World of Tanks || Update 1.1 Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

1.1 brings huge amounts of content including Personal Missions 2.0, the Polish Tech Tree and a bunch of new maps!


World of Tanks is a game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. So after this update I won’t be able to get the obj. 260 because I am on the obj. 260 so I will be very sad if I can’t get it.

  2. Tp60 isnt the thinking mans E100 the E100 is still the thinking mans gun for slapping someone cause while that turrnt on the E100 still makes you have to think but this looks like the stupid mans version no the thinking mans version

  3. Do you know the exact date of the update?

  4. Feels Like a T29 but without the op turret. But thats the defining feature of the t29….

  5. Polished Tanks?

  6. That 60TP has a fucking huge gun. I’m gonna feel the pain from that in my 113.

  7. I got obj 260, but it is nothing special, and too much time invested for that… So I dont care about new personal missions.

  8. It’s an i in ST-I not a 1 in ST-I. It doesn’t even look like a 1

  9. Only british and russian trash to unlock, fuck you WG… And forcing people to play some cancerous nation they hate. Double fuck you to the devs.

  10. No point for me these missions. TBH they are just to hard (at first look) I’m not good enough a player. 🙂

  11. it’s been 3 years and I am still in the Operation T55A.

  12. Looks all great!! Thank you WG for finally bringing a variety of new content! I’m very happy about the Polish tanks (though I am NOT POLISH!) & excited about the MAPS & their changes (very needed)! All in all sounds like a great update!

  13. You got it wrong. The 60tp looks more like a conq.

  14. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Why no Asian maps 🙁

  15. Will be able to still complete the previous missions? i am grinding the Obj 260 atm.

  16. Well when I play the conq gc, I’ll just target the 279 as should any other arty player.

  17. etřsežzezsejčr fzfrzdczrfz

    “Coalition – France, Czechoslovakia” – Tell us that after Münich agreement haha

  18. The only tier 10 campaing reward tanks …. are russian heavy tanks. That is just sad.

  19. I think that the 60 tp will be op

  20. Soo they took object 726 and called it object 279 E?

  21. thats me out!!!!!

  22. I don’t have to play artillery! ???

  23. The baby hits puberty 13:17

  24. TheGreatMrBobinsky

    Chimera tier 8 medium with 16 sec reload WTF?

  25. The new polish map is very small. I think it’ll be best for spotting with lights (good camo) or sticking a heavy in the central dip when there isn’t any arty – that becomes seriously broken.

  26. 7:03 – no, you said it really well

  27. QuickyBaby i have a question. Do you know if old missions and tanks such is Object 260 will still be avaliable as i am MT15 away from it. It would be bat shit retarded if they just remove it now and fuck up ppl who came close. Especialy casual players who play 20 30 matches a week.

  28. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Well if they really are THIS retarded and bring the Bobject with those stats than fuck this shit im out cuz broken af. Its build to survive Bombs WG fcking hell it has litetally NOTHING going for it to be in the game…. oh but yeah… its RUSSIAN

  29. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    And for the Missions… Yeah Play Tier 9 lol

  30. i’m pissed i wont be able to get my t-55A. i get people want new missions but i would like to keep the old ones until i want to switch over.

  31. Sooooo when Germans tanks will receive their massive buffs?????

  32. BEfore we all lose our heads about he new Bobject, lets appreciate Wargamings wfort to make a new content for everyone and actually improve the enjoyment of the game.

  33. fuck all these new tanks fuck all these maps .fuck these op tanks…who asked for this????? fix the mm god damn it just wtf…
    Good thing about this update is that they removed that shit province map from tier 8 to 10 finally thank god that map is just bullshit…other things are just useless shit..
    this game became so bad …op and cancerous tanks like type 4 5 and strv invisible tanks, but nooo lets add MORE TANKS F YEAH THATS WHAT PLAYERS NEED MOOOORE TANKS::i think im gonna quit this game, Just wait for the next patch . They will add 5 more russian tanks because why not..just make it already World of Rasha tanks

  34. Actually QB you might want to update the reviews of the Excalibur and Chimera, the current stats in tanks gg show that the Excalibur got some buffs and now can be used as quite fun medium/TD hybrid(something like the russian rear turret branch) and the Chimera was nerfed into oblivion, it is just pathetic now, too bad, i was hyped up for it expecting a M4 Rev playstyle tank, but if it is released with its current stats, it would be a good for nothing punchbag.

  35. I ain’t gonna have the StuG IV then.

  36. QB 2 phones lol.

  37. My first battle in 60TP – 8.5k dmg (still lost that game) but I enjoy the tank so I think I’ll pick it up ASAP

  38. 7:03 To be honest that is pronounced just like it should be.

  39. ” Perseverance” You mean abuse

  40. Kappa.txt @.@

  41. Sooo… will the first set of missions remain in the game?

  42. Eh yeah……..won’t be getting much out of those missions anyway

  43. Are the old missions gone? I’m one away from getting the Stug

  44. We dont need new tech tree ok polish tanks is op but no more i want have more tanks in the old lines czechoslovakian and polish tech tree is so small it needs more tanks sry for my english its holidays?

  45. The new maps looks fantastic but Studzianki is way way way to small, I don’t want to see more World of quake maps. Wargaming….! 🙁

  46. Omg lot of dick tanks

  47. New missions are cool, especially the Excalibur ones, some reward for perseverance is nice, rather than hoping rng and team composition aligns to give you monster games. Going to need some Coalition tanks though…

  48. The mighty Grey Knight

    yey E100 gets power creeped from all sides…

  49. And i though warthunder challenges were hard

  50. Next missions impossible..

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