World of Tanks || Unexpected Friends

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of – Jagdpanzer E-100. Today nikolasXD555 going to make an unxpected friend in Rusengine with the T10 the Jagdpanzer E-100.

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is a Free 2 Play which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. I do not see anything different about the lowding screen can you point it
    out in one of the difference in one of the next videos that you post

  2. I use the platoon function to farm BIAs XD. You get 3 kills, invite someone
    else with 3, and get the medal :D

  3. What a great game! Also, i often use dynamic platoon to get the free
    brothers in arms at the end of the battle 😛 one time i could have got a
    crucial, but one guy didn’t accept platoon and we only got 10 kills :/

  4. Project Halo wars

    Yes my replay is here ☺☺

  5. *I did ‘Dynamically Platoon’ once. Three KV4tresses VS the world in a tier
    10 match on Live Oaks. I told them to wiggle their turrets after shooting
    and we ended up taking the city against most of their tier 10s with the
    help of a T110E4 on our team. We got Brother’s in Arms, one of them got
    High Caliber and I got Steel Wall. KV4rtress for life mang.*

  6. I did a dynamic platoon once but we got like 14.000 dmg between us

  7. What mod pack do you use?

  8. Even the Jagdpanzer IV, the tier 6 German TD, has a higher DPM than the
    Jagdpanzer e-100 lol

  9. been playing this tank a lot lately and i swear the rng is trolling me so
    much…most of the shots i hit are low rolls…bellow 950 damage like 80%
    of the time…

  10. A weakspot on the Jg. Panzer E-100 is the gun port on top.

  11. QB please add coloured tank icons into your modpack, it really helps out to
    easily distinct meds, heavies and light tanks

  12. fuk me im gettin one 07 guys

  13. HEAT against a Waffle tractor with 0 armor, when a gun has allmost 300 pen
    and good accuracy.Stellar use of ammo there !
    My heart jumps with joy when people use gold for no reason and miss.Justice
    is served !

  14. Gets nuked by jgpzE100… Doesn’t move… Gets finished off… Blames
    wargaming. Good job Conqueror!

  15. I need help…I just got my e75 and I can not make any money with it. Every
    game ends with a – . And I don’t have the top gun on the tank and no

  16. This is me:
    Before the sale of this TD: I’m going to stop playing the JTiger to save
    credits for tier 10
    On sale: Hole lee shiet forget about the JTiger, it’s time for tier 10 TD
    Now: I miss my credits…(this thing’s ammunition is so fuking expensive)

  17. Working on towards my first tier X tank in WoT i have an E75 and Jagdtiger
    but can’t decide on which tier X i should focus on getting first; any
    help/advice/pointers. which tier X is a better first tier X, Jg.Pz.E100 or

  18. QB why you recommend this fail battle with two giant camper girls?? Those 2
    are the reason WOT needs more Artys with Prem. rounds!

    My opinion they should go play Stratego or Backgammon.

  19. John Vladimir Son

    Hat’s off. The honor is mine for seeing this. (^-^)7

  20. that was awesome.

  21. Denzell Rodriguez

    I don’t use the platoon feature usually. Nobody toons with me even if I
    send an invite.

  22. Travis Tynes-Peissner

    Since dynamic platoons went in, I seem to get invites every time I play. If
    it’s a same tier tank, I’ll go ahead and accept. Majority of the time
    though it’s a fellow 1 or 2 tiers below you just trying to platoon with

  23. I sometimes use the dynamic platoon thingy. Especially for missions you can
    do together. I also get invited by players. However as soon as the round is
    over they disband the platoon. :/

  24. +QuickBaby Yes i have found my best wot mate in dynamic platoon and i have
    got a crap ton of xp and credits

    P.S. this is kinda like my first game whit my friend

  25. Do a Lowe review

  26. Btw. Today ist the last day where you can combine 5x with reserves from any
    of the Top of the Tier votings AND the 5x Tier VIII special reserves from
    the 5-year anniversary premium shop. So you can be like having 25K XP or so
    in your T34 :-)

  27. Quickybaby: Upload your biggest XP Game from the 5x Event! Yesterday you
    had a pretty big with the SuperPershing (which was boring) with like 15K, I
    think there are bigger ones.

  28. JPE best platoon bully tanks

  29. Hey Quickybaby do you still play the US server? Just out of curiosity.

  30. Jesus, that’s 6 marks of excellence

  31. Why you say “purple unicorn”but you are purple as well :P

  32. What’s that zoom mod he’s using to zoom in so far?

  33. Weak spots in your armour don’t matter much when every nubbie is spamming
    gold at you.

  34. Quickybaby, yesterday there was 2 mins left of a game, and i asked a
    cromwell on 7 kills to join my platoon, and i got my first brothers in

  35. Wish world of tanks is available in consoles cuz man i do not have a PC I’m
    poor help the poor guys

  36. I platooned with a pz 4 hydrostat with my Elc amx once it was just us two,
    we managed to take out the remaining 7enemy players granted 2 were
    artillery pieces

  37. That was a badass game.

  38. Could you please do a panther 8,8 L71 review

  39. Damn tae is thicc

  40. Daniel Abdelsamed

    Look at his ping and fps oh my god

  41. I used the platoon function to get a BIA near the end of the match.

  42. i just played a game in my Cromwell and a guy on my team was complaining
    that i was a bot and told a bunch of people to report me. i dont know what
    to do, am i going to get banned?

  43. I Came, I Saw, I Conquered… – Julius Caesar

  44. Great monster battle. Keep them coming.

  45. Axel “AxlRzr” Noveiri

    i know that m8, nikolas :D

  46. I have JgPz E-100 and it is my favorite tank but I have a damage standing
    of 83% and Im afraid to take it out to battle cause im trying to get that
    2nd mark of excellence.

  47. can anyone tell me why that enemy m48 patton has tgat emblem next to his
    tank ??? :)

  48. Ammo rack city

  49. I never thought I’d be in one of your videos quickybaby, even though it’s
    probably the worst game I’ve had in my t32 I’m pretty happy lol

  50. QB 你是否看過有一個youtuber名字叫 Quikybaby asia 不知道你是否介意他抄襲 不過我很討厭他那自大的解釋方法 與無法溝通
    (他只是綠色 自認為比qb大人還要強 因為看不下去在此反應 沒翻譯造成你們困擾我很抱歉)
    晚點我試著用電腦翻譯 :-)

  51. Teamwork, pfff noobs! please report lol

  52. Teamwork makes the dreamwork

  53. Awesome!

  54. William Waterhouse

    TD’s camping base yea you should do a commentary on what the enemy team did
    wrong because I’ve seen this more times then i can count.

  55. So much zoom in that tank… is it all right?

  56. Tank Review – T32. 🙂 PLZ

  57. Does anyone know why people call this the Jagaroo (Something along those
    lines, i dont speak german…)

  58. why the fuck do you eve load heat in that thing?? you got like, enough pen
    to go through the maus turret cheeks with regular, thats a hell ton of pen,
    if you just load heat, that explains how much you suck and have to rely on
    premium ammo thats got like almost 400 pen or something like that

  59. nicolasdlx Dracos

    Oh My GOD, It’s my replay D’: , Thanks QuickyBaby !!!!, didnt expect to be
    on your channel, I’m so happy!!

  60. jageruu was my first t10 tank.. oh w8 its still my only t10 tank >D well
    not much xp for t30 till i unlock t10 what i wont buy

  61. New intro!!!

  62. You might say… That the enemy maus was not maus-ing around.


  64. ¿where can i get the sniper mod? ¡please! :D

  65. 170mm gun has lower HE pen than 90mm gun… Gotta love wot

  66. 200 ping and 30 fps… Poor man!

  67. I hope these two great players become good friends and kick ass together.
    They certainly did this game.

  68. The audio is off to the video.

  69. That jagtiger. Took one big shell and big explosion

  70. “Go Bake yourself a cake” hahahahahahaahahhahaha That was funny.

  71. Wait so they were platooning with the creator of world of tanks that’s

  72. I have used dynamic platoons and found some good guys in doing it, had some
    good games but no BIA’s

  73. I’ve met a lot of great people all due to the new way of creating platoons
    in games. The only issue I have is the fact, some people will get in a
    platoon with you in order to win certain missions and then leave after.
    However concluding this, I really enjoy this method. I’ve had quite a lot
    of good games when doing this and wouldn’t want them to get rid of it! 🙂
    Nice video by the way!

  74. I got the JP II my first tier 8 which isn’ta premium, thanks to the top of
    the tree event, now I’m slowly grinding the Jagtiger.

  75. Man i some time find it silly that i’m going for the IS-7 which will take
    me maybe a Year since i don’t play much WOT instead of going for such TD
    like the JE100 ! or even the E100 itself but the problem is i’m 100 percent
    sure that like the grinding toward the E100 ” so fuckin awful and painful ”
    it would be the same for the Jagdpanzer E-100 unless if i’m wrong about

  76. DarknessInferno15

    I play the Xbox One version, and from watching these, there’s one key thing
    thing I dislike about the PC version. look at 2:05, you see how that tank
    is bouncing about like that? Ours pretty much never do that, unless you’re
    in a game with someone who has/you have amazingly bad connection. Ours just
    move fluidly about all the time. I mean, looking at things like this, I
    don’t get how you guys can make accutate shots with them bouncing about
    like that. It must suck.

  77. the new sound of the canon sucks

  78. this was beautiful

  79. The jp e100 makes me wish gnomefather’s sound mods, then I remember I don’t
    play this game anymore

  80. >My crew has been shooting up in this tank

    New prem consumable confirmed

  81. the sniper mod is “legal” in the game? ._.

  82. his lower plate is 1 shot paradise for deathstar’s hesh

  83. pleas kan somwon help how kan i get beter winratings on my tanks. i have
    the comet and i love this tank have playd over 600 games and have a mark of
    exelenz but but now i dont wana play it anymore becouse i have a 40 percent
    winrate in it. as an example today i play 40 games and lost 0.15 overal
    winrate so what kan i do

  84. Sergeant Victoria

    The 170 mm he round have less pen then a 152 mm bl10 he round that have 101

  85. That Maus is “Pink Fluffy Unicorn Dancin on Rainbow” XD
    How I love the MLP animation of that song :3

  86. Your tumbmail is rong

  87. Teamwork? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

  88. Prassel B (Stefan)

    15% discount

  89. Krzysztof Zydroñ

    QuickyBaby do you know when is the m4a3e8 Fury going to come out again ?

  90. Fatty tanks ……….. dancing

  91. Oh, I remember this match. I got stock spotting in the valley and survived
    almost till the end but had a rather bad match. I hate that valley. All

  92. Didn’t show finances… -1

  93. lol my tier 9 CRAB has over 10k dpm :P

  94. The Last Hakkapeliitta Of Breitenfeld

    oh man war thunder is so much better just delete all of your videos and
    just… you know… start playing war thunder :)

  95. Pff the WT is better definitely, not mentioning it’s op

  96. I don’t know if anyone does this but I always seem to call the wt auf e100
    the waffle because it just works with its weird name, if you put wt and auf
    together it makes wtauf and it kind of sounds like waffles to me (and its
    sound cool)

  97. Please critique will it run wot max
    settings 60 fps in 1080p!

  98. You’re Jingle’s friend. Cool.

  99. 10:54 that shot looked kinda wierd, the sight was never on the target.
    Aimbot or some kind of lag?

  100. pls man play with e 100 plss

  101. I’m sad, shooting big guns in this game isn’t as satisfying sounding now

  102. KV-2…152mm gun HE penetration 86
    Jgpze…170mm gun HE penetration 85
    Giving that sense?

  103. I don’t take any gold in this tank. If u can’t pen with ap then fire he. U
    cant pen an IS7 turret just fire he for 500+ damage

  104. 11k+ not 10k+ as u wrote on the thumbnail

  105. Jean-Marie Hoenen

    Maus 7 k dmg …

  106. Just beautyfull devastating power :D

  107. The real frontal weakness of JP-E100 is that MG mini-turret on top, you can
    pen that with standard AP rounds from any tier 9 or 10 gun and even some
    tier 8s. It’s a tiny target but it can’t be angled or hidden.

  108. I need only 1.200.000 Credits and than I will have the Jg Pz E 100 🙂 The
    f3cking Hype is real 1

  109. What was the purpose of this video?

  110. Roberts Cepurnieks

    great video, great tank :)

  111. Andy “Da7thSon” Lord


  112. 11k not 10

  113. Keep it up Quickybaby you give me and all the others great info on tanks
    just killed 3 Jagdpanzer E100 today by shooting his upper plate great

  114. what would you say when I say i have killed an E4 with HE^^ but the E4
    before I shot he had has 1700HP left and then he would to sidescrap and i
    shot an he will missed for the enemy team:D

  115. Matthew Alderson (ride)

    JPE 100 doesnt move more than 50 meters from cap, gets replay highlight,
    seems legit.

  116. Dude it’s regent ur mod pack don’t work only certain things work plz fix
    (make sure the arty mod works plz xD)

  117. I’d like to see what the JgPz-E100 does to a tog ?

  118. guys my thoughts are that they created the platoon at the end to get the
    crucial and that the replay just says that it was formed at the beginning.
    I am wrong?

  119. wot a nice battle

  120. i did, had a good game to in my brommy 10 kils 2th mark and 14 kils in
    platoon(uploaded to ur replays site)

  121. Great Game!

  122. this gun no need gold ammo…

  123. nice video mate :)

  124. those medium drivers just sitting in front of that gun at the end LOL

  125. Gleda neko od Balkanaca?

  126. Same as T110E3, sit in base and they will come. GG

  127. “My crew has been shooting up in this tank.” -Quickybaby 2016

    In case you don’t understand, in the US that is slang for injecting
    yourself with illegal drugs.

  128. someone just posted up a 12.7k dmg batshit round on wotreplays

  129. Best buddies? Naaah, there is wn8 racism…

  130. Zoom mod wtf is it ok? No one else can see?

  131. finally interesting video after a long time, including story, not only
    statshunting maturbators, gj

  132. TheRancidMarshmallow

    wow- was just lookng for a jg pz e 100 replay… quicky provides!

  133. Do we know the nationality of Nikolas? He’s Greek?

  134. The Pilot Penguin

    i used the dynamic platoons feature with an st-I to get a BiA it was a good
    match. also quicky please have a look at a t29 replay from toxicbanana he
    was facing a 1v5 and it was epic! please have a loot at it

  135. and again video, same as Jagdtiger on same map with same hull-down, while
    waiting enemies to come and than kill them…Can you @QB make some new
    videos of rushing platoon that clears everything on its way, some people
    would maybe like it more than just watching inert tanks…

  136. Hey QB! I have just unlocked the St Emil And i dont really know how to play
    it, wich gun do you prefer? The Derp with 15 shells or the sniping gun?
    Maybe you have Some awesome Emil games on Your website left? And maybe you
    want to help me out? A lot of thanks from the Netherlands ? Keep Calm And
    do BIG BOOM!

  137. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    how do you use the “dynamic Platoon?” where do I click?

  138. 5:50

    Pink fluffy unicorn, QB? Was it dancing on rainbows?

  139. Great Vid

  140. There’s no such thing as an unnecessary ammo rack shot

  141. World of Tanks Replays

    Again lakeville..

  142. I had 11 Kills in a dynamic platoon! I got and Stug 3G ace and my first
    Radley! It is on your website to QB! It was a 39% chance to win btw! But no
    way it can compete with these to! Great stuff!

  143. As always, great replay, Fast Child. You are probably the most mature and
    down-to-the-point WoT reviewer. GJ.

  144. Crazy??

  145. Lucas Ribeiro Nunes

    QB I would add than there is an other weak spot on this tank. If you have
    good penetration values the little machinegun at the top of the tank is
    also a weakspot and even you angle your tank enemies will usually penetrate
    you. Thank you for this nice replay see you !! ??

  146. How can you zoom in so much?Is it a mod and do you guys have a link?

  147. @Quickybaby everytime i look your vids im happy after them and you make me
    love the game ty qb your the best luv your vids #nohomo Continue the good
    work 🙂 #500000 subs on yt?

  148. i luv obj 704 high alpha very gut sniper

  149. Ive only ever used the dynamic platoon function if there is already a medal
    on the table, its how i get most of my Bros in arms and how i got my
    Crucial cont.

  150. Awesome teamwork

  151. deadstar or jage100? Please try qb ;)

  152. Nice match from both of them!

  153. I had some epic dynamics toon games, similar i guess, it was in the su-100y

  154. somerandomcodplayer

    uh. why are tanks moving side to side like floating? and why does it sound
    like you are shooting a 50 mm gun?. console never has floating tanks and
    sounds awesome. idk what these PC fanboys are talking about. wot runs way
    better on console

  155. Hahahaha, the title “10.000 + dmg”…! :)

  156. that doesn’t allways happen to me. even if I don’t sell the shells. maybe
    it’s different for different tanks.

  157. it was really pleasure to watch, epic :P

  158. “Top tier at the moment” you say… So, is WG going to introduce tiers
    above 10?

  159. Loved the teamwork

  160. I had a few good games at low tier. I was using a British Cruiser with the
    40mm and he was using the Hetzer. It worked well.

  161. This is now my favourite replay I’d say. Beautiful teamwork and gameplay
    from both players was awesome to watch

  162. GG :o

  163. I never trust teammates in random battles as for battlefield platoons I
    only use them for crucials and brothers in arms

  164. TheSoulOfTheSith YT

    This was my first tier 10 :)

  165. u said 10.000+ dmg but he did over 11.3k 🙂 that was a nice surprise

  166. can you add pixeltrap to your friend list in wot?
    i wann to tell you how to pronounce german tanks right.

  167. Tuur Van Rostenberghe

    i made a lot of (friends) with the function and also a lot of nice games if
    it is a nice guy you should accept it and you wil have fun

  168. Comment 101, I win

  169. Tuur Van Rostenberghe

    HE ammo stats are thesame as the HE ammo sttats on stock gun of G.W. Tiger
    P so its basicly an arty ;)

  170. The W.T. auf PZ. FEAR

  171. That connection though

  172. some day…i am going to buy that tank…

  173. tank you for this awesome video…

  174. QB, off topic to the vid, but on topic to the guns you mentioned in the
    first few mins. Do you prefer the tier 9 option v/s the tier 10 option on
    the Centurion 7/1?

  175. Me i want an is7 gameplay and review he never done a review on that tank

    It would be awsome if he just did it dont u guys 😉 ?

  176. when the two behemoths charged the poor Mouse, they even pushed it around a
    bit like it was nothing

  177. How do you zoom in all the way?

  178. What does “bake youself a cake mean”?

  179. hey can you do a review of the Su-152 wifh the heavy gun?

  180. It’s time for a new intro, isn’t it? ;)

  181. I did have the same kind of match but not as good with my friends in a T95
    platoon, it was fun :v

  182. QB repile here please 🙂 thanks

  183. one thing i dont understand. you have over 300 pen on AP but have gold ammo
    with you? why you need gold when you have more pen on standart ammo then
    most other tanks with gold

  184. Ricardo Hernandez Alvarez

    Dynamic platoons are for the missions 🙂 In the first two sets of missions,
    at least, the 13th and 14th missions are for platoons and you can just
    click on the top tier green players (as there are usually no purple ones
    haha) and accomplish them.

  185. nice video

  186. used it many Times sometimes had amazing games

  187. Teamwork in WoT? Pffff, bullshit

  188. QuickyBaby can you do some videos on the Tiger I and II?? I feel these
    tanks are kind of ignored in WOT.

  189. 10,000 damage, wow! Ten shots <_<

  190. There any m103 replay because I want to now haw to play with it

  191. Better love story then twilight xD

  192. that 60 fps cured my cancer

  193. wow 5 minutes ago im so early! Like if you dont care.

  194. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  195. this tank is still bullshit it really doesnt work on any map and the pen is
    too low for the nearly 200sec reload especially with AP

  196. THE POWER!

  197. gold whit jgpz E100 dat noob

  198. Why does the aimreticle looks like a KV-2 who is shotgunnned bye a arty in
    its gun??

  199. One thing I do like about high-alpha guns is the fear factor; a lone JP
    E100 can hold a corner for longer than even a Tortoise, because while the
    enemies could rush both, they really don’t want to get hit by that giant
    gun. Typically you’ll see enemies hung up on the corner, not sure what to
    do when a JP E100, FV 215B 183, KV-2, etc is pointing their way.

    Also the Comet’s gun has fantastic rate of fire and DPM, but sacrifices
    penetration and colossal amounts of accuracy in the process. It’s easy to
    damage thinly-armored vehicles, but it’s difficult to kill them because the
    alpha is so tiny, and the opponents are easily able to get away in time
    unless you track them. Also because of the tiny alpha, someone else usually
    steals the kill. This makes a lot of medium tank missions rather cumbersome
    to me.

    I personally prefer guns that are in-between, because usually they don’t
    sacrifice accuracy or penetration for one extreme. (Leaning a bit more
    towards higher rate of fire/smaller alpha, because apart from the Comet,
    those guns tend to work better for me.)

  200. ThugNasty Biggums

    every baddie under 1k wn8 on NA are gonna go to this spot now and make the
    meta even worse on this map :D

  201. QB if you sold the tank then ‘re brought it, you MIGHT make a profet

  202. GG

  203. What do you mean “at least on the European servers”? :O

  204. is he using an extra Zoom mod? thought QB said he thinks about that as

  205. @Quickybaby… Isn’t he using a mod that is illegal? The zoom-in mod is
    allowed from WG ???

  206. FIRST… Well fuck it

  207. Emanuel Johansson

    God do more

  208. Will you ever announce the winners from the new profile picture and new

  209. 38

  210. you want to play some games?

  211. finally got hjere

  212. Hi qb
    I love your videos
    please keep doing them
    and hello ? from Germany ?
    (a Tipp, try to speak the “r” a bit harder in the name of German vehicles)

  213. ninjakillersamuria

    Love you Quickybaby!!!

  214. Damn comments back at it again with the firsties ???

  215. im early

    (i have no joke)

  216. Good job quicky you’re getting really popular and you deserve it:)

  217. oooooow jaaaaaah

  218. Leader Of KaRu gaming

    Firs……. oh nobody cears!!
    great video!

  219. Hi very sick video

  220. Notification squad

  221. Just wondering, what is your upload schedule?

  222. heeey

  223. CDrunk “ItsJonaz” #1 Gaming

    first comm from stream :)

  224. (I dont wanna say FIRST 😉 )

  225. life is short dont waste it


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