World of Tanks – u guys r right its not op sry

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Source: Anfield


  1. Great pub tank, shit CW tank.

  2. Too bad there isn’t, like, some server where wg could test the tanks they’re adding to the game so these things don’t hit live server.

  3. Wow Anfield you feeling a bit salty? I’m pretty sure most people agree that it is over tuned at the very least.
    BTW. IS7 firing AP on the move. You were farming a side-on noob E4 who still penned you. Foch B reversing while firing. E100 firing AP. And all the other hits were you flanking them – but wait that’s impossible since you can’t flank in this game (granted the flanking was possible due to team zerging). The tank is not balanced but this replay is also not showing situations where the tank’s OP’ness out-shined other tanks. This was a roflstomp farm game.

    • do you even have this tank? if not, you should get one before giving your “eloquent” comments on it…
      with its fire power and armour protection, it should be as slow as a maus
      and if you think we are overreacting, remember when something really dramatic happened as the Chrysler K was released, after that, WoT was actually good for about 2 months?  if we don’t call out wg’s staffs and fuck them, nothing will ever change in this game

    • Mrspud way to let everyone know what a retarded SHIT CUNT you are, i bet you play the fuck put of the type 5 to and complain it’s underpowered.

    • Mark van Eldik ahrr- Jingle’s early day’s them the good old day’s back when “wot” was moor relaxing to play and less triggering now you got me waxing nostalgia ??????

    • I don't care that you broke your elbow

      when it’s fucking as fast as a grille 15 but actually has armor, its fucking broken. the whole point of playing the grille is cuz it trades armor for mobility but 268 gets both. nothing wrong with that?

  4. Eli_Kekistani_Anon _Ree

    You were farming tier10s with regular round ,Gold noob no skill

  5. Filthy T10 farming stat padder 🙂

  6. Totally not op

  7. Never seen such an OP tank and ofcourse I dont own a single tank in that line…. I also want to stat pad 🙁

  8. I penned a T110E5s gun mantlet with AP, so it’s really not that OP.

  9. William Taylor Payne

    Wonder when they’ll nerf this. If at all.

  10. that is7 should have went around you

    • gutboy666 opp Right and put one or maybe two shots if he gets lucky before he gets ripped apart by the tanks behind Anfield, would have been epic successful flank right?

  11. Skip to 1:20 – nothing happens until then.

  12. I have 4k average damage in mine and 70% win rate but only played 10 games, I feel bad playing it as its so op so going to retire it until it gets sorted out.

    • Feel the same way with my e25, so I only play it at most one game every session. Like its a boatload of fun, but you feel sorry for being able to sit at 300 meters from someone taking all his HP without him able to do anything, especially considering I know how it feels when grinding my tier 7s/8s.

    • Mark van Eldik I bet you don’t play arty either 🙂

    • If only that were true, I just play them for the missions, cause I can’t stand playing them, but do want the rewards.

  13. Tier 10 tank destroyer firing apcr penned you ? Clearly not op, needs buff on armor !

  14. It so OP, the CWs are full of this shit tank now… In one of the battles last night we end up facing 12 of these shit in Fjord… it was a tomato clan too but we got rapped!

  15. Yeah, obj 268 v4 isn’t OP, it’s SUPER OP!!!!!!

    Like wtf with that armor and those reverse speed?? Not just the speed to go super aggressive into a flanking location. The only ones who says it isn’t OP is the guy that only have one tier 10 in their garage (plus that retarded quickybaby into the equation).
    People who argues it isn’t OP is the ones who’s been using HE the whole game and thinks you can just flank a TD without getting shot down by the other tanks with it..

    • Atlas Gen I only have a single tier ten…. but it is still retardedly op. Just watching my platoonmates and me spam gold at its “weakspots” from under 100 metres away and every single shot bounces is totally fair and balanced.

    • Nat55atata I should’ve specified that the ones who have 1 tier 10 and that is this tank (obj 268 v4). I’m sorry for that error of mine.

  16. 3rd time i left the game because of this tank. I know you guys do not care but soon many players will leave this shitty pay to win op russian game

  17. it’s just too fast. the armor dsn’t count no more since 90% of shells are premium. so, yeah, nerf the speed.

  18. so sad to see wot is ruined by adding so much stupid armor in the game , i remember some years ago you hardly had to use prem ammo , maby 10 rounds per tank were plenty on most tanks. Good luck with that now if you like to do dmg , good luck flanking in this corridor shitfest 😀

  19. The combination of speed and armor is ridiculous on the thing.

  20. I lose faith in this game every time wargaming opens there mouth anymore. Haven’t added a single good thing in the last couple of months.

  21. Thank you for understanding

  22. Well, at least it’s not a premium.

  23. Can’t even do 8k every game, not op

  24. That was a rough minute and a half

  25. NEW WG GAME: World of Queue Simulator!

  26. What do you mean? This tank is certainly not OP, look at the 268v4 on the opposite team!

  27. all you have to do is fire Heat with a pen of over 275 into the top plate (not the super structure) and you will next to auto pen

  28. People who don’t think this is OP are idiots.

  29. Your keyboard sound makes me nervous. I hate it! lol

  30. At least it will be aimbot proof xD

  31. Is it me or does it look like the old fv-183 model from the back?

  32. Btw. previous video where I commented on flanking, that was sarcasm, but I think you don’t mean my comment. People keep talking how 430U is the best medium, but at least it’s in realm of humans, 268v4 is just simply broken… Can’t pen front without gold unless RNGesus blesses you.

  33. General Gao's Chicken


  34. Round 2 – I’ll make my way at 55kph to sit in front of enemy weak guns and farm damage… да

  35. This tank is hilarious, just seeing it drive across the field at 55-56km/h .. and thinking about it’s armor profile. It’s basically an E3 fortress with medium tank speed, meanwhile, the E3 is a turtle speed.

  36. Well you were just farming tier 10’s in your tier 11 tank….so i really dont understand why you are complaining here…makes no sense

  37. I love how it’s faster than a lot of mediums

  38. we need to get shirts made saying “there’s no artillery, at least that’s a positive”

  39. yeah not op…that tank is just grille with a maus armor…but that grille still keep his speeds up…

  40. Moral of the story ” Avoid playing Tier 10″

  41. I don't care that you broke your elbow

    this thing is going to fuck campaigns and clan wars

  42. Expert players vs pubbies a real determination of an OP tank? Guys like you and Circon can make any tank look OP. LOL Maybe Stronghold battles with all experts could quickly determine OPness. Pun intended!

  43. It's not what you think

    It’s not OP.

    Just play arty.

  44. Anfield – What headphones do you use? They look like the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro’s

  45. 1100 base xp and only second class, wow.

  46. NoHomeLike

    You were just farming *weak* tier 10s

  47. I got an in-client survey regarding my level of satisfaction with patch 9.22. I let them know just how much I love having T110 E3s with medium tank mobility.

  48. Uuuh it’s not OP you were shooting tier 10s with AP…etc.

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