World of Tanks | Type 59 Winners Video

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Kills Winner: 06:01
Base xp Runner up: 12:55
Base xp Winner: 19:19
Comment Winner: 27:45

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  1. omg omg omg hoooolly shieeet thx so much Maxwell ! i played all day for
    this game, finally got it 😛 the viewrange circle is a bug, i have full
    view range 🙂 If you think im a douche for saying to that type 64 to go
    back to let me spot, i had so many games where i could have done the
    mission ruined by that kind of guys, its not even funny. Also, i completed
    the LT-15 mission for the T28 HTC, soo there is that 😀 2 birds with one
    stone 😛 Thx again Maxwell, so happy right now!

  2. damn it! i knew there was a E-Mail i forgot to send xD
    Oh well, wouldn’t have won anyways xD

  3. hm a KV-220-2 i never saw that one coming (totally op tanks should have
    been excluded in my opinion).. well i am a bit salty about that but still
    graz to him, it was my fault for not picking that as my tank of choice.

  4. how do you send a private youtube message? :D

  5. who won the coments?

  6. “Caking his pants,” nice one Max. Thanks for the vid and contest! Cheers!

  7. YAAY! A PzT-25 took a one of the runner up positions! I have ALWAYS loved
    that little Czech Panzer, and have always felt that it was an under
    appreciated vehicle!

    It is personally, probably my favorite tier 5 medium in the game, and has
    been for a LONG time now!

    Some people hate it’s track and turret traverse, which I can understand,
    but I never minded it! The tank is quote fast and has a REALLY good -10
    degrees depression combined with a GREAT turret for ridge poking, as the
    mantlet tends to bounce most tier 5 and 6 shells easily, and the turrets
    “Forehead” is autoboounce.

  8. WOOP WOPP! :D

  9. Well, I got my Type 59.

    …Back when Armored Warfare was giving them away. Kappa.

    Still play that often. Is much fun. Kill many capitalist pig-dogs and their

  10. Tks Maxwell ur awsome!! Sent you a email to ur replay’s account 🙂 dont
    know how to send a PM here 🙂 Tks again!!

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