have cupolas?

    Just got annoyed by everyone not understanding why tanks have cupolas and
    thinking that they are only disadvantages.

  14. That weakspot makes the decent gun depression completly useless. I guess
    you will have to relearn the maps, couse it will stick out of some cover

  15. I had a type 59! got stuck on my NA account when I moved to the Asia one :(

  16. Ivan Livio Cruz Jurich

    hey QB, how are you? I just want to asq you, can you put the link of the
    “next vídeo” un the description? Because if you use the app for Android to
    see your videos, you can’t be redirected to those other! Ty from Argentina!

  17. This cuppola always reminds me of a small green Austrian hat.

  18. Wow this tank sux balls

  19. I thought I saw that the 59-Patton only has 9 degrees of depression to the
    sides, but to the front it is only 7 degrees. Either way the tank is
    horrible and definitely not worth it.

  20. I’ll stick to my Type 59. Even if I didn’t have a Type 59 I wouldn’t buy
    the Type 59-Patton. There are better Premium T8 tanks to play. Not sure
    what WG was thinking when they released this tank. I’m glad QB gave this
    tank a honest review.

  21. it’s a piece of crap. have a couple of clan mates who got it, and are
    trying to get their money back lol

  22. Although it seems like a good premium tank, I don’t drive any Chinese, so
    there is no chance I will get it.

  23. This thing is the first of 4 prem tanks coming out over this month. I would
    pass this up to see what other unique prems come out. That and it’s just
    shit. I tore strait through the frontal plate of it with a Tiger 1. Price
    tag is rediculous as we’ll.

  24. “It’s already out in NA”. Is it New Angeles??..

  25. The cupola is where I draw the line. I feel that this tank should be used
    as a sniper, and for that I already have the CDC.

  26. It should have pref match making, then it would be okay……but that gun
    has no business in a tier 9 or 10 match.

  27. I REALLY hate when people say “price point” when they mean “price”.

  28. I like the t-34-3 and everyone I ever talk to who has one loves it. I
    recognize that its awful in almost every respect, but I have fun in it with
    every match and just seem to have good games in it. I use it as a mobile
    gun talking enemies by surprise with its alpha.

  29. BTW t69 isn’t wat the 59 is based off its similar to the t95e2 which has
    the 48 turret same 90mm and pen with an and heat but has different hull and
    gets preferential match making

  30. What the fuck is the point of having good armor (OR ANY DAMN ARMOR?) if you
    have a giant nipple sticking out of the top of your tank with no armor at

  31. Santa Fabiola De Roma

    Maybe wargaming will make all tanks moddable with some reward in the

  32. This tank is very similar to T95E2 which is given as a reward in Refer a
    Friend program–maybe a comparison is in order QB?

  33. T95E2>59-Patton

  34. Gun is crap and big tumor, do not want

  35. QB’s grave stone is going to say “Let’s just take a quick look at the post
    life stats” before going on to list his life accomplishments.

  36. The second replay u said it was you but it isn’t accually you bud…..

  37. Another trash prem tank from WOT.

  38. if you buy that you’ll become religious and pray so much before doing any
    engagements :P

  39. Aim for the Machine Gun on the top, its squishy.

  40. All I can say is at least it did not remain a Chinese exclusive, me like…
    Ok I can’t do this anymore PLS WHY WG, why u tease us with half a Type 59
    and a piece of crap on top QQQQQQQQQQQQQ… I’m still gunna buy it tho ^^

  41. Pay money for extra large wart, no thanks.

  42. The NA love recently

  43. Gian Angel V. Fernandez

    In my opinion, this tank is not bad but could be better.
    Apart from the “tumor” that comes out of the turret, his armor is not so
    Personally I have seen players using this tank destroy tanks 4-5 in a game,
    although it is expected that the ability of the player and the
    circumstances also influence.

    PD: No one other than my expected to take out the “sturmtiger” ?, I really
    would like to see …
    Nice video mate ;)7

  44. lol a t95e2? in chineese version?

  45. LOL Wargaming blatant cash in

  46. Wow what a piece of crap. It’s very similar to the T895E2 and that heap
    doesn’t see tier 10.

  47. I got quite excited for the “ancient weapon reveal” and refreshed the prem
    shop early morning…but after I saw it was the 59-patton I checked the
    stats and just went back to sleep..

  48. But the Super pershing has worse penetration :P

  49. POS tank is a POS. All the cons of the Type 59 and Fatton without the
    pros. Worth $54? I don’t fucking think so.

  50. IDK why but I cant “click up”. New version of youtube player just don’t
    show link. Can you put links to featured videos in description?

  51. the super p has 170 i believe.

  52. Alina-Cristina Udrescu

    How can i get your damage panel? it is not in the modpack

  53. Are they expecting to sell this garbage? I never thought I would find an
    all round bad tank… But I think this might be it. Nice armor but that
    weakspot is stupid, poor gun, poor mobility… I dunno, this is one I won’t
    be buying… Will this be replacing the t-34-3?

  54. Alina-Cristina Udrescu

    is it april fools? wtf

  55. Mister Torgue Flexington

    seems like a cash in on wallet warriors.

  56. Thomas Williams (Willt001)

    Imagine penning this thing in the weak spot with a kv-2……

  57. ;__________________________________; where is muh type 59

  58. It’s not a tumor…oh wait it is a tumor.

  59. The cupola just kills this for me… I like to be able to shoot back at
    what’s shooting me.

  60. big cancer at top of his head.wg so stupid.

  61. sucks if goes tier X still speacial MM sucks tier X mm sucks MORE! UGE

  62. m48 is my first tier X, I feel the pain with the cupola.

  63. T54 mod 1 seems a lot better than the 59 patton, it also has the mobility
    advantage over the super p. If you want something that can bounce lower
    tiers and sometimes higher tiers get the T54 mod 1.
    That tumor is a dealbreaker along with the crazy package WG will put it in.

  64. So it’s a better M3 Lee.
    And an Quicky, you forgot the SuperPershing’s penetration of 170mm with
    standard AP and 0.38 accuracy.

  65. reminds me of the M3 Lee problems. Can not see a darn thing, get nailed
    over and over.

  66. please focus on his reticle while he is engaging that AMX ac …i don’t
    know but it seems like the reticle guide itself to the tracks
    also when he managed to get behind the AMX ac at 11:51 he auto-aimed at him
    but the reticle was aimed at the AMX’s copula not the center of the tank
    …is that cheating or what

  67. so basically a big pile of poo considering that most WG maps are either
    urban HT brawlfests or non-urban ridgeline duels.

  68. I love punching holes in it with my 17cm…

  69. Type 59 hull with near-Type mobility, plus a Patton turret, sounds pretty
    good on paper. I’m so glad I didn’t drop any money on this turd. The first
    time I ran into one I was in a T37, hill fighting with the scouts and meds
    on Westfield. Knowing nothing about it, I instinctively started shooting
    the tumor. I took half his health through that cupola with the T37’s
    pew-pew gun. Easy peasy.

  70. Fahrudin Lagumdzija

    He is using aimbot

  71. My computer is broken so i can’t get it:(

  72. 59-Patton… that upper “thing” is like a “shoot me” sign
    why o why

  73. This tank sucks asshole. I’d say the worst prem tank in the game.

  74. 4:45 stop it there and look at his face

  75. This game sucks warthunder is better

  76. Quicky, Im pretty sure the T26E4 has 167mm of pen, so it isnt the worse

  77. stopid tanke

  78. watch jingels Video too, he is saying something exiting about this tank and
    in my mind the truth. But nice vid from you too QB

  79. why does it have a tumor… ?

  80. Quickybaby don’t be racist

  81. Qb please please review panther 88

  82. 173 mm pen? Realy?
    175 mm on the IS-6 is bad enough.

    So, nope, no tank for me.

  83. Todor Gibson-Ralevic

    D: Come on Wargaming, everyone else has T8 premiums, what about the UK!

  84. Drives in M6a2e1

  85. This tank should either have a engine or gun buff. It looks really bad
    right now. 14 hp/t is more of heavy tank speed.

  86. That intro always makes me laugh…did this game ever really look that bad?

  87. I still can’t understand what the different is between APCR and HEAT. I
    know that quickybaby said something about normel….. and something else
    (Sorry but I can’t spell it) but what does it mean?

  88. garbage. 175 pen is shit. you have to shoot alot of gold to pen in higher
    tiers. What is the benefit for a premium tank than? I

  89. OMG!! 10:16 thats me in the T-44! I took out that Jackson for him, he did
    repay me by getting that T69, he was unloading on me as well!!

  90. Michail Kalaschnikow

    premium mm ? …. love ya QB ;D

  91. Super Pershing has the lowest penetration of any tier 8 premium, with 170mm
    with its standard rounds.

  92. How to activate free camera on replay ?

  93. This tank makes the STA-2 look really good

  94. That tank is the t85e2 of Xbox one!!! ??

  95. Kv2 can even snipe that AND it can full pen it because kv2 has 86 HE pen,
    and tha Japanese one can’t see Stalin is better than Hirohito

  96. But QuickyBaby! There is that awesome LOG on the back of the tank, do you
    really forgot about this OP part of this tank? 😮 There is NO logs on any
    other T8 premiums you compared this beast with ;p just LOOK AT THAT

  97. Type 59 has 120mm of armor, not 100mm, this tank is a lie, based on the t44

  98. I’ll stick with the Type 59 when it comes to premium Chinese medium tanks,
    however the Scorpion looks like a solid investment.

  99. But… T-34-3 is awesome once you are used to it :(

  100. hello again M3 lee

  101. can you cover the turret MG port by going around a right corner? i think
    it’d be tough but you should be able to get your gun out and still have the
    weak spot covered or am i wrong?

  102. quickyababy i am getting a type 59 patton

  103. 4 special tanks on my birthday month woot

  104. Did China had tanks?!

  105. I think the big selling point of this tank, despite its mediocre
    performance, will be its rarity. I don’t imagine we’ll see this available

    Also, fingers crossed it gets a buff, mostly to the weak cupola.

  106. That tank sucks dont buy it have bad armor and no have prem mm its like
    Fv201 sucks and very very expensive piece of shit

  107. Jingles made first ;-)

  108. Can you do a Tank Preview about AT15A?. Please QuickyBabyTV

  109. Thanks for the vid QB! I’m thinking of getting this tank, but the price tag
    gives me second thoughts. I already have the T-34-3 but this tank looks fun

  110. Hey guys
    Is there a way to get free garage slots in world of tanks?

  111. Kannietkiezen - TheDutchRebels

    9 degrees excellent for a Chinese vehicle. But Jingles… I mean. But
    quickybaby. This gun + Turret are American and all American tanks have gud
    gun depression. Because: ‘MERICA

  112. Why does it have giant log on the back?

  113. Is this guy using the server reticle? Can’t aim with it

  114. this tank is only good against kiddos..

  115. That Giant Machinegun Turret……Easy kill

  116. OMG Kill it before it lays eggs!

  117. Well i like my Type with 3 Gunmarks alot more ;)

  118. when will this tank be available on SEA server ? Has EU server got it yet ?

  119. Ill stick with my Type 59 i think

  120. I have no idea what is the purpuse of this tank. I mean, it doesn’t make
    any sense to add this vehicle to the game. None competent medium tank
    driver would want to drive this. Plus it sounds like bullshit from the
    historical view, but I may be wrong on that.

    One more thing, this tank needs some chemotherapy.

  121. Simon Kopertowski (HidesHisFace)

    So basically the gun depression is negated by that cupola it seems. The
    mantlet as well is not really reliable and areas directly to the left and
    right of the mantlet seem relatively weak and flat as well. Lack of
    preferential MM will force you to fire gold, which in a large way defeats a
    purpose of a premium tank as a money maker in my opinion. With IS-6, T-34-3
    and Chinese heavies you at least get a decent alpha but 250dmg gold rounds
    on 59 Patton are going to eat through your wallet quickly. What I see it –
    against newbies in a good MM, it is going to be a monster but as soon as
    people learn where to shoot it, it will be another Super Pershing.

  122. Typical WG to charge a ton for something with a huge “shoot me here” sign
    plus a pretty crap gun with no pref MM (I know they’ve got rid of that).
    Remains to be seen how many people are stupid enough to think it’s worth as
    much as a decent, stand-alone game.
    Hmm..anyone know what my account with M-60, JT-88, KV-5, SU-100Y, KV-220,
    Churchill III and T-14 might be worth, seeing as I don’t play WoT any more?
    Not that I’m selling it, but it does make me wonder.

  123. [̲̅G̲̅][̲̅A̲̅][̲̅M̲̅][̲̅E̲̅][̲̅S̲̅] [̲̅&̲̅] [̲̅M̲̅][̲̅O̲̅][̲̅R̲̅][̲̅E̲̅]

    Weakspots kills this tank 100%..

  124. Thx that i have the original type 59 and not that orrible thing…

  125. My god.. it’s like having an outhouse on top of your turret. That weak spot
    is *gigantic*. I look forward to sending these things back to the garage!

  126. Its okay. Not great, not horrible. Like the regular Patton, EVERYONE who
    has a brain cell knows where to shoot it.

    Gun is the standard for T8 preemies. I had some great games, mostly bad
    ones cause I logged LOADS of APCR and HEAT shot at me. Everyone who sees a
    new tank seems to feel its OP armor. Thus my tank sounded like a frying pan
    last night, even vs T10s :P

  127. That huge weak spot … they can as well remove all the turret armor

  128. De ce que je vois de cette video qu elle idee d acheter un tel char pour un
    prix si elevé.
    Wargaming veut faire de l argent en sortant n importe quoi, qu il
    investisse plutot dans l equilibrage du jeux. Merci a toi pour le partage

  129. Aleksandar Damjanovic

    This tank is same as tank you can get on “refer a friend” in wot. It’s name
    is T95E2.

  130. hull down what a joke try that you will last 3 sec..this tank sucks in
    every way

  131. war gaming are taking tanks that are so far up their ass, kinda ridiculous

  132. I just dont understand why you guys in US gets the packeg before us in EU ?
    😀 the game is Russian or im wrong? or you guys spend more money? D:

  133. this tank sucks

  134. This tank is shit
    Along with every other tank they added this update

  135. I dont like this tank… low pen, no armor… i have the CDC i dont need
    more … :D

  136. It’s such an obvious cash grab it’s not even funny

  137. What a beautiful cat-dog. I suggest shot it in to ammorack, it apparently

  138. lol my type 59 will laugh at the huge cupola of this abomination . 9
    degrees of gun depression doesn’t mean shit when you expose that huge ass
    weakpoint to your enemy .

  139. Truth is good

  140. It’s nice of you to compare gun stats with all the other premiums, but why
    did you leave out Type 59 when you did use that one for mobility comparing?
    And why was the T-34-3 not mentioned? Being Chinese T-34-3 is the main
    competitor for 59-Patton, not a CDC or Panther88 or STA-2.

  141. Hey, where is your armor the thickest?

    Mantlet, why do you ask?

    (Shoots though mantlet–> ammorack)

    Just testing…

  142. T-95E2 with a larger coppola same armor. 55$ US for the tank, garage slot,
    2800 gold, and 30 days of prem. I still dont think its worth it.

  143. I have the bestest idea WG! Next time rename the AMX-40 to Type-59 and sell
    it as a T8 premium!

  144. This tank has such cheap armor, i regret buying it.

  145. Type 61 cupola much?

  146. WOT went more bullshit then usuall…

  147. Its ugley mate

  148. Hey QB, why not using the usual font anymore :(

  149. thank you qb, i tought it would be like the type-59, so i was very happy
    before i saw this review 😀 I have the cdc and i have about 2500 wn8, do u
    think i can play this tank like the cdc? or just i just keep playin the cdc
    and hope for wg to release the type59 someday? 🙂 Great video btw, really
    nice job like always!

  150. It seems like this last update is highly based on giving the Japanese more

  151. So glad I got a real Type 59 and not this monstrosity

  152. Oh great, This tank game again!

  153. WOW! WG can you please make your plans to make as much money in short time
    as possible a little more obvious??

  154. Personally, I prefer my armor on the turret. It allows me to be much more
    competitive on ridge-lines and really take advantage of the geography of
    the map or engage in close, paint-scraping brawls where enemy depression
    doesn’t allow hull shots.

    I wouldn’t consider purchasing this tank. That hatch is just way, way, way
    too large. Competent players easily engage the “huge weakspots” on British
    TDs, such as the Tortoise and even they have smaller hatches/viewports than
    the 59 Patton.

    If the gun performance and mobility were better, allowing the 59 Patton to
    keep engagements at medium to long ranges, that could be a different
    story…but they’re not.

  155. WG kicked this tank out like the HT #6: needs Prem MM due to the lack of
    pen on some Tier 9 and most all of Tier X’s. I hope they do buff the
    I bought this and actually don’t mind it too much. I use it in a support
    role with the heavies.
    It isn’t a credit machine like most Prems but it does provide a good
    amount. They should have sold it alone, without the gold/30 days Prem and
    more would have bought it for the single tank price.

  156. Thanks for the review. All the relevant information was included.

  157. JustinPlaysTV // JPTV

    61st comment lol!

  158. Pretty sad how they introduce all kinds of so called “prototypes” that
    either existed on paper and I doubt would have ever worked (e.g. the
    retarded Japanese heavy tank line) or vehicles that failed and never made
    it to production like this turd of a vehicle.

  159. T-34-3 is still a better deal in my opinion for players who have experience
    working around very weak gun depressions. I feel that the limited mm gives
    you the ability to carry your games more often, and I prefer being
    frustrated from time to time when I need to shoot at long range rather than
    being frustrated every single game because I get shot in the tumor and I
    can’t do anything about it. I believe you can compensate the T-34-3’s
    weaknesses with adapting your playstyle, whereas you can do nothing to help
    for the type59-pattons’ enormous weakspot. Ofc my opinion may be biased
    because I love my T-34-3 but hopefully my logic makes sense to you guys.
    See you all on the battlefield!

  160. the idiots should of released a normal Type 59 just without the premium
    match making

  161. heheheh lool crap tank

  162. Lowest pen of tier 8 premium medium tanks? You forgot about the Super
    Pershing QB :p

  163. The real question is – why would I drive chinese meds? To be able to go
    hull-down in a bloody puddle. And to park next to enemies and have them
    fire fruitlessly at my turret top.

    Don’t think this thing lives up to it. It’s also ugly.

  164. If they removed the tumor through some chemotherapy then maybe it could be
    a great premium ;P

  165. 02:50 The SARL 42’s turret front is a lot worse

  166. QB the SuperPershng has the same penetration, maybe even only 170!

  167. γιωργος χασανακος

    Big crap…

  168. Thanks fo rthe info Quicky. Another tank tp pass on. Too bad about the
    ‘weak spot’, Weak area is more accurate. Hopeless!

  169. “No limited matchmaking” Just one reason that the Type is still superior.

  170. I’m in hysterics after watching jingles telling us that the tank is awful
    at firing on the move and then quicky baby totally shuts him down in this
    video!!!! Haha 

  171. He’s clearly using an aimbot. you can see it ,when he’s using his
    when he use it , it aims on the weakpoints on the AMX AC 48…he’s aiming
    on the litle turret in the back of the vehicle

  172. if this thing isnt part of a stupidly over priced bundle od near get it
    because ot looks ridiculous but we are talking about wg eu so im betting it
    will be in a £70 bundle so no i wont get this thing if its more than £30.

  173. nope nope nope nope nope nope nope noep nope

  174. Hallack was first :P

  175. Martin Barkaway Nielsen

    I just got 1 question: why Wargaming, why? -.-

  176. looks like sick m48

  177. *Drives by in his Type 59*
    *Points and laughs*

  178. Bradroy - a Kenyér ツ

    *WOW* Type 59-Patton

  179. Looks like the T-95E2

  180. This tank is completely useless, not worth it you can get better t8 tanks

  181. OUT … OF …. IDEAS … RIP WOT :))))))))

  182. This tank is crap

  183. wich browser you use?


  185. FINALY, ! :D

  186. Any date ? for it to come?

  187. Hai, I luv u quickybaby

  188. What do you think of the Type 59-Patton?


  189. fiiirst ;)

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