World of Tanks || VK 75.01 (K) – Tank Review

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World of Tanks – VK 75.01 (K). Here comes the new king of alpha at T8 heavy, the T8 premium German, VK 75.01 (K).


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to a T-7 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Why does he at 9:25 sound like Christopher Walken? :’D

  2. Some tech tree improvements:
    Buff Defender, swap it with IS4, Buff IS6 and swap it with KV4.
    This tank instead the VK 45 A, the VK A on Tier 7 nerfed and going up before the Tiger P, skoda T27 instead of TVP VTU, strv S1 slightly nerfed and swapped with Udes 3, LT432 nerfed and swapped with LTTB, WZ111 instead of 110 (or 112 whatever the Standard tier 8 is), give ebr 75 normal gun and swap with lynx, E75TS instead of Tiger 2(or buff the hell out of it)

  3. Me: Another premium t8?

    WG: We are just giving our playerbase what they want. EA, Bioware, Bethesda and Activision-Blizzard are doing the same thing. We don’t see a problem.

  4. king of alpha? you mean su-130?

  5. I think this tank is balanced

  6. another

  7. I don’t want it, I don’t want it, *Looks at my first Tier X being the Pz Kpfw. VII with a playstyle I enjoy.* I NEED IT!

  8. Tell us QB how do you still enjoy this game?

  9. O-i has 700 alpha on AP and 150 pen

  10. VK 75.01 (K) is an ok tank, its gun, as a great damage at tier VIII, good tank traverse speed (for a heavy tank) and ok gun statistics, but for me I would buff the turret traverse speed from 22.94 to 24.10 making it flexible to shoot flanking targets (such as medium tanks and some light tanks [If not tracked]) buff the view range at least of a minimal 390m, although still bad comparing to other heavy tanks at its tech tree and tier. And finnaly its fire chance from 15 percent to 10, so you can use 2 repair kits incase they track you and you repair, tracking you again but suprise another repair kit, so you could use your fantastic frontal and side armor at its best in close-medium range combat, suprising your enemies at the point that they need to fall back because of your 490 damage that they can’t trade you with because they bounce you every time (unless they spend more credits firing premium rounds or they are tier IX or X tanks). All this is my opinion on how to improve more this tank to be more flexible and to hopefully work this tank at its best. Thank you for reading this :).

  11. Bought the Mutz as my first premium some time ago (spending a bit of money on the game I’ve been playing for years now …).
    Alpha and DPM suck, but I like the playstyle and especially the very nice credit income!
    So I’m very happy with my definitely not overpowered tank.
    THIS is what Prem Tanks should be like …

  12. And i am still sitting in my T34 (USA) and hoping for a buff.

  13. Bad video. This tank will face tier 9 & 10 most of the time. It will be useless unless it’s in tier 8 match with a city map.

  14. Currently not playing WOT atm due to no PC but I’m still gonna buy this thing because I love the 45.02 B…

  15. Bro, this vk has 226 mm of pen and 490 dmg and its premium, the is3 is got 225 and 390. The is3 really needs some love, especially now with all those OP tanks coming out.

  16. Gschwin Game Jumper

    Quicky Baby wot blitz mobile player here similar physics so heres my opinion That vk is basically a discount of a discount tank in other words its the discount mauschen which is maus discount big difference capola is bigger and they share the same lower plate weakness at their respected tiers but its much bigger for the vk than the mauses

  17. Anyone else ever move and make your dispersion worse knowing rngesus will make up for you lack of gun depression? Like my is7 not enough depression move and have the shell dip, no depression needed

  18. World of premiums

  19. 21:40 all I can see is the kill thief KV4

  20. Why would you only get excited about overpowered premium tanks? Why not be excited about a balanced premium?

  21. 13:40 I’m gonna start advancing towards the base”
    Didn’t know you’re a frenchie, Frampton.

  22. Майкъл 4оо

    Hey QuickyBaby, can you please make a video on how to play the different maps, maybe some tips and tricks and some good spots to play your heavy and light tanks. Im new to the game so i don’t know what to do in a map i’ve never seen before

  23. When will you ever come out and criticise wg. The game is so fucking broken. Instead of fixing our game we will just ask the limited players we still have to keep giving us money. If they worked on the game maybe old players like me would come back. Talk about flogging a dead horse

  24. I did not realize that VK45.02B has only 36 pieces of ammunition. Even with its extremely slow loading, you may fire for 10min only.

  25. 2 Balanced prenium tanks in a row hope they keep it that way

  26. If it was russian it‘d probably go 45km/h and have .34 acc, with 8 deg. gun dep.

  27. Please talk about how dead the Germany heavy line (e100) is please!!!

  28. Sorry mate, but I’ve seen Skill’s review before this, and this tank is shit. It is no side scraping monster. Of course, if you get tier 6 it is, but so is every other heavy tank…

    • I love Skill but he generally shits on every tank that is slow by default. This tank is far from shit if he would drop his bias toward slow stuff.
      Sure it got weakspots, sure it reloads long , but man this gun is fairly accurate for such alpha at T8. It got decent armor and is not as slow as you would think thanks to got power and resistances.

      Btw plenty of T8 heavies who struggle with T6s ;p – for example FCM 50T – shit alpha, shit armor. 110 – this thing is horrible and T6s can pen it no problem.
      But yeah generally you are right hehe.

  29. This tank should replace vk4502a which doesn’t match the logic of it’s techtree.

  30. Should have compared it to the ism

  31. 12:45 why he didn’t just simply hit him to weakspot on gun in mantlet? 😀 -_-

  32. Have the stats of this tank changed unannounced? Gun dispersion in this vid was 0.39 but today in the garage its 0.37 (without crew or modules)

  33. LUL on console it’s a tier 10 premium tank with the gun of an e100

  34. I believe you meant to say that the Mauerbrecher was actually one of the only properly balanced T8 premium tanks we’ve seen in years, that has viable weakspots and isn’t just plainly better then the free competition.
    But then you get all the bad/clueless players complaining it’s bad, while in reality it’s exactly how it should be.

  35. more op prems

  36. In this replay did not miss a few shots, this is definitely not the same game i played. Even with more accurate paper- statis 0.29 dispersion Skorpion G can`t be this accurate than qb`s performance especially in long range.

  37. Just for your info guys, the vk 75 has same dispersion when moving to a KV 2 and that’s tier 6, wg gave it alot of drawbacks in order to have that 490boom stick, well, of it’s russian, it would have good dpm, good snapshotting capabilities and almost no weak points, sadly it’s German.

  38. James Irwin-McConnell

    The German ChryslerK

  39. I really feel like the constant alpha damage creep with the new(er) tier 8 premiums and the superheavy VK have made low tier hitpoints feel even worse. The difference between tier 8 and 10 alpha was already small and now with a number of tier 8 heavies having more alpha than tier 10s while still meeting 6 there is a massive imbalance between alpha scaling and hp going up the tiers.

  40. I love how you call “Löwe” as a german xD

  41. Genderless Person

    To be fair matchmaking these days is almost nothing but tier 8 premiums anyway. So why not add more?

  42. Tells one Tank is bad on slopes; goes on a slope XD

  43. Another op premium tank imagine my shock.
    How about you buff tiger 2 instead wg.

  44. Why not comparing it to the tigers?

  45. I remember a time when the T34 ha 3.4 sec aim time, with even worse soft stats, and for 400 alpha and not 490. Brutal Powercreep when compared to this New tier 8

  46. Sonsawad Anusassananant

    T34 should have this alpha damage…..

  47. Remember when the T34 had the highest alpha damage at tier 8?


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