World of Tanks || Update 9.20.1 – Test Server Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Update .1. Previewing all the coming to World of Tanks in Update 9.20.1, including the Super Conqueror, T71 split, campaign and balance changes!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. OnceUponATimeThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.TheElongationOfThatUsernameWasPlainlyLegendary

    STB is going to be so lovely <3
    Very Honorable Samurai

  2. So I have to complete the fucking shitty missions before they release so I don’t taint my account by using artillery.

  3. Oh, so I can’t avoid playing sky cancer to get my next reward tank? To quote sir Foch: “GG Wargaming and fuck you.”

  4. Super Conqueror

    Thats pretty dumb

  5. This is BS from WGs behalf, i never played arty and never will, now they banned the right from ppl like me to get the reward tanks by making mandatory for them to play artillery. Same goes to ppl that they have all the missions done lets say for the T28 and only 2 missions from LTs without honors to get the tank and lose all that progress. Fck em

  6. i cant find where is that page whit the mission changes

  7. 2,5 years since they added the missions…. i still havent unlocked the Stug IV yet……

  8. QB, save yourself the alphabet soup and just call them the Cadillac T71 and the Detroit T71

  9. Hell yea….. i knew starting to grind the FV stage 2 was a good idea

  10. Still waiting for ST-I hd model…

  11. Pepijn van Heeswijk

    I swear to god. If my bulldog gets set before the t49 and I can not research the t54e1 anymore…

  12. I like the new campaign system, a few of the missions are just too annoying not to skip now^^ but I hate that theres still no love for the t34-2… this tank has to be the worst in the game and it gets ignored every time.

  13. Nerf all tank

  14. Conway is going to be the best td?

  15. Arnas Kazanavičius

    10:42 subtitles remote our puns of argan xD

  16. Super Conquer looks awesome!

  17. Finally, WG! LT buffs, hell yea!

  18. They need to stop the buffing, they should nerf other tanks so that weaker tanks get competitive. All these power creeps are getting on my nerves.

  19. WG! WHY did you abandon the Black Prince! Nooo…

  20. Can i buy t 28 HTC and stug back?

  21. or maybe mission for those tier 10 tanks getting removed from the tech tree

  22. HT-15 left for T 55A because I do run like idiot and do not fire pure HEAT when on mission to fire 2 or 3 enemy tanks in one game (stupid). I just take them as they come.
    I do not play arty and I do not want arty in this game at ALL. I am not alone!
    Now WG wants to force me to play class that I despise !? Message for WG – GO F yourself.

  23. We want maps!!!

  24. Campaigns. Still shit.

  25. Why dont they buff the Black Pince 🙁 i love the tank but its shit

  26. No word about the Kanonnenjagdpanzer 105 ???

  27. So they’ve buffed the turret of every tank and given them all better gun depression. Yeah absolutely positively have to shoot gold at everything now. Great

  28. Yay finally my T-34-3 looks good 😀

  29. Where is the KV 5 Buff ? :/

  30. I know he said he may have missed something, but yeah he did miss the tiny part below the fv4005 buffs where the Cent AX gets a turret buff too.

  31. QuickyBaby please to an updated version review on T 54

  32. 1:15 “A lot of people chose to skip SPG’s”. Yes, there’s a reason for that. Take a hint, War Gaming.

  33. so the art of distraction is still going on MM and T8 is broken and so they work on missions and HD models but not where its meant to well played WOTnot – still not playing til you fix that oh yes I dont think they care as I am a no body and not worth worring about well played again

  34. Mihnea Andrei Mehedințu

    Lol that Bonds for Medals idea was my feedback upon the Ranked Battles. Apparently they really took it serious, absolutely fantastic, thanks !

  35. I have not done the personnel missions, I don’t play ARTY.

  36. Dez gamer did this 3 days ago

  37. they should buff the m 46 patton kr

  38. Good Stuff

  39. I wish they made the FV215b in HD Model. A bit disappointed about that. Better bring Tier 1 and 2 Tanks in HD….. 🙁
    Now its a special Tank and still looks like sh..t.

  40. I can only laugh at the caern buff it was already a great tank if you used it well altough i get it that it was too similar to the centurion so the gun change is something i would say is “necessary”. HOWEVER! 2700~ dpm with this it is just broken as fuck.

  41. I completted almost al missions for Obj. 260 and I cant complete any more bc I have to go to school and I will not be eable to win it, soo are misions going to be restarted or it will transport completted misions?

  42. These are your best, and most useful videos. Noice.

  43. that stb1 gave me the fizz.. SUCH BEAUTY

  44. Vlastislav Ivičič

    Funny QB sayd: maby i forgot some think hmm i think u forgot SUPER TORTOIS

  45. I just wish Wot would fix the ms for AU’s and nz..hard to play with 250+ms..I only get 100ms in wow so I don’t get the issue

  46. how can i use the orders on stug to complet MT-15 (obj 260)???

  47. i still dont understand why they are changing the conq. the reasion the tanks fun is not because of armor but because of its mobility and gun. why nerf the dpm to give it more amor makes no sense to me. maybe its because iv played somthing like 2000 games in it and i like it the way it is but i just dont understand the changes. it kinda feels like there just making it a m103 clone which dose not make any sense to me. perhaps its because when your no very good at the game its a very hard tank to play but i feel theres plenty of other tanks and lines for them. i still remenber the conq before its 1st buff and it was pretty good even then just you had to know what was going on around you as you dident have the hull armor and turret to take hits.

  48. About the tier 9 and 10 french artys nerfs… no armour and changed model, and decreased engine size.

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