World of Tanks || VK 4503 – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – VK 4503. Today I’m previewing the brand new T7 German premium the VK 4503 which is very similar to the infamous Tiger.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. is one of the best I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Evilstar The Reborn

    666th video xd

  2. Ákos Bence Sebestyén

    Will it be in the store for a limited time, or forever?

  3. ramming the 4503 at 38km/h = 2.448 MILLION newtons of force.Ouch

  4. Well, the end result credit wasn’t impressive, i get that normally with the
    tier 6 skoda T40

  5. bart van herrewegen

    Oh i am so ready for his gief!!!Im realy not az lowe fan but this seems so
    mobile and a nice gun and armor this is exactly what i was hoping to get!!
    A German heavy that is wurth buying and will not be so overpriced as the

  6. So VK has better gun handling,better maneuverablity (since ground
    resistances,duh),better armour.What does the tiger have?Better DPM,but it
    can’t hit anything compared to this tank.And this VK only has 100 HP
    less…Well done,WG.Another broken tank added to the game.

  7. Die Kanone (Kannonenfutter1)

    Hey look. The new Tiger 2 without the side armor

  8. To be honest, this tank appears to be fun to play and a good machine. But
    it also appears to be too good compared to the regular tier 7 german
    heavies, Tiger and Tiger (P). Apart from a bit less health and DPM, it is
    either better or the same than those. The much more effective armor will
    keep it in battle longer, and I doubt the DPM-advantage of the Tiger I will
    balance this out. When I compare the IS-6 with the IS-3 or KV-4, I don’t
    see this kind of imbalance between premium and regular heavies (or with the
    T14 vs. T-1 Heavy). This feels a bit Type 59’ish to me. Nevertheless,
    appears to be a good tank, I am considering picking it up once it is

  9. Christos Segkounas

    That IS in Seigfried line shot you in the tracks rather than the frontal
    armor because he mistook you for a stock Tiger 2.

  10. yes, gameplay without arty…You would be smashed as dog’s shit if there
    was arty

  11. 36$… geez just for a tier7 premium. Would rather get a tier8 premium if
    I’m going to spend that much money. It looks like a fun tank to play too ?

  12. poor money maker … the else is not that bad

  13. hahah , nice german vericle , But tiger for me it’s way way better , when
    you hit the tiger I there he wasnt eaven angling and in the stat’s he was a
    totally noob. if you want to test the Tiger armor lets do a 1 VS 1 QB , Acc
    name it’s Keldixx im ready at any time. Cant stay without protecting the
    name of The most Infamoust tank ever.

  14. it looks to be very good and rng is in its side heh

  15. Wow, the 3rd german premium heavy so far, that is so nice from WG, compared
    to the 10 or 11 soviet premium heavies that exist….the 3rd one ever, oh
    boy ! so now you can train your crew in something that isn’t a sealclubbing
    tier 4 with bad crew layout or a steaming pile of shit (Lowe).
    *also checked the NA premium shop, no VK 4503 in sight, I thought it was
    coming June 3rd

  16. qb this is your 666 video

  17. fuck you man hes doing great videos he’s showing how to play good with the
    tank and how to not suck at it

  18. its just a tiger II ?

  19. bit interested…….. not

  20. lol, the t25 at uses the exact same gun as the t29 but gets 300 more dpm at
    about 2200

  21. Qb, are you going to get one of these?

  22. Matthew “Donutdude” Halsey

    £20…yikes. A touch pricey but it is a good looking t-shirt…ugh lemme
    think about it 😉

    Great video and from the looks of things a great tank.

  23. O NI’s will feast on these.

  24. QB! Two of my clan members were on the enemy team during the second battle.
    I’m gonna tell them that later, haha! Keep up the great videos :)

  25. I need that T-shirt

  26. the Tiger II should be tier 7 anyways. Remove the VK 3601 and put the Tiger
    on tier 6, remove the top cannon for it, do the same with the Tiger II on
    tier 7. Remove the 10.5 cannons and only give it the long 8.8. No more
    powercreeping and finally some decent tanks to play against.

  27. Im considering getting it. I honestly think its a tank that i’ll enjoy

  28. Seems like a very nice tank. I have CDC to grind silver, but having some
    other tank for a change would be nice. However WG has put too high price
    tag on this for my taste.

  29. Wotko s Vokurkou

    This tank looks quite decent, will be interesting to see how i can deal
    with them in my IS, as the armor on paper looks like it might give me some
    pain if i mess my shots. Funny thing is that its upper plate is more
    vulnerable then the lower plate…

  30. the 4503 I think it was the Tiger II prototype

  31. U can side scrape idiots with 100mm turret armor and when every bot finds
    out that turret is place to shot this tank will be absolute joke.Too bad
    cause if turret was slightly better i would really like this tank.Since
    enemy team(s) were full of bots this game hardly represents valid picture
    that this tank is very weak.And dpm is very bad considering no armor and
    low alpha that just can’t work in current meta where alpha dpg is king.

  32. 666 videos?

  33. Hey look, a German Premium, call DJ Khaled

  34. I wish they would just give the Tiger I this kind of gun handling. There’s
    no reason for the T29 to have better soft stats than the Tiger I.

  35. Another tank from category – you see it and you know 0 dmg and back to

  36. Jesper Karlsson

    vk= The mini accurate Löwe ^^
    I buy it.

  37. I think its playable, giving german heavy player more choice to train their
    crew(at least for me)
    Lowe is ok but too slow, I don know how you guys feel but I feel Lowe is
    end of the day slow

  38. ghost clash of clan

    when did he will sell?

  39. TheGamer'sAdventures

    saw one of these in the asia server and I was like, did they add a new tech

  40. SGT Morningwood

    Friday as in today?

  41. I’m glad to see an additional german heavy to train crews with but this VK
    looks like a novelty.

  42. Only for sale on North American server Pity was going to buy it oh well as
    usual eu will need to wait longer than all other servers!

  43. You only show us gameplay when you are top tier… in (almost) any tank if
    you are top tier you can be the beast of the battlefield.

  44. I’m not saying this tank is OP, but definitely better than the Tiger and
    the crappy Tiger P. Aren’t prem tanks supposed to be a bit worse than their
    counterparts? Whatever.
    Let’s hope WG invests the money gained selling this into fixing the game…
    Let’s hope…

  45. Shouldn’t it be a little bit worse than it’s equal tier standard tanks?! I
    smell OP…

  46. I’ll see how much this tank is when it hits the NA premium shop. Then maybe
    i’ll get one, it does look like a good tank.

  47. Juanchiacosta Mendez

    Can this tank see tier 9 battels?

  48. Yay… More premiums from WG! One day half the tanks in wot are going to be
    premium :p

  49. Already have it.

  50. Yet another glowing review of a tank. Two things to consider; QB will make
    almost any tank look good because he is a very good player. Secondly he
    makes a living from playing the game if he churned out negative reviews
    he’d soon drop off WG’s payroll. Its a very mediocre heavy tank with far
    worse DPM than the tiger, just the way a premium vehicle should be, below
    the class best, use it to train crew and make credits. I am an above
    average player with 60k games and 1600 wn8 and have regretted
    buying/grinding many tanks that QB got excited about. YMMV

  51. this tank is shit, stop lying qb you wg dog. undub

  52. CaosTiger Channel

    This tank is just World of tanks trying to make a dollar or two.

  53. Luca “LA” Aondio

    Always pro!!!

  54. Any news about the amx m4 mle 49 ?

  55. It would have been nice to see this perform against tier 9’s, just to get a
    feel for how it performs against all tiers it can meet.

  56. Complete overmatch mechanic is kaliber must be x3 the armor thickness. Now,
    is it kaliber equal or greater than x3 or only greater? Is it possible to
    overmatch the vk4503 turret top with only 75mm kaliber guns?


    hey QB is this tank good at facehugging?

  58. it won’t bounce so much when players get used to it and know the weakpoints

  59. World of tanks gamer

    Wen can you buy iT

  60. when the hell will they buff the tiger P?

  61. Yay, more power creep.

  62. Anakin23 “SGTREX501” LP

    Mom, I need *your* creditcard

  63. Christian Cheung

    What tank app is that?

  64. thehockeyhawk20

    i smell a nerf coming…. seriously though, console is getting cool shit
    for free and pc gets a new premium…..

  65. Arvid Lundqvist

    Get your JagdTig8.8, now comes with a turret and can see t5tanks!

  66. I think i will get one

  67. Clemens Horsman

    I like that you ‘almost’ every day upload a video

  68. I need mode

  69. Can you make these t-shirts again with tiger 1 please?

  70. About 6 months ago on NA server, I saw some guy driving around with a
    KV4-KTTS. I checked his stats and he had that KTTS, this VK and the Toldi
    3, 6 months ago. I know he was most likely testing them for WarGaming, but
    still. Also, 666th video HYPE

  71. Miguel Morrobel

    hull traverse speed?

  72. reminds me of the tiger 2 before they removed the high tier engine in
    comparison to mobility

  73. Looks playable. Rather grind in that than the Lowe

  74. I can’t wait for this tank to come out later today.

  75. Sounds a lot like a vk4502a

  76. op tank.

  77. Quickybaby, I gotta stop you right there at 9:09. How are you saying you
    cannot side scrap in a tiger!? I’ve bounced more rounds in the German love
    box than my T-29! if you just angle your turret like you would an E-100, or
    Maus, while sidescraping, you can easily bounce even those meaty 122mm
    Russian guns. I find it silly and preposterous that your saying that tank
    is better at side scraping. The tiger also gets and amazing gun mantlet.
    I’m just so baffled at your comment.

  78. I really have a sweet spot for this tank.

  79. Yes but you made that with premium account

  80. I think this thing is going to get ripped apart once people remember it has
    the weak Tiger 2 stock turret.

    Still, if it’s reasonably priced ($22 or lower) I’ll probably get it. I’m a
    collector and the sLowe hasn’t been competitive for years.

  81. I’m buying one

  82. Oh god another vk really WG there’s more vk’s than Sherman variants

  83. so it’s basically a king tiger :)

  84. Batusai Kenshin

    and you weren’t a reroll rit don’t tell me that in ur first account u new
    how to us the tank and how to move in all the maps quickie u where a reroll
    2 so stuff

  85. great review …

  86. Hetzer _Gonna_Hetz143

    stronk tenk

  87. 12:50 – not a filthy reroll… a filthy TURKISH reroll…

  88. Too late, already been and gone on SEA server.

  89. AMooseOnTwowheels

    +Quickybaby I think you shouldve added more clothing options rather then
    just the two.

  90. looks like the ugliest german addition yet

  91. i hope this tank its going to be avaible at the in-game store, i could come
    back to the game if this happens

  92. The VK looks like a great tier 7 tank, beats the Tiger big time might have
    to pick one up at some point

  93. So wargaming decided they need more tanks to squeeze more money out of
    people and decided on a tiger 2 with no mudflaps or added armor. I swear
    I’m so happy I choose war thunder instead. this is literally a tiger 2.
    who would be so dumb to buy what they can get at tier 8 but better.

  94. They can make hundreds of german tanks that may be good. a game like wot in
    a not so historical gaming type not worth my time anymore.

    Warthunder is starting to catch my attention.

  95. Stat for stat, this think is basically an exact copy of the panther 2, just
    a little slower. I found it interesting that you didn’t realise this QB. it
    has the exact same frontal and side armour with the same angles and also
    the same gun with very similar soft stats.

  96. Looks kind of disappointing. When the tank relies on others not knowing
    where to shoot it, the significance of the armor goes out the window. Gun
    handling is “meh,” but the RoF seems kinda slow.

  97. Quickybaby can you make a tiger 1 review

  98. frendermen Sudo

    Dat shirt tho

  99. you recommend it ?

  100. Love ur vids QB keep it up ?

  101. Anolaana Seranaar

    Did you call it a breakthrough tank at 12:30…? o.0
    VersuchsDurchbruschWagen 45.2P confirmed!

  102. Aýáńtíká Róý

    the tank looks promising, and a huge shout out for the tees, must pick 1

  103. once more this shows that the M4 45 needs a buff so i can get my 4k dmg
    matches moe often- i mean for balance reasons cause i dont own it

  104. Its a stock Tiger 2 lets be honest

  105. a new premium tank that actually looks half decent, gratz wargaming

  106. Hey QB, do you have any tips for the Panther 2?

  107. naaah not gonna buy it,if it is ”slow and bad armor” its already a no-no
    for me.
    No matter how good the gun is,i can’t handle slow tanks with bad armor.
    i maybe wouldve bought it if it had SOME turret armor,but no that was not
    to be.
    This tanks is NOT worth it.

  108. soo its like playing a stock tiger 2

  109. Premium heavy that is not Russian Wargaming is going soft and they must be
    smoking crack

  110. And again a Premium tank based on a tank already ingame … still enough
    tanks that really saw service with the Germans but noooo … WG loves
    thumbsucking too much ! Why not the Ansaldo P26/40 or the Semovente 105 for
    example … I still ask myself why the Italians have no Tech Tree in WoT or
    even the Swedish for that matter since they have so much tanks & proto’s to
    fill a full TT … One can only hope i guess

  111. I really want this tank, I hope it won’t be that exspensive! (More than £25)

    I already own a Löwe so this looks like fun!

  112. Tiger's Playground

    A King Tiger in Tier 7, yep I’m there. I love my Tiger and my King Tiger is
    one of my best tanks. I feel this will serve me well.

  113. WG shut up and take my money

  114. QB, love your reviews! I won’t be picking this tank up but am wondering
    whether you will be doing a Video on the AC4 exp. w/ 17 pdr. I’ve made my
    own conclusions on the vehicle but would love to hear your thoughts!

  115. Joseph Aseltine

    Too bad guys dont get green on the T-Shirts :/

  116. Bennett Simpson

    Oh baby, new trash from WG

  117. May just buy this fine piece of German engineering tomorrow to aid my Löwe
    as heavy trainer..

  118. and still no tier 8 britsh purchasable prems?

  119. :O They should move the Tiger 1 to tier six, and move this tank in its
    place. OR make the Tiger P in the Tiger ones place and put the VK 4503 in
    its place.

  120. social3ngin33rin

    wtf, when did they nerf the tiger aim times?

  121. Ugly, no armor, german and tier VII…yea, crap af

  122. CDC is not for beginners QB…are you bonkers?

  123. XxN1ghtKiIIerxX

    I saw this being played by a Wargaming employee a few days ago (I assume it
    was an employee) while platooning with a friend and we were hella confused.

  124. Jacob Last-Name


  125. Thanks for the review, still won’t buy it cos it’s just a virtual “tank”
    not worth money at all

  126. Double Double 4G

    If I were going down the German Heavy line, I’d buy this over the Lowe. It
    almost seems OP, but then again, you’re going to be meeting end-game tanks
    at tier 9 who will laugh at your sloped frontal armor. I’d say being tier 7
    balances this vehicle quite a bit :)

  127. So basically a Tier 7 mix of a Tiger I, VKA, and E 50…perfect :P

  128. If was an Eight or Six, but 7s… don’t really have a place.

    (and don’t really do wot now days in favor of the better tank game, or

  129. no armor, no mobility, no dpm. pointless tank. comparing it to the tiger,
    which is one of the worst tier 7 heavies, and even then it cant shine..

  130. QB. I have played the Tiger in hundreds of games alr and you CAN sidescrape
    in the Tiger. I’ve managed to block some shells when sidescrapping in the
    Tiger. But you must angle it a little bit more extreme than the Vk.

  131. A T7 version of the Tiger II, basically.

  132. Its about 31USD
    It have a sale in Asian server in three days(two?)ago
    and I miss it

  133. yeaaaahhh, you’ll be up against tier 9s a lot more than these replays
    suggest, so thanks but no thanks WG.

  134. I gonna buy this tank :3
    I like it and its good for my GER HT crews :)

  135. Full soviet=Full retard

  136. i keep trying to tell myself i have bought enough premiums, 105 garage
    slots is rather vulgar i feel 😛 however this machine does seem to be right
    up my street, i may have to indulge once more hehe

  137. this tank is interesting. it kinda seems like a german is3 (ish) good gun,
    passable armor and decent mobility

  138. JustinPlaysTV // JPTV

    This seems like a stock VK 42.02 (P) Ausf. A, which is really bad.

  139. so this is just a tiger but better, and its premium? sure you loose in DPM
    but you gain in pretty much all other areas (especially armor)

    how can they just cooly add a premium that’s better than its counterpart in
    the tech tree?

    mind you, I guess they already set the precedent with the IS-2 Berlin…

  140. By all respects QuickyBaby, but i really would NOT recommend the AMX CDC
    all players who want to buy their first premium tank. It’s non-existend
    armor makes it special to play for a medium, and if you don’t know where
    you have to be on the map, you’re dead. I would recommend, at least under
    the medium tanks of the premiums, the T-54 First Prototype much, much more
    because it’s a quite good allround package and forgives MUCH more mistakes
    than the CDC. I guess you know as well as i that most players who buy their
    first premium tank aren’t the most experienced ones.

    That should’nt mean the CDC is a bad tank XD But you and your comm have to
    admit that the CDC has a higher skill cap to be successfull in combat than
    the T-54 Mod. 1, making it more frustrating and more unsuitable for the
    more unexperienced here.

  141. War Thunder is better

  142. Play it like a Tiger 2.

  143. ai like it seems to be a great tank for tier 7 but unfortutatly probably
    won’t get it…

  144. front tank boob? really?

  145. Kristian Øxseth

    Hey QuickyBaby, do you have the VK72.01 (K) (Fail Löwe)? it had been fun if
    you did a reveiw of that:)

  146. WANT.
    What’s not to love about a Tiger with better armour and gun handling?

  147. Krzysztof Dudek

    Will pass this VK and wait for VK 100.01 (P).

  148. Karasnjikov strike

    nice shirt

  149. Your 666th video, lol.

  150. n ot sure if it’s a sale….German line is way unbalanced in this game for
    the tanks it goes up against. Definitely wanna see more game play in this
    before making a purchase.

  151. It is a crap :)

  152. how do I submit replys

  153. another heavy tank prem with no armor RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPP

  154. I have always wondered this, why do you and other tankers like vert stabs
    instead of Gun laying drive? I don’t fire on the move often and don’t
    really see the purpose of vert stabs.

  155. Whats a rerole account

  156. Frederik Zepter

    Wie kann ich den bekommen??

  157. two uploads in a day…? yay!

  158. Is anybody else’s common test 9.15 not working?

  159. 14:50 QB’s situational awareness fails. #tunnelvisioning101

  160. 12:49 what do you mean by a filthy re roll? What does it mean in WOT?

  161. Rather a lowe

  162. I wish you had the mens shirt in green too! :)

  163. I wish the Lowe had 150m haul turret etc. but I’ve been wanting for a good
    crew trainer Thanks Quicky Baby :D

  164. sovelis holimion

    awwwwwww i expected a review of the swedish prem tankuuu :((… well this
    one looks like a nice juicy target for my ELC AMX ;)

  165. Looks like it will be a decent tank. Turret will be exploited but some of
    the sidescraping and sloped armour and move & fire benefits will help.

  166. It’s just a Tiger II (P)

  167. tank is decent, but I feel like German tree needs HT with 6 crew members
    since it’s annoying to train only 5 of them… This tank is pretty balanced
    for t7, but I am not sure if anyone should buy it, lol

  168. it looks op because everyone was shooting the hull. it’s like the kv 220 2
    but for Germans hehe.
    I hope It’s not limited sale time as I wanted to save some money for the
    tank fest sales

  169. honestly i love the tiger 2 its one of my favorite tier 8s in the game so
    this is a very exciting addition for me :)

  170. It would be worth it at the price of AT15 or SU-122-44 but it’s the same
    price as the Mutz and makes like half the credits. What the hell,

  171. 27.90 Euros
    i bet it’s gonna be the price

  172. How many vids do u make in one day

  173. finally people arent stuck with the (in my opinion) really crappy lowe i
    know the tank has fans but its soo dam slow and the armour doesnt work at
    all plus the reload is way too long for the gun it is

  174. sebastianmagnus

    QB you being too overdramatic and “uuh will he shot us before oooh”

  175. Its like a Kv5, just tier VII. Like it ^^

  176. Maarten severijns

    I think that it is not that strong becauce people saw this video and
    knowing the weak spots. In this video people didnt know the weakspots. So
    it looks better than it is

  177. wow, met you yesterday with that VK

  178. Andrewlik is awesome

    notice me senpai!

  179. man will they ever add a tank with different damage. tanks with same alpha
    and similar pens just keep repeating. i know the gun calibers are the same
    on some tanks but they could at least give some tanks 10-50 more/less dmg
    so they can feel more unique.

  180. will keep asking for some Conq gameplay QB

  181. The shirt you’re wearing is the only one I would but

  182. Joaquin Hernandez

    prototype tiger 2 p…nice

  183. man QB, your the best in uploading surprise videos nobody is expecting

  184. “Very Nice” (boris johnson voice) :D

  185. nice ima buy this maybe

  186. I like tanks.

  187. Im early, better make a joke

    Hillary Clinton

  188. Cubical_ Illustrator

    Hi Quicky

  189. Panzerkampfwagen Focke-Wulf

    Um QB, the VK 4503 is actually is the prototype to what would be the Tiger

  190. Any possibilty that it’ll be available ingame for gold?

  191. Thijs Van Welie

    It looks rather OP or is it just me???

  192. Hi do you like the Centurion AX?

  193. QUACK!!! IMA DUCK

  194. ITS TRASH!

  195. I want new British Tanks!!!

  196. QuickyBaby brought me here!

  197. just came from stream :D

  198. Thijs Van Welie

    Sssst stream scrubs, be silent and watch

  199. Galaxy Wolf Gaming


  200. The Foto Guy (The Foto Guys)

    This is nice

  201. mathew lawrance


  202. not first Kappa 123

  203. Stream bitches <3

  204. First ONE HELL YEAH!!!

  205. Streaming FTW!

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