World of Tanks – Unicum Teaches How to Carry with BatChat 25T on Erlenberg

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Source: LemmingRush

IÙm currently camping in BC because I need the practice to help me farm my wn8. Unfortunately, this hard core training ØcampÙ means IÙll be a bit late in responding to comments. I wonÙt forget though ^_^


  1. It’s interesting how the Meta is different on EU and NA, on EU usually no
    smart person ever crosses the river from either side, because 90% of the
    time they will get smoked by the whole other team while the rest of your
    team pushes the empty flank. The separation is so big and you have no safe
    retreat, so there is no way to help each other out. Which is incredibly
    stupid tactics (remember your AMX 30 Video where you “camp base”) according
    to your own advice. So saying typically it doesn’t matter if you go 9 0 or
    1 2 in your heavy or medium sounds like very crappy advice to me. Even in
    this video everyone who crossed the river from either team get smoked up by
    the stronger opposition. Imho the advice should be do not cross the river
    at the beginning at all, clear your side and then it becomes left half vs.
    right half with river in between, which then most often becomes a camp fest
    unless you already got a numerical dis-/advantage due to some morons who
    died crossing the river.

  2. Butcher_ Bird_44

    Very helpful, thanks.

  3. Wp Papasmurf! And great vid Lem, I’m gobbling up your BatChat replays AND
    your commentaries. Would love to see more Leo 1 games as well, as I finally
    got mine last night! I think one of the best things I’ve learned lately
    from your vids that you say time and time again is “win your side, then go
    back and defend”, it’s been helping a lot.

  4. Full HP E5s camping base most of the game……wtf is wrong with those
    people?! -.-

  5. Love the bat-chat and what a well played carry.
    So much skill to be full health TierX heavy’s, E5’s at that, so late in the
    game. Everybody need’s teammate’s like that.

  6. Michael Chrystal

    Love these Lemming. Great Vids. Have helped me a ton. Would love to see you
    do some more tank review vids.

  7. Great video man, I made a new account and tried to add you, since I was
    sick of my old one,was wondering if you wouldn’t mind accepting again?
    Would mean a bunch. Either way I love these commentaries.

  8. Good match and lesson!

  9. Please you show the last part of the replay? I would watch that. If you
    don’t think it is interesting then speed to x2maybe next time.

  10. If papasmurf didn’t carry those e5’s would have lost. 1500 damage apeice in
    their e5. Have you considered using other video codecs? Your videos are a
    bit murky. If your internet can’t handle the upload, fair enough. If it is
    fast enough though, I’d consider using higher quality codecs. Best regards
    Lemming. Still an awesome video.

  11. Hey, what software do you use to make your videos? :O Would really
    appreciate knowing! As I wanna make better videos :/

  12. good commentary lemming

  13. Nice commentary there mate…. And wp to poppasmurf… now to try and get
    some love from my bat..
    Bags2247 NA

  14. I really like thes series of videos :)

  15. I love you lemmingrush

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