World of Tanks – Update 9.18 Overview & Thoughts

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  1. You should only get stunned for 10 secs max for any arty, and only on a direct hit. A shell landing 15m away won’t stun a crew for 20 secs……

    Or remove stun and leave arty dmg and pen as it is in 9.18

  2. Light tanks dont have such DPM to compare with Meds.. I dont think they are Op. Penetration of them is also slightly low.. Ofc they have advantages but like the Sweed TDs they will be powerful only for some maps..

  3. Remove arty…LOL!

  4. StronkGameReviews

    Just remove arty, remove HE guns, make the game playable with standart account then i will consider coming back to wot for WT.

  5. Very condescending with the poke at arty players”Im sure they will come up with something”, so biased no real reporting and I will say it again get me the replays showing how many times you have been 1 shot by arty. Yes I do play arty but havent for about a month. Could have put something in there about what it will cost you to change a crew that gets left at tier 8 and not follow its tank, or how any experience you have on a tier 8 tank gets left at tier 8 and will cost a lot to convert to free experience to use, but hey you didnt have the time as you just wanted to bash arty.

  6. IMHO these changes remove a lot of cancer from the game and make it a lot less frustrating.
    After that patch, WG should adress gold ammo issues and rework it in a way that premium rounds deal less damage so there is no opportunity to fire rounds that are flat out better just by spending more money.
    Moreover, they should sensibly rebalance the type 4 and type 5 godzillas aswell as the Maus. And after that they should rework the ridiculous doom cannons on the russian tank destroyers; there is NO REASON why any tank at tier 8 should have 290 penetration, 14 seconds of reload time and 750 damage. What about hmm…maybe lowering ISU damage to 560 and decreasing reload to 12 seconds and lowering Su-152 DPM by 5%?

  7. thx Anfield, nice overview

  8. I hope Wargaming changes the arty limit per team to two instead of three. I believe this would alleviate the hate people have towards the stun/debuff mechanic until Wargaming figures out what to do next.

  9. always some good insights

  10. I almost only play light tanks with over 22k games so I am really exited about the new tier 10s(A fair few might have been stet pedding with Amx Elc, Leopard, VK, Crusader and Luchs but those tanks are so much fun I cant help it)

    I do play the Batchat and Leopard 1 for a change once in a while and I am hoping that the accuracy on the move will be improved on the Leopard or reload time to give it some advantage over the light as dispersion is awful at the moment and with the current test server the light is out spotting the Leopard really easily due to keeping its camo while moving and superior view range nullifying the Leopards camo.

    With the French tier amx 105 I think they should really reduce the reload time as I feel its DPM is too low to be competitive otherwise and it does just feel like a worse Batchat.

  11. arty strikes should be replaced with a light tank commander skill calling for an off-map wide area barrage which mostly removes cover by destroying buildings and rocks and levelling terrain but only causing module damage not actual damage. Because spotting targets for attack is what scout tanks do. The same can be done for the howitzer armed tanks.

  12. Reuseable consumable is the best part of the patch, it is even more important than arty change.

  13. Jon Håkon Breivik

    Just something why can’t the small repair kit just have 60 second of cooldown and the big have 90 or more.

  14. how are u supposed to across some maps as heavies without being lit and sniped XD

  15. 7:20 The Leopard still has more HP, better DPM, better acc/aim time, better dispersion values, better penetration, armor on the turret that actually does bounce stuff on the mantlet and overall doesn’t get penned by HE that much and prob more…

  16. AnonyMouse Poaster

    I personally am looking forward to ALL the changes.

    Stun > getting one-shot
    Re-usable consumables = more impact in the game
    Higher tiered light tanks = more variety, better mm etc.
    Better mm = less cancerous match-ups
    Better map rotation means I don’t have to get Malinovka 4 times in a row.

    It’s all so good 😀

  17. tier 8 lights would have been enough…its the same as arty…tier 8 does the same as tier 10

  18. Finally arta nerf 😀 After 7 months i think im gonna start playing wot again.

    But the long stun might be fucking anoiying but i have to experience it

  19. new tier 9/10 lights = no need for mediums. No idea why WG wanted to add more light tanks

  20. i just hope the mm works right.

  21. I played 50 ish test server games a lot of tier 8 tanks. and it worked fine i got to be TOP TIER on test server about40% of the time. if i picked tier 10 it was as u said tier 10 15-15 i think every time. But so far i felt the MM worked great. FInally.

  22. I couldn’t agree with you more on the Tier 10 LT’s. And as if that wasn’t enough now the already tiny maps will feel even smaller.

  23. All I want is for them to give me all the xp I got on my t-54ltwt as free xp so I don’t have to grind all the way back up to tier 9 or be forced to use fucking gold….

  24. Richard Gustafsson

    The 60s vs 90s cooldown on consumables is just a bad excuse for WG to cash in on prem acc and veichle purchases. We need a new word for this “passive p2w” as I like to call it

  25. Honestly I think the new arty stun mechanic will only really piss of players in big slow tanks like the Maus, Type 5 Heavy, T95, T110E3 etc. Along with the new lights I think we will see a meta shift to much faster paced games with much less hp on the table to be farmed. The majority of my pts games lasted less than 6mins and slow tanks just can’t really do much in that time.

  26. imagine a platoon of bat chat arties.. getting stuned in every 6th seconds…

  27. TierX LTs, particularly on small maps, seem *way* OP.

  28. are you sure it’s not an April fool surprise ?

  29. The tier X lights are to op. Great gun and op viewrange. They almost insta spott swedish tanks. They will destroy all gameplay for all tanks that are at the moment rely on camo

  30. i think the light tanks up to tier 10 will give less fail platoons in randoms with tier 5 light grouping with tier 5 other classes.

  31. Anfield, you make it sound as if arty players only play arty. I only play arty for the personal missions. There is little reward and a lot of grief, frustration and hate when you play arty. Change the personal missions so that they either don’t exist for Arty or that they are a lot easier so that you don’t have to grind them out and I think that will get rid of some of the arty players in one quick move.

  32. I played on public test server couple of games with tier8 tanks. The MM gave me full tier8 MM and not a single one top tier. If there are enough tier8 players the MM will give the best balanced scenario, full tier8 teams. In tier10 I got full tier10 teams and of course a lot of light tanks, 5 per team :D. On the live server I think I will got also top tier templates, the best in my opinion. Same tier teams is the best balance but it’s hard to play, in my case.

  33. Arty should stay the same as it is, just remove the damn Ap rounds. In addition, they should add the “I am attacking here” radius and maybe some of the stun mechanic. I don’t see the problem with arty as they can be very helpful now as they are, i mean really how many times do people get one shotted? Any time i’ve been one shotted and i look at the shell used it is always AP so i say its really and easy fix.

  34. Not sure if anyone has said this yet (and I’m to lazy to scroll) but the cool down time difference between the consumables is like it is in World of Warships. If you choose to go with the premium consumables you get a improved cool down time and if it’s a consumable like Hydro Acoustic or the repair ability you also get a additional use to do with the cool down time.

  35. Am I the only Nah one about reusable consumables?

  36. Remove arty totally…fuck u know how many hours and +2k of battles i have played to get finally tier 10 arty…and now if it was removed…rage..rage..never played again WoT forever.

  37. remoove the class
    what happens with premium artys?

  38. GREAT, because some unicum streamers kept whining about getting hit by arty while exploiting broken locations in their TIer 10 meds/heavies, WG felt the need to turn every arty into a FV304 making the game “consistent”/boring af.

  39. Wow a lot of varying opinions on a variety of things, really interesting reading actually.

  40. mate how the fuck is the leo obsolete?! you do realise it has way more advantages over the panzerwagon.

  41. Not worth it playing meds any more. New lights r just better…


  42. Well Other than Leo, Tier 10meds still will rock!

  43. I totally agree with Anfield about the tier 10 LTs and I think the new MM should do well.

    But I think the arties shouldn’t be changed because the stun and alpha reduce just makes them rely more on teammates. We know that in random battles there are not much cooperation between teammates. And now the arties cant even defend themselves with shotguns.

    I know there are a lot of arty haters and my reply to them is that you should learn to use covers and control your tempers.

    Random battles needs arties to drive the campers out. I know people will argue that it is the arties forcing players to camp, but in fact it is those unspotted TDs making players not leave their cover because it is not as easy to shoot a moving target as to shoot a stationary one for an arty.

  44. Sebastian Zajdel

    what do you think will happen with arty usage in gold league?

  45. As a LT driver, i really disagree on your opinion related to arty (funny enough, i agre with your tier 10 LTs opinion).
    The way i see it, this changes are a disaster for LTs and other non armoured vehicles. The huge splash damage make it easy to hit a LT at full speed and shave half of their health, they hit u behind hard cover, they blind shot spotting bushes, counter battery is a joke now, reseting caps too. I dont know how they didnt see that in the sandbox server.

  46. Tharaka Wijerathne

    hey Anfiled, thank you for the content.
    why did u like Sheridan? It’s bit slow and has bad camo as far as I know. I have a T49 now and I’d love to get a tier 10LT. It would be great news if Sheridan is a good tank. What does make Sheridan a good tank?

  47. MY GOD THANK YOU.  You are the first online reviewer to mention the horror that is Tier Ten Unicum Platoons…  It will destroy upper tier play, as the team with the purple 10s will always win.  And this will only encourage unicums to platoon, that and the 30%xp bonus for a win…

  48. Next huge MM issue.  What happens when you have a platoon of (3) tier 10 lite tanks?  How will having the top tanks be nothing be lights?!!?!

  49. I myself have never had an issue with artillery in this game and is happy with the way they are but as for this whole stunning effect business, I am very sceptical about and if its really that bad why cant they just have no more than 1 or 2 in a game instead?

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