World of Tanks || Update 1.0.2 Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks is testing update 1.0.2 with two new T10 tanks, the K-91 and Object 277, significant and a huge nerf to the Object 268 v4. Here’s all you need to know!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 0% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Baguette with cheese

    Well done WG nerfing 268 4. Now leave the pref matchmaking and let it be

  2. fxxk the obj.268 v 4!!!

  3. Spiritus Sanctus

    A glass full of the finest wine that i have to the nerfs of V4
    Me and my fioncee are watching every vid of yours 🙂

  4. focus on balacing not by making things more unbalanced by adding more tanks come on wg put your priorities straight

  5. What about the buggy reticle bouncing in Frontline!?

  6. I’d love to see it all become real tank with the real capabilites. Add AFV’s with Tows and such and find out how lethal a real battlefield is. A missile will generally open up a tank like a can opener. And an H.E. round take a BTR and turn it into a toaster. Just a thought. Because in real life it’s combined arms, a A10 strafing run would be so cool.

  7. CAUTION: More OP Russian tanks on the way!

  8. Evolve- The Performing Arts

    doesn’t matter- the teams are so rigged the changes won’t make any difference- worse it’s ever been- i’m a good player but can’t win when your entire team is DEAD in under 3 min- this game is crap now- all the good tanks nerfed feels like I got paper armor on my tanks, weak dmg- kinda pisses me off after all the hard work I put into my tanks-
    War Gaming should give us a prem account for even playing this game with all the rigging and “backdoor” crap going on not many are aware of

  9. What about t110e5 and E4, which are significantly worse than other tier 10s?

  10. Shivanshu Verma

    What’s the file size of common test server 1.0.2 (just update)- not whole download.

  11. Gaustadt Panzer

    Wow another Russian update…2 more OP Soviet tanks and slight nerf to another. Big deal they are still god tanks compared to the other tanks in the game.

  12. I wonder at this stage how many actual new players does this game still have.

  13. Big brother of the amx elc the k 91

  14. Dave Quaschnick

    T-34 shielded?

  15. Nerv 268 but not the type 5?

  16. Great nerf!

  17. What should i grind for ? Obj 705a or obj 277

  18. ha ha in wot blitz we already have k91
    but as a premium heavy tank 😛

  19. World of Tanks Blitz Fails

    wtf QB? 927 notifications on YouTube! :O

  20. All that effort to work towards Obj 268 v4 wasted!

  21. What was that “T-34 Shielded” that’s comeing up..?

  22. Obj 277 NEED A BIG NERF

  23. Thank God they finally nerfed that monster , I wish they would show some love to some other nations tank lines British light tierX ? Polish tanks? Maybe a Japanese TD line ?

  24. DerSpielfuehrer

    Cannot put in words how much i hate wargayming

  25. Armor is pointless in this game !
    Because prem rounds pen everything. They insist on putting higher and higher pen prem rounds to milk players of money. Add to that the track repairs etc. This is the worst type of micro transaction, it’s pay to play now !

  26. Imagine Jgpz E100 can go 50 km/hand has better lower plate ???? Hmmm….

  27. finally they nerfed obj268v4.

  28. I had talk in world of tank blitz and it’s a autoloader and a heavytank and tier9.☺

  29. Guys, have you noticed that when you fire a shot with the 277 on the test server it sounds like the 122 mm caliber gun on is-4? It has an 130 mm so is should sound like the 5a, the is7, right?

  30. Come to Ireland relax, just contact me on messinger ? it is so nice now.

  31. Fucking wargaming and their fetish for russian unbalanced cancer

  32. MarkGFL (Aging Jedi) has more integrity

  33. Good Video. But I think you missed the changes to the Obj. 430 II. It’s changes are called in the video of WG

  34. Obj 777v2 is the WZ 111 5A … but better… everything is better because it’s russian… really sad

  35. they just killer obj.268, this nerf wave was to hardcore, this is not sniping type of a tank.. Well gg again WG

  36. Remember guys: Never spend money on unlocking the next OP flavor of the patch! Unless you really can afford to p2w.

  37. You didn’t talk about the T-34 shielded, what is that tank?

  38. Frédéric Guignabaudet

    “Added a new armor group” I think they mean that they added some parts onto the hitbox, which weren’t part of it initially

  39. fking tier X medium has the same view range as french tier X light tank…… wg…still love you

  40. The Obj 268 4 received a nerf with the glorious Home Run Bat.
    Deserved it!

  41. SURPRISE! More Russian tanks!

  42. Satan in i Helvete

    The k91 is a heavy tank with a autoloader on blitz

  43. They Game of ” Buff and nerf” goes on.
    in future Patchs they will buff another Tank to “OP” status. Some will be happy to play the OP for a while and some will be happy when they nerf it , so WG comes out as a hero 🙂
    It is an OLD tactic , Just wake up.
    Did you ever wonder why a game Company can’t balance a Tank at release after existing for 6 years?!!

  44. Oh hey, a “sponsor” button next to QB’s channel name. Hmmm …

  45. Was the V4 so overpowered really? Well I don’t think so. It is a nippy assault destroyer that is enjoyable to play with. I never had a chance to put my hands on it, but I also never had a problem fight with it. Find a weakspot and shoot there! Maybe a little bit of nerf was needed on its mobility, but to nerf the gun handling is just unfair, because in fact it doesn’r have a turret, and it is very vulnerable from the side and its rear. Front armour was just good enough for an assault TD, and its gun not so precise anyway

  46. I like this ‘quick e news’ . Lots of news, to the point and in a short time 🙂

  47. 277 is OP

  48. I’m sad for my friends who get the 268 4 for his overpower but i’m feeling good to dont cry when i see this tank in the battle

  49. Painfully Average

    Rip to the IS-4 and E50M

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