World of Tanks – U Mad Bro?

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Source: Jingles

In which a gets very, very upset and a BatChat finishes a match without running out of ammo. One of those two things is unusual.

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  1. hey jingles you need to play wows and wot more instead of all the others games you spend hours on

  2. How much you wanna bet that hellcats name is in binary because his last account got banned for toxicity

    • I’m not sure people get permabanned for toxicity. I’d love it if they were but I haven’t seen any evidence of that yet.

  3. Does that hellcat driver’s father beat him or something

    • I highly doubt it. It comes across as a spoiled little shit who should have been taken to the woodshed but instead its parents bribed acceptable behavior. Either that or he is displaying inherited-nurtured stupidity. The Chaffee was driving badly, but the chat was toxic to the nth degree.

  4. You only need around 8000 damage in the Batchat to get a “M” badge? I would have thought the levels would be much higher.

  5. That Hellcat in the beginning better either be on a locked account time-out, or have lost their account totally over that tirade of insults and death threats.

    • knowing wargaming, he’ll get a slap on the hand and be sent right back into the game. Can’t lose a potential whale to farm afterall.

  6. Such delicious tears…

  7. The video title seems fairly apposite for the events in the US at the moment.

  8. Looks like that hellcat player is still mad because Santa brought him a copy of The last of us part 2 for Christmas instead of coal.

  9. Damn, and i got a chatban in WoWs for telling people to fuck off (for giving me shit after not doing what they want) and calling a CV sky cancer.

  10. …. reminds me why i left wot for war thunder and never looked back ( the intro)

  11. The first 2 minutes felt longer than the whole rest of the video

  12. Nice game. Goodbye wots console played my last game today. When a company starts to eat itself and its own young its time move on.

  13. Wow, blitz sure does take fall damage significantly different than normal wot. I remember watching a friend go 70 something off a cliff, it was enough to destroy two tracks. And he took a total of, get this. 3 damage

  14. Remember, Autoloaders are perfectly balanced. ; )

  15. Man here I was thinking that first clip was all about the Chaffee’s hilariously bad driving but then those chat messages… wowee.

  16. 40 min cyberpunk videos,
    10 min wot vids

  17. That Hellcat driver is an utter shitbag and should be chat-banned for weeks if not worse, but… they had a point – change my mind.

  18. Best intro so far

  19. Hellcat definitelly had his period…

  20. Ahhh, nothing better than a cup of coffee and a meat sandwich to go with that BULLSHIT in the opening video xD

  21. Your accusation that people roll their face over the 2 key is not fully accurate.
    Some people are intelligent enough to rebind the keys to the reverse. Which makes them more competent players! 😉

  22. reassure me, that hellcat surely did get ban after that, right? …

  23. The hellcat’s name ‘0111011’ is actually binary for ‘bumbling idiot’.

  24. He’s still working on learning English, something to do with trying to overcome being raised among the uncultured barbarians up North 😛

  25. Kudos to that T-150 for being so patient and talk with that 12 year old cry baby, explaining things to him about his tank. I would have just ignored him and left, not gonna even invest my time in those kinds of players LOL

  26. was confused at first i thought i was listening to a Welyn video

  27. Keep in mind that this aggro asshole has a FORTY percent win-rate in his Hellcat. FORTY.

  28. That Intro was … spicy 😀 Gotta love the playerbase of pretty much any semi-competitive online game, really. Nice lads.

  29. nirmal kumar vaidhyanathan

    Jingles, ur voice in this video was quite less. It was inaudible at times. The game volume was high…

  30. Why the hell is mines still a tier X map!!!!!

  31. That’s some odd 80’s porn music you have on the go there Jingles. A time where being ‘double bushed’ had a different meaning.

  32. FAKE FAKE FAKE! According to Claus, WG has made Mines Encounter *balanced* by putting the hill and the flag close to the North spawn to ensure that the North side wins and the South side loses because BALANCE.

  33. Jingle…. “I’m sure it won’t be the last.”…. WoT video……. Well Jingles….I’m sure there wont be many of them in 2021…. that would mean you have to put down CB 2077 …. you know that Cluster F of a game, you know the one that came out 2 or 3 month too early.

  34. The Hellcat was actually right, the dude in the light played like an utter idiot and lured the heavy to him as well.
    It very annoying when players play this badly and manage to get *YOU* killed rather then themselves.

    • But calling him a slur multiple times and saying he should die in real life and not in the game? Uncalled for

    • @kyle pennypacker True, wishing someone dead or something very extreme like that is uncalled for.
      The sentiment that he played like an idiot however isn’t and thus the cause is actually right.

  35. Shit on autoloaders, in T2 it might be funny with a 20mm AK. But Badshit is a gamekiller..

  36. What’s with the over two minute intro, I want Jingles asap not this bullroar.

  37. Really surprised WG’s overly sensitive chat monitor didn’t auto-ban this butthurt triangle player

    • To my knowledge, NA Server doesn’t have much in the way of chat moderation, and the automated system is notoriously and hilariously bad. (I got a warning years ago because I said Dicker Max, Well Played”. Dicker and Played were both censored for some reason. My clan mate told me I should have written “dmax wp”.)

  38. I would give half of the salt of the hellcat as justified, that chaffee could not drive for shit, stops in front of him then proceeds to drive back again in front of him. Great stuff. The BC game is not worth talking about.

  39. This game became so fast paced that you can be in position before ur gun is loaded

  40. Dident know arty could hide there. XD

  41. And Jingles said “Let there be funk” ,and there was funk 😉

  42. Day two of asking for the hydrogen bomb launcher

  43. Am I a bad person if people’s rage in wot fills me with joy? I laugh at chat rage even when it’s aimed at me and if enemy player sends a hate message post-battle I take it as a compliment on how well I played. Some people just don’t understand a battle is just one among thousands a single player has played. There will be bad days.

  44. Awcomeon* El Rey*

    Wow hate speech in chat… You sure you want to share.

  45. It’s the Batchat the original op medium autoloader.

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