World of Tanks – Valley Confirmed Best Strat

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  1. valley is still cancer map

  2. So what was the reason u decided to Valley and not City or middel road? I
    just dont see the advantage, pls enlighten me.

  3. Went valley in my IS-7 for the first time in many thousands of games the
    other day because literally all 14 team mates were in limbo between valley
    and lake road, basically hadn’t left our spawn. Ended up doing 5k damage
    and clearing valley solo before going back to defend base, then we capped
    out because pubbie valley push after it’s empty.

    Valley confirmed best position

  4. And now even more plebs are gonna think that is a good idea. Thanks lol

  5. Looking around me I see people certain that AX is a good tank, but it
    actually isn’t. Package has meh mobility with no armor and bad camo rating
    and gun is SO, SO BAD. When playing m48 right after AX I feel like my
    british crew have 50% but yeah they got 4 perks. Sold mine but may be just
    my lack of skill.

  6. Fnatic shirt??

  7. Both Orzanel and Anfield post videos of themselves going valley and having
    a really good game on the same day…….Illuminati confirmed?

  8. Out of curiosity, why so much HE?

  9. Wow rude! Anfield sellout 103% confirmed.

  10. u got a damn lucky shot on that kranvagn, he couldve made valley his
    territory with that gun dep if he was any good

  11. I cry everytime watching top tier heavies disappear in the valley.

  12. The valley is good strat ONLY in certain situations and ONLY if you know
    when to push, when to defend and when to RETREAT to other flanks. I feel
    like smashing my keyboard into the monitor when i see my team going valley
    with the worst possible match up and they all fucking die there doing 0-2
    kills. Like when the enemy has lots of TDS and the scouts spots them so
    everybody can see that the valley is a death trap … but nooooo …top
    tier retards go up the hill and up in flames. THx wg, more defeats pls.
    Starting last week if my first battle in WOT is a defeat i immediately
    ALT_F4 and play something else, every day i do this, i play only if my
    first is a win. Usually if my first is a defeat my entire day will be lost
    lost lost lost.

  13. Stop enabling shitters anfeels.

  14. valley OP

  15. good job on video man keep them coming

  16. 16-0?

  17. 😀 That was funny! :)

  18. I really like watching you play :)…wish your vids were much longer

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