World of Tanks || UDES 15/16 – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – UDES 15/16. This T10 Swedish medium tank is looking like the god of the ridge line! Here’s what you know!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming is available as a free download here:

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  1. You keep adding post world war 2 tanks with post ww2 to modern tech,, classic WoT tanks are getting outdated. Literally

  2. Is the 121 even relevant these days?

    Also, there are so many spots where 13* don’t work in this game, so really… It’s great, having 3* more then the rest, but I dont see how GD can be a real selling point

  3. Swedish turreted TD

  4. QB can you do a video on your gear? PC, mouse, keyboard etc I’m curious as to what you use. Thanks in advance.

  5. looks very good when have place for use armor’s good angle

  6. OP tank

  7. What a cool tank. Man. Imagine that with the E3’s frontal armor lol

  8. Not Russian ….. Next

  9. That’s a cool looking tank. Thy QB even i dont play anymore you keep me updated.

  10. You heard it here first ladies and gents, “its not about how thick it is, it is about how well angled it is”

  11. So let me get this straight: This will basically render the Centurion AX moot. It has comparable mobility, better armor (because, due to the auto-bounce mechanic, enemy mediums can’t pen your armor even with HEAT), an amazing concealement and higher damage per shot with comparable DPM.

    Great WG. Well done.
    I used to love the AX but there really is no reason to play it anymore. It has the same sniping capacity as a Leopard 1 (same dispersion, comparable aim time, same reload) but it lacks in mobility so that you can’t get in positions where you can really use that. The turret armor of the AX you can forget as everyone is firing gold ammo anyways. So I only play the Leopard 1 now.
    The STB-1 is completely useless as well. Everyone has 10° of gun depression right now, it’s turret armor is too thin to even play ridge lines in low distance games (especially against HEAT spammers and derp guns), it is has too bad of a power-to-weight ratio to really feel nimble and is too inaccurate to engage enemies at a distance.
    Also it gets beaten in DPM by the AMX 30B which also feels a bit more nimble but has this awful cupola and the very low pen.
    I don’t know about the Obj. 140 but I am really interested how that drives and fights as QB called it one of the best allrounders. So I am grinding it right now.
    High caliber mediums I don’t own (can’t be bothered to play the WZ-120 and I’m far from getting a 430U which I kind of also boycot as it is very much overpowered and breaks the game IMO).
    That leaves us with the autoloaders and -reloaders. The BC 25t (which I also grind right now and never have played yet) is quite okay from an enemy standpoint. Yes it does ridiculous amounts of dmg in one clip but the high intra-clip reload and the long reload for the full magazine balances it quite nicely. Basically if you don’t wander off alone, you have a good chance of surviving an encounter with it. Also it is very fast in a straight line but accelerates relatively poorly and kind of hates turning.
    The TVP 50/51 is heaps of fun. Very fast reload of the clip and the shells inside the clip, very nimble but awful concealment and no armor whatsoever. And inaccurate as hell with low pen means you have to play it more in close-quarter than one would often like. So I think this one is pretty well balanced as well.
    The Progetto 65 is a bit overpowered as well I think. The autoreloading mechanism is not as broken as on the IS-3A (this thing should be banned from the servers) but it’s still very powerpul. Compared with decent speed and trollish armor, the complete package is a bit too much. Two of those, even with no communication between them, are more dangerous than two non-platoon TVPs who do usally bounce a shell from time to time even in close quarter combat due to poor pen and low accuracy. That cannot be said for the Progetto from my experience.

    All of these things resulted in me only playing the TVP and the Leopard anymore. I either want to bomb around and snipe or bomb around and do surprise raids on enemies. For me, this is really sad because I love mediums but the stupid map changes (no real lines of fire anymore) and the introduction of more and more powerful new tanks completely takes away the fun of T10 gameplay for me.

  12. Can you please review the is soviet tier 7 heavy, I can’t find any videos on the topic other than some that are really dated. Cheers


    1970´s developed gj… i want the Leopard 2 replacing the Leopard 1,what next useles Tank Country who NEVER build one good Tank would enter this WW 1+2 Game?


  15. They store cinamon rolls

  16. “not getting shot by anything that has a really large caliber gun like a tank destroyer with 151 mm and i’m gonna be bouncing for days….”

    funny if i see tank that have good angle or use gun dep, i just spam HE until his go :v

  17. new king till russians moan that its better than russia then it gets nerfed

  18. hellcat_badger uk

    imagine the italian tankette/td line

  19. What happens if you get tracked when you are in siege mode? Do you just come out of siege mode?

  20. How many xp to unlock the tier 8? I can’t download the super test. Thanks 🙂

  21. Finnaly a good non russian medium

  22. When qb went in front of that e100 and said * what can this e100 do !? * and im like…shoot you with heat from his 155 mm gun?

  23. Borsig and bc25 had a kid

  24. At least it doesn’t look like its op

  25. It has the auto loader reloading sound?!?

  26. And i just unlocked the 121…damn Wg why aren`t you giving the 121 a lil bit of love

  27. It would be nice if you could manually elevate/depress the suspension once you enter the siege mode. That would help if say you over depressed the suspension and was showing too much of your upper plate to someone and wanted to reduce the chances of them getting a partial over-match. Just a thought. Probably not really all that useful in the vast majority of situations though so I don’t see something like that coming along any time soon, if ever.

  28. Took this tank for a spin on CT and ended up doing MT12 for the 260 with honors despite using a track pad, great tank but should the hull be on easy ground it will be cheese.

  29. Adamboulahia17 Adam2015

    Its a td/medium combo that makes it unique

    I feel like the kranvagn doesnt make any sense if these come to the live server the way they are

  30. It’s a 4005 snack.

  31. Perhaps the easter egg storage? 🙂

  32. I know what will happen: The Tank will come out with this epic sloped armor. Everybody wants to have it and will convert a lot of free-XP = Gold for Wargaming.
    Than they will say that there statistics show that it is OP and it will get a nerv with the next update…
    Somebody remembered the Obj-268-4?

  33. Not my cup of tea indeed ☕️

  34. they should lower turret armor to 40, so guns need to be 121mm or bigger. so that it still bounced russian bias 907 and 140

  35. Hey QB you don’t they try to brake this game with newtanks?
    Is it funny?interesting? So OP right?

  36. The armor should not exceed 40mm IMO. This is just going to be ass-backwards broken.

  37. Fuck this powercreep

  38. Djordje Angirevic

    Seems like one trick pony to me…like kranvagn

  39. Lachlan Wellington

    Yum yum

  40. Like 1000m/s for the standard rounds is bad.

  41. Lachlan Wellington

    Swedish tanks always look so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Am excite

  43. in the back deck i think its not the storage, its for weight balancing. these are weights in it..

  44. The way he says “raw thickness” @3:55 lol

  45. The things in the back?
    Surströmming bins for when the crew is hungry or you want to do partake of some chemical warfare.

  46. What do you mean it doesn’t have 15/16 degrees of depression ?

  47. arent those boxes part of the autoloader system

  48. World of Flanks.. the game of corridors where you cant actually flank to kill these turret monsters. gg

  49. Game is going to be so ridiculous. They don’t care how this effects old vehicles. Maps are to small for ebr and sniper tanks and retarded gun depressions like this….fuck…

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