World of Tanks || Update 9.20 – New Content!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks 9.20 brings a Chinese tank destroyer tech tree, French autoloading tank destroyers battles and much more!

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  1. Ohh, T-44 finally got a buff. Took quite a while

  2. DinoLoverandArtist

    I don’t have barracks or stronghold on my screen in WOT or this overall view. Is this just found in Europe possibly?

  3. Where did brit med buff disapiered?

  4. we want the italian tech tree!!!!!!!!

  5. I dont like the idea that you can complete the Personal missions in the new Grand battle. It just makes a lot of missions easier. I dont even yet have the obj 260, but I dont think people with that tank really like the idea that it will be easier to get.

  6. Aleksandar Stanković

    Well it’s about damn time they nerf an OP Ruski tank. Sure, they removed the BL-10, but that doesn’t mean the new 152 mm gun is going to be bad. In fact, it’s probably going to be just slightly worse than the BL-10. Anyway, here’s what I think of the update:
    French TDs: All changes have been made to high tiers, and low and mid tiers are a piece of junk, so it’s not worth my time.
    Chinese TDs: Why buy a Chinese version of OP Ruski TDs when you can have an actual Ruski TD with all of it’s RNG, or a Jageroo/Deathstar?
    30 vs 30: Tier 10 tanks only, so yeah…

    Conclusion: Let’s continue to not play World of Pay2Win.

  7. So… I start the game out back when Waffentrager Auf E100 where a thing.. and that was stil even at its weakest form without the 6 shells etc…. I get there, its get nerfed even more… Ok wel shit happens.. It than gets removed entirely because of wel un-fair to much dmg potencial in X amount of time.. we get the Ok ish Grill when it was released.. than that was to OP and gets nerfed in al sorts of ways.. now its a royal piece of shit so Yay 1st tech tree I get a lvl 10 tank in.. Oh wel shit happens.. Than I went for Russian TD’s Because Fun to play nice hit and miss feeling allong its tiers (Aka SU 152 and ISU 152) and than tier 10.. Not bad pretty nice tank to play imo with its troll armor wich has the “I wil be god like armor this game and utter shit the next game) Basicly Wargaming Rngesus tank… the love rng over there.. Ok wel tough luck.. Ok wel lets try for my 3th tank tree to tier 10, French Heavy’s… the seem nice and pretty much all of the above mentioned tree’s Hit/miss Troll armor here and there thing in it, Yes! made it to tier 10… oh look at that.. lets bring the swedish heavy tanks out, and french Heavy is basicly redundant because why the heck would anyone play french Heavy over the Swedish one.. Duh… Oh ok fine.. I wil just go back to my russian TD than.. Oh lets just bring Chinese TD’s.. and make them better than the Russians tier 10, because thats pretty much redundant with its better in every stat part… Oh ok.. I see what you want Wargaming.. I wil go back to my Shit can tank Grill wich used to be the WT Auf E 100 and got removed due to all of the above mentioned things before.. But Naaaah lets bring the French TD”s and make them just as OP as a tank we had before for the very same Fing reason it got removed.. Ah lovely… ok ok ok.. its back to tier 8 where some fun can be had in my ISU 152… Oh wait… the reason why thats mildly fun stil is its gun.. ah right that one gets removed… Hmmmmm. Basicly I am getting more and more happy that I said F this game.. shame that I alrdy spend way way to much time and money on it. No wonder the game is now left with ppl that have no clue what so ever and no longer a “team” game its a 1 vs 29 game good luck with those numbers game after game after game..

  8. It seems like it’ll be a lot easier to run out of ammo in Grand battles, especially with BC and FV 183, so are they going to double ammo capacity for double the tanks, or will we just have to get creative?

  9. Θωμάς Κουτσούκης

    Hey! The waffle is back!

  10. That change to chevron gain in the new ranked effectively killed that mode for me forever. I do not want to be responsible for 14 other players that sabotage their team to lose. And obviously, I am not a Unicum, so I don’t claim to be awesome, but this game’s win ratio was always something that frustrated me as it is largely not up to you if you win.

  11. Turn on captions at the start


  13. We just needed a new UK HT tanks line ?

  14. What will happen to the Frontline mode? When will it come out?

  15. The T-43 sucks. Pls fix this

  16. Hm they buffed T-54. Thank god, it was so terrible tank…/sarcasm

  17. i will maybe but just maybe play this game again when they improve graphics and add new maps. HD skins should be added two years ago what a joke.

  18. 30vs30 only for tier 10? Lame when will console ever see this update?

  19. Hey QB thanks for the content update. Way easier that reading the release myself and more entertaining. One thing though. I noticed you rarely say when these updates/patches are scheduled to come out and it could be because they are subject to change. Anyways maybe you could throw that in on your next update vid. Thanks dude, you’re content is awesome.

  20. 395mm penetration. 😀

  21. New ranked looks even shittier than the beta.

  22. Penfold What-ho Chappies

    So sorry to see the rather limited mountain goating ‘feature’ removed. It took a lot of practice and skill to master some of those climbs which was fun (otherwise everyone would be doing it). I never found a spot where I couldn’t be killed by players who are mentally aware of the map. I guess the game really is only for brain dead heavy tank drivers and Unicom Russian/Chinese/BatChat med drivers – long may they moan and bore the sh1t out of each other. ;(

  23. t54 buff

    obj 430 II still shit

  24. Hi QB, Do you think XVM should be still in WOT, if so should WOT at least have the stats of XVM hidden as an option? what’s your view ??

  25. they should leave secret spot alone, and hopefully a north korean tank line

  26. EASY decision… RANK BATTLES …. NEVER NEVER EVER NEVER AGAIN…. It’s only for AIMBOT players and few others… WASTE OF SILVER and time… It was already like that on the first version…. WORSE on the new version

  27. Not sure the amx 30 needs the pen reduction. It already has some of the lowest pen of any tier 10 medium.

  28. I can finally experience the joy of having WTF E-100,

  29. The Great Sluggo5

    MAUS has been underpowered for years, they make it great finally. just to nerf it again.

  30. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    Do we get IS-7 buff on this patch? I’m still waiting for a Tiger 2 buff though…

  31. I’d like to see the ELC’s excellent agility be returned.

  32. wow that gun on the M12 looks huge but only does 400 dmg with a direct hit before the path that made arty annoying AF

  33. do u guys know when will the patch 9.20 release?

  34. Chevron system change is more than welcome. Always Bat Chats and Russian meds were behind SPGs almost…

  35. BL-10 removed from ISU-152 guys!

  36. Are they not making the M46/M48 turret armor changes in 9.20 or did QB just not cover that?

  37. Lucas Ribeiro Nunes

    First : did they just remove the glorious BL-10 on the ISU ?
    Second : looks like T7 chinese TD is a buffed SU-122-44
    And finally I think they should think about the view range system when playing 30/30 battles because imagine you are in your slow tank you won’t be able to help it until it’s too late ! They should be able to increase it to enable long range support…
    Anyway can’t wait to play T10 French TD honnestly looks a bit OP ^^

  38. Yeah all this, but I’m still not gonna come back. Warframe has stolen me from WOT.

  39. I think The chinese TDs and Foch B is too Overpowered…Good luck BTW in patch 9.20 guys

  40. Dude!?! Is that a mustache? Nice!

  41. I was really hoping ranked battles and improved equipment would be removed. These are bad ideas and will only widen the gap between new/average players and the top 10% that Wargaming is obsessed with giving things to (Gold, Reward Tanks, Premium time, etc)

  42. So when are they going to do something with the leopard one. It’s is arguably the worst tier 10 medium. Sure it’s gun is super accurate but half the time you can’t really use it cause your position is getting rushed or you don’t have the turret armour to use ridge lines. In fact it can barely bounce a round (minus the occasional weird bounce). Give it an upgraded turret with more armour but in a trade off make the turret rotation slower and have the overall speed reduced by a little due to the added armour. The leopard did go through turret changes in real life after all.

  43. Chinese tds look awesome up till tier 9, when they turn into fat boring ISU’s, no matter though, I’ll definitely be getting the tier 6,7 and 8, they look awesome

  44. Is this coming out in blitz?

  45. I wonder how long it will take for WG to nerv all those tanks to shit again

  46. well guys finally got it the tier 10 Fock 155

  47. fuck autoloaders! srsly fuck them. everyone cries about arty but not mention about the true cancer of the game….

  48. Ranked battles is going to kill my will to play WoT . . . Give good players better equipment, let the rest just die in silence. Why event bother when youre not among the better?? My amount of games pr Month have dropped close to 80%, over the last 2-3 months. No CW, Improved equipment for all who is already good – and a fuck finger for us who isnt that good, and like team play.

    Im dying here WG!”!!

  49. Sanane Banane bananea

    f… this game, f… wargaming.

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