World of Tanks || Type 61 – 9,000+ Damage…

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Here Buzzzu rocking the T9 Japanese medium tank the Type 61 carrying his team hard.

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  1. Hi QB I play on Xbox and just unlocked the 105m today and the difference is
    fantastic it resembles the Centurion 7/1’s gun but the rof fills me with
    confidence. I think the grind for the STB-1 will be a lot more fun now.
    Love your stream love the channel learnt so much form your tips big

  2. You can’t shoot your way out of trouble in a Leopard PTA. 

  3. How do i get a High tier tank fast??? I have 4 tier 6

  4. Glad to see a replay where the player dont use any stupisd fucken gold
    ammo. As I said 257mm of APCR is enough, it is all you need to damage most
    tanks frontaly. I dont get why so many cunts use gold ammo, ahaha may allah
    nerf gold ammo and cap tier 10 medium APCR pen at 257mm, and nerf tier 9-10
    heavy AP pen to 250mm max just like on the is7.

  5. Stopped playing world of tanks I had enough of all the retards in it !

  6. great game and gives me the resolve to keep grinding the stupid chi ri.
    it’s not completely terrible but such a boring grind. i can’t help but
    wonder how much it’s possible to do in one game with no afk’s, a lot of
    these massive carry games usually have an afk accounting for like 1000-1500

  7. Wow. that last shot was pretty sketchy! It looked like he didn’t aim
    well… and if he had hit the tracks 0_o

  8. I love you QB ( yes i am a boy lol ) 😀 you make all my days 😀 I want to
    thank you for that 😀 I know you think is nothing but witouth you i would
    still camp in my TopTier heavy tanks and go full retard with scout tanks ,
    thank you for ”making” me who I am today at WOT , and i whish i could
    sub. and donate to your Twitch channel but i am only 14 so i cant afford a
    paypal sry 😀 but I hope the Like button will help :D

  9. I brought my type 61 reload down with vents, sisterhood of steel, and
    rations to 7.71 second reload 

  10. I still want the 11 episode of minecraft with peepy pepper :(

  11. EfficiencyBestMetric

    Tier 10s are big shiny trophies. Tier 9 Master Race!

  12. EfficiencyBestMetric

    All these “great carries” always seem to end with AFK opponents..

  13. Why can’t I access the 9.7 Public Test Server?

  14. Alowishus Davander

    “…a little bit less….”

  15. Didn’t “World of Tanks Best Replays” channel post this like 3 days before

  16. Is this guy using some illegal mod or sth?? At 0:59 autoaims
    at the panther without its shilouette shown.. In my opinion
    this is kinda strange but correct me if Im mistaken, might
    also be a replay bug or sth

  17. The new AMX 30 Prototype looks overpowered and honestly should be changed
    before release, it makes playing the Leopard Prototype seem unnecessary.

  18. I have a love and hate relationship with the type 61. If I try sniping at
    long ranges. The rounds always goes low or high. At least mid range most
    all the shots connect. Gun can troll me really bad some matchs.

  19. Tbh, i like this tank more than the stb-1.. The 90mm can dice anything. Dpm
    is amazing

  20. As for the current tier 9 medium meta, the Type 61 has a place for having a
    great combination of gun depression, penetration, and DPM, but at the cost
    of accuracy and turret durability. The inclusion of the new AMX-30
    prototype is especially worrisome for the Type 61 as (at least for the time
    being) the AMX-30 prototype seems to have all of these advantages but none
    of the disadvantages.

  21. The Leo Prot. is a shame. It’s just weak in comparison to the other T9
    mediums. Especially know with the introduction of the new french tanks. The
    T9 is just as mobile, has more DPM and better gun depression.

  22. is this an older replay? cause T30 is a Tier X there…but right now its a
    Tier IX TD…

  23. 0:05 sausage….

  24. the ISU-152 most likely crashed. i see this shit all the time. it’s game
    ruining. i didn’t have this issue before 9.5 but after the update i do 2 to
    3 crashes per 100 match. luckily enough for me, everytime it happens, im
    not in the middle of brawl and i usually manage to log in back within 30
    secs to 1 min.

  25. the tier8s ARE conciderd to be the best and balanced tanks in the game

  26. Would have been awesome if ISU-152 was playing dead and shot the Type 61
    when it drove by at the very end.

  27. honistly the type 61 and the stb1 are the same as the other typical fast
    mediums with junkarmor…there playstyle is too little to notice any
    difference and justa waste of time IF your gunah get em all

  28. damn i have not played wot since i got access to WoWs beta i should talk to
    my clan

  29. francisco urzúa sims

    Type 61 game , 62 money profit, quickbaby with a tshirt with the number
    62… Too much coincidences

  30. This use of bushes is what the usual yellow bobs refers to as “hacks”.

  31. Hey man, i was in that game with you on south coast in the fv4202. at first
    i wanted to support you because i saw that you were alone with that
    bulldog, then i got shot by the t54e1 (the one that interuppted:( ) so i
    had to get out off there, sorry for that, BUT the reason i went after that
    waffentrager was because he had shots in him (i thought if i was wrong then
    yeah it was a misplay) so he could shoot at the people who already had cap
    points. To be fair me and my pal had something like what did quicky just do
    to die so fast? :O I looked at your livestream playback and know I
    understand why you were not on top. I wish you eternal luck with Peppy!

  32. Lol QB called me MVP in my M103 😀 im freaking bad 😀 also that shot at the
    AMX was a perfectly placed HEAT round I fired at the AMX and bounced. I
    loaded the gold because of the VK 4502B and forgot to change while engaging
    the AMX 😀 Also that’s my subscribe to this channel Quickybaby. Those
    things you said about me were really nice 🙂 Also I couldn’t watch this
    game till the end. It was too disappointing seeing how the way my team
    abandoned me on this side lost us the game 🙁 And losing to a guy who
    played more than 4 times as much games as me is no shame ^^

  33. There should be Italian tanks, especially since they were players in the
    war, and the French were being controlled by the Germans.

  34. That 105 on all the mediums is just so powerful. I don’t even know why the
    M103, T110E5, Conqueror, and FV215(b) use 120mm guns when they are simply
    outclassed by the 105mm in every aspect. 

  35. i dont know why they make 105mm do the same as 122mm

  36. I was proud of my 7.7k E75 game 🙁
    But to get here i need 9k i gurss

  37. When you compare the rate of fire of the Leopard 1 ingame to the real
    life.. hurt.. Saw a reportage where a Canadian soldier fire 15 round in
    like 1 minutes few secondes in a Leopard C2.

    Same goes for a lots of vehicle ingame.. I guess it’s balance issues =P !

  38. This was 8000+ k damage -.-

  39. when i hear someone talking about medium tanks, i think that its going to
    drive past and back of enemy. and after this video i can just think that
    mediums are faster TDs

  40. Super lucky where his opponents’shells went, including at least 4 arti
    shots and dat afking ISU. But still, that manuover was every impressive.

  41. QB, one of this most over rated wot youtubers there is. If he played solo
    like the majority of players do, his stats would be mediocre at best.
    QB,Jingles,Circ…all run in packs, and depend on packs to support their
    stats. Although his game insight is well done. in other words. really
    really over QB and his group of friends.

  42. I saw it coming with the IS-3 appearing there to be honest. It HAD to be.
    It’s an IS-3 and we know the typical IS-3 player…they are unpredictable
    in their actions (usually in the worst way possible).

  43. Christian von Essen

    I want a type 61 now

  44. not trying to start any drama :v but from my experience, going through the
    middle water area of the map is quite a chancy and a bad move, there just
    needed to be one enemy tank on the bridge and the type wouldve been locked
    there, for instance if that is3 wouldve not slipped down and stayed up on
    the bridge, the angling on his hull wouldve made it impossible for the type
    to pen him, and no matter where type wouldve tried to run, he wouldve taken
    2-3 shots from the is3

  45. 4:55 sure… everyone who watched the minimap saw that the is3 was last
    seen at the top of the bridge.
    you could not say 100% that the is would be right there… but i realy
    thought in the next few seconds the is3 will be spottet next to him.

  46. Not to take anything away from the player, but it seems like a glaring
    oversight that he consistently failed to make use of his HE shell stock on
    the MANY occasions when they would have been a better choice than APCR. The
    engine deck of the M103 right at the start would have been an almost
    guaranteed pen and possibly engine fire. The rear of the T30 or T34, and
    especially the borsig. Even the arty towards the end. Quite aside from the
    increased damage he would have done in these situations (since he killed
    them anyway, this is not really the issue), failure to exploit his HE ammo
    meant that he ran out of APCR towards the end and had to face the ISU with
    HE – which could have potentially lost him the game had the ISU not been
    afk. If you take a stock of HE and don’t use it intelligently, then you’re
    better off just leaving those ammo slots to regular APCR.

  47. Type 61 is the same, it only has worse mobility/top speed/ and yes armor

  48. GG Buzzzu ! He is my clan mate xD

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