World of Tanks || Update 9.18 – New Content!

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World of Tanks. Patch brings much new content including T10 light tanks, an improved and changes!

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  1. Sorry this video was delayed till today I cancelled the rendering at 99% during the stream last night like a true potato!
    Let me know what you think about the dramatic changes coming to World of Tanks in 9.18!

  2. need to grind more now to get free T9 LTs man being a new player kind Of sucks

  3. Quicky, I have a question and I would like to give us advice about that.

    So with new update our light tanks will be moved up by one tier, so my question is next: Do you think that we should sell our tier 7 light tanks day before update and get silvers for free because after update we will get them back in garage by default as tier 8? Or I am wrong with this?

    Thanks and regards

  4. Only person who cracked up when I saw the Sheridan? 😀

  5. mmm sounds good to me…. in general … mind you WG have changed things at the last minute before and they could do it again so don’t count you chickens yet guys…. as for the arty … i do believe it will hinder the campers as it will possibly be able to splash behind cover ?????????? and only having HE is a good change .. ( yes Russian laser cannon I am looking at you ) so arty will mostly damage enemy and your team will be able to deal with them …. love the cool down idea on the consumables that is very good to see 🙂

  6. The Games with the M53/55 are not a good representation. You used full premium rounds, which caused to give it the same splash as the t92 has without prem rounds.

  7. Moan for years about Arty and give them shitty names then when they make changes to address issues it’s still not good enough. There has to be a ballence all you seam to want is them nurfed off the planet or removed.

  8. High quality and informative video as always. I have to say the continuous churn in vehicles is getting a bit wearing, it’s rare that the changes really improve or add much to game interest as most combinations of armour, gun and mobility exist somewhere in the tech tree as long as you’re not bound to a particular nation. Personally I’d rather see more maps than more tanks, even bring back some of the old maps which may have needed tweaking but surely not just dumping. I may be biased as I play light tanks badly (some would say all tanks badly!) and find arty’s frustrating/dull. Keep up the good work with the videos you saved me millions of credits on tanks that just wouldn’t suit me and pointed out some I would never have thought off. Thanks

  9. Looks like a great update QB.
    I subbed

  10. Please DON’T nerf the AMX ELC keep it at tier 6!!
    (If you’re only doing this to make more money give us an unaltered tier 6 premium version :-/)
    If you must move it to tier 5:
    HP. 380-90
    Avg. Pen. AP 132-143 / APCR 185-194
    Top Speed 60
    Leave the rest as is. Thank You!

  11. No mention of the Crusader or the M7 change Qb or will that be in another vid?

  12. TheCardboardJedi

    great, can’t wait for the BC 155 58’s to zero in on my T95 now… and people whined about our WT Auf E100’s being “broken”

  13. cant wait for 1/3 of my health to be deleted by an invisible light tank

  14. TheCardboardJedi

    the only sure fire way to end this argument is to let us decide with a game setting for Arty/No Arty. based solely on those precious few games where I’ve drawn no Arty I know which way I’d go.

  15. wg now make a mode without artys because all now play arty safe.

  16. how big is a cap circle? and is the arty gonna blind-reset evry cap try?

  17. more maps!!!!!

  18. fuck we’re gonna see 3 arty’s every game because the tomato’s think it’s funny to stunn every one

  19. The AMX ELC Bis is getting nerfed: pen from 170mm to 120mm and HP from 400 to 320….

  20. I wouldn’t mind in-video ads when content is this good.

  21. a tripple arty platoon of bc 155 58 pure stun cancer

  22. So, what’s the best way to PROFIT from this? Buy all tier 8 light tanks now and sell them later? How much credit will we get for this?

    Also, I have the tier 8 chinese light tank right now, shall I free xp my way into the tier 9 now? Since it will be moved up to tier 10 it will be like I will save a lot of xp to grind. Then later resume grinding on the NEW tier 9 chinese LT with my tier 8…

  23. Oh wow, no more will I be sat in an ELC in a match where half of the enemy team is Tier 8 and most of the rest are Tier 7. Doesn’t happen often but every time it does I just have to facepalm.

  24. I think the stun mechanic is stupid, when your in a 113 for example as I have on the test server. I have a pretty skilled crew and when medium tanks come try to circle me, they can’t because I’m in a tank with good crew skills. But say I’m on half of my HP and this T-54 is a 2 shot. And i shoot him one he comes around the corner, but THEN! Arty hits me and stuns all my crew and then shit hits the roof because all my crew are going through some epileptic sizure because of artillery and then I die because all my my crew were dieting and the MT lived and killed me and we loose the game! GG WG ya foken idiots.

  25. Artillery damage should have been only reduce d by 10-20% and although I agree with the larger splash radius, the damage drop-off must be much higher. You can’t have arty splashing 10m away and doing 100 damage to a heavy or med. They missed fair and square.

  26. Andreas Sjöberg

    Finally an end to the “miss by a mile at max zoom” 8 out of 10 times. I forsee loads and loads of assist damage for the trackings….

  27. magical pineapple

    i think they should reduce the range the artillery can shoot at so it has to reposition more often, and actually use the map and not camp in spawn

  28. I’m pretty much excited about all these changes, except the parts that concern the AMX ELC and arty.

  29. Basil Abeysekera

    now my maus will have no where to hide on murovanka with that insane view range of the new lts.

  30. I’d say the best change for arty would be to increase their accuracy crazily but make their aim time 30 seconds

  31. Hi QB I have been watching your videos for a year now and I think they are really informative . Please continue to do these videos on tanks and updates (patches). That’s all QB roll out

  32. If you are going to play Wot in the next patch, you better have a tier 8 premium that you like to play, because you’re going to need the credits. You will have to use repair kit and med kit in pretty much every battle, and unless they are premium versions, you are giving your opponents a huge advantage.

  33. Super SimoreButts

    Are there going to be any changes to the arty mission seeing they are getting a big change?

  34. QB, try to play low tier german arty.
    Grille is nonmovable, ungunned XP pinjata.
    Now WG is nerfing arty more – to where?
    I have seen that while grille is aiming, Lef can aim, shoot, reload, reaim and shoot again. I have played arty agains KV, Lucky me he was noob. 4 shots reduced KV-s XP only by 40% 😀 (You are lucky if you hit enemy tanks) – so there is differences between artyes. But WG dosen’t care. If WG need to nerf arty, it will be german one.
    I have played WoT from v.8 and.. ..removing player skills, tactics, physics.. ..anything where you can learn something.. ..WG killed game.
    Now where?
    By my opinion even Hello Kitty is better game 🙂

  35. The solution to the SPG problem is far more simple: Max 1 spg per game and 10% dmg nerf . The waiting times for spg players will increase at first but then it will balance out again because arty will be played less.

  36. WZ-132-1 Light tanks penetration is like Mause gun. So its gun is Top tier X gun.

  37. Prof. Dr. Swenson Fertig aus

    what happens to the m41 blackdog? will it stay on tier8 or be changed?

  38. Basil Abeysekera

    bill and bob plays maus tank, bill camps in maus, bob plays maus tank aggressively and gets nuked by arty and die. bill camps at bush instead. bill hasn’t lost any hp yet, bill is smart, be like bill.

  39. I wonder how they scale arty damage by range from impact. It kind of looks like it’s linear, hence that kill from a pretty wide miss. Inverse square or something would be better.

    What’s interesting is that some of the arty changes actually make sense from a realism perspective. Wider splash but reduced damage is actually a good idea, but the damage needs to reduce drastically with range, and the stun mechanic seems overdone.

    I can definitely see myself now equipping toolboxes on light tanks in particular to mitigate the impact of the repeated tracking damage.

  40. Marián Markovič

    T29 will rock the game,…

  41. The *destruction* of artillery is going, “so well”, that at this moment Warthunder has over 37,000 players logged in whereas the W.o.T. North American server has 5,000! Is Wargaming *listening*?! DUHHHHH!!!!

  42. The nerf to Chaffee’s rate of fire and DPM is so much that a fully upgraded Chaffee with Cola, vent, rammer and BIA in 9.18 has worse DPM than a Chaffee with no equipment or perks in 9.17.1. Same goes for dispersion. Even the view range is nerfed so that I can’t reach 445m view range without Cola or Binocs, and I use optics myself. How am I supposed to play it in 9.18? I am not playing a weaker tank with better matchmaking. I am playing the Chaffee as it is now.

  43. When I found out that all the other tiers 8 LTs except the WZ-132 were moving up I was like FUCK, but the. I realised all the XP on the tank except the ones moving up to tier would stay so I was like lel.

  44. 9.18 when does it hit the main servers ?

  45. Daniel Ioan Bulboaca

    I heard the T54 mod 1 will be modifead is order to baff it. Is this true?

  46. I once said on Jingle’s facebook that the new artillery significantly buffs their artillery to damage and kill light tanks and medium tanks.

    He laughed at me… but now QB is saying what I have been warning the entire time.

  47. The ELC AMX, requires skill and lots of training to be able to do good in it. World of tanks is becoming a mash of balanced tanks, no tank is truely unique. Why nerf ELC, Why make arty even more trolly? We want more maps, we don’t need this constant change of game, Improve it, don’t change every dynamic that makes the game special. SAVE THE ELC.

  48. Let’s keep artys current splash damage range, and make the increased radius only for premium ammo.

  49. what about the missions for arty, the values aren’t reachable then


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