World of Tanks – Unicums Hate Him For This Simple Trick!

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  1. World of memes

  2. That E4 is the hero we deserve

  3. Look anfield, we just throw in the clickbate and wait. *What happens next Josh? * What happens next will shock you

  4. It's not what you think

    How do you make it so that people don’t ping you 800 times while you relocate around the back of the map?

  5. lol, just lol, did wonder where this video was going then the E4 plucks a rng jesus miracle out of the air.

  6. RNG, the great skill equalizer

  7. This title is cancer, but I love it.

  8. you would make a title like that…lol

  9. Hot unicums in your city looking for wn8!

  10. And you just know this E4 is going to realise absolutely nothing wrong with his plays, use this as confirmation of his God tier ability, and continue to ignore all advice and refuse to improve when he fucks up positioning in the future because hey, he got a 6k damage game before, and he’d get them every game if he just didn’t have noob teams/enemies firing gold/whatever other excuse.

    Reds get redder smh

  11. Just normal play with clickbait title. Nothing special.

  12. The IS-7 pen is trash enough with APCR. This looks like cancer.

  13. Damn, that E4 though.

  14. Central Intelligence Agency

    Hey Anfield, Anfield ANFIELD hey hey hey hey Anfield, ANFIELD HEEEEEYYYYY ANFIELD


  15. LMFAO saw the title, just had to click

  16. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    Get bodied nerd

  17. Alliterate alternating Illusions

    Haha the title is hilarious

  18. Seriously.. how…

  19. ivan george save the day


  21. This happens when you have 25% RNG.

  22. Pubbie dreams are alive

  23. what rng?? E4= pure skill

  24. The_Wrath_of_Neeson

    -Unicums- everyone hates him for -this one simple trick- clickbaiting

  25. Comrade Anfieldovich,IS 7 don’t need other tenks to hold a flank.
    IS 7 stronk tenk,da?

  26. RNG > everyone else.

  27. I have been using this in my life and I can easily say that this is true, no credit cards no bullshit. You only get it here folks, this trick made me a super unicum and it works 100%.

    I’d use a Kappa but this is true

  28. i have to watch that shit all the time…effing tomato players getting so lucky time and time again all the while the rest of us get it up the ass by RNG

  29. hahaha so intense game

  30. Well that’s 9 minutes I won’t get back…. Thought from the title there was going to be something enlightening but just got a youtuber crying ’cause an E4 wasn’t fast enough to save him…. Then crying more as he rode his luck to the win.

  31. Clearly this game is not that hard……..

  32. we’re not worthy we’re not worthy! relax.. you’re worthy you’re worthy..

  33. RNG balancing out skill levels, WG programming working as intended.

  34. Oh My F’ing Gawd!!!

  35. That rng….this is the most epic video i have seen for a while…gg RNG

  36. e4 hates you for your damage farming ways

  37. Sold my account yesterday, this video confirmed that my decision was right lmao

  38. hahaha too funny !!! You called it .. he was 49%

  39. WoT RNG at it’s best …

  40. turns out he sacrificed his kid to serb right before that to ensure the carry

  41. to add to our previous discussion – this has a lot more to do with idiots failing to cooperate than with rng

  42. This game is pretty bad and RNG is one of its biggest flaws.
    RNG, Matchmaking, terrible balancing, stock grinds and playerbase make pub games quite a frustrating experience very often.

  43. Anfield how come u are not spamming gold AGAIN, ur dad stopped ur allowences ??? And how come when u get lucky its class and when someone else gets lucky is just pure luck?

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