World of Tanks || Type 62 – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today I’m going to review the second Chinese vehicle in World of Tanks, the Chinese premium light, the Type 62 which was the first tier premium in the game back in 2012 – has it stood the test of time?

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. dat E3 donkey :P

  2. AGAIN QB?! repair cat xD

  3. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    Good stuff BC25t: Yeah, now let’s go ram that E100 with 2% health left. 8:00

    I wonder if there’s a medal for that?

  4. James Ramsey (ShadowXSoldier)

    Wish i was half as good as QB love his videos, and personality. Your
    inspiring a 47% tomatoe (as i probably am) to try and improve. Sadly i’ve
    been playing World Of Tanks since the Type 62 was released, i actually
    started March of that year. I still suck though, maybe Quickybaby can do a
    random fan a favor and show a ole noob some good locations for scouts and
    mediums. Since these new maps are coming out and i get lost sometimes.
    Think that it may be a possibility for a future video? I’d really
    appreciate it, i dunno about any other people. I always wanna try and
    better myself, who better to learn from then QuickyBaby himself?

  5. not late just 3 years! 😀 lol

  6. 3 fires in one game? lucky noob. No skill only luck game

    /sarcams off

  7. 核聚變的南風

    Please talk about the tier 8 chinese mt :T-34-2

  8. Pffftttt… My CDC earns 40k profit in a normal match where I do just 1k


  10. I have both, type 62 and wz131. They looks the same but they are really 2
    different tanks, type 62 is way more sluggish and the gun is just a shadow
    of what wz131 has. There were rumours about type 62 buff, like developers
    don’t really know what to do with it. For me the worst is the lack of
    mobility, it feels like French scouts, not Chinese. Chinese has excellent
    mobility and high alpha high pen guns.

  11. Would’ve loved to see your commentary on the 12k spotting damage replay :[

  12. Wargaming wtf is the number 5 in the calendar ? bruh

  13. anyone else being forced to watch at 144p?

  14. Wargaming says ” Arty prevents camping”. Nope…. Arty prevents some tanks
    to be “OP”

  15. Just another proof for how ridiculously random this game has become
    overall. I mean – he isn’t a bad player, but this tank is not good for sure
    and he only go this great match, because the enemy team is just pathetic.
    For example where he shot the Jadtiger – when a standing light tank get’s
    spotted at this position it’s usually gone, before even firing the second
    shot. Same for the E3 who missed him at least 3 times. And when he looked
    down the hill for shooting the Lorraine – yeah, you get one match in a
    thousand where you can happily sit there and just shoot, without being shot
    back by at least two enemies.
    And about 50000 credits net gain for such an exceptional one in a million
    match is not good at all – indeed it’s income is super shit! 150k to 200k
    credits would be an acceptable wage for a crappyT7 light premium changing a
    whole T10 match.

  16. Chink, no one likes chinky tanks here, no interest. 33rd thumb down.

  17. wow this E3 at the End was so bad,i mean letting himself trick like that
    and instead of getting into a good spot he just stood in the open so he
    could get circled and even missing those 2 shots at close range and
    bouncing one shot,how the fuck can you be so bad?….

  18. Love my Type 62 – sneaky fast good spotter that can really do some dmg esp
    with prem rounds. Def my go-to tank when I want to enjoy my games – I mean
    I got another mastery badge just yesterday…on a loss. Makes plenty of
    coin too, even shooting prem.

  19. Indranil Muikherjee

    awesome replay Qb

  20. Lol he said repair cats

  21. Lol he said repair cats

  22. I Have type 62 and I feel that it is a great tank! Even though the
    penetration is bad, it has a 5 second reload which is very nice and a gun
    with very good damage for the R.P.M. you are also running around like a
    crazy man shooting people in the booty which earns you TONS of credits. It
    is also a great scout if you are in a T9 battle or if the battle just
    started. You could also afford the HEAT rounds because of the credit income
    (premium time helps too). The Type 62 never gets boring because you can
    just do so much in it. Sorry if I repeated anything QuickyBaby said but I
    just like this little tank.

    If you have any questions, feel free to message me in game on the NA server
    (Man_Up_W_Gold_Bond). I will play with in it if you want me to just to see
    how it plays and stuff (if you would like to see more). Anyways, see you
    guys on the battlefield 😀

    Oh, and QuickyBaby rocks :P

  23. the amount of luck in this game is just….wow,how often does a light tank
    rush a hill and dont get rushed,how often does the e3 bounce the lightly
    armoured turret of the type 62

  24. qb why u forget LTTB :(

  25. Idc what people say, this kid got really lucky with that last T110E3! The
    guy must have a tool box and a good repair crew to get his tracks up that
    fast. Jason having 880 health, he could’ve been one shot by that dude 3
    times if he didn’t dunk his shot or rushed towards him. I believe this kid
    got really lucky and pushed it, he was way too excited and didn’t bother to
    stay on the rear of the tank to keep him in position.

  26. Do you think he will do the Churchill 1 next. I hope so!

  27. 2 things I noticed in that vid. 1) to prove that you can’t please anyone if
    you look at Jason’s games results screen, someone gave that replay a thumbs
    down. 2) Meow I’m a repair cat!

  28. i use the type62 to make quick credits

  29. Review the T-34-2, it’s terrible. the 34-1 is pretty decent though

  30. Now THIS might just have been a competition winning video! Interesting
    replay and good demonstration of skill by the player with a tad bit of luck
    at the end of the game? Taking into account that the Type 62 is somewhat
    weaker than the WZ131 and being in a Tier 10 maximum match also makes
    Jason’s gameplay all the more spectacular. Congrats to Jason!

  31. you cant realy say just doing spotting can make good money in any tank
    (prem or not) considering it was prok (only very good LT map in the game)
    and that is no doubt a once in a lifetime endplate….. i mean even on prok
    (best LT map in game) its normal to see outstanding LT players get more 2x
    or 3x their spotting in pure dmg and being more benefit to the team than if
    it had all been spotting dmg….. imo the missions that require 4k or more
    spotting are usually detrimental to the team effort as good LT players who
    would normally secure low health valuable targets will not do it and sit
    ina crap bush instead if they need this mission….

  32. I want to have such luck as this light against the E3 just once

  33. QB makes even the worse tanks look better than me driving the best tanks!

  34. It’s to bad they removed the awesome physics from previous patches

  35. he played so bad against the last T110E3… so amazingly bad..

  36. Does anyone know the status of the T22sr. grind?

  37. holy shit he didnt take any damage in this game

  38. “Get it right, ScrubBaby” :3

  39. Jack Huo (TimeMasterGaming)

    Repair cats…. Hm

  40. 11:10 The type 62 has changed in it’s matchmaking since this replay. It
    previously was not balanced as a light tank, as in matchmaker would not try
    to place an equal tier light tank on the other team.
    Since it’s now treated as a light when teams are created those wonderful
    games of being the only light tank, like this one, rarely happen. A huge
    nerf to at least the fun factor in my opinion. Being the only tank with
    camouflage and vision with uncontested spotting bushes got nearly all of my
    Stug IV and HTC missions done long before they made them easier.

  41. Can you do a review of the at 15a

  42. Thats why we don’t see tier VIII PREMIUM Light tanks.Because of money
    farming by standard accounts.
    And thats why Type 62 is the best tank ingame, along side with AMX 13 57.

  43. still think the type 62 needs a buff.. it’s only merit being it makes more
    xp & credits isn’t enough in my opinion. specially after the wz131 buffs

  44. such and awesome random match replay. 37962 wn8 wow. :O

  45. It’s a WZ-131 with the stock engine and middle 85mm gun. So it will
    struggle to get to key points vs other lights to contest the spot. For the
    price of a tier 8 premium? No. Get the Type 64 instead. Cheaper and more
    fun. And sure you showed 2 examples of it earning more then a tier 8
    premium. But it’s not like even the people in the replay has games like
    that every day… or every year in the 62.

  46. Question I still not sure I understand if you put your crew in from a tank
    that’s higher or premium to drive this and get the training. … do they
    not turn red so they understand the tank as I must be moving the wrong crew
    as they always turn red and want retaining ?????

  47. Looks like Jason is having a little help with the aiming, constantly
    fidgets towards weakspots. He actually had to override to get the tracks on
    the E3.

  48. Damn that was an impressive replay

  49. QB, you said repair cats again…

  50. It’s not very funny but I had a laugh about it. QuickyBaby a British man
    playing a Russian video game about a Chinese tank wearing a t-shirt with an
    American president giving a speech in Germany. xD Nice ich bin ein berliner
    shirt btw.

  51. fucking t22 badass because i can beat a waltheantraga

  52. TheOneAndOnlyFluffy

    Can you still get this tank?

  53. I hope that all the premium tanks that they have on the advent calendar
    aren’t all going to be so expensive! What if I just want the tank and not
    all the gold etc that goes with it! I cant afford to fork out nearly 40
    euro for all that, I think the way WG are pushing this recently is very
    unfair, as it seems to be only directed at people with a lot of spare cash.

    They should give you the option of just the tank and garage slot or tank,
    garage slot, and gold etc.

  54. dem repair cats!

  55. I had a similar game in my WZ 131, but i didier it with no premium ammo,
    but i only didier 3000 damage.

  56. What does your T Shirt say?

  57. My most played tank =P

  58. I’m a bit confused as to why QB chose this particular time to review a tank
    that hasn’t been available in the shop for quite some time. Is the EU
    server getting it as one of the December specials or something?

  59. Cool t-Shirt ;)

  60. +Quickybaby 1:00 the amx 13 75 is not a premium tank ;)

  61. the match in tundra.. he is juz lucky. i was in this map and using my wz131
    in a t10 game last night, with 3 red wn8 arties rainning shots on me. die
    with ZERO damage. sigh.

  62. My highest damage game was 7.5k in the E-75 and most kills is 10 in the T-18

    Share yours below! :)

  63. “I am a Jelly Donut”

  64. Please that intro gave me VIH

  65. Seriously, i never seen such an epic light tank play. Jason is nearly

  66. bring back the tank reviews BibleThump

  67. TheSoulOfTheSith YT

    So, was trying for months of on and off playing to get MT-12 in my
    STA-1… in last night in my M3 Lee (kappa)

  68. I hope they will put E25 in the calender!

  69. Bada Bing Bada Boom

    Why are you using the same face for all four crew members?

  70. last few minutes of game was panic only. really poor play considered he had
    ass of e3. for me it was painful to watch this replay…. that panic

  71. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    Good Match, though really lots of luck with those fires!

  72. i think only lucky idiot…

  73. nice sword qb. =)

  74. omg that TD in the end of the game totally stupid

  75. I need this vehicle, but I am not able to buy it. 🙁 (personal
    reasons:(….) Congrats to all they have this tank.

  76. is nothing u won’t push for wargaming

  77. You didn’t buy the T-34-2 ? Why ?

  78. Hi QuickyBaby,
    I like your videos and the passion that you put into them.
    I use the like button to keep track of the videos that i have watched,
    maybe other viewers can use this tip :)

  79. This last replay, almost good as me….

  80. Zihan Shu (apocalypse shu)

    that last replay page that QB showed… 14k spotting dmg, only 2100 wn8 for
    his 700 dmg done.
    This is just where wn8 is so broken…

  81. That’s why I cannot get ace tankers in it

  82. Oh dear, a cherry picked replay showing one of the very best games in
    Type62 anyone ever had. So the tank much be great.

  83. repair “cats”, heh

  84. Crogamer productions


  85. Crogamer productions

    HEY QB

  86. It was painful to watch, so much fail in one match….

  87. Really, why would anyone play the type 62 when they would make more credits
    just playing the regular counterpart. Its just not very fun and the crew
    training cant make up for it.

  88. At 13:33 that was so foolish, E3 could hit him by HE shell and oneshot him,
    but so lucky he is

  89. e3 is an autoaim noob

  90. I’ve got 3 marks on this.

  91. This was just Advertising. buy the overpriced tank,( be awsome)

  92. i have type 62 and i say its awesome such a great little tanky to earn you
    couple of bucks :)

  93. wz132 with rammer, BIA and vents with 85mm gun reload at 4,5 secs c: i love

  94. I would have liked a comparaison between the type and the 1357

  95. enjoyed the video, only thing i didn’t like is when you said ”now you know
    what to expect of the type62”, you never get this kind of a round… the
    Type 62 this a pretty bad tier 7 scout tank when you compare it by the
    other ones. it makes credits but you got tier 8 heavy’s for that, the only
    thing this has is the crew XP but further for that it isn’t really a good
    tank to buy

  96. This tank is just humiliated by the LTTB,s better speed + mobility, armour
    and gun.

  97. Weird, I can only watch any video that was uploaded in the last day or so
    in 144p.

  98. a very exciting finish. GG Jason

  99. Liking a Light tank is a masochism, but damn they are some times just fun.

  100. God DAMMIT QB! Any shit tank would look awesome when YOU handpick their
    best replays. And stop highlighting income with premium all the time god

  101. 59-16 is cool too

  102. ME WOULD LIKE ONE 🙂 🙂 YES; YES; YES, my precious

  103. Quicky this tank sucks huge so please i like ur reviews and all but this
    tank is just bull crap!!!

  104. Its my Bday today! so you can buy me the type 62 send It to EnderZ11

  105. Repair cat is back.

  106. Scrubbaby

  107. Any chanse you are doing a review on the 113 soon? I am enjoing the WZ 111
    model 1-4, but I see very few people play the 113. Is it any good ?

  108. Jonnet ei muista, Type 62

  109. FIR– ohh.. nevermind

  110. A stock WZ-131. Why would people give money for this?

  111. wow, that’s actually awfully convenient.
    they are adding the type 59 and type 62 to blitz soon

  112. WG must really need cash…

    A review just in time for their cash grab…Again.

  113. I LOLED at “scrub baby”

  114. was steht auf seinem T-Shirt ?

  115. what does QBs shirt say?

  116. nice review but unfortunately there’s no way we can get this tank on
    NA….maybe someday.

  117. 11:50 “…or a plethora of repair cats…” Quickybaby 2015

  118. btw, nice sword by that couch in the background :)

  119. Marvin Cuadra (Pliskin)

    WZ-111 or IS-3A? Which one buy?

  120. it’s so sad watching turretless TD being raped by LT .. T___T

  121. AnotherIdiot PlayingGames

    type 64 is cheap and so much fun

  122. I sold this bitch after having it for a week.

  123. Give me the type 62 plz I don’t have money and I don’t want to pay 3000
    dollars on eBay one day

  124. Thanks for the good review. I don’t think I want this thing, as it is
    Type 64 is great. I prefer the agility.

  125. Bought it today. Had a few games at lunchtime. Loving the good ground
    resistance. It’s a goddam credit printing machine!

  126. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    i need a light tank to do my missions for LTA.
    IM NOT LOOKING forward to grind any of the light tanks coz im a heavy
    driver but i need a light which is fast and has decent gun with good camo.
    is the type 62 for me?

  127. is it still available for purchase on na server cuzz I love my light tanks
    and I kinda want that one

  128. 11:49 “…repair cats…”

  129. Could you do a review of the SU-152?

  130. Good job QB. Its great to have your reviews on these gift shop specials.

  131. i got this tankits not that great 4 me but this game was 1 of
    10000000000000k i never got 1/2 game like this in my 62 maybe 1/3 a fiev
    times what can i say he is 1 lucky SOB with horse shoe in hes ass (sorry 4
    my english… its not my native language)

  132. hey, qb a quicky question did u know that the type 62 is also on sale today

  133. What a game!

  134. the Type 62 is a beast

  135. #scrubbaby-_-.QB can you bring a game/review on the WT auf Pz 4?

  136. what about the best premieum tank
    which one give more crédit?
    i need to buy one cuz i’ve 3 tier X and 4 tier IX unlockd but i can’t buy
    them :/ hellp please

  137. and i thought doing over 5k damage in my T-54 LTWT was a great game…
    GJ on jason

  138. Interesting tank but waaay too expensive in a bundle with 5500 gold …. 38
    euros but i dont want the gold, only the tank

  139. That BC at 8:05 . Just lol.

  140. Im kinda hoping that the Type 59 will appear in the gift shop…

  141. Daniel Sedlarević

    Another repair cat QB?

  142. “Quite Often, people brush aside a light tank.”

  143. so Type is a worse version of wz 131. wow 3 fires much rng such wow

  144. It won’t play for very long… even on low quality… why!? :*(

  145. Not available in NA. Silly Wargaming.

  146. Gimme this tank pls

  147. I liked my Type 62 when i still played this game.

  148. Honestly speaking, the wz131 is just better than the type 62. better dpm,
    pen, speed, mobillity. ok i’m very bias because wz131 is one of my favorite

  149. Great video as always QB! I have a question though. Could you please do a
    review on the Tiger II?

  150. Quickubaby does know, whats tank in the next day in the calender becuase he
    Made this video yesterday (garage mod) so he knew that

  151. Thanks for your effort QB! Great that you make videos for each day of the
    actual calendar – highly useful :))

  152. Giffariel Novansyah

    QuickyBaby sure loves his REPAIR CATS….

  153. and this is a very beatyful tank

  154. I loovee WZ-132 and Type 62 combo – crew will get their 5th skill soon

  155. Wow, that was a sick replay, at the end his plays were kinda rushed, but
    you can’t really do much with an 85mm to the tracks of the E3 😉

    Amazing replay 🙂 Nice to see that you are covering this tank while it is
    on the advent callendar special of the day :3

  156. and from 10 game 8th times in Tier 10

  157. Yes…good for money…if you have chance to use it. But in Tier
    10….without gold…..and i am paper and 1 shot

  158. good tank or not, this is not worth the money it has been priced at!

  159. Today’s special but the package is almost 40 euro … too much

  160. Not for sale on the U.S servers :(

  161. I ruv u! But at witcjlh time do tou livestream?



  164. 7th like

  165. It actually is a train track

  166. Repaircats!

  167. Type 62 is awesome in my opinion, didn’t used to be a light tank fan but
    this thing changed my mind, can do over 4k spotting In an average game and
    it’s a good money maker as long as you don’t spam too many HEAT shells

  168. Keep it up QuickyBabyTV!

  169. Got mine via a mission quite a while back, triple marked it, haven’t played
    it much since. It’s far inferior to most tier 7 light tanks, and only good
    for stat padding if you’re into that because it’s expected values are so
    low. Really easy to get 4,000+ WN8 in this thing consistently.

  170. Watched, enjoyed, but didn’t feel that I’d been epic. I feel like I’ve let
    QB down…

  171. I love this tank , he is so cool <3

  172. pleas do a firefly review

  173. High-End Benchmarks

    Do you think they will give us Pz II J again? I really hope they won’t,

  174. Nice video QB

  175. Yeeeey i Love quickybaby

  176. good video

  177. I have a US friend that really swears by his copy of this tank. So I bought
    it without hesitation just now.

  178. I love you QuickyBabyTV Full homo ! <3

  179. why it says so late

  180. Frederick Joshua Macalino

    dang it

  181. am i too early?

  182. Dang it! always someone faster

  183. Wow… 28 seconds ago

  184. FIRST

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