World of Tanks || VK 30.01 – Hidden Gem!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – VK 30.01 (P). Today we’re looking at a hidden gem the T6 German medium the VK 30.01 (P)!


World of Tanks online published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Poor start, good finish.

  2. Panzer 7, worst german tier 10 HT…..only good when playing with tier 9 and tier 8, …i tried using it in Grand Battle and Rank sucks as if its like a walking food…whether u hide ur lower or side, they still got ur face ( gun mantlet)…who ever designed that thank is pretty bitter about german tanks

  3. Can you turn colorblind mode on? I really can’t see the red outlines sometimes…
    My eyes are stupid.

  4. Meh wished I could giv him my replay from like 9.8 from when I this exact tank. 3300 damage, pre buff 132mm pen on short 88, I think I wasn’t even aiming my shots, I think they were full auto aimed shots tho.

  5. Tiger P used to be a nice tank BUT since WOT devs just cant keep from screwing with the stats all the time they will make any of your favorite tanks suck after a while. and they wonder why I no long play this game hardly at all any more.

  6. Almost sold mine yesterday.

  7. just a lucky noob player( ¨̮ )

  8. There’s nothing wrong with popping the 2-key when it is 1-vs-1 against a tank 2 tiers higher.

    • Michael Moretti There is nothing wrong in pressing the 2 key in every situation. It’s APCR so it’s always better than AP.

    • No. Just no.

      If you need to SPAM gold rounds then you’re just some pay-to-win scrub.

      Learn to play of STFU.

    • Michael Moretti Lol why so mad?

      Why is it OK to shoot gold against tank 2 tiers higher? Because you can’t pen with normal ammo?

      So why is it not ok to spam gold against tanks 2 tiers lower? You would pen them even wihtout gold so what’s the difference? You just pay a bit more.

      You pop gold in a 1v1 because YOU are a gold noob and can’t win without shooting gold?

  9. 4:14
    must be using a mod pack to zoom out and see where the tigerp is aiming
    did you just say he is cheating? what mod pack lets you (legally)see where the enemy artillery is aiming?

  10. cromwell is faster and more mobile and lower camo rating, but of course this vk is equivalent of a german fat cromwell

  11. See how the fuck did he spot the GW Tiger at the end there?? Double bushed, stationary vehicle and it gets spotted. Why? I know Arty is fucked but the mechanics should be the same for every class

  12. For me this tank is actually quite good. As fun as shermans but deadlier. Even at tier 8 battles, this tank can be decent. Compared to its heavy counterpart (vk h or something), this tank is way better. That vk h or something is total pile of crap. But unfortunately for me this tank is “badluck” tank. My best game with this tank is kill 1 black dog, 1 skorpion G, & 1 t29 with our defeat at 3-15 lol IYKWIM

  13. Is this video added just for shits and giggles because the gameplay is horrendous and just had pure luck from the start…

  14. God damn you quik baby you had to go and put this video out didn’t ya, I just found this tank couple weeks ago I was going thru the stats and it look good on paper so far I like.

  15. Do this cheat mod zoom out mod is ok to use it take it ??

  16. You Should Know My Name

    As someone who three marked this tank, that replay hurt me… Why you would poke on a Borsing who is aiming at your ridge is beyond me

  17. “Don’t you just absolutely HATE artillery….”
    Yes. Yes we do.

  18. The VKs in Blitz are so underrated as well

  19. What the hell, no ribbons?

  20. hi QB aft OBJ 268 V i gat the tier X HT obj 777II the tank maby the new RSS tier X HT on the tree ~there is 2 replay i have upload to wotreplay web ,is not good game but is showing the Characteristic of this tank~ the tank still not good ~maby coz they not complete the design if you need this is the link~ like you work elevensun

  21. I was cringing quite badly at the beginning, driving out of cover sideways with the butt first, driving with the butt up the hill giving it to the Borsig. End was good, though, not particularly hard.

  22. Dan-Andrei Ungureanu

    its good to see someone that prefers maneuvering around the battlefield instead of just shooting gold if he cant pen with standard. Great game and i wish some people would learn premium ammo is not the key to victory

  23. This was just SOOOOO BAD GAMEPLAY MAN. Soo bad…

  24. omg he played this game @20fps

  25. I think this tank’s rep is mainly ‘cos Jingles hates it, but that’s ‘cos Jingles hasn’t played the game for years and doesn’t know or care that the short 88 got buffed.

    • Mickleblade Do people still watch Jingles’ wot contet? Or does he even make it anymore? I stopped watching him when I realized that he has no idea of what’s going on in the game because he doesn’t play it anymore.

  26. 1:04 Because it’s german! You can’t have a good german heavy tank at tier 10! x(

  27. He was actualy the one-eyed under blinds. Idiot arty-players in both teams.

  28. If you’re going to complain about the weak spots of a tank with a rear mounted turret, the obj 705 has worse side armour for side scraping than the previous tier is-m

  29. what about vk30.01h

  30. God I wish you’d stop with this cringe pg bullshit.

  31. Christopher Browne

    Another cheater using a modpack. Not impressed at all. Just play the game as is. At least your stats would be real.

    • Christopher Browne What ‘cheat’ is he using and when?

    • Christopher Browne

      Quickybaby mentions it in the video. Its a cheat mod where you can zoom out 10x what is normally allowed, so you can see the enemy better and see which way his gun is pointed or which way his tank is facing. I think Quicky himself used this mod before. That’s what I was referring to. But there are too many cheat mods out there to describe every one.

    • Christopher Browne Can you give me a official WG post where they say it’s illegal? Because I can’t find it under the fair play policy.

  32. I prefer old German Hellcat uhh I means VK3001H with Vaderturm but sadly now it turned into super meh heavy.

  33. My only 3 marks tank. Love it.

  34. The one thing I don’t get is that why would one take 10 HE and then use none in the perfect situation?

  35. Are we not going to say anything about the top tier O-Ho doing absolutely zero damage on a map wher you can ambush in your sleep?

  36. Just 3marked that beauty, my first 3 marks ever. It is such a great tank.
    And all those kiddies in the comments: Wäääääh that guy is a noob. XD Why can´t people just be happy with the regular guy having the game of his life?

  37. Alexander Gonzalez

    Man WOT is getting old….

  38. Marc-Aurèl Meier

    That was a pretty lucky game. Me in his situation would have been shot 3 times by artillery in the first 4 minutes. I 3rd marked this tank a few months ago and it generally hurted to watch his gameplay. You got a like from me anyways :p

  39. “Or as I like to call it, the Tiger Percentage Of My Soul That I lose Every Single Time I Play The Tank.”

    Very long name, QB…

  40. sumawira wijanata

    6:33 kv 2 is a TD ?

  41. I thought he meant the VK 30.01 H and not the VK 30.01 P look at the title at first glance

  42. Arty scumbag tomato retards shoot teammates all the time, friendly stun should be removed, its super annoying

  43. i usually dont comment your vids, but this…is WORST you made ever. just a showcase of IDIOTIC rng!!! for idiots only i gues…

  44. ralroost einsnulldrei

    This is how wot works now: rng and luck is the only thing that matters

  45. Awesome replay, and some of the best commentary I have seen from you QB, really enjoyable!

  46. Finally some love to this amazing tank. My first tank with 3 marks on it. Absolutely loved it. And it got buffed… mmmmmmmmh 🙂

  47. He got lucky in the first two minutes, but made the most of his remaining hitpoints very intelligently. Well deserved, though luck smiled upon him. Very entertaining replay.

  48. Hmmm I like my VK 3001 D more, its really fast, good gun handling, some armor and you can ram quite good with it. VK 3001 p is okay. Also the VK 3002 D is even more fun because of its speed, 88 meme gun and troll armor which bounces a lot of tier 6 and 5 tanks. But that’s just my opinion…

  49. QuickyBaby Nice replay! And almost no gold ammo 😉
    Because of the grinding i dont use gold ammo (i need every credit). With standard ammo i noticed that my wn8 drops a little, but my winrate goes up. maiby du better map awareness and better tactics. if i can’t pen them, i have to find another way to take them out.
    I hope that Wargaming restricts the max amount of gold ammo.

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