World of Tanks || UDES 03 – Tank Review

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. Today I’m reviewing the destroyer, the UDES 03, a super sneaky and mobile sniper.

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  1. Laponac Gaming Heroj Laponac Gaming Heroj

    u alreasy did a rewiev on it

  2. boring. this tank is only can do this. sit in one place and hope for spotting. that’s all.
    in every other situation it will die like cr.p.

    especially on town maps.

    worst tank i’ve ever played with.
    i’ve higher avg. dmg per game with my t25at than qb has with this piece of sh…

  3. it looks more like a rc car with a dildo

  4. I hate this JUDE tank.. 😛

  5. Sniper’s dream? Wrong. Bush camper’s dream.

  6. “In retrospect” says QB with 30K Gold #Kappa

  7. AMX 30 B need buff!

  8. Fun fact QB faced all the tanks from leopard 1 line this game 8,9,10

  9. Quickybaby is climbing!!! Next mines A0 😉

  10. The UDES was a nice tank at tier 8, with probably the most obvious flaws and strengths in the game, but it makes tier 10 so easy tbh. The 103B is great, as I find you can actually assault over ridgelines with it thanks to its excellent traverse and decent upper plate armour, while its DPM is just devastating when sniping.

    The 103-0, however… man, is it a disappointment… As a sniper, minus the DPM, it’s almost capable as the 103B, but its mobility is horribly sluggish, both in turning and in acceleration. Its armour is more or less worthless as well, compared to the 103B’s armour… I really feel like the tier 9 is the weakest out of the 3 vehicles with siege mode. It’s kind of got the UDES’s lack of armour, but less mobility and camo, too.

    If you’ve played the 3 TD’s in the line, do you agree with me?

  11. oh god its broken

  12. like of you saw this live on twitch

  13. i love my UDES. It was a strange TD to drive in when i first got it but after many games ive gotten used to it. The only buff i want is to buff the hull armor to like 30 or 35mm if they arent bringing back the reworked overmatch mechanics anytime soon. As a trade off itll loses some mobility for the extra weight

  14. can the developer do something about the mm. i use tiger1 and mostly i got into tier 9 battle…

  15. Bill Peters-Cheale

    Doesn’t the UDES have less camo relating than the elc amx?

  16. I have it two marked but right know it would be impossible for me to three mark it

  17. How I play World of Tanks

    I have a full camo crew on my IDEAS, camo net, sisterhood and I STILL get spotted with ease…… the spotting mechanics are broken

  18. Woaw, did he just show us the 101 in the first comparison with 122mm and after showing the siege mode stats with 100mm, sneaky QB ;p

  19. 2:45 website:

  20. Swedish tanks are totally over powered!Fuck you QB for promoting over powered tanks.I hate you!FGT.

  21. yay

  22. North Atlantic Terror Organization

    It`s UDES, not UDEZ

  23. i use full girl crew

  24. Saw this game on stream 🙂

  25. I give up. Still no sign of new German Heavy Tank Gameplay. Come on Quickybaby.?

  26. why doesn’t the stb1 have the hydro suspension?

  27. Watched your stream will killing 7 tanks 4200 damage in my object 416 unreal

  28. Luka Žnidaršič

    Leopard 1 has 410m base viewrange, not 400m 😉

  29. Comparing it to ISU? Why not Bosig?

  30. ass up face in the pillow

  31. This tank is op?

  32. So this thing has better camo than a ELC AMX? WTF WG

  33. Francois de Villiers

    Nice Video.

  34. Ionut Florin Hulea

    Kemp bush like a king !!!

  35. Its crap for randoms in general, too reliant on map choice and a team that supports you.

  36. I can’t resist flipping these things over when the’re in siege mode. It’s just hilarious

  37. not all LTs have the same camo when stationary/moving. stats in the garage are disappointing.

  38. Gamal Trinidad Kabil

    I kind of disagree with the double repair kit, a fire extinguisher is almost essential as the UDES 03 gets ignited so easily

  39. Prosciutto Del West

    too many premium tanks, high tier tanks… where are medium or Low tier and non-premium tanks??

  40. the issue is not maps like these, the issue is city maps and corridor maps…

  41. guessimalivinglegend

    S E N D n U D E S

  42. Too OP… When in siege mode, the camo net and binocs don’t turn off when traversing…

  43. If I changed my crew to another tank, would they be able t use their unlocked skills when thy didn’t have 100% training yet?

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  45. when you get spotted it lasts for 10 to 12 seconds depending on the enemy tanks crew. you backing up was pointless.

  46. I sold my fixed turret swedish tank.
    I hate tanks with no turret.

  47. So qb what skills do I take when I don’t have gold to retrain my crew members. You never seem to think of this when u give a run down of crew skills

  48. t 34 85 review ?

  49. TDs are quite boring in general and the non-turreted TDs are a pain to play.

  50. Let’s end the russian rule and bias, vote for Leopard 1 to be at the top of the tree for april! 🙂 BTW Quickybaby, awesome video as always… Kepp up the great work.

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