World of Tanks || Type 61 – Cliff Hanger

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Today Everdynn is going to show you how to be king of the hill in the T9 the !

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From 18:00-CET / 17:00-GMT / 12:00-EST

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is a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. damn

  2. love the videos keep up the great work

  3. Quicky baby you da real mvp 

  4. Cliff Hugger * xD

  5. First jingels Video that yours 😀
    It can be funny to be sick, when you upload videos

  6. Never played the Japaneise tanks. 

  7. New location QB? Your wall is different 😉 Nice replay btw!

  8. Love it replays thank you keep it up

  9. where dafuq is that

  10. Please start including a link for the video you mention at the end in the
    description. Clicking on the screen never works for me! This isn’t the
    first time I have asked, but maybe you will listen one day!!!!! Thanks :

  11. QB I CHALLENGE YOU…to play a full game while tunnel visioning! No
    arty.And use a tank from any type but from Tier 6+ !

  12. if the t69 ramed him off the cliff the game would have been a loss

  13. Great Replay QB. TY

  14. We gonna get to meet your parents?

  15. 7:19 Does anyone else hear that weird high-pitched noise whenever he speaks
    up until the end? It just randomly started!

  16. Why dafuq was he firing at the gun mantle of the 704? As Sir Foch said it’s
    made out of Stalin’s mustache. You can’t penetrate that! And btw. what a
    shame he wasted 2 shots at that 704. It could have been a pool’s medal…
    Still well played. Great game there

  17. Apathetic Bystanders

    6:30 Jgpanther 2?

  18. Very goood replay, but he did take a few foolish shots, primarily against
    that 704 and his 2nd last shell missing the g w p

  19. loving it quicky! i find your videos really helpful and since i started
    watching your videos my personal rating has gone up a fair bit

  20. Almost a Fadin

  21. poor use of his last 3 shells. very lucky to have won.

  22. Well well well, that reply was fantastic, I tried the same but my gun
    depression just won’t work out. I really want STB-1, but I just need ti get
    more silver to get my Chi-Nu back. 

  23. For a second I thought he was outside

  24. pure luck nothing else, we saw his true skills on jp, obj., isu and gw!!
    what a retard!! one big dislike!!! QB it’s time for better replays and it
    would be nice to show us your replays and not from some qsf scrub…

  25. Beniamin Budzyński

    Was this recorded on your Alienware laptop??

  26. Japan tank is a pain in the ass to play in until T7
    From T1-T6 ,it just simply a pain

  27. This is a perfect example of how the enemy artillery COULD HAVE turned the
    game by playing strategically and taking him out on that important
    position. However as always Arty just focuses on doing damage instead of
    winning the game.

  28. Here you can clearly see why low win rate players have low win rates that
    t69 could have won the game for his team instead he mad bad decisions and
    thus ruined his teams chances of winning.

    Naturally bad players will say it’s all about rng and bad mm, but in
    reality it’s all about making bad decisions. 

  29. Nice caption.

  30. Is it right that if he waited just one second with his last shot he would
    have got this rare medal you get when killing the last enemy with the last

  31. had 50 games with type61 and 20% winrate
    ( at t9 /t10 i have normaly 52 – 53% winrate) than I sold this crapy tank,

    was it a mistake ?


  33. great replay, but isn’t all tanks perfect killers, when they are allowed to

  34. If you have the time, could you do a map tactic video for Komarin?

  35. omg win 8 user detected !! KILL IT WITH FIRE^!!!!!!

  36. yet again – it is a reply of someone in a ‘great matchup’, which really
    does ruin the fact that he did so well

  37. Quicky, thanks for putting the extra effort in putting out a video during
    your holiday. 

  38. And there are so many great replays on wotreplays dot com and he uploaded
    this one. Well… obviously because he’s from QSF.

  39. He did that only because the T69 was dumb and both artillery never fired at
    him. When i climb the hill i am always focus fired and i can barely pop out
    to spot for my team. So, good game, but purely for enemy fault.

  40. This t69 is the worst player ever seen in a replay…

  41. Did he had to say GW TIGER twice at the end ?

  42. Wish I could say FIRST…jk

  43. 69TH COMMENT!

  44. Would have liked to see the detailed stats to get an idea of his ammo costs
    there :)

  45. Bonjour From France
    vous êtes le meilleur des joueurs de W O T
    You are the best player of THE W O T ^^
    thank you
    Merci ^^

  46. Holy fuck lol

  47. Wow some parts of that match were intense, enjoyed it thank you!.

  48. Guys can someone tell me why I don’t have the last known position feature
    that comes with 9.5 and how can I enable it and why I don’t have any
    Personal missions? Please help

  49. Great location for him but he made some really really really poorly shots

  50. QB I love your new natural habitat!

  51. Could you do an IS-3 or IS-8 review. Haven’t done one in a year+. Thank
    you, keep up with the awesome videos.

  52. I like the change with the head-cam, it’s nice to see the chat

  53. Might consider getting myself one of these toys !!! 

  54. i would rather play the Centurion 7/1

  55. Centurion. FOR THE QUEEN

  56. Ooh god that Mark of Excellence on Japanese tanks is really ugly. I hope WG
    will change that!!

  57. Almost Fadin’s Medal ;)

  58. What a couple of stupid aims.

  59. if he would have kill that arty a little later he would have got a pool’s
    medal right?
    What a heart breaker.

  60. QuickyBaby what is the best tier 8 premium not only good but the best money

  61. Just a good starting position, rest was luck. So many misplays…

  62. This tank is technically a MBT

  63. Just got centurion 1 on xbox world of tanks any tips 

  64. so much more entertaining than the hetzer replay

  65. Cent 7/1 would not have that problem, carries almost double the shells.

  66. I’m a Centurion 7 driver, and the reason I use this tank (rather than one
    of its peers) is because it combines good gun depression with a
    respectably-thick turret and mantlet. Presuming you’re in a hull-down and
    you expect the enemy to retaliate, having at least some chance to bounce
    incoming fire is valuable. Unfortunately, I’ve been led to believe that
    this decision may not be vindicated as the HD model came with a turret
    armor nerf, and besides that, the magic ‘2’ key renders armor irrelevant in
    any case.

  67. You cant even nearly trust stats anymore… Literally every 1500+ WN8
    player has at least 200-400 Matches in a T18 or other statpadding tank…
    Considering, that I am getting called with my (imo pretty bad) 1100wn8 am
    being called a noob, while carrying those donkeys often enough, makes me
    think, if there is any possibility to segregate the true good players from
    the statpadders…

  68. G.W.Tiger….? Twice?

  69. My favorite one is the Type 61

    Because its mobility and gun depression

  70. mery christmas all :)

  71. I don’t know why you have been doing so many replay “rewievs” latly, but it
    gets kinda boring just seeing other people drive their tanks, I would like
    to see more of your replays, and more of your playing . :)

  72. I really like playing both my Type 61 and Centurion 7/1, so it is very
    difficult to choose one over the other. That said, I would give the edge to
    the Type 61 because it seems to have better mobility. Both are very fun
    tanks to play, can’t go wrong with either.

  73. I thought QB had recorded this outside for moment! 😀 lol

  74. Great replay QB and merry belated Christmas, boxing day and new years. I
    have to say; its almost worth turning YouTube comments off. I spent near a
    decade in the service all over the world in some of the worst places with
    people both good and inhuman and I have never seen such negative, immature
    tripe as what people post about WOT videos; it boggles the mind and spells
    so ill for young people with little grasp of reality or civil behavior.
    Again, have a great and safe new years.



  77. More like a cliff hugger than a hanger :)

  78. canadiangaming101 !

    I was in a battle in my T25/2 and I bounced a shot from the Type 61 and my
    armour was not even angled. 

  79. I rather see a average or below average player do good nothing interesting
    of a good player doing good

  80. Qb, what alienware do you have. j have the x51 :)

  81. So far I’ve not bothered to grind up Japanese tree. But after watching
    this, I want to start it, though they are paper tanks. I guess I need to
    use them like American T67, which I am comfortable with.

  82. this guy must be great at King Of The Hill in call of duty…

  83. Another reason why I should play arty. 

  84. When I send in a battle in my T-54 doing just as good it doesn’t matter,
    but when a QSF player sends in a replay its a big deal.. Not fair QB :(

  85. Just imagine the St emil in this situation lol.

  86. I still firmly believe the Centurion 7/1 is still the best tier 9 medium

  87. Oh Quickybaby i Have a treat for you. Yes it is a second part of stats
    don’t matter. Me in my M12 in Himmelsdorf. 25% Win chance from xvm. It’s
    just fun to watch. Replay link:
    Oh and a little spoiler:

    It was the arty that won the game

  88. This is russian game!

  89. So quicky do u like your wife’s mom and dad :)

  90. respect QB

  91. QB so dedicated to give us some videos with christmas ^^ Hopefully your
    parents didn’t mind it :P

  92. has anyone here seen the RoF on the stock gun of the Type 61?, 15 rounds
    per minute with gun rammer and vents on a 90 mm gun :), a very nice 90 mm. 

  93. This guy really can’t aim wow.

  94. MIssed out on a Fadin’s medal by less than half a second :(

  95. Hey quickybaby, would love it if you made a quicky tank-review on the tiger
    1. Please :)

  96. Hey i dont play world of tanks or any of the games you play but my fiance
    watches your videos all the time and so I subscribed to you since i just
    enjoy hearing you talk XD and now i know a load about tanks haha i should
    probably start playing world of tanks! Keep speaking ha ;D 

  97. Looking at Your desktop – where are Your Hearthstone videos? :D

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