World of Tanks – Underpowered

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Source: The Mighty

I gotta be honest here, I wouldn’t recommend the VK168.01 to anyone, it’s a hilariously bad tank. MachSpeedBird doesn’t appear to have read that particular memo, however…


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. The Badass Bassist

    Jingles, if you want some more laughs, read the “Historical” description of the Mauerbrecher. It’s pretty hilarious

  2. Maybe I’m in the minority but Jingles please try to laugh a bit less. Your excessive laughing is like grinding nails against a chalkboard when you do it (bit of overestimation but its how it feels like) every other sentence and of course every time someone blows up in a citadel/ammo rack.

    • justmymage Well, if the old chap finds it funny who are we to stop him? The last time something funny happened in Jingles’ life, the Soviet Union still existed.

  3. I’ll keep saying it over and over, GOLD ROUNDS ALPHS DAMAGE NEEDS TO BE NERFED.

    Less pen=more alpha damage
    More pen=less alpha damage


  4. I would find even more hilarious if there’s a T95 with them, capping. ?
    I must say that the 212A had also a nice game.
    You know why the MBTs evolved from medium tanks, instead of superheavies, don’t you?
    Superheavies couldn’t cross most of the bridges, and where prone to air attacks, mines, panzerfaust/bazookas/RPGs, and… artillery attacks.
    And by the development of better and lighter armor, and the development of better and lighter guns, together with more specialized ammo, the MBTs came from the more cheaper and agile medium tanks.

  5. A Maus with it’s turrett pushed forward.

  6. play amx 40
    it will give you first hand experience and what to expect from Mauerbrecher.

  7. I just wondering why that Strv shot HE

  8. Already 2 dislikes. Must have been from Mauer owners who never have had decent matches

  9. Mauerbrecher, the World of Tanks equivalent of the real life Bob.

    Bob just happens to be that one cousin…

  10. @The Mighty Jingles Caernarvon does not have a 20 pounder anymore.

  11. That chat tho… Thats definitely not played on EU server, its too nice.. . NA?

  12. We didnt see any tactical nuke incoming this game. Decided to not be boring jingles ?

  13. well jingles 2 years ago this tank would be considert to be good xD

  14. So mauer has 128mm gun which deals 440 dmg per shot. Obj 252u and defender has 122mm and same alfa dmg. Mauer should have 490 or 560 alfa. But yeah, i think finally wg is going to right direction with their new premiums, arent they?

    • i’d say 490 would be good. 120 additional alpha for 6mm caliber difference, both on T8 heavy tanks, makes no sense at all.

  15. Well… when in the next 500s games the Mauerbrecher proves itself to be a piece of crap, this player may remember the day when the won a game by conquering the enemy base with a Maus by his side XD

  16. Actually Jingles, you can purchase APCR with gold AND credits. And for anyone else in the comment section: *BLAM* – I just killed your right to be butthurt.

  17. Errr… Mr. Jingles. 128mm isn’t the biggest gun available for a German heavy tank, it’s the 150mm that you can get for your E-100. Unless WG has got a sudden surge of s**t to their brain and removed it.

  18. Sebastien van Tiggele

    *shell clearly hits dirt beside him
    “That might have hit the side of his turret!”

  19. It always feels so special being early to a jingles video when you hail from the NA 😀

  20. They should add the Sturmtiger into the game as a Tier 7. I can already see the stats:

    Shell penetration: 115 mm

    Shell damage: 1150 (380 mm gun)

    Accuracy: 0.75, Russian Style (the bigger the number the better the accuracy)

    Reload time: 2 minutes

    Armor: 150 mm front at 47 deg

    Speed: 40 kmh

    View Range: 120m (let Herr Rommel guide the shell)

  21. Waiting for someone to make a comment worth replying to…

  22. Thomas Skov Jensen

    Jingles, you need to keep up to date with the game. The Mauerbrecher is not that bad, its just balanced as a tier 8 heavy should be, instead of all the OP broken crap WG has put in the game the last few years.

  23. Yay, the funny Jingles we like, the one who talks sh!t about everything, is back. No more boring sponsored Jingles that has only nice things to say about Armored Warfare, plz

  24. Fact is , if you are going on idea like , what tank to buy to beat the crap of everybody you are dreaming , is never gonna happen .Look at the specs , make sure you know what are you buying .

  25. Before “we” get too far, Jingles, I better mention for you, that skill 4 ltu, remember him? Just after a few days, og being for sale, Skill, has already 3-marked this vehicle, the Mauerbrecher. That, I tried to mention for you in a twitch-re-sub message, last time I resubbed to your channel, while you were busy divisioning with Rita and her subs, in ships, last time

  26. JUST_A_YOUTUBER ______

    Jingles has done a world of tanks video….what have u done with the real jingles

  27. The worst thing is, a KV-2 can pen the frontal weakspot.

    You cant angle the mauerbrecher either, if you want to increase the effective armor above 270mm, you expose new weakspots (inner hull, side of the gun mantlet)
    The machinegunport is always a flat target, the effective armor is only about 250mm effective head on so a skorp G has a 50/50 chance to pen with regular ap

  28. Isnt this thing better than the Tiger 2? It has better armor, similar gun, a much better turret (especially no exposed top from the front), is not that much slower. Also armour that can acutally bounce stuff when it is not hitting the upper part of your hull.

    • Laber Lampe Tiger II is not “heavy tank” yet, it is still a sniper
      E75 step into heavy catalogue with good armour and inaccurate gun with big alpha

  29. I love it.
    45% over a week… Not the worst I’ve done.

  30. This tank would be a lot better if they simply increase the thickness of the weak spots by 20mm and increase the health pool by at least 300. Of course, improving the roof armor wouldn’t hurt either.

  31. Gold weather storm

  32. I was seriously debating weather or not to buy this tank but luckily I was too late to buy it. I’m starting to be glad that I didn’t spend money for this tank I really want a superheavy tank but I think I should stick with my patriot Pershing tank.

  33. It’s good to see that $100 P.O.S. tank was good for something other than lining the pockets of Wo Tanks

  34. It;s the odd moment of glory that keeps most people grinding tanks, especially when they reach the Eternal Pain that is T8 nowadays

  35. just the first 20 seconds and i had tears in my eys from laughing! THANK you Jingles! Made my day!!

  36. This isnt WT Jingles……. So a crew of 6 isnt really a good point

  37. Well all Mauerbrecher I have seen so far either on my or on the other team just sucked.
    Its a killer vs tier 6 & 7 (like all tier8 😉 ) all other just give it a good spanking.
    Its nothing more than an semi-mobile exp pinata.

  38. Funny how the German premium is the one that sucks

  39. We need to do something about those assholes that uses the 2 key as default.

  40. Huh; it doesn’t even have a page on the wiki.

  41. Hey, Jingles! I know its a minimap, but… does it has to be that mini ? 😀

  42. That must be the american server, cuz these guys are awfuly chatty.

  43. Will the mauerbrecher be coming to Xbox one?

  44. Love the vid jingles it’s been a while

  45. the enemy WT auf Pz4 probably got its engine knocked out. a Pz4 engine doesn’t take high caliber rounds very well, which i figured out myself plenty of times.

  46. See, guys? Using premium ammunition, is not a guaranteed penetration-chance everytime. Even a premium-shell, WITH 25% increased penetration-chance, is not a guaranteed hit. Also that, can bounce the armor of your target.

  47. World Of LOLs & Best Replays

    Yup 4:30

  48. fantastic Teamplay! and Big up for the Maus that always tried to hide and take dmg for his team mate! WOW

  49. Mister Torgue Flexington

    I want to say wg are going back to the old ideas for premium tanks, better than stock but worse than fully upgraded. But I’m afraid they just made this crap because it’s German.

  50. When it meets tier 10

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