World of Tanks – Unicum Teaches How to Play T54 on Pilsen

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Source: LemmingRush

As always, im happy to answer any questions


  1. Hey I’m the 1000th viewer! Good stuff again my friend.

  2. Butcher_ Bird_44

    Yeah good look at this Lemming, thanks.
    I unlocked the T62a the other day and am finally getting comfortable with
    it, though I would almost rather have the 54 light.
    I agree, you shouldn’t try to hold an abandoned flank, however you had some
    people over there, but I think the main part was that the T29 was hull down
    and camping so I think it was much safer to go to the strong side and
    assure your team breaks through, which is generally the only bad thing
    about lemming trains in that if they stagnate, eventually they get flanked.
    So I been keeping track of the timetables more, like how long is the HP
    going to last on that flank while I work on this one, for instance, or I
    might try to hold off a weak side while the lemmings are pushing, and
    depending on their positioning to whether it looks aggressive or campy
    tends to influence whether I go somewhere else or not.
    I have been working to get my dpg up though and that means less flex time.
    Though I hover at a 58% wr and 2100 wn8. I usually have about 62% but get
    on some bad streaks.
    I have been working through the charioteer as of late and firefly so my
    averages are down, pretty soon I am going to power grind through the 54 to
    unlock the 140 and continue refining my game. I just think often I am
    trying to do too much.

  3. I have unlocked this tank and i love it, I dont carry many heat rounds like
    you, but i have a few. Thought that the pen of this was going to give me
    some problems but its alright :P.
    Maybe we can platoon some day :)

  4. WP as always Lemming…. lol at the people whining about a little HEAT from
    a 54… kinda funny.
    Bags2247 NA

  5. Who did you used to play for? I’m a fairly new sub so I don’t know much. Is
    there a link to a game of yours I can watch?

  6. How to play T-54: you don’t play T-54, you play HEAT-54

  7. ImNotMad_ImDisappoint

    why dont your stats show on wotlabs you haxor?

  8. can you do one for the 263, if you don’t mind?


    Why HEAT as standard ammo if you fire mostly AP? Just curious, great vid

  10. lemmingrush can you play with me? i got t54 but i want to be better

  11. Hi LemmingRush, are you always happy to answer any question?

  12. were you banned? i can’t find you?
    or am i stupid?

  13. Who would dislike such a great video!!!

  14. Bat chat vid pls

  15. why did you use HEAT and not HE to kill that arty?

  16. Laurent “suptwit” Coderre

    one of the biggest thing to learn in world of tank is te reposition ourself
    when you understand it you become so much better

  17. hmm, using the team alitle like a meatshield to get and personal
    adavantage. I know this is a good idea especialy when you have dumbsters
    (like this M103) and you are much more valuable in the game, but damn this
    sounds alittle egoistic or “dick”y to me 🙂
    Still good video tho :)

  18. I prefer the t55a, the gun handling is SOOOOOO much better and it has
    slightly better dpm, it feels like a Patton combined with the t54 it’s such
    a nice tank

  19. I need to learn some of the things you said… like not wasting my HP, but
    i’m guessing it’s also about playing types, not only winning 🙂
    Wich gun do you prefer in the T-54? I’m just grinding it and still with the
    100mm LB-1

  20. TheMightyPringles

    If you have 10 good games (Nice meme) , how many Top Guns do you think you
    would get out of those 10

  21. HEAT54 OP. Great video. I’ve been taking a break. Probably see you soon

  22. What’s going on with you streaming?

  23. Unicum teaches how to play T-54 on any map: Make HEAT your standard ammo.

  24. soo much gold ammo thank god it’s getting nerfd !!

  25. Thanks for the video – very important lesson regarding the die alone as a
    hero on one flank :)

  26. hey lemming, you didn’t put the game results in the description

  27. ImNotMad_ImDisappoint

    “it’s a comet, who cares”.. i think quickybaby would have something to say
    about that Kappa

  28. How to play T-54:
    Say useless things…. then get to the point; load heat and wn8 pad.

  29. Could you do a video on how to play with rubbish turret armor because I’m
    really struggling with that at the moment

  30. How to play your T-54.
    First you equip Rammer, Vertical Stabilizer and Optics: Again.
    Then you pack a healthy amount of Skill ammo.
    Now you just drive into scrub nubs faces.

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