World of Tanks || Update 1.3 Preview

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World of – Update 1.3. Big changes to the T-55A, 260 and IS-3A as well as decals and customisation are coming in Update 1.3 of World of Tanks!


World of Tanks is a 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, vents and a toolbox.


  1. I dont mind a commercial ads at the start or at the end but i can’t stand when there is some retarded ads in the middle of video. If it least it was content related.

  2. you have 1165 reserves? holy shyte.

  3. Zoeiro DasInternetsons

    Geez, is 3A can kill a Full HP tier 8 HT within 18 secs


  5. NEXT PATCH : OBJ-252U-A


  7. DE-CAL, not DAY-CAL. Jesus.

  8. Garbage. What they think is wrong is way off.

  9. How about E100 turret???

  10. At least on console there are some bullseye looking emblems. That’d be great on the top deck of any Japanese heavy, the Maus (and those before it), the TOG, etc.

  11. The Yellow Pages A to K

    Quickybaby come and play on the ANZ server and play the new MM. Its has been very nice so far and the bots at lower levels not bad.

  12. In warthunder did that to all tanks from all tiers like years ago I left wot a year ago and never came back

  13. Everyone is busy complaining about the decals… I’m just happy my darling T-55A is getting buffed

  14. I think the Hinter land is Grand Battle for Tier 8

  15. Buff the freaking 113. The ammunition count is miserable considering the bad gun handling.

  16. What about for the IS-3A it has let’s say 11 second reload for each three shells but unload of 4 seconds. So it has the potential to clip an enemy tank but still have normal reload otherwise, or reload that is 15 seconds for first shell then a minus 3 per shell after so last shell is only 9 seconds to reload.

  17. Maybe wargaming will buff my beloved churchill gun carrier before i get my third mark

  18. Guys imakinda new around here. i play blitz and i am interested in the original wot

  19. still crap P2W stuff typical war gaming

  20. Did you say daycal or decal. jk you brits 🙂

  21. I sold my t 55 a

  22. Super excited to be able to burst 1,170 damage within 6 seconds then have normal DPM. Definitely balanced. Well done, WG!

  23. Grand battle are now also for tier 8, not just tier 10. I did a few at tier 8 and I really enjoyed it.

  24. I’m banned from your twitch chat for some reason I just stated my opinion, but I wanna say please do more of that free to play stream it was great as I’m a free to play player, it shows on how important a crew is in your tank

  25. I’ve seen this video before as I watch it again for the first time.

  26. No mention of the premium round balancing they promised…

  27. i wish i started playing this instead of blitz on pc, now i cant because i have barely any tanks in WOT and tons in WOTB

  28. What’s this about a +/-1 mm test on the asian server? Is it real or just rumor?

  29. Seems wargaming gonna overpower a lotta premium tanks

  30. Please don’t tell me the IS-3A is going in the game in the state Dez mentioned it…

  31. No matter how far back you went in big heavies you got spotted and slapped stupid, it killed the map for heavies in Fisherman’s Bay.

  32. Ok… So more Russian tank buffs.

  33. Every patch: make Soviet tanks stronker = balance.

  34. Really enjoyed your free to play stream, now imagine your frustrations multiplied when you are trying to F2P tier VII tanks grinding toward tier VIII going against wallet warriors or unicums who are gifted gold who can just plop a 100% crew in and not grind through the crap guns. The toxicity goes all the way up, that’s why many re-rolls stop at tier V and just seal club, same thing as the wallet warriors or unicums ‘loading the gold’ and playing tier VIII to pad their stats. I defy you to grind up to tier X as a F2P and maintain your unicum status. This is one of the reasons that there is a backlash against XVM.

  35. Is he usualy this orange???

  36. Snapshot better than an STB-1? Snapshot and STB-1 in the same sentence? Can’t say I’ve ever had the plessure of experiencing that.

  37. Pretty happy with the T-55a/Obj. 260 buffs…but that decal system still pales in comparison to War Thunder’s.

  38. IS3A and OBJ260 seems to be new OP tanks! ?

  39. they probably inverted the reloading mechanics on the IS3A because it has already been sold and changing it to a similar point we have on the italian tanks would mean you actually nerf the DPM on the tanks that are already in the game

  40. Well not bothered what QB said about the 30 v 30 map its good to have another game added and many people think so to, we are not all grinders or have the time to work at getting tanks plus i think WG should have more tanks to buy.

  41. New arty? What, really? Excellent, been waiting so many years for some new stuff for arty players. Give us our own game wg you plebs, arty versus arty, bot tanks, destroying buildings, harbours, ships, airfields, supply convoys, railways, factories…

  42. Marko Vidosavljevic

    Still no kv3,kv4,ST-I and IS4 buffs….

  43. i would like to see huge improvements to the match making

  44. Naurava_Pottu Peruna

    Fishermans bay town route changes are good because not everyone plays the russian or chinese heavys

  45. I think IS3A was worst pre tank in the game but after the patch gonna be so broken.

  46. Like the Obj 260 needed a buff…. Dafuq

  47. Peter H. van Leeuwen

    Looking forward to the IS3A review

  48. All I see here is some idiot that came up with an easy idea for decals, WG fucking up in the first place by destroying the mission system, looking at the worst maps in the game and “Fixing” them only to make half of them worse off with no actual “Fix”. They should hire people to make maps that actually have experience in random battles.

  49. Stop update this Game..

  50. Kristoffer Johansson

    Hm, mannerheim line even more asymmetric, those changes are the opposite of what was needed.

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