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Nearly 12 years ago my first ever YouTube video featured the Chinese Type 59. It’s back! Again.

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  1. Congratulations Jingles !!! Do show us your new house after you decorate 🎉🎉🎉🎉. Btw will you take Alfie the cat along too? Just wondering

  2. Great new’s Jingles

  3. Congratulations! When’s the house warming party?

  4. Congratulations

  5. Daniel Burlingame

    Congrats Jingles!!! I am so excited for you!!

  6. Congrats, Paul! Can’t wait to see your new man cave / salt mine headquarters 🙂

  7. First thought when I saw thumbnail:
    Chinese tank must be the Type 59. Time to listen to Jingles go on and on about how the Type 59 just ain’t what it used to be.

  8. Congrats! Now get back to work and pay for it! LOL

  9. Looks like the kind of guy who still hasn’t learned to play the game after 61.000 battles… The Type has more than enough pen with AP, especially against T6 enemies, and he wasn’t even close to a gunmark (i’d accept full gold if you’re at like 90% gunmark). No, just another player who’s basically useless and only does something when he can get easy kills and abandons the reast of the team when it suits him. And he probably won’t be able to change after that many games.

  10. Big congratulations!! Thats so big for you

  11. David Dragonhammer

    Jingles. Now all those dang 59’s will be coming out of the woodwork ,thx love killing them, oh wait I have a 59 as well.

  12. Congrats, I was anxious for after you told us on Monday

  13. Congratulations Jingles! I hope you enjoy your new home!

  14. Yeeeehawwwww! Congrats Jingles

  15. Congrats Jingles!

  16. Just in case somebody relatively new to the game is watching this: his early game approach will not work for you 9 out of 10 times if you’re in a medium tank.

    On this map, you can often be influencial by playing the hill in the middle of it. It’s not easy because there’s a lot of shot corridors to be aware of, but it will increase your Winrate in the long run.

  17. I love your vids and congratz on the house. I feel like this type 59 used an aim bot look how it snaps to the close target and looks for week points was only rng holding it back

  18. The Lesser Weevil

    8:46 Shit like that in the chat achieves absolutely nothing and makes you look like a complete tool.

  19. Congrats Jingles 🙂

  20. Not a great battle Jingles.

  21. Nice to hear that it happend! Congrats Paul!!! Best wishes to you for the move and everything that comes around this hous/flat!!!

  22. Congrats Paul. It might be a pain in the ass with all the upcoming paperwork, but once all that’s done you get to enjoy your new place.

  23. Congrats! I’m very excited for you!

  24. Type 59 is basically a T54 with a 1 plane stablizer

  25. Nice to see nothing has changed in all these years… arty still shit their pants when a Type 59 is on the enemy team and focus them the entire match. And arty are still inevitably killed by said Type 59 before the match is over.

    I used to despise these things back when I played arty (back when they were fun). Guess I still would.

  26. How the hell did he spot him through the bushes when IS on cap?!

  27. Congrats Paul! I’m so proud and happy for you!

  28. Ok dumb question. It is hard to buy land or a house in the UK?

  29. Why are you showing a toxic player?

  30. what the hell is a Caliban and why would you pick that name War gaming lol Hurrah for imaginary tanks heheh

  31. Jingles buying a house… Sh. ..! Say goodbye to the sun guys. We’re not gonna leave the mines ever again…

  32. No, that’s just normal RNG in WoT. Need to land that last shot to end it? Fucking miss constantly or bounce

  33. Congratulations with your property Jingles

  34. congratulations Jingles, i hope everything works out the way you wanted, flat really looked nicely cut.

  35. Congratulations on the house. Hopefully this means more world of tanks armored warfare and submarine videos. 😂

  36. Still wish he was renting out a living space in the TOG II

  37. I’m not sure that this replay really deserved a replay. This guy basically just used his teammates as bait for the first 5-7 minutes of the battle, cleaned up the arty, and then only won because of some terrible play by the final 3 tanks on the opposing team. I guess most of the replays on this channel require some amount of good luck for the players to get the results they usually do, but those final 3 tanks played that situation about as poorly as you can play it

  38. Congrats on the house! Now you’re proper fucked. xD

  39. Congrats Mr. Jingles!!

  40. Well done on getting your new home, chap!

  41. Congrats Jingles, on the house

  42. Does the new place have a sound proof room for Rita so she doesn’t wake you up in the middle of the night while gaming?

  43. Great match, but this player is a bit of an ass; not sure they really deserve to be placed in the spotlight on a pedestal.

  44. Good on you Jingles. Here’s to a smooth move!

  45. Ram his team out of way unnecessarily TWICE. Hide behind TD’s for first half. Toxic in chat. Fires mostly only gold. etc. There was very little to call impressive. They got 2 kills on 29hp and got 3 open arty, half of the kills were free. The results may seem impressive but the gameplay was not. sorry

    In other news congrats on the house, that’s so exciting!

  46. Congratulations on the house Paul, but i agree with others, this replay is not worth showing.

  47. Congrats Jingles… !

  48. Congratulations

  49. Best of Luck as a property owner!!

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