World of Tanks || Update 1.0.1 Preview

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of Tanks is testing update 1.0.1 which promises a map, province, the tech tree and frontline! Here’s all you need know!


of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. 105mm with 360 alfa? wtf?

  2. Ehi! Be serious. This line of tanks is interesting, jsut for the new mechanic of auto(re)loading.
    It gives some adaptive capacity to the tank, ok, nice.
    But can’t compensate all the NO ARMOUR.
    With no armour, you have to play smart, popping up, shotting and going back.
    To do this you need 3 things:
    – Short Aim time
    – Good accuracy
    – Gun Depression
    These tier 9 and 10 have only the 3rd, missing good aim time and accuracy.
    And if you try to unload the magazine, to get advantage of the position… no way to be efficient like other meds.
    So, actually they are badly designed (i mean paper stats).

    What should be changed?
    Well, giving better gun stats could possibly ruin the tank, becoming possibly OP, having this new adapative mechanic and great gun.
    So? Give some armour? Hmm… Maybe the turret! We have seen that tier 9 and 10 are penetrated frontally into the turret, even with standard ammos.
    And, to give a bit more taste to the tanks… Why not one more shell into the magazine.
    The Cons would be enormous, with a very very long reload time to reload the full magazine.
    But at least to give a chance to be worthy to take position, risk the tank to deal damage.

    If you consider the TVP 50/51… is superb in any aspect. With great reaload time.
    If you consider any other single shot medium tanks… they simply chew these italian tanks, no matter if they have the full magazine to unload.

    In these condition the are both underpowered, the tier10 could not even do well in a tier 9 MM. And possibly doing bad in a tier 8 MM.

  3. Province! I love it! Now bring back Hidden Village!

  4. nobody ever said wargaming employees were intelligent. removing the gold cost for premium ammo? they SHOULD be only available for gold. bring back needing some skilla nd having to aim for weakspots instead of hittint he 2 jey and firing at anything and penning.

    • D C Yeah because P2W is such a good concept.

    • you apparently are a new player…. when premium gold round WERE ONLY purchased with gold.. people hardly used them because it was too damn expensive to just shoot hat shit of downrange all the time. dont speak up when you dont know what you are talking about.

    • D C What you said has nothing to do with what I said. Don’t talk from your ass, use your brain.

      If premium shells are only purchaseable by gold, then it’s P2W. It doesn’t matter how many people shoot gold, it’s still P2W. And like you said. When the guy doesn’t pen you he whips out his wallet, pays some money to get premium rounds and pens you. Voila, P2W.

  5. people who load gold in tier 10 TDs need to be banned.

  6. Henri Verbrugghen

    The tier ten looks awesome

  7. You’re only calling them gold rounds because you are lazy and can’t change your habits. Let’s be honest.

    • PCWarMachine WG chose the hitlog color to be gold, so it’s gold ammo by default. It’s lazy to not call it gold ammo.

  8. but can you mount the top turret and gun on the base chassis of the t8? or do you have to free xp that as well?

  9. Imo they can keep the premium ammo, as long as they lower the damage they do compared to a normal shell by maybe 20-25%.

  10. One aspect of the auto reloader you left out in comparing it with say the T 57 heavy, is that you can put a gun rammer on this tank, which significantly reduces the shell loading time, thus increasing the DPM.

  11. YTUBE World Of Tanks

    I think frontline was more fun with tier 10. 🙁

  12. I highly respect WG for the gold ammo move. I think a lot of players will be angry because they played the game as P2W, but the majority of players will be happier especially if the credit cost goes down too.

  13. Lol they added 2 clicks to buy premium rounds with gold.

  14. Maybe they should fix the bugged corners and ridges on all the maps …inexistent shot blockers!

  15. QB, is province limited to tier 6 or it goes to tier 10?

  16. Wow, until you said this was the old province map, I didn’t recognize it.

  17. The reason they remove the gold option, is that nobody can ask for a refund when they change the ammo mechanics. Like with premium tanks, as they say: something that is bought directly with real money cannot be nerfed?

    I really hope this gives WG the opportunity to revamp the ammo mechanics completely. Like that ammo type x has more penetration, but less chance of causing module damage, while type y has less pen but for instance slightly increased chance of causing criticals..

  18. Perfect “gold” shells mechanic would be like this:
    1. Same damage as the standard shells do, but penetration is better than just 10-15% at most. The silver price for those should be reduced in that scenario.
    2. Penetration better than for the standard shells by 40-50% (roughly as it is now), but damage is less (like 15-25%). Shell’s price stays more or less as it is now.

  19. “its pretty much the same as the tier 6” as he points to the tier 6

  20. Come on, how hates a quickybaby video oh… Wait… 79…

  21. Inspire almost sounds like overdrive mechanic in Tanki online

  22. They need to rebalance the premium ammo. This is a step in the right direction but not enough.

  23. I have been playing common test and I love frontline mode so much! Great video Quicky baby!

  24. I must say I do wish these videos were done without bond weapons, I mean I wish bonds were there in the first place for a lot of reasons including the advantage they give to older players, but here, because the vast majority of players dont even have one piece of bond equipment, it kinda gives a less realistic impression of what most people will see, because I mean really, even people with bond pieces cant afford to put them on most of their vehicles.

  25. Great to see frontline coming to the servers it is a fun game mode and makes a welcome change, I did notice the consumables for this are at Level 1 does this mean they will be upgraded like in Strongholds in the future? Looking forward to getting back on Province with the clan on global map it used to be one of our favorites. Weak armored high tier tanks means loads of campers like those who play the Leopards especially with 20mm less hull armor any tier 8 will be able to eat them alive and maybe even French arty would get lucky with a penetrating shot, great report as usual.

  26. good now nerf TVPs unloading speed and were set 🙂

  27. Surely the point is that WG won’t change anything that people have directly paid money for. By changing the buy gold rounds for gold, they allow the shells to be changed later without having a load of “I paid money for this, I want a refund” hassle

  28. I normally use At 15 and Amx 50 100 on front line

  29. How about a buff to exp gained on the artys? I know we all hate them but you need to drive Serb in it to make it a good game exp vise xD

  30. The idea to make prermium ammo only available with credits is not exactly a fair solution as it only benefits players with premium accounts and tanks plus tier 10 players no longer grinding lines.The average player who is still grinding their way through tech trees will be the big loser here

  31. DPM only applies if you can keep your guns hot, which in practical it isnt the case and also not recommended.

    So why compare it anyway?

  32. Wait a minute, equipping a different turret on the P44 change the numbers of shells, penetration, aim time and accuracy of the gun?? Have we ever seen something like that before?

  33. premium rounds what they should do is remove them altogeather

  34. * cries in italian *

  35. Of course it’s all pure fantasy again. War Gaming just made these tanks up. I’m certain there was never a 75mm gun with 70 pen high explosive that’s just LOL. And the auto Reloader is also pure nonsense never existed at least not like the game mechanic works.

  36. I agree I’m not going to play these stock. I’m going to save up very deliberately to get all the necessary upgrades before I play them.

  37. It´s kinda sad that the P26/40 was the pinaccle of Italian Tank design back in WW2, while the Germans were already running around with Tigers and Panthers

  38. Hopefully they mean they will re balance premium shells and are just waiting for the stockpiles people brought with gold to dry up before they potentially get nerfed so they don’t feel cheated.

  39. Mister Torgue Flexington

    I don’t see a reason to play Italian tanks over Czech tanks.

  40. No nerfs to the 57% win rate of the Obj. version 4 comrades. Russian armour best armour ?

  41. What’s the purpose of testing and presenting tanks with fully pimped consumables? 95% of players won’t reach, like ever, to play that tank with that loadout so this doesn’t make any sense to that percentage of players I just made up …

  42. Is this update coming to console? I’ll start stocking premo rounds now.

  43. Yes! Changes to gold ammo! Later on they either have to lower the damage of the rounds, or limit the max number you can carry. Around 5% of max capacity would be great.

  44. Alexandre Bourgeot

    Time to remove completely those premium shells. It kills the gameplay. What the point to have a strong armoured tank, penalised by slow mobility, big side and easily shoot by arty, if on top of that anyone shoot through the armour by paying those gold armour.

  45. What about some buffs to the Leo1 line?
    And Frontline seems nice to grind credits.

  46. Is frontline on console, will it ever come to console ? (Battle field does 32v32

  47. I bet they’re going to lower the alpha damage of premium shells. That’s what they did for Blitz AFAIK

  48. As is the case with wargaming never nerfing premium tanks as people purchased them with real money, they cannot nerf premium round that people have bought with gold (i.e real money) for fear of backlash.

    Therefore their statement about waiting for all the gold purchased premium rounds to be used up makes sense. Once all the gold bought premium rounds are gone they can rework (read this as nerf) premium rounds without anyone kicking up a fuss and wanting a real money refund.

  49. Mystogan .Ravenheart

    P44 Pantera – Walk

    Can’t you see I’m easily bothered by persistence

    One step from lashing out at you…

    You want in to get under my skin

    And call yourself a friend

    I’ve got more friends like you

    What do I do?


    Is there no standard anymore?

    What it takes, who I am, where I’ve been belong?

    You can’t be something you’re not

    Be yourself, by yourself

    Stay away from me

    A lesson learned in life

    Known from the dawn of time


    Respect, walk

    What did you say?

    Respect, walk

    Are you talking to me?

    Are you talking to me?

    Run your mouth when I’m not around

    It’s easy to achieve

    You cry to weak friends that sympathize

    Can you hear the violins playing your song?

    Those same friends tell me your every word



    Respect, walk

    What did you say?

    Respect, walk

    Are you talking to me?

    Respect, walk

    What did you say?

    Respect, walk

    Are you talking to me?

    Are you talking to me?

    No way, punk


    Respect, walk

    What did you say?

    Respect, walk

    Are you talking to me?

    Respect, walk

    What did you say?

    Respect, walk

    Are you talking to me?

    Are you talking to me?

    Walk on home, boy!

  50. This patch note actually seems to give some promising hints on WGs plans to fix the two biggest issues players have with WoT:
    1. Gold ammo – It seems that WG needs to get rid of all/most of the gold ammo that was purchased with gold. This is important as it may be a pre-requisite for nerfing that ammo type. Kinda like how nerfing premium tanks is impossible in fear of refund claims.

    2. Tier 8 MM – The more tier 8 tanks they can get to Frontline mode the less there are in randoms. This means that the MM wouldn’t have throw them into tier 10 battles quite as often as the tiers would become more equally balanced.

    So all in all this patch looks like a really promising first step for the game in long term. I just hope I’m right. 🙂

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