World of Tanks – Valhalla!

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

When a not a ? When itÙs a (R)! Or to put it another way, the only thing better than having a having two of them.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. wait so does this mean games workshop approve of me using ww2 tank models dressed up as 40k tanks in my tabletop games?

  2. Vladimir Pootis


  3. im playing my KV-2R as we speak…love it , nothing different from KV-2 except the silver income

  4. Actually Jingles, its a Ragnarok heavy yank. Originaly designed during the Krieg civil war sometime during the 40th millenium. ( The Ragnarok Heavy tank was basically a renamed kv2 added to Warhammer)

  5. patrick Katalenas

    Warhammer 40k is the best Sci-fi universe <3

  6. Seems like WG is just running out of tank designs and they are just reskining tanks that are already in the game. Guess WG is going for the quick $.

    • MCGamingCenter so you’re saying it’s business as usual.

    • BRING ME MY WALLET! Drag it by the hair if you must!

    • Actually i like those skin-tanks way more than introducing more power-creep premiums… Yes, it might be the easiest way to earn money for the company, but at least it does not influence the game balance… Because thats what cashing in such a game should actually do: Bringing you cosmetics and stuff, not game-winning premium tanks *cough* Defender *cough*

  7. Michael Moretti

    1 HP damage from arty … it’s official – arty has been nerfed and re-nerfed into oblivion.

  8. Robert Charleson

    I remember shooting a Tiger II repeatedly in the tracks with my Luchs, until he got tired of me and one shot me… So much fun in the old days…

  9. Actually Jingles, it is a StuG III (3) B, not a IIII (4) B.

  10. wonder how different this woulda gone had that been a M-44 instead of a Birch Gun

  11. Ermmm, don’t really like wh40k name tied to this shitty game and dev :/

  12. Ahh the good old days where there were only t10 heavies

  13. I’m disappointed that it doesn’t have a bonus to ram damage since the tank commander wants to get closer to the enemy so he can hit them with his sword!

  14. Raymond Nielsen

    WTF does soviet tanks have to do with Valhalla?

  15. when talking about the machines that could take on a KV back in the day, you forget the Gem that was the SU85 with the 107mm, equipped. Find a bush activate soviet cloak and spotting device, you could farm the tears of the KV drivers who had little hope of spotting you.
    I also remember a ‘best tanks’ list that had 7 of the top 10 tanks being Russian, The KV, Su85, Isu152, Su26, T54, IS7 and the S51. the other three belonged to the Hetzer, the PzIV with the panther turret and the T18 seal clubber and people wonder where the Russian bias claims started
    Those were the days…

  16. KB-2 (P) ???

  17. Aνουβις - Anubis

    I would to hear your opinion about the “crates” shenanigans WG pulled off with World of tanks blitz. (Wall of text)

    Basically they are selling boxes with ingame bonuses and the possibility of getting the premium tank they are selling with only 4% of drop ratio (yes really!!). If you consider that every single box costs around 8€ and 10 of them cost you 70€ they have effectively created a gambling system that is pissing of the community. Even more if you consider they are “selling” tier 9/10 vehicles. I would be fine with it if the compensation for this trade was adequate, but if you don’t get the tank you get side bonuses worth less than 2€, and you will understand that to many people paying hundreds of euros and getting few dozens of bonuses they can get with 10€ is frustrating. Furthermore they have ceased to sell new premiums in the old fashion way and they are proceeding only with this modus operandi (t34-3, 121b, amx30 1er, k-91) I’m worried that a lot of people will toss the game, after losing money on this damn casino. I know that a large part of your audience probably doesn’t care, but I also know that there are some blitz players around here and I would love to hear their opinion too. (Forgive my mistakes but I’m not a native English speaker)

  18. Kekistani citizen #001

    My overlord gnome, where did you get “and on that bombshell”

  19. Lanmi Mobile Games

    It’s not a jingles video without a KV-2 banishing people to the gulag.

  20. Jingles, i play the kv2 to oneshot tier 7 and 8 light tanks/tds. Like this one time i oneshot a full health bc 12t. Shooting at tier 4 seems like such a waste of alpha.

  21. ”most tier 5 TD only has 350 health”

    the reason I play blitz

    btw Jingles you didn’t talk about the Vindicator, how dare you

  22. I remember when there was still cross-team chat… At christmas i would play the KV-2 all day and introduce myself as KV-Klaus in every game and everytime i hit somebody i would write “Hohoho” in chat. It was such great fun for me and my team everytime

  23. Samovar The Russian Water Boiler

    Jingles seems disappointed. It’s ok, we blitzers have a seat for you everyday.

  24. I have oneshotted Tiger II’s from across the map before… blind shot at incoming fire, shot went really high, and according to one of the enemy who had both myself and the Tiger II in his draw distance and was able to review it in his replay apparently came down like an arty shell on the Tiger II’s Engine Deck, penned it, set him on fire and he had no fire extinguisher.

    The Tiger II was never spotted either.

  25. I bought this premium as I never ever had a russian heavy in WoT after all my years playing, mostly because I was againsts what I belived rus bias, But I got my self a obj 140 a year or so again finaly after realising how good of a medium it is and I could not hold my self to pass it up, So now when the new heavy is INC the one after T10 heavy, I thought I would work up a crew wile we wait for it and so I did end up buying this, and its fun to derp I have to admit. ^^

  26. General Saufenberg

    i hope thay add the regular cammo value to it. not that it realy matters^^

  27. You called Jingles? XD

  28. “Unless he’s in a Tiger II” … funny story, I recently had a Tiger II fail to respect the KV-2 on Overlord. He was down on the beach, I was on the hill. He respected my first shot, and then pulled forward to his next piece of cover while looking only at the targets in front of him on the beach, giving me a beautiful shot on his engine deck… … yeah… his match ended in embarrassingly predictable fashion.

  29. So much for the “Premium tanks will never be as good as regular vehicles” bullshit.

  30. MinnesotaLotion

    *pleasured moans*

  31. I quit playing it before it became KV-2.. Wot is the only game I know that was better in beta.. 🙁

  32. Love the vids jingles

  33. Actually, Jingles….The KV-2 (R) is slightly worse than the regular KV-2, because it has about 15% less effective traverse speed.
    Even though the listed traverse speed is the same, the actual traverse speed is caculated in acordance to the stock engine. So the KV-2 has its listed 18°/s with the stock engine, but the upgraded engine does add some extra turning speed, while the KV-2 (R) does only have one engine and so it does not get the benefit of an increase of traverse speed.
    Thats btw the reason the Hetzer has such an awesome traverse speed in practice but lousy traverse on paper – because it has its 32°/s with the stock 100HP engine, but with 220HP it more than doubles its traverse. Same for the Luchs for example. Listed 33°/s traverse with the stock 140HP engine, but with the 360HP it has one of the highest effective traverse speeds in the game of more than 76°/s without any modifications and a whooping 96°/s with maxed out skills/equipment.
    Another example is the Cromwell B. Even though its listed traverse is higher than that of the regular Cromwell, it actually has lower effective traverse because the regular Cromwell gets that bonus from the engine upgrade from 410HP to 650HP.

  34. MajesticDemonLord

    Does it come with Lascannons?

  35. Mighty Jingles I remember one time I got sniped by a kv2 across the map on derpenberg in my T-43 lol it was hilarious I learned to love and fear the kv2 lol

  36. Frédéric Guignabaudet

    I remember having to fight IS-3s with my Pz38 nA 😡

  37. Team carry mode, active.
    Super derp gun, active.
    God Armor, active.
    Enemy team, grab your red shirts, and brown pants, this is gonna be messy.

  38. Death Korps battle tank exterminating heretical armour formations in the name of the Man Emperor. Colourised.

  39. JINGLES YER CRAP! that was an M5 Stuart not an M3 Stuart!

  40. To be fair, there’s a Death Korps of Krieg tank in 40k called the Ragnarok and it is basically a KV 2.

  41. “stug iv”
    jingles, you’re shit

  42. Another rip off tank from WG do you have no shame in promoting this bullshit from WG?

  43. meh, the KV-2 just gives such a wrong impressions of being OP…. yeah in that one game out of many when all the stars and planets and moons align. Rest of the time it is pretty shit

  44. Jingles! That was a stug III B, you have been away from directing the salt mines for too long!

  45. So, Baneblade Tier X premium? The first tank with secondaries.

  46. Ah, KV-2…my favorite tank to use in troll platoons when they still existed. Tier 10? KV-2 does not care, KV-2 will kill all anyways! WTFE100s were a favorite snack…that nice 10mm thick gun shield was nice feeding for a KV-2!

  47. Kv2 is a fucking MONSTER

  48. Near-total losses and still somehow winning? Sounds like fairly typical weekend for the Imperial Guard.

  49. Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli Quetzalcoatl

    can someone explain to me what is so bad about the 3-5-7 matchmaker? Because I think it’s much much better than it was before.

  50. Miroslav Tordaji

    I am still waiting for Sgt.Oddball’s Sherman with loudspeakers and premium ammo that makes pretty pictures

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