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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Cheezefur shows us that he knows how to perform under pressure in a huge round in the T7 Soviet Tank Destroyer the SU-122-44 picking up 13 kills!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. is one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. It’s nice when all your enemies are donkeys. The 122-44 isn’t that good

  2. that tank has up to 3641 damage per minute with rammer, vents and BIA skill

  3. To all the guys who are complaining that it was luck with mm and so on, let
    me tell you, ALL matches with more than 6-8 kills are LUCK. Or do you all
    make more kills in all your matches? I guess not. Be happy for him, in this
    match the great RNG God was on his side.

  4. What I love the most about SU-122-44 and E-25 is that, obviously, those are
    not pay-to-win tank destroyers for players lacking self-esteem to abuse.

  5. I think you’d have to sacrifice Peppy to get a match like this QB :D


  7. Christian Hostetler

    “Very skilled T34 commander” if 1000WN8 makes you very skilled this is a
    sad world. on the bright side it makes me a tank god.

  8. QB, do you think it’s worth buying?

  9. I would like to say that he did well considering the situation but this is
    the SU-122-44 and almost all the enemies were “tomatoes”. I won’t complain
    but what kind of praying/luck got him that kind of enemy team, mine all
    seem to be unicums….

  10. again another replay that relys on a load of rng and a shit team to play

  11. This tank is op as fk in this matchup, but its soo awful in tier9 gams

  12. 2:00 insert Guile Theme here XD

  13. Congratulations for this player, that was a great game with this tank, but
    the title is not the best. Under 700 wn8 is better:D

  14. WTF did his team do at all?

  15. i dont normally do this, but this was rather unimpressive.

    all his enemies were rather bad (bar one) and they all came one by one.
    anyone could have done that, especially in an SU 122 44.

  16. such a good feeling to have a good game in that tank, i had a 4.6k damage
    match in it, but it was only 5 kills. such a fun tank to use, tho it may be
    potentially OP.

  17. Looks too pedobear to watch.

  18. SU-122-44 in a nutshell
    Great alpha
    Amazing DPM
    Good speed
    Great Traverse speed
    Great camo
    Solid armor for a tier 7 TD

    Low view range
    Poor gun depression (Like pretty much every tank with no turret)
    Mediocre accuracy

    That’s it, really. It’s an SU-152 with slightly less DPM, but far more
    armor and maneuverability in exchange. It’s only real downsides can be
    mitigated by closer range fighting, or the good old Russian Number
    Generator giving you ridiculous snap shots like on that T34 from the hill.
    Honestly, I think it’s OP.

  19. Wish I had a match making like that even once in my SU-122-44.

  20. This was almost a carbon copy of my very first game in the SU-122-44.
    Except half my team were still alive, and I tried to rush the last kill and
    ended up dying.

    Either way, awesome tank, probably my favorite premium from a fun factor
    perspective. Especially when top tier ;)

  21. Oh my god the tomatoes in this game 

  22. Its always a pleasure watching your videos on WOT!

  23. I believe the enemy team is complaining each other of not attacking from
    two flanks together on the hill.

  24. Epic !!!!!

  25. He basically refused a kv medal.

  26. You should do a t110e3 review!

  27. nice game

  28. I have both Su 122-44 & E25…..i love trolling in both tanks 🙂
    As always love watching your videos

  29. Has there been a raseiniai heroes medal video yet? High tiers getting that
    medal….. Man

  30. 390 dmg with 7.5 (STB-1) rate of fire at tier 7, combined with speed and
    decent armor, fanastic balance WG development department, you clearly know
    your job

  31. What the Jagdpanther should be, but isn’t…

  32. u need no Skills to kill one shoots in this Matchmaking hahha why u Upload
    this? …

  33. Show us ur gaming setup 

  34. I have 17k games and haven’t got one Pools medal lol I suck

  35. Justin Marciniec

    Hey QuickyB I have a 10.5 Unicum game that I wanted to post last week but I
    couldn’t because of the message saying it won’t let you upload 9.8 patch
    games. I checked back earlier today to see that same message on your site
    saying it still wont let you do it. If you could get that fixed Asap that
    would be great. Thanks for your YT work anyways I love the content. Btw was
    this Replay from Patch 9.8??

  36. At least 2 of the heavies should have backed him up on the hill. >>

  37. This tank is not OP. The armour oly holds up against lower tier Tanks and
    the gundepression is bad. When its top tier its almost OP, when its in
    tier8 games, its ok, but in tier 9 games, its rather useless.

  38. What a hard read! WOMBO COMBO!!!! 7:17

  39. Pokemon Trainer Zero

    I think the M1A2 76mm Gun on the Easy 8 and the Jumbo needs to have a small
    buff on damage. Maybe a small 10 damge increase

  40. 4000 dam in a tier nine game and used no apcr. It is almost the same gun as
    the IS6 but faster reload

  41. PruneJuice_Commander is a pretty epic name lol.

  42. It was certainly a dream MM. Screw the % chance. Lower tier tanks just see
    a slightly larger SU-76 and shoot at the front all the time. Bounce! Then
    you send back -400!! Good trade. Love my 122-44!

  43. Moar broken commie crap in a game made by fake russki devs. *YAWN*

  44. EmperorNefarious1

    The SU-152 and the premium ISU-122, both get better dpm than the SU-122-44,
    but sadly they don’t have the armour or the maneuverability to make it

  45. Soviet firepower is just crazy…

  46. themattsmith man

    ive got it and love it!

  47. Well played at the end. but was an easy match up for him.

  48. Anyone else wanna see the chat?

  49. Thank you for that comment on my channel mate :)

  50. i just got this tank not to long of go my first their 7 tank and i love it
    to death

  51. Watch another poorly balanced vehicle smash a bunch of clueless muppets.
    The T-34 and/or Hellcat could readily have killed him, but they had no fkn
    Yeah, it’s a ridiculous result, but it is far more a reflection of the
    level of tard on the opposition (and his own team for that matter) than his
    own skills. He did the best he could have hoped to, so no disrespect
    intended. My point was ONE person on the other side with the faintest idea
    could have shut him down on several occasions.
    I’ll admit I’m somewhat biased as I believe WoT has become utterly
    brainless ‘CoD in tanks: health v DPM’ shit compared with how it once was.
    And the skill levels of the player base..less said about that the better.

  52. Great awereness of the battle! GG

  53. The track traverse really isn’t that bad for a large non turreted TD. You
    can see several times he makes a quick turn to catch the enemy off guard.

  54. quicky they were all red sorry!!!

  55. Pressure, pushing down on you, pushing down on me, no man asks for. 

  56. Stalin raised his hand uppon this guys tank and blesses it with
    superabilities! SerB must be also mad because this guy carried no gold
    rounds and still did massive job! Well played!

  57. Oh, I didn’t see the whole thumbnailtext on my phone because the length of
    the video covered it, I thought it said 13k dmg… Kind of dissapointed ;)

  58. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    e25 needs a team to help it were as su 122 44 can hold its own.
    in a 1v1 a su 122 44 will rip apart e25 even when gold is used but when
    gold is fired be sure to angle armor in between your shots.

  59. Fight against 5 tanks and win. What does that mean? Can the 1vs5 part be at
    any part of the game? How does the game know that?

  60. Heres how you play the SU-122-44
    1) Take out your perfered payment type, buy the tank
    2) Sign onto WoT with tank purchased.
    3) Find wasd and use it to move
    4) Point gun at targets and use one of the best dps and decent armor win in
    most games.

    Bonus points if you get ignored in t9 games and get 4K+ damage from 3

  61. Imagine if He wouldov let the first T-34 live a few more seconds… He
    wouldov gotten a Kalobanovs Medal.. 

  62. Why cant we send replays from 9.8 (9.8.1).

  63. nuclearsharkattack

    Great vid, QB. Just one thing to note, the SU-152 at Tier 7 has a 8.11 RoF
    with the top 122 gun. With vents/rammer/BiA you can get down to a 6 second
    reload. Add in extra combat rations it gets down to 5.85 second reload
    which is insane for tier 7. I could be wrong but I believe this has the
    highest DPM in the game next to the Tortoise.

  64. Idk I think the su 122 44 is a little op because its travers speed is so
    high it is nearly impossible to circle it in my comet and its DPM is more
    then my comet and my comets reload is 2.11 secs

  65. o.O This guy knows the future!

  66. Qb, will there be a wedding video?

  67. Dennis Schuurmans

    Hard right to get a game like that when you play versus bots…

  68. Pretty well played and all that but what puzzles me is that his base xp was
    1,9k with “only” 4,4k damage done. So he killed 13 tanks but a lot of them
    were tier-5 or 6. I did 4,2k on tier-6 most of it vs tier-8 tanks I only
    got 6 kills but they were tier-7 and 6 tanks because I was bottom tier. and
    I got 1,5k xp from that.

  69. I’ve got this tank when I fire any shot that’s not fully aimed — like 99%
    of the shots this lad fired — I completely miss!

    This tank is an RNG shotgun post 9.6 nerf :S

  70. Great Game!

  71. It’s an impressive result, but not a particularly impressive performance,
    in my OPINION (a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to
    produce complete certainty.) Here’s why:

    He was in the right tank in the right game at the right time. He didn’t
    make any game changing decisions, he just sort of went where any good
    player would have gone. Of course you need to be a good player to achieve a
    result like that (a tomato would have most likely died at the beginning9,
    but most good players could have achieved a similar result, given the same
    exact circumstances. His performance was more down to luck,than any insane
    judgement or meta game knowledge.

  72. Some of the shots he took were just pure luck. Like that M4 and the T-34
    running through the middle. No way you would land those shots without some
    serious luck on your side.

  73. Love the unimpressed comments
    Let’s see your 13 kill replay then..

  74. xX_SpamDragon_Xx

    This would be a lot more impressive in almost any other Tier VII TD.

  75. only in wot:P
    you kill 6 enemies at the beginning of the game and your team still would
    lose without your help

  76. Mr. Rendon Gamer

    WoT coming to xbox one woooo!

  77. ThunderTigerRider

    carying no APCR ? wtf

    • Arron Melbourne (Cyberhunk592)

      I didn’t say to NOT use premium ammo. I was just actually implying how many
      people jump to the conclusion of “gold spammer” as soon as their hit log
      reads APCR or they hear the sizzle of it. Of course, it’s fine to carry a
      couple of em, especially against higher tiers, but firing nothing but it is
      what is normally presumed by many people

    • I have ~1900 WN8 and I’m never using premium ammo.

    • I just have respect for this su122 player. No apcr so he relies on skills.
      Oh and you don’t have to fight E75’s in this tank , i’m just saiyan.

    • +Evan Ireland I have one, it gets plenty of tier 9 matches and your gun is
      pretty weak at that level.

      Your amor isn’t as good as you think either, tier 8s and 9s can punch right
      through it, though you can get the occasional bounce.

    • RevolutionConception

      +Evan Ireland Except for the fact that it doesn’t have preferential match
      making..and does see tier QB said and I know from having one myself..

  78. he didn’t get a mastery?

  79. oh god those teams….its like a tomato patch grew tracks

  80. that 122mm is why the SU-100 with it so incredibly OP at tier 6

  81. This video should really just be labeled, seal clubbing. I was honestly
    bored watching it…..great result from the match sure, but very bad
    content with little work to achieve it.

  82. I wonder how many political dissidents Cheezefur has offered to the ghost
    of Stalin.

  83. If it had MM like the E25 i would have already bought it, but 175mm of pen
    in T9 and not the best APCR? Nope not with 330m view range and 0,41 acc XD

    • Paul-Petrus Mogos

      +SuperJaaaaaa Resonably was 1 game tier 7 , 2 tier 8 and 1 tier 9 , but who
      knows…only WG does. Because is a premium tank you can make good games in
      tier 7 and spent some premium shells at tier 8..and this is all. 80% of
      tier 8 heavies and td will 2 shoot kill you….so in my opinion for this
      premium tank for better MM and credits earn will be ok to enter only in
      tier 7 and 8 MM games , but with nerfs (decreasing) rate of fire from 8
      sec. (standard) to 10 sec.
      i dont like this td, maby a good ideea is T54 first prototipe a good tier 8
      premium mediums. Or if you like td’s maby try SU100Y tier 6.

    • +Valivali94
      I have this tank and I have 1200 battles in SU-122-44
      60% times u will be in tier 9 game and there u are on 2 shot to everyone…
      mm like this one u will see once in 100 games belive me guys
      dont spend money on this

    • Paul-Petrus Mogos

      +Valivali94 For normal gun penetration : 175, with gold premium has 217, so
      in tier 9 is difficult with premium to pen heavies (maby some one in back),
      you can concentrate in back and lateral tier 9 mediums (in front and angled
      is not guaratee penetration).Procent pen with APCR 30-45%
      At tier 8 you have more options: you can pen with gold frontal some mediums
      frontal and some heavies (but are some exceptions: like is3 frontaly not
      always guarantee pen, type 59, t34-3, 110, kv-4, Ferdy, and more
      others).Here strategy is aim carrefully with AP or APCR to hit week zone.
      At some tier 8 tanks you can use AP shells. Procent with APCR 50-75%, and
      50% with AP
      At tier 7 you have more more options: so you can use only AP shels with
      80-90% pen procent all type of tanks, but be attention if you not aim
      carrefully, or 0.41 accuracy is bad you can chage from distance with APCR
      to confirm penetration at some armored tanks like: KV-3, A44, KV-13,
      In conclusion at tier 7 is a good overpower tank with 90% pen chance, at
      tier 8 is difficult and only hight rate of fire makes this tank interesting
      with 50% pen AP, at tier 9 is very difficult and you need hight rate of
      fire, mobility, BIA, mostly min. 3 skills, play smart etc and you can get
      30-40% pen with premium APCR.
      i’m wondering how many players get ace tanker and a lot of medals and exp.,
      damage over 3000 (wich is rezonably) in a game with min 3-5 tier 9 tanks?

    • +Emilien Gosselin If i want to do that ill take my trusty Jagdpanther 2 out
      for a ride. Other than the Su-122-44 this thing can go through heavys 2
      tiers above. (Even without prem, and with APCR it has 311mm pen :D)

    • Emilien Gosselin

      Try it on the test server, put rammer, vents, GLD and play aggressively

  84. I bet all the people complaining it was all the matchup wouldn’t have put
    up these numbers if they were the one playing. Killing 13 in a match is a
    feat worthy of respect *regardless* of the situation, barring low tier
    matches of course. But tier seven? Grow up people and give the man some

    • +Hans Krebs So you’re comparing a guy whp takes out 13 tanks of tiers 5-7
      to a tier 7 heavy fighting *ONE* tier 5 medium? Are you stupid or just a

    • +Lonesome Son you do know that the t29 have pretty good traverse and its
      not a kv3 and with a good reload it only needs 2 shots to kill a t-34. It
      takes 9 seconds. Can a t-34 make 1250 damage in 9 seconds?

    • +Linerunner99 Yes, 13 kills is just luck. Pure luck. There are players in
      the top 0.1% skillwise who have never had a 13 kill game despite playing
      consistently a LOT better than this guy ever will.
      This game simply had a low skil requirement to do well. Why is that so hard
      to accept?

    • +vaulthecreator Look at the players, they have thousands of battles played
      and they have deep red shit wn8, do you think any of them besides the T-34s
      who are good/average would have any clue on how to deal with such OP top
      tier tank face to face? If the T-34s were in a bigger tank I’m sure this
      scrub in the SU-122-44 would have died in the first minutes of the game.

    • +jisus luvs u Ah, but it can be argued that, because the enemy were so
      stupid, they had a low skill quotient and, therefore, cheezefur had
      superior skill (which he did anyway so…..).

      Yes, luck played a significant part – the matchup, the skill level of the
      enemy etc but he used skill and situational awareness to capitalize on
      that. If luck was the *only* factor why could the 29 other players in that
      game not achieve anything even remotely similar?

  85. Uluç Kadıoğlu

    If that T25/2 was on full health, he’d be dead by now.

  86. The Warlord of the Rising Sun

    Wow this is the second time I have seen a match from one of my clanmates on
    this channel, the other was the Hetzer replay. I need to step up my game…

  87. I’m not usually THAT person, but that really wasn’t spectacular. The enemy
    team had no tier 7 heavies at all, only one tier 6 heavy and the best
    players on their team were in tier 5 mediums. After getting surrounded on
    the hill, all he had to do was keep his front to the enemy and slam them in
    the face with that 122. To make things even easier at the end, they threw
    themselves at him one by one, including the derpcat who failed massively.
    If the T-34 and VK had been decent players and strategized to surround him
    at the end, this would have had a different result, I think.

  88. Wältmeister der Herzen

    If I would bounce so many shots I could do this, too, in every tank

  89. I really do like my su-122-44, it’s my only premium and i think i made a
    good decision, if the armours angled right you can easily bounce guns of
    equal pen, meaning when its top tier it can brawl with the best, and the
    dpm is insane, particularly when you use a rammer. Only problem really
    comes when you come up against tier 9’s and some tier 8’s, but then it can
    be a good idea to support your mediums as opposed to brawling 😛 oh and
    don’t try and snipe xD

  90. Cheezefur like a boss. the quick reload is saving factor of that tank. Most
    TD’s have a long reload that get them killed.

  91. I play with the SU-122-S which is slightly worse than the SU-122-44 but
    have still managed several games with 3500-4K damage, but that is of course
    against tier 8 and 9 tanks since neither of these tanks get preferred MM.
    I think the SU-144 series is absolutely awesome. All of my best games have
    been in one. Add a gun rammer and gun laying drive with a cammo net and
    you get a deadly sniper that can reload and aim much quicker and can
    deliver punishing (if not deadly) shots down range. But with all tanks,
    the SU-144 series is vulnerable from the sides and rear and can’t turn fast
    enough to deal with smaller and faster tanks like the AMX-ELC Bison. So it
    is easy for smaller, less powerful tanks to out flank and kill an SU-144
    fairly easily. The map that’s being played makes a big difference as to
    how well this tank will do. But with all things in WOT, it all depends on
    your team, the enemy team, your skill, and some luck.

  92. tomato soup

  93. This tank is ******* OP, mine have 6.75s reload (gun
    rammer/BIA/Ventilation) at tier 7…

  94. Tiers VII battle aren’t representative in this tank, he only has 1 chance
    on 10 to go in top tiers, 1 on 2 in tiers VIII and 2 on 5 in tiers IX…
    And watching this game will make you know why =)

  95. JustThijsGaming - Elke week een nieuwe video

    reply this comment if you watched this under the 301/1000 views!:D

  96. oh look, winning hill = winning encounter on himmelsdorf.


  97. luckiest mm ever….

  98. so many people in the comments saying about how they could do better and
    that this was not impressive

    • +zorkan111 Easier said than done. Seriously, things aren’t as easy as they
      look like in replays. Just because it looks easy and basic in the rest of
      you couch doesn’t meant it’s simple to take at the midst of the battle.

    • +Ammar Ashoor Oh, he predicted that a decent player on the enemy team might
      try to get behind a turretless TD? Edvenced tektik! Much impressive!
      Btw., it’s very questionable whether he actually predicted that the last 2
      remaining enemies would go right through that street. All he knew was that
      those 2 were last spotted northwest and they weren’t near their Crusader
      teammate. So I very much doubt that “prediction”.
      For all we know, he could’ve just went there because that’s not where the
      enemies saw him going the last time he was spotted. Again, that’s nothing
      impressive. Basic tactics.

    • +zorkan111 He wasn’t looking at the ”mini map” he predicted the enemies
      position. Spot playing with words already to make it seem simple!

    • +Calm Dwelling luck was a factor it always is you can’t avoid that. however
      the player did show great map awareness and predictions.

    • +zorkan111 first, i wasn’t looking at minimap alot when i passed 2000
      battles then i realized and i learnt, second he played really good and if
      you say not then give me replay Mr.great player

  99. American heavy line:
    ~Smooth ride or clutch braking (or maybe Off road driving)
    ~Jack of all trades worth it ?
    ~What to get on loader except safe stowage

    P.S. I have reapairs, 6th sens bla bla bla and other must-have skills

    • I guess it’s your opinion and my words can’t change it. You might aswell go
      full camo with heavy and if u like it i can’t change ur mind.
      I think that eagle eye is bad, recon is better or *maybe* JOAT, i also
      think Brothers in arms is overrated skill, there are some people that rush
      it as first skill on heavies instead of repairs, just diffrent opinions 🙂

    • +Mirza Ajanovic there is situations where having sixth sense is good, i
      have sixth sense on many of my heavies. however I’ve just recently started
      taking eagle eye over sixth sense. i can afford to wait the 4 seconds when
      i’m just fighting a corner against an enemy, combine eagle eye and a zoom
      out mod it can help you make a very effective educated push. The ability to
      know of any crippling affects your opponent has lets you exploit them and
      that is something i have found very useful.

    • EAGLE EYE ???
      You need to spot that target, and after 4 secs you can see his damaged
      modules. That’s like the worst skill after adrenaline rush imo.
      If you are one of the last tanks standing (1v1, 2v2 …) 6th sense is the
      best skill that u can have in that situation. People only think about: Oh i
      ll go in close range to brawl with my heavy, i know when im spotted i don’t
      need 6th sense.
      You ll never know unless you try it

    • +Mirza Ajanovic i personally prefer eagle eye over 6th sense in heavies. as
      a heavy knowing when your spotted is cool but i can live without it.
      however being able to tell when your opponent has a injured loader or a
      damaged ammo rack can make a massive difference.

    • Frederick Schulze

      +Mirza Ajanovic
      Well, since you have repairs and sixth sense already, I’d say go for it.
      Either that or BIA.

  100. Vanderstichelen Quentin

    Cheezfur !!! Gg we are in the same clan 

  101. Well,
    here is one by me, (SU 122-44, H-Dorf, 12 kills and 6,4k damage)…
    It is a bit older, maybe it’s still playable 😉

  102. wow epic is right

  103. Easy in this matchup. How do people get these MM’s???

    • Emanuel Godfried

      I got in my kv1 a mm when I was the only T5 and the rest was T3:I lost 🙁

    • I got a game in my comet once where there was only 1 tier 7 tank on each

      My second ace tanker couldn’t get any easier

    • +J Vilander I bought mine, expecting a tier 7 game out of every three
      games. Nope. I got tier 7 games about 10 times when I first got it, and the
      tank was amazing. Now, I get about 5-6 tier 9 games in a row, 1 tier 7
      game, and back to nines.

    • +J Vilander I once got a game in my IS, I was the only tank above tier 5 in
      the whole game. I couldnt believe my luck. The game went so fast I had time
      to get about 4 shots off

  104. Let’s see, good player in a good tank with a terrible team against a
    slightly less terrible team. Yep this had all the ingredients for a great

  105. Henning Giebermann

    And again a gigantic replay go on so 

  106. is quickybaby a german,cause he sounds a bit like one?

  107. So that tank has tier 7 heavy tank armor, good speed, and STB-1 dpm, yea
    totally balanced and not pay to win at all :/

    • +SirDigsALot90 yep, that’s the problem with WoT, a lot of Russian tanks are
      just OP and unbalanced

    • +jakekillify”but all tanks are good with a good driver” AMX

    • +SirDigsALot90 Nah, Id rather keep my SU152’s 15 second reload (Be mindful
      i have yet to get BiA) with the 152mm Derp.

    • +eagle stef one fine exampe of the famous WG balance. Another is that
      bastard of a tank SU-152. I know it is weaker that this asshole of a tank,
      but it has even more RoF (8.11) witch makes it the 2nd-fucking-highest DPM
      on any goddamn tank in the game….on tier 7. If that poorly balanced piece
      of crap mounts the derp gun guess what he can shoot gold ammo with 250 pen
      in your face doing 700 dmg, nothing prevents a SU-152 driver from doing
      that, and by that I mean doing 700 dmg shooting gold at E75’s lower plate.
      WG drunks need to cut in half its gold pen (136 pen, like KV2’s derp) and
      slow down the reload on the other gun of that inbalanced Soviet crap

    • The 122-44 is not as good as you think. It gets rekt by tier 8+ mediums and
      tier 7+ heavies (T29, IS).

      The 90mm armor only holds its own against those who can’t aim (or puny
      guns) and not even against its own gun (you saw him shoot the other Su

      In other words, borderline OP when top tier (mainly against 5s and 6s) and
      trash when bottom tier (8s and 9s).

  108. Samurai TwoSeven

    Eat 122mm of Communism you Democratic American pigs

  109. Patrick Michelsen

    will u please review the new british tank destroyer ne 🙂 fx the archer ;)

  110. Great replay! It’s probably my favorite TD in the game and the only one I
    have gotten a Pool’s medal with as well in a similar situation (although I
    think my match had more tier 7s). :D

    • Frederick Schulze

      +PCWarMachine The E 25 is the only tank I’ve gotten a Pool’s medal with. In
      my 400 games I’ve played with it, I’ve gotten a dozen top guns, two Pool’s,
      and 1 Radley’s.

  111. +QuickyBabyTV When are you doing a good guys video again?

  112. The tank is really good i have it myself first game i got in with it got a
    Tank Sniper High Calibre a few games a go so the tank is really really nice
    good job Cheezefur

  113. Rng gods have been jacking me. Buying a tank for a 1 to 10,000 chance of
    getting match making like that is not in the cards. Out of 10 mil credits
    I’ve only netted 1.8. War gaming is loosing ground in my world. That was a
    great and lucky game.

  114. he got in t7 match with op TD in match with all fucking enemy
    retards……so this is not so impressed…he just got lucky with MM that
    is all

  115. 4k dmg in tier 7 in the SU is nothing special actually…

    • +HilariousBibing 5400 dmg in a tier IX game where i had to kill an e75,m103
      and is8…but only got 6 kills so its not the QB EPIC 13 kills….still
      think its a better result

    • I remember playing the SU-122-44 when it just was released and it was So OP
      back in the day u just wrecked everything

    • My first radley Walters’ i had fucking 3900 DMG with 8 kills in a
      T1heavy… And he with 3800 DMG already had 10 kills with a tank that does
      300extra DMG a shot… Imo he did it bad… For the kills tho Bud yeah. IVe
      seen better in the SU122-44

    • ThunderTigerRider

      +CROMAT30 And still I didnt reach that number 🙁 Only with the 100Y in T8

    • +CROMAT30 And he was top tier and had only 2 tier 7’s and all of the enemy
      team scrubs. Not even gonna watch, pointles. Pretty much seal clubbing…

  116. Russian…

  117. CastleCrafte RPG

    poor guy 🙁 one away from the Heros medal but still GG!

  118. this is exactly how i play my su regardless of what map it is

  119. Can you do a Obj-263 replay plz

  120. throughlifeagain

    That tank looks more powerfull than the jaghtiger 8.8, fast, decent/good
    armor, insane dpm. only the 175mm pen lacks if it were tier 8…

  121. Good play but in this matchup its very easy to do this…. if someone wants
    to complain i have got the tank on myself!

    • GENMAJcamouflage

      +Double D i got it to and although it isnt bad (fact is i am) its a lot
      harder since i Always get tier 9but still good game bro
      with a su-122-44 i even outturned a type 59 that was lol sadly he had
      friends i didn’t 🙁

  122. Finn Alting Siberg

    I have that tank 2… Of you want to buy a tank, you really, really buy it.

  123. Im in the club BABY

  124. Beautiful game. Perfectly played.

  125. A very impressive round in the Su 122-44 indeed. It really shows what that
    monster is capable of doing.

  126. ilarionas avgoustou

    i see that think doing 8k dmg..that is not special

  127. under 301 club :D

  128. The tank stinks!!! Can’t pen crap in tier 8 & 9. It’s a big under
    performer in higher, tiers, so please don’t waste your money.

  129. Under 301 club

    How tough are you?

  130. 301 Club…. Finally

  131. Just another pro wrecking total noobs, move along… ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

  132. Great stuff! I now got back into playing World of Tanks. Much thanks Quicky
    for these fantastic videos!

  133. 3 min ago?! Good thing I left the gay Nintendo e3 conference.

  134. Nice video quiki by the way if you like world of tanks chek my channels i
    do video fun and epic gameplay

  135. Awesome

  136. Quickly baby is love, quickly baby is life

  137. first(Kappa)

  138. I hope you all enjoy Cheezefur tearing it up in the dominating SU-122-44 in
    a great match up like this! Let me know what you think about the tank
    considering the E-25 was removed a couple of months ago.

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

    • +JohnBlund94 I did it,too.:D “under pressure” *dumdumdumbadadumdum*

    • +QuickyBabyTV i love my SU-122-44 but i’ll be the first to state it’s
      overpowered. with rammer, vents & BIA I’ve brought my reload down to 6.6
      sec’s giving me a DPM of roughly 3.5K. before the new British TD line was
      introduced it was the second or third highest DPM tank in the game i

    • Fiaura The Tank Girl

      +QuickyBabyTV Good Match but still kind of feel cheated a bit here since
      the vast majority of his opponents were not tier 7+ but rather were lower
      tier vehicles.

    • +QuickyBabyTV I have had a 5773 damage game in the SU-122-44 but only got 4
      kills. Don’t care though I got it on my x5 exp and got 12,000 exp for my
      crew 🙂

    • Well it seems like no one else commented this, so I will.
      I started singing “under pressure” in my head when I saw the title. 😛

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