World of Tanks || Update 9.22 Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

brings huge changes to the tech tree while introducing the , and !


World of Tanks is a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. you forgot to say the magic words: Obj. 257 is OP as shit and could count as a solid tier 10 with that stupid ‘diamond’ design..what a fucking joke

  2. I thought the 268 version 4 was more op, didn’t check the traverse. That will hurt it in brawling.
    The 705a seems interesting, love the look.
    I’m most excited about the potential tank leading from t-10 which I think is the object 777 and the tank leading from 430 ii with is possibly the k91 unless they use the kv4 rear mounted turret prototype, so another heavy

  3. Well, my T-62A is now useless.

  4. Wargameing win again.?

  5. well now there are no reasons for me to play the is4 with the arrival of the 430 u

  6. Now everyone who were saying this game doesnt have soviet bias will have to shut up because their opinion is invalid in so many ways

  7. Just a not so friendly garden gnome

    Hope you got your time’s and money worth out of this game cause it’s time to uninstall.XD

  8. Glad they add more Russian BIAS. I am so sick of this game….. even WoWS is having the Russian BIAS more and more

  9. have you guys seen the new model for the tiger 1? absolutely ugly, it looks like its completely destroyed, they removed the track on the lfp, added some tracks to the side of the turret but gues what, its a german tank, therefore it doesnt count as spaced armor!!!! plus they added a huge wooden log to the side of the tiger with barbed wire around it, it looks like shit! fucking wg wants germans out of wg obvioulsy.

  10. General_Dankenfells

    9.22 will brake the last ballance of this game !!!

  11. “…players that have no lives.” Watch that subs drop, yo! 🙂

  12. I really hope They wont change the obj. 263

  13. Gianfranco Sebastiani

    I think the Obj 257 is the definition of broken tank…. wtf is this stalin side armor

  14. This is just…disgusting. It really is. I mean 257 is completely broken, Mod 1 is totally broken, T44 broken… And the “Matchmaking fix” Hahaha.

  15. Let’s face it WOT have completely fucked up the game with MM, not worth playing anymore!

  16. I defended you for a long time, QB.
    But not calling out WG, when they’re planning on creating ~10 completely broken tanks with too much armour and no frontal weakspots that will hurt the game dramatically is stupid. I just lost all faith.

  17. Who askt for more soviet tanks?

  18. i am not sure the gamemode is the problem with matchmakeing atm…something something ells

  19. Jarno Ruijssenaars

    But is it possible to grind to the obj 430 when youre still at the A 44? XD

    Lord I need more time XD

  20. 18:47 *wipes tear and starts clapping*

  21. WedidLandONtheMOON

    Anyone remember how not OP the T110E5 was hull down, then it got a nerf because it was giving some already OP russian tanks problems. This fucking game. LOAD the gold.

  22. Obj. 257 is broken af

  23. what aim time on russian tanks

  24. ralroost einsnulldrei

    New Russian tanks that look pretty good, and buffs to really good Russian mediums.
    ….no russian bias here?….

  25. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> *DAILY WOT VIDEOS COME IN*

  26. Ruissan Bias is strong with this one…

  27. Wulfric Oakenshield

    That power creep tho

  28. I do love a good duck joke :D.

  29. They fucked up my 430 why do this to my favourite tier 10 although the 430 U isn’t too bad had sole funny troll games in it

  30. T54 mod 1 will soon be removed and become the new type 59

  31. Am I the only one who has always 15-0(0= less than 6 kills), so onesided battles?
    In tier 10 it is more than 30% of games, in lower tiers it’s less, but am I the only one addressing/noticing/having this issue?

    It doesn’t matter of you win or lose, these battles are crap, like press the w key and hope you hit, because you don’t get to shoot more, bc either the battle ends or you (and all your mates) die.

    2-4 minutes games rule…

  32. When we get to version 1.0 you need premium rounds all the way. bad for gameplay.

  33. If you look at the changes of the past few month, you can see the grand scheme of what WG is doing, they want to prolong the battles! derpy inaccurate guns and tanks with more and more armor without easy weak spots.. equals slow long gameplay! derpy guns miss alot more, and the armor saves people a lot more..

  34. I would love to see them give the “Object’s” Names. The Naming sceme is just awefull

  35. Also, please more tanks with no weakpoints…

    GG wargaming, please make this game more pay to win…

  36. They just made the IS-M to force people to spam gold

  37. any indication as to when is this going to be released?

  38. i did not absolutely HATE it 😀

  39. Honestly one of the worst patches i’ve seen come out in a long time. More power creep for older tanks, utterly ridiculous OP T-10 replacement, completely destroyed the 2nd TD line, (more unigue vehicles my arse) SU 122-54 removed to re-appear in about a year as an expensive premium. Current MM is a complete horror but we changed it up so you don’t get into the same type matches…….Really…Really!!!!! 3-5-7 is an abomination, but sure thing WG…
    This is not a patch, it’s throwing salt in a bleeding open wound!

  40. *Finally they are buffing some german tanks … Wait*

  41. weakspots are disappearing, i guess they want us to spam

  42. That fix to match making is not a fix to the actual match up of tanks or how many times you are bottom tier or top tier…wow WG screwing us again. Love when they say they fixed match making and it has the whole opposite meaning of what people want. Fixed match making should mean I dont get bottom tier 17 times out of 20 that’s what fix match making means to most of the community.

  43. Will this be on all versions? (PC PlayStation Xbox)?

  44. OMG the duck tank is in HD now holy shiittt give me dat update

  45. This is utter bullshit from wargaming,
    3rd fucking time they are changing one of my favorite tanks
    why the hell are you ruining the obj.430, It’s just fine as it is now

  46. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    I dont like the changes to 263 It was a unique TD for the Russian tree and they replace it with yet another big gun TD

  47. Goodbye WoT, welcome WT

    WG can only make broken russian bias tanks and nerf already bad tanks…

  48. Yeah lets move the 263 to tier 9 whit no weekspots and put a tank that have the entire frontal upper armor as a weekspot (because none will fire normal rounds in to you). And on top of that give it an other weekspot on the top.

  49. Well, the Object 705 made me giggle. Not only it’s an OP piece of garbage, but WG “accidentaly” made it’s stock suspension so strong, that you can mount literally EVERY module on the tank without researching the 2nd suspension. WG basically laughs in our face, because mounting everything makes the tank weight 65000 kgs. The exact amount the stock suspension can handle. So, if you own the IS-7 (which assumes you have the T-10 fully researched), you’ll have to grind 26500 XP only (for the second turret), and voila, you have a fully researched tank.
    “What about equipment?” you might ask. Luckily you can’t mount those aswell with the stock suspension if you equip all the modules, BUT! Since the second gun (BL-13-1 A) is actually a “real” tier 9 gun (it’s the best you can mount on the Object 257, and I’d actually prefer it against the S-70, regardless of all this “suspension fiasco”), you don’t actually need the 3rd gun (S-70) and the 2nd turret to be competitive in tier 9, not to mention, if you don’t mount the 2nd turret, you can do so with equipment.

    TLDR; If you own the IS-7, then your “stock” Object 705 will actually be a full value tier 9 tank, and you won’t have to suffer with your stock setup, like you have to do with basically any other frieshly bought tier 9 vehicle.

    But yeah, russian bias is just a thing made up by paranoid neonazi players who want German tanks to rule everything, I guess. /sarcasm

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