World of Tanks – Type 61 – The stock ride

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Source: NecropolizYT

The Type 61 is a tier IX medium tank for the .

Here’s my first ride-out with this beast. Honestly I was surprised how well this machine performs even in stock configuration.

It is quiet mobile even when stock and has a better rate fire then the Centurion 7/1 in its stock configuration. Penetration is also quiet good. It fires 10 rounds per minute (with the stock turret) and gets 218mm of penetration, aim time is 2.1 and accuracy 0.36.

The armor is basically nonexistent, the turret is weak but you might get some lucky bounces of the gun mantle. A thing that is a little disappointing is the huge commanders cupola on top of the turret. This vehicle gets excellent gun depression (-10°) but thanks to that cupola your enemies will have a good chance of hitting and penning you when poking over ridge lines.

All in all I would say that it is very enjoyable to grind through this one. Only downside (which is shared between most stock mediums) is the lack of alpha damage. But then again with a rof like this it’s easy doable to get 2 shots in before the enemy realizes whats happening. Good machine far. But yeah I prefer more alpha on tier 9 meds.

See you on the battlefields!

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