World of Tanks – Using Your Noodle

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What madness is this? A World of Tanks video on a Wednesday? There’ll be anarchy!

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  1. Jingles how was the steak, we want to know how the steak was god dammit!

  2. Jingles! How about dawn of Humans?

  3. war thunder realistc air battle please

  4. but jingles what if he ran out of normal rounds

    • Well it’s possible. But the enemy M10 doesn’t seem to have done nearly enough damage for it to be likely that he’d fired all of his normal AP rounds.

  5. Nodus Technologies

    trying to grapple with the word “noodle”… i don’t know.

  6. That guy towards the end firing gold is just another braindead idiot who just loads the gold and presses the trigger because making ammo choices is to hard for the average potato. Its like an HE spamming Conq in WoWS who doesn’t realize his AP is devastating against enemy BBs and CAs when you catch em broadside. Ammo choices are just to hard.

  7. no uncharted?

    (ok nvm, he just explained as i pressed enter lol)

  8. Jingles video:)

  9. 3:50

    Classic world of tanks. How to hold a flank alone? Spam premium ammo.

  10. Be fair now, Jingles – that 30mm autocannon on the German lights is a nasty little piece of work.

    It’s not really fair to criticize an M10 for taking penetrations from it, when I’m pretty sure I’ve killed all of the T7 heavies at least once with the thing!

  11. Would he have been hit if he didn’t move to the middle at 13:25?

  12. “All night long”

  13. *heccing angery danger noodle noises*

  14. It baffles me how you point out that the enemy M10 shot gold at Noodle yet fail to see that noodle shot gold at a Pz IV and a VK 3001 which has 50mm of flat armor. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  15. And world of tank are not repetitive…

  16. WoT on Wednesday? Next you’ll be telling me subs are in WoWs!


  17. Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl

    and even with premium, he didn’t make a profit. Of course not. Fired 12 rounds of gold, after all. Still funny though

  18. XxSavageCabbagexX

    212A is a tier 8 Jingles.

  19. For the love of god jingles please play the last if us remasterd. It free this month for ps plus.

    And it such a good game and i would love to see you play it. And im sure many others aswel

    • Yea i agree, jingles won’t hav the same problem with last of us, like he did uncharted 4. Well he shouldn’t, but still would be nice to see him complete uncharted.

  20. Jingles: complains when a WarThunder tank replay is boring because the player is camping and using an arguably OP feature. It bothers him that he can’t see what is shooting at him
    ALSO Jingles: happily shows a WoT replay that is boring because the player is camping and using an arguably OP feature. Player gets shot at by LeFefhefhe


  21. Why is there a that bloody tank game video on not that bloody tank game video day!

  22. Jingles complains about usage of gold ammo by the enemy m10 without realizing thay noodle was using it against vk and pz 4. Good ol Jingles you can always expect him to fuck up one way or another

  23. Video of 15 minutes, 4 minutes uploaded to YouTube, 322 likes.
    Oh, yeah. ?

  24. I agree with you on uncharted, it’s a beautiful game with a great story but the gameplay is boring and repetitive.

  25. It would have been VERY funny if the Leafblower had broken concealment and shotgunned him after he capped out.

  26. Andreas August Gebauer

    I’ve been the leFHFHFHFHFHFHFHFHFH and I’ve also been the M10. Being the sky cancer is sooo much more satisfying in that instance. Is it wrong? Yes. Is it funny? Every single time.

  27. Mingles with Jingles “Youtube took 3 videos with pretty bad titles for review to determine if my channel can be monetized.”
    Litterally the next fucking video “Using your noodle”
    Jingles i love you to death but it’s kinda your own fault^^ Which is exactly why we love you 😀

  28. Good thing I have insomnia to get this notification!

  29. The Somua SM is a auto-loader making it fairly incomparable to the lef. I’m assuming you’re referring to the Amx m4 49. It baffles me how after so many years you still manage to completely misname tanks that share only the similarity of being from the same nation.

  30. Got my first Kolobanov’s Medal on the same map in a T34 Russian med on about 100 health and vs mostly heavy tanks that all ran to the other side. I capped out without any of the 5 tanks in sight.

  31. WOTW… Only in Britain you say… pity.

  32. Fun fact to add to jingles fact about the french acquiring US equipment leading up to WWII, when the US joined WWI they sent in hundreds of thousands of soldiers but had to buy all the guns, bullets, artillery weapons and shells from the french because the US didn’t have the manufacturing power yet to make them all.

  33. thats the actual problem in WOT. everyone is shooting gold ammo in low tier games.
    the reason why i just play games T7 and above. every idiot is spamming gold below.

    • Any tier in WoT people are spamming gold.
      Because the games has no new players, the economy is broken, and “speciuhl” shells are OP as hell.

  34. Good show old chap,

  35. oh yeeeeeeeeeees I clicked the 300, joy.

  36. Actually, Jingles, RBFM means “Regiment blindé de Fusiliers Marins” (litterally Armored regiment of the Marine Infantry), it was part of the second free french Armored division, who were the first to enter Paris in august 1944. Interestingly, the 36 (count them) M10s of the RBFM were all equipped with french made naval targeting sights (what exactly are those i don’t know) that reportedly enabled the M10s to engage effectively up to 3000m.

  37. “You can do it” reference : Water Boy with Adam Sandler

  38. Hello Jingles, sorry to say but the beginning of your historical explanation is totally wrong. The french did not get these M10s after WWII, they participated to WWII battles with these TDS….these M10s RBFM (Régiment Blindé Fusiliers Marins) were at Dompaire in september 1944 when they totally anihilated the Panzerbrigade 112 in one day taking out almost all armour, so around 40 Panther tanks went down this day…

  39. World of Tanks, I expect nothing, and I’m still let down.

  40. thank you for your content sir keep up the great work

  41. Jingles complaining about premium rounds in 2019, man you never change do you? Complaining about it is laughable not what they fire.

  42. little Nicky

  43. NAMELESS AOI あおい

    …. Rip his fucking head off
    Adam Sandler in if I’m correct err Little Nicky

  44. 8:40 Bottom tier in a single tier battle?

    Is it much difference than Noodles shooting apcr vs 50mm armor?

  45. Title should’ve been “Danger Noodle.”

  46. Danger Noodle eh? So his real name is Snake 😉

  47. MJ still not playing the game.

  48. Jingles, I can fully appreciate what you say about Uncharted becoming a little repetitive. I see it as a glorified puzzle game with some 3rd person shooter moments thrown in for good measure. A couple of games I can recommend are: Oxygen Not Included, a sci-fi 2D base building game, and Kingdoms of Amalur Age of Reckoning, a high fantasy RPG where you’re choices have consequences. Give them a go!

  49. Everyone: leFH18B2 as “LeictheFeldHaubitze 18B2”, “Model 18 Light Howitzer artillery gun on [Char] B2 tank”

    Jingles: leFH18B2 as Lefefefefe

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