World of Tanks vs War Thunder – Can WG step up to what Gaijin has in WT?

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Source: Capt Canada

This is a run down on what I think WoT does well and needs to improve, in the wake of a War Thunder Ground Forces release.


  1. I dont think these two games are comparable to eachother at all. World of
    tanks is an arcade game and I would change very little in it. I love world
    of tanks like it is and only want minor changes. Balancing of maps,
    balancing of tanks, new tanks, new tanklines, new maps. Maybe better
    physics and grafics. Things like that.
    Warthunder however is a simulator made more for realism and historical
    accuracy then the actual team vs team competition. In my eyes, Warthunder
    looks better but world of tanks is more fun to play.

  2. Although I have invested a lot of time (and money) into WOT I agree with
    everything that you say about WOT. Stupid camo system, no balance at tier
    10, OP TDs, Gold ammo flying everywhere, power creep with every new patch.
    WoT is just going the wrong way on so many levels. It is still a super fun
    1.person tank shooter but I will definetly try WT: ground forces, and hope
    for a generelly better game with a Little bit more realism. 

  3. whats your Mic set up? or Headset setup?

  4. Good points, and I can’t disagree. Wargaming IMO will offer a game more
    leading to the arcade play style, while War thunder will lean more toward
    the “realism” play. I’ve invested LOTS of money into WoT, so I’m doubting
    I’ll just bail…but…they may not see as much $$$ or “support” from me in
    the future. Your points highlight most of my frustrations with WoT and I’m
    not sure if Wargaming has any serious interest in fixing those issues as
    they have been going on in one form or another since the start.


  6. My computer is not the best so I’m getting 25 fps in wot wit medium
    graphics but in wt it’s more like 18 so I will most likely still play wot
    when wt comes out but I think your views are good and agree its a disgrace
    that the Sherman firefly isn’t in wot yet

  7. On the note that WarThunder will have multiple of the same tank(just
    different versions) I personally like that. We all have our favorite tanks,
    so being able to jump into another one in the same fight is nice.
    Which is another thing that i like about WT, taking 5 or so planes(tanks)
    into the same fight is nice. That 30 sec timer in WoT before each match
    just gets annoying. The last thing that i can think of that WT has over WoT
    is you can research the next plane(tank) while playing whatever you want to
    play. No more grinding tanks you don’t like just because that’s the only
    way to proceed (of course most people just Free exp their way past those
    tanks in WoT but even that takes time to accumulate or use gold to
    convert). Of course WT has their ways to get you to spend Eagles(gold). Ya,
    i sound like a WT fanboy but i still play WoT and will continue..for now.
    lol, good day or night to you Capt Canada.

  8. Good work and nice points.

  9. very Good video I like that there was no trash talking but one thing I like
    to note is if they removed in invisible tanks how would you rebalance arty
    now that they can see enemy tanks without someone spotting them

  10. batsm Gaming Channel

    I agree with everything you said in this video, especially when it comes to
    Wargaming and just blatantly ignoring OP tanks like the KV-1S and the T57
    heavy. However I disagree with what you say about scouting, personally
    think that the tier 8 scouts are balance as they all have the same gun as
    the tier 8 mediums. Even though they have less armor, the armor on a tier 8
    medium is not going to save you yet they are faster and are harder to spot.
    However for scout tanks less than tier 7 I agree with what you said with
    about being absolutely useless in tier 10 games. But it was a great video
    and you pointed out every thing that I thought that Wargaming was doing
    right and what they were doing wrong, good job 🙂 

  11. You have brought up a lot of great points that the community has been
    wanting Wargaming to address. My 2 biggest gripes with WOT is the
    unbalanced matches and invisible tanks. I cant wait for War Thunder GF,
    but I will still play WOT…. maybe. 

  12. I hope the WT beats out WOT in the end, I know when tanks get in WT ill
    play WOT a whole lot less as I play WT also. WG is getting to big for their
    britches anyways, with a monopoly on its hands, constant nerfs and OPed
    tanks. WT is a lot better game than WOWP now, and tanks added will just
    blow them away. I cant wait to say bye bye to WG

  13. I think for invisible tanks, the player should be able to see the tank
    (when it is not spotted) but without the info above them (health left,
    tier, tank, etc). But arty wouldn’t be able to see the tank at all until it
    is spotted. I don’t know if this is a good idea or not, tell me if it is or
    if it is not.

  14. WT is fairly new, they came out with planes first, thats why there very few
    tanks. And I like variations of a specific model (like 5 Stuggs), instead
    of tanks on paper with imaginary guns….the most important thing though no
    more stupid ass invisitanks

  15. WT has just as many maps and more if you count the mission maps

  16. Wargaming aint changing though

  17. Capt. I agree with every single thing that you just mentioned in this
    video. You are very brutally honest and it is great to see. One other thing
    that I think needs to be dealt with is the mod packs that are being
    introduced, I myself use Jimbos and XVM but I think the skins mod and
    armour zone mod should be removed. A suggestion could be for WoT to choose
    mods that they allow, implement them, and then not allow any other mods.
    And I was hoping they would nerf auto loaders. They don’t seem balanced
    because although they have long reloads, it doesn’t matter when you can pop
    out kill any full health tank and then hide behind your teammates till your
    reloaded ex. WT E100 

  18. Anyways sorry for the novel I just wrote, just love that you addressed this
    topic so well. Best Regards from Ontario! 

  19. War thunder is way more historically accurate than world of tanks.

  20. I totaly agree with you about the unbalanced light tanks, every game i play
    in my AMX 13 75 is a tier 10 game but it still has the tier 6 gun!
    Its just not fair. I als agree with you about the small maps, im not a
    really a fan of War Thunder, but now i have seen several gameplays in the
    Beta i might have a look at it.
    And i HATE wargaming for making milions of new russian tanks, just because
    its a russian company doesnt mean they can make more russian tanks, i want
    AMERICAN tanks, BRITISH tanks :(

  21. best example for not listening 2 players –> IS-3 god damit

  22. My opinion WarThunder does not suck WoT does not suck BUT WarThunder and
    WoT are 2 diffrent fucking games !

  23. soo true…. war gaming wont listen, but they wont start doing it right
    till everyone leaves to war thunder, then no one will come back, there
    going to fail from how ingnrent they are soo i think war thunder will take
    there custumers and they will be where they started barely any players….
    like if you

  24. I completely agree with this- the invisible tanks and horrendous
    matchmaking do my head in lol. 

  25. invisible tanks isnt a rendering flaw its a part of the game mechanic for
    balancing viewrange/spotting. Also, balancing seems like it must be an
    extremely difficult job. I think having irregularities in certain tanks
    adds excitment. The alternative would be a lot of the same. Btw great vids

  26. Agree with scout tanks hate playing them with current MM with the addition
    of high tier lights scout MM should be removed altogether and just use
    standard MM rules. There needs to be stealth mechanics otherwise how do
    slow non turreted TD’s cope with faster turreted tanks? Also ambush was a
    standard tactic of German units in WWII. In the ledger’s of Normandy you
    were lucky to see 25m let alone 2km. There needs to be a balance.
    Historical tanks couldn’t agree more too many fantasy tanks. Historical
    mode in WoT may help this.

  27. My one big thing is the way the tanks are so op for some lvls . Ie take the
    kv-1s it has that huge durp gun . And the churchill 1 has a crappy 146 pen
    gun in rl the kv- 1s only had a 76.2 as it couldnt take the weight . And
    when I get shot for a tiger well out of his view range and im in a td with
    400 m view I cant see him but he can see me . Thats bull .

  28. Funny thing about the content of this video is that it echoes many of the
    reasons I have not been playing (or gaming in general since so many of the
    games currently available share the same problems) World of Tanks much over
    the last two or three months. Frankly it has become boring due to how
    predictable the game in general is. Return APCR ammo to gold only? That
    would lead to a huge drop off in those who play, I would be one of them,
    since only those who could afford to buy “gold” would have it….In other
    words, die often enough because the other guys ammo is “better” than your
    “silver” ammo and pretty soon players are simply going to walk away from
    the game. However, I do agree that the NUMBER of gold rounds per tank
    should be limited to say, no more than lets say 10, and that is a purely
    arbitrary number off the top of my head. I too have seen the War Thunder
    videos that have shown up lately and am also impressed with the graphics
    rendering, they are far better than what we see in WoTs. Hopefully WG will
    address this discrepancy soon because frankly WoT and by extension WoWP are
    little better than pumped up cartoons presently. I’m not planning on simply
    jumping from WoTs to WT:GF because right now I’m just burned out on gaming
    in general, I’ve come to realize over the last year that no one has come up
    with an truly new, fresh game since the late 1980s and I started “computer
    gaming” in 1980! And WT:GF is not fresh or new any more than WoTs is/was,
    both were are simply “improved” tank battle games with their roots in the
    1980s and 1990s…Trust me I trained, as a tanker in the U.S. Army on
    simulators that were as good or better than either WoTs or WT:GFs in the
    mid 1980s, even though I must admit it took mainframes that would fill
    several warehouses to run them….And I played several tank games, their
    names long forgotten now, that were of “West” German origin, one of which
    was a ringer for WoTs in many ways including tanks and maps…The biggest
    improvements I have seen to date are in graphics, some physics, and the
    fact I can run these games on a lap top, which I do all my “computer”
    gaming on. By the way I only discovered your videos today, 3 January 2014,
    and have been catching up so to speak. You have a great style and delivery.
    Keep up the good work.

  29. Camo mechanics, and Td’s have become way to over powered. The problem
    with World of Tanks is that there is no reason to play anything but a Tank
    Destroyer in the game. They are faster better armored and have better camo
    and view range then most of the competitive mediums and heavies in the
    game. This has become the whole reason I started grinding toward the 183
    instead of finishing my E100 grind, In two weeks I’ve gone from the
    Churchill to the AT-15…how sad is that. 

  30. Hello Capt Canada! I don’t have the time to watch all your videos and
    therefore I don’t know whether you’ve mentioned it somewhere so I’ll use
    this video to ask you for your opinion in WoT about tank gun barrels being
    able to ignore movement obstacles? Thanks and cheers… 

  31. Like the small maps if they made WT maps a T 95 couldnt do shit. And they
    need garage battels and they dont need to get rid of invisible tanks they
    should just make a hardcore mode. They also need to introduce mussel flash
    . And stop giving us lil T2 pieces of shkt and give us like 1500 gold
    ensted and make a some more chinese and frenchies and mabye some americans
    enstead of russians they just got 2 many.

  32. Like the small maps if they made WT maps a T 95 couldnt do shit. And they
    need garage battels and they dont need to get rid of invisible tanks they
    should just make a hardcore mode. They also need to introduce mussel flash
    . And stop giving us lil T2 pieces of shkt and give us like 1500 gold
    ensted and make a some more chinese and frenchies and mabye some americans
    enstead of russians they just got 2 many.

  33. Also they need to realy fix the tier shif and include how upgraded the
    persons tank it… a PZ 1C vs KV 1 WTF

  34. And MM its just bad and mm should read how upgraded a persons tank is for
    example instead of a PZ 1 C with 30mm lf pin facinf off against a KV 1
    should not happen.( T3 – T4 ) (T5 – T6 ) ( T7 – T8) and keep Tier 1s in a
    tier 1 battle and make it were a stock VK 30.01P cant face a T 29 it can
    only go in T 7 games with a certain amout of stuff upgraded. 

  35. War thunder GF is still in closed beta so comparing them at this stage is

  36. Completely agree with this guy. If wargaming improves their game engine,
    for both console and PC, it will make things a lot better, and would be
    more competitive to War Thunder. I think they’re testing Havoc on the Xbox,
    and the graphics look pretty good for an aging console. Also they should
    include a hardcore mode as mentioned to satisfy a good chunk of player who
    dislike the spotting system. In the end: Better engine=better
    game=satisfied gamers.

  37. Great video. I agree with most of your ideas.
    But to me the biggest problem is the matchmaker, wich teory is bad and the
    application is worse. And there is no punish to afk, for example.
    And every game should have arcade AND historical AND realistic modes.

  38. hussain almukhtar

    Well kv1s isn’t a really hard enemy to face I mean it has a really good gun
    and a poor armor and a meh speed so kv1s should be fine and I think the MM
    should get u 1 tier higher or keep u at ur tier and yes scouts really need
    some boosts + if all of u can see ur enemy with out a scout across the map
    by that u killed arty for me I agree with some and I don’t with some

  39. talkin as someone takin part in closed beta of ground forces 1st its not
    even in open beta 😀 so well we have to see what will happen in the future
    in further developement before we should start thinking about conclusions.
    talkin as someone who played WoT for years in 10thousands of battles im
    agreeing to many points of gamemechanics but also have to defend wargaming
    in the respect that MM has improved Massively improved to times before 7.5
    what can u expect from Ground Forces you will have to aim for weakspots
    when u hit it ull blow your enemy to pieces when u dont u can shoot your
    whole magazine into a viewport without killin it. You have to destroy
    relevant parts of the tank to destroy it i think thats great screw that
    outdated hitpoint system. Hit points wont protect you but they also dont
    hinder you to achieve something its all about knowing where to hit if u
    dont know bad for you youll get eaten up way more realistic than WoT in
    every aspect thats all from me so far btw i stoped playin WoT ;)

  40. i lefted and stoped lissening when it was about 4 minutes

  41. well the scout thing is a problem
    but I think the armor problem is very bad also the camping thing is a huge
    what I think they could do to fix it is that they should add a marker that
    shows where the shot came from

  42. Mostafa El Halawany

    WOT needs to Re-adjust SPGs because this game is getting sucks

  43. you know what, i agree with you 100% War Thunder has the graphic, those
    cool animations while driving, large maps (i love large maps) and when they
    release world war mod the maps will be huuuge making it avaible for you and
    ur friends to make up tactics in the terrain. also that there is no
    invisible tanks and that the terrain lets you hide more realistic etc..
    etc.. WT is in beta and is still much better than WoT imo. sure WoT is a
    decent game that is fun to play, but they simply got outmatched by WT..
    this game is amazing :)

  44. If u ask me … when warthunder will release ground forces … it will get
    more than 70% of the world of tanks players and yes some of them payng
    customers … mostly becayse of its matchmaking and its HP sistem .. !while
    warthunder puts the tanks to theyr real name .. :)

  45. The matchmaking in WOT is the wort part of it. It is made so you mostly
    never are top tier. You get a lvl6 you are aginst lvl 8 you get a lvl 8
    you are put up against tier 10. 

  46. Dude BF4 is nothing like WoT and WT 

  47. The only problem for me is MM(wot). I dont care if im lower tier tank but
    MM should balance the players rating on each side. I mean total rating of
    15 players is same as other team. Then we can have a good battle every
    time, it doesnt matter win or lose

  48. Still WT is in closed beta well at least ground forces are. But we all know
    world of warplanes is absolutely fucked.

  49. Also what’s with all the blueprint tanks in WoT. 

  50. World of Tanks (WoT) is a total fantasy arcade shooter for 10yr old kids.
    Virtually nothing in WoT is realistic or even close…Russians make WoT and
    therefore nearly everything from damage to penetration to camouflage values
    heavily favor the Russians!
    Since Gaijin is also a Russian company it is hard to say if the Russian
    bias will be so obvious in War Thunder Ground Forces….we shall see.

  51. What really bothers me the most about World of Tanks in the relevance of
    armour. As it is now, everyone that is capable of using his own brain will
    prefer mobility over armour … why? It’s the premium shells with insane
    penetration values that make armour obsolete and therefore you could just
    drive a tank with no armor to begin with, Jagdpanther II [+] vs. Ferdinand
    [-] for example. The only thing that matters is getting into a position
    fast where you can shoot the enemy while they are still moving to
    cover/choke points … that’s the reason why Hellcats are so terribly
    overpowered in T6 matches. I mean the T-95 can be penetrated by every
    god-damn T9 tank there is from the front … this is just a joke. Same with
    the Tortoise.
    And don’t even get me started on “accuracy” where a KV-2 with 0.6 hits
    enemies 400 meters away almost reliably …
    And the latest additions to World of Tanks also show the awful power creep
    that’s going on. The Waffletractor E-100 that shreds a Maus to pieces in
    ~10 seconds and the STB-1 which features all good points from the other T10
    medium tanks such as gun depression, penetration, dpm, turret armour etc.
    I don’t have a problem with the spotting mechanics that much, but it is
    beyond my understanding why a moving T-44 has a better camo value than a
    stationary Panther II … but hey.
    I think World of Tanks is slowly digging their own grave – hard to say
    ’cause I used to love this game. Their latest decisions and the graphics
    upgrade just won’t bring World of Tanks on the same level as the already
    superior WarThunder ground forces. Sad, but true.

  52. Thanks for the balanced and well-thought-out review. I would just like to
    add a couple of points:
    1. The current engine is awful. Small maps, invisible tanks, no weather, no
    lighting effects etc. No smoke/fog. They need to upgrade this.
    2. I disagree on the community. Currently, the fanboys of the game
    basically run the forums. You can’t make suggestions or complaints without
    getting unendingly flamed. Probably many if not most ‘communities’ can have
    this problem, but I think WG has it the worst.
    3. Not that 2 matters too much, because WG pretty much ignores its own
    customers. Concerns, problems and complaints are irrelevant to them…and
    they don’t even really hide it. Their attitude seems to be, if you don’t
    like every aspect of the game, then go play something else.
    4. The hit point/damage model has to go. It makes no sense in the real
    world, and is an anachronism in gaming.
    5. Enough with the pay-to-win aspects of the game. Fix the gold round
    foolishness, etc. Enough said.
    6. Reduce the power of the RNG. Put skill back into the game…currently
    the game nerfs you if you are doing too well, and buffs you if you have
    been doing poorly. Do we really need this?
    7. Actually test stuff. You wonder why they release tanks (regular and
    especially premium) and they are extremely overpowered? Then a couple of
    months later they nerf them? All testing should be done BEFORE something is
    8. Stop making OP premium vehicles. Back in the day, the premium tanks were
    ok…usually decent, but with a big flaw. Currently, the premiums dominate
    the battlefield…this is wrong.
    9. WG needs to stop lying to us. They do it all the time…claiming tanks
    are historical. Stealth nerfs. Lying about gold round sales etc. Its to the
    point where I seriously doubt even the number of players stat on the screen.
    10. OMG matchmaking. Seriously…if there are really SO MAKY PLAYERS, then
    why can’t the MM simply do one tier in a battle? And then balance the tanks
    that way. So tier one only fights tier one, tier two only tier
    two…wouldn’t that be better?
    I could go on, but I think fixing these are things can make WoT
    competitive. Their biggest problem, and one absolutely in their power to
    control, is their attitude. They have been very successful…but mostly
    because they have had no real competition. That has changed in a big way.
    Now that WT ground forces are in beta, it is very apparent that WoT is in
    big trouble…if they can buckle down and become competitive remains to be

  53. EXACTLY! Cant wait to try WT if its remotely better WoT can kiss my ass
    goodbye. lol

  54. Re-watched this video after talking to a friend of mine who rocks at World
    of Tanks. He was one of the early Beta players for War Thunder: Ground
    Forces and played it…A lot…And as recently as last Friday, quit and
    uninstalled it. I was rather surprised as I thought he would walk away from
    World of Tanks and stick with WT:GF. I was wrong. Like me he feels the game
    (both the ground and air versions) are too “busy”. I have not uninstalled
    the air version yet ( I did once but reinstalled it a while back. I just
    can’t get into it though, so I don’t play it OR World of War Planes which
    are so similar and equally boring.) My friend has returned to WoTs and is
    racking up XP and credits and has more tanks than should be legal. He does
    feel that WG needs to come up with a better/stronger engine and more and
    larger maps. I am curious though, about up coming ship vs ship vs aircraft
    games currently in development….But then I don’t like busy games…..Keep
    up the excellent videos, regardless of which game(s), you post here on You

  55. WT GF winn ( Gaijin +++++++)
    WoT time to time is suck ( Wargaming ——–)

  56. pay child’s like WG ass lol

  57. I agree with your opinions mostly… and i’d add another point. Artillery.
    For me arty in wot really is bs…. that they get an overhead view map and
    can magically get their recticle and aim directly at tanks that are
    completely outa their line of sight. That really doesn’t work. From the
    gameplay footages I’ve seen from war thunder ground forces.. now THATS a
    1000 times better way to implement arty! Call in arty fire in a certain
    zone….. So for me ultimately I think war thunder is gonna pull way
    ahead. Also remember that war thunder ground forces are still in closed
    beta……. so its a early dev product that already seems almost better.

  58. Oh gosh. The community is why I left. They support the worst things in
    world of tanks, and downvote you if you want to add some versatility to the

  59. So much wrong, just so much wrong…. And I mean what you say, not the
    games. The invisible tanks are due to camouflage. The OP and UP tanks are
    and should stay that way. The tanks are supposed to be historically
    accurate, and you can’t just buff/nerf history -.-

  60. Remember: War Thunder is in closed Beta 

  61. Hellcat isnt op, its just a little bit too fast. Just compare it to M6 and
    yeah, M6 is better in everything except for speed.

  62. the reason why i prefer WT over WOT is becasue WT is so much more
    historically accurate. i would rather have 3 versions of stugs, than have a
    E-100 run up my ass. besides, if half the tanks were never made, how do we
    know how they preformed? 

  63. Jonathan Sivocci

    i’m so sorry i spend 4 euro on WoT. i got banned hour later, when i
    accidently shot downn an ally,,, with my new tank. trying a (random shot).
    anyways. WT needs to release tanks soon. i’m so fed up with Wot. 

  64. Lots of good points. But 6 minutes in the video you talked about Tier 8
    tanks and invisible tanks etc. At that point I figured you haven’t played
    this game so much, just a couple of thousand games? An experienced player
    knows for sure Tier 8 tanks in a Tier 10 game has a certain role. New
    players don’t understand that.

  65. tier II is the must unbalanced tier in the game. think about t18

  66. No dude invisible tanks are like it limited view range on it tank. Dnt
    agree with u

  67. 13:30 you still have the camo benefit as a scout. Also what’s wrong with
    the kv-1s. And I think the reason why WOT isn’t adding minor tank variants
    is to expand the new trees like the French, Chinese, and Japanese

  68. Also the TDs need camo to survive, you’ve played this game for a while you
    should be familiar with how thin the armor is (excluding the British TDs).
    They have removed the firing from cover bonus from TDs in the latest update
    as well

  69. Charles charlessabuero

    For me I think World of Tanks is the best since it was easy to master. War
    thunder ground forces is more on realism. World of tanks had said that they
    are going to improve a lot of their physics, engine, buildings, etc &
    that’s all about 9.0 patch, I guess World of tanks is catching up.

    Wargaming is the only game that has battleships fighting (soon)

  70. war thunder real is better then world of warplanes
    what wargaming need to do is take the ideas of warthunder and making them
    in world of warplans and tanks and ships in the future

  71. i think WT will catch up too WOT but WOT will have more people simply
    because they started first also WT wants to add ships and tanks to
    their original game which i think Wargaming should do

  72. Wot is a good game im wanting to try wtgf but i will never fully leave it
    and there two very diffrant games wot has the abilaty to play tanks that
    were only pictures on paper.

  73. And since when are games realistic? I thought that realisum was boring and
    we came to games to escape reality.

  74. Cao Kha Bao Khanh

    the answer is obviously WT is going to keep up with WoT in the 9.0 patch 

  75. I do agree with the issues of WOT. You can not move a 70 ton tank across
    and open field and NOT be seen. If WOT of tanks left the tanks alone and
    let them be what they were we might see some better players instead of
    people just running in and playing ban bang. I have worked hard on a line
    and when I’m just about there or I just get it WOT decides to dumb it down
    and make it useless. It has become very frustrating to play this game. I
    don’t mind losing or getting killed but give me a fighting chance.

  76. i think you can take a new comparaison of games. Gaijin had corrects system
    spawn. Wot i can’t play because i’ve desinstall this game after trying
    server test 9.0. wot is bad since 8.6

    So i prefer ground forces, best realistic battle

  77. i think to the WOT in the future like 2016 wheel take 40GB and WT 21GB 

  78. WoT definitely needs larger maps and unrealistic arty ‘God-Views’ needs to
    go bye-bye! It could easily be fixed by a ‘module’ you can research for a
    particular tank that will call in an off-board arty strike. I would love
    to have larger teams also if the maps get larger and not just armor. How
    about being able to run a squad of infantry? An anti-tank gun? And the
    unrealistic ‘spotting’ by radio SUCKS! Sure, let the tank be spotted on
    the mini-map so you know where it is but being able to shoot it through a
    forest? NO WAY!

  79. I hate taking my caernarvon almost maxed( don’t have the last engine or any
    of the radios) into a T10 match because within 2-3 shots I’m dead and my
    crew or parts of my tanks gets decimated with every shot and i can’t pen
    half their weak spots.

  80. team battle was a flop. we were supposed to be able to go up against
    players and teams with roughly the same skill level as we were…. the only
    people i see on team battle usually have over 65% winrate… solo playing
    pub battles for 6+ hours straight is more fun than team battles

    anyways i plan on taking my $50/week gaming budget off of WOT and putting
    it on war thunder, i think ive spent enough on wot, might still play from
    time to time for that reason

  81. quite good community? you talk about tomatoes bro? yap,they are good,thats
    for sure ……

  82. hard core mode i am thinking about it in wot since i started to play!

  83. Patch 9.0 2 days left

  84. the only thing i dont like in WOT is the invisible tanks and horrendous

  85. The “view range” thing really bothers me the most (just like camouflage
    values). You can have a Heavy tank and know the direction from which you
    get fired at from (kinda), but you can’t do a fucking thing, cuz the tiny
    TD that is peppering you, sits behind a bush and you can’t even see the
    smoke or tracer? BS. I lost so many battles because of render distance/view
    range limitations. Same with the delays when a tank comes around a corner,
    until you actually spot him. And a scout can run across the field
    (technically in plain view) but some digital value denies you the
    spotting?! I would also get rid of “special” ammo that renders armor
    useless. Either match up tanks properly or leave it, adjust pen % to tier
    difference, if anything.

  86. Best arcade game ever.

  87. BEST Tank ARCADE game….
    RENAME pretend world of tanks

    VERY Bad Historical Tank game

    SPOTTING LOOSE the red markers Make only LOS ( line of sight)
    Loose the game to decide who sees what and let
    player see or miss what they should have seen.
    Reporting NO Auto Spotting positions. No reporting real time…
    Art Get rid of art on map. Make the arty player a
    forward player
    spotting for off board art. Get rid of GOD VIEW
    Hits Loose the points to kill ! ! ! and get real world
    model engine to take damage based on rather
    you killed a tank or bounced A round that
    hits ammo is going to kill the tank EVERY TIME one

    Give player a real map. Make it larger
    Give player control of the tank Look at World War II online and model
    tanks controls
    Real Tank Sounds
    Line of Sight
    Turn off engine.
    Move between locations in the tank … Commander, gunner, driver.
    Real optics, and control of gun
    Moving fire is stupid Get rid of the modern tank targeting system
    Loose the god tanks with auto reload,
    Get rid of auto timer for target and get real

    No game is perfect,
    but this game is both popular, making money,
    Good for the game maker,

    This game is stupid and pretend in every way.
    Call it what is is.

    online ARCADE GAME

  88. SO forget making it look better, it looks good enough.
    FIX the stupid

  89. Brock gowling-hammond

    World of tanks will stay on top for at least the next year, World of tanks
    is just so much more polished then WT tanks, I think WT needs to step up
    not World of tanks.

  90. Brock gowling-hammond

    I agree invis tanks is silly, I even think the spotting system is silly,
    they need to make it so you can see tanks but they only have the red
    outline if they’re spotted.

  91. Brock gowling-hammond

    The only way to fix the engine issues is with a new engine, I really hope
    WarGaming makes another tank game, hopefully modern or even WoT 2….

  92. A very long time WoT player. Gave WT a try as I got into the CBT.

    Firstly WT is fun, big maps, tanks use open fields, ridges and other
    elements of the map, not just sidehug known chokepoints as they do it WoT.
    Secondly WT actually has historical vehicles, helps you immerse in the
    battle of that era. Thirdly a better damage model, no HP and a lot of
    modules to damage. Hell, you can damage a tanks radiator is a good example
    of the detail they go to.

    I feel WT is the game I wished WoT to always be. That being a game with ww2
    tanks that allows me to feel like in some documentary. WoT has become
    something else sadly.

  93. BrianLucas Seehafer

    port was like my 4th fav map

  94. I think I’m in between both of them. War Thunder is the obvious choice for
    flight enthusiasts due to its great historical realism (no hitpoints) and
    flight mechanics. World of Warplanes was a wasted project.

    War Thunder ground forces closed beta well has mind blowing graphics (makes
    world of tanks look obsolete), no invisible tanks, great tank models.
    Although it’s obviously behind on tank count and most of the time the tanks
    don’t explode (just seems weird). Otherwise it seems to have the upper hand
    over world of tanks which has surprised me. Yeah although world of tanks
    match making is enough to make you scream at times. Along with other
    factors like the the different nation tiering system for example a WW2
    Tiger I vs an after war russian tank?

    However you can get a decent amount of entertainment out of it. I won’t
    quit WoT one: Im waiting to see other new HD tanks and two that I’ve got a
    long way in the game. I don’t think WoT has had it and is not totally
    obsolete providing they act before its too late

    I do have confidence with wargaming’s new World of Warships

    However I won’t be holding my breath just yet

    edit: World of tanks music soundtrack is very well made, very good!

  95. Sorry but the next generation of Tank games has arrived and its currently
    Given another 2-3 years development with more maps, tanks etc..
    WT has the potential to be truely great. World of Tanks will linger on but
    the p2w fanboys have killed it. (I was a WoT Beta Tester I like many had
    high hopes that were never realized)

  96. WoT needs to crawl under a rock and die, seriously when i was still playing
    that horrid game it seemed to me that as a monopol in the arcade tank
    simulator game Wargaming doesn’t really give a shit about what players
    want, because they hold the power since nobody else was competing. Now that
    War Thunder- Ground Forces got popular, all of a sudden there’s a swarm of
    updates in WoT , coincidence?. War Thunder – GF is not perfect either, at
    the moment it is fairly poorly optimized for it to run on high graphics
    settings, the tiering is horrible and some tanks are just blatantly better
    than other in the same tier (T-50, T-34-85, SU-122, Pz IV F2 etc), the maps
    aren’t really that big either , except for Kursk, on almost all of the maps
    the fighting is taking place 500m and closer. Defense against airplanes in
    realism and simulator mode is extremely lacking, once someone has eyes on
    you , you’re dead. But overall as a game WT-GF is 10x better than WoT in
    regards of a game as a whole.

  97. TreuStern feat. StAlKeR

    for the ones who want it historically correct, you choose WT, for the ones
    that like skill-based games, they should give World of Tanks a try. in my
    opinion WT is not at all challenging and resembles to a call-of-duty kind
    of gameplay. you got destroyed and do a quick respawn in the vehicle or
    plane you want is nothing new if you compare it to World of Tanks as both
    games dont share much, they are almost entirely different and shouldnt be
    compared like you just did. i dont think wargaming should be afraid as most
    players that invested quite some time in it will keep on playing it because
    its the difference between simple respawning and challenging gameplay where
    you should be careful in order to survive. after all WT seems a little more
    noob-friendly though :-)


  99. I think you bring up a couple serious problems in Wot, like premium rounds
    and some scout tanks not being that good at scouting. But everything else,
    there is a good explanation for it. Like TDs camping in the corners of the
    map, but look at war thunder, its a total campfest. In WoT you say they
    should rework “invisible tanks”… I totally face palmed when you said
    that. Its called spotting mechanics and the reason they have it like it is
    is so a ISU 152 cant just see tank across the entire map and shoot every1 ,
    and so spg’s can hide in bushes. And with the Sherman Firefly, oh come on.
    Why would WG add a Firefly when there is a tank that’s almost exactly like
    it in the game. that’s just a waste of time. And you said that a t7 scout
    tank in a t10 game is useless. GOD im not even that good at Wot and I know
    a scout tanks purpose in ANY tier game IS TO SCOUT (DUH) As a scout tank
    you can hide in a bush with your bynocs and spot the whole enemy team!!! oh
    so “totally useless”. And you said that t10 needed to be rebalanced? For
    what reasons? that there are better than t8 tanks? DUDE SERIOUSLY? t10
    tanks are 2 tiers higher WHAT DO YOU THINK WILL HAPPEN. And with Wot there
    is more skill involved. That’s why so many people like WT. you can jump
    into a t70 and 1 shot a tiger! That must be fun! Yah WT is more realistic.
    But in Wot, you can actually seriously effect the battle your in. In WT, if
    you try to be a hero, you get completely decimated by the people who are
    camping. And seriously, if your a fan WT why are you still reading this?
    But I think if you want to have FUN and aren’t a total NOOB, you should
    play WoT. btw World of Warplanes does suck ass currently WG needs to fix
    that. And wait for all the WT hate!

    • How does wot take more skill?
      1. to play DM systems in the sense you stated requires intriqute knowlege of the position of parts within the vehicle targeted. (Ex. hitting a pz3 in hull mg port often kills all crew) THIS REQUIRES SKILL (realism and skill)
      2. Why be a hero? Unlike wot, where preniums will kill half the enemy team, teamwork will win games.
      3. Actually aiming a gun and hitting a tank without automatically having a computer doing it for you takes SKILL (RB)
      4. Campers are easily killed by arty and dont move (EASY TO KILL EVEN IF YOU HAVE NO SKILL)
      figure out how it is before u make a statement.
      ur first (and probaly last reply)

  100. Form today WoT is dead.

  101. I totally agree with you bro mainly about the stupid Russian tanks they
    keep on adding to the game and there sould be tracers so we will where
    enemy tanks are shooting from


  102. I am kinda surprised how bad WoT looks, graphic and gameplay wise: I gave
    War thunder ground forces a try a few days ago (normally i am more the
    pilot guy) and it was a hell lot of fun so i wanted to have a comparison
    with its – how i thought – older and better brother but… i will stick
    with ground forces for sure, WoT looks to me like WoW with tanks.

  103. I love WoT its a fun game which I think was designed to be more of a
    competitive game, hence why the maps are smaller and the faster team based
    pace of it. Its a fun game.where as WT successfully harnesses the historic
    flavour and simulation type gameplay for a more realistic experience.
    Personally I prefer WT but WoT is good to just jump in for a few.

  104. I love WoT its a fun game which I think was designed to be more of a
    competitive game, hence why the maps are smaller and the faster team based
    pace of it. Its a fun game.where as WT successfully harnesses the historic
    flavour and simulation type gameplay for a more realistic experience.
    Personally I prefer WT but WoT is good to just jump in for a few.

  105. Lets get one fact straight. Wargaming is huge company and they are doing it
    right, why? Well WoT and Warthunder are different games, entirely! Yes they
    are all about tanks, but that doesnt mean shit. Gaijin is making way bigger
    realistic games and on the other side Wargaming is making Fun To Play. Not
    too much realism & way easier to play. Warthunder looks cool, and I will
    probably test it soon but I am going to stick with WoT.
    By the way, great video buddy

  106. WOT has a bad spotting system,for Example,One time I was in a UE-57 with a
    camo net and crew skills and I was sitting in a bush while spotted by a
    light time 80 meters away,and no surprise I died.

  107. Becoming bored with WOT – time to go fishing and/or some gophers.

  108. fck wot… performance of the game suck too much kiddie tanks… HP? lol,
    since i playedd WT open beta i paly it more than WoT now, better and
    realistic tank and is not as expensive as WOT tanks based on ingame cash

  109. I play 23,583 battles in world of tanks so shut the **** up

  110. R.I.P WoT

  111. tiger10 wot tiger102 wt


  112. tiger10 wot tiger102 wt


  113. Warthunder Win

  114. After being wrongly accused and banned by WG for a week, for supposedly
    using a “bot” – something I would never do, I hate the damn things! I
    switched to WT. And what a difference, the physics still needs quite a bit
    of work, but WT is definitely superior. WG are on the way out, WoT has
    passed it’s sell by date. Small maps, utterly crappy match making that
    leads to huge levels of frustration… byeeeee Wargaming.

  115. – 500 meter invisibility limit is not real life (especially when firing)
    yet even in game a TD could easily penetrate a moving target over that. In
    real life “The Hellcat had a gun that could penetrate roughly 88mm of armor
    at 2000 m” (source: wiki)

    – no night maps

    – Matchmaking “biased against” light tanks. e.g. A20 against Tier 8, which
    render all the good things being a scout completely useless (speed &
    spotting range & hiding). Another e.g. AMX 40 shoot & move like a medium
    yet it class as a “light” for a concept tank (with lower HP point), it not
    even a defender tank compared to matilda (i.e. if hit on the nose zone).
    NORMALLY, worst case it matched against 2x tier up, but only 1x tier up for
    gold tanks (A20 is 4x tier up)

    – Tech Tree Research isn’t based on technological evolution. e.g. it a very
    obscure way to obtain KV1. IS7 & IS4 should be on the evolution line yet
    need 2 line of research.

    – Maps are too predictable for camping location & very few random places
    with vegetation for hiding.

    – Too many rural maps compared to urban ones.

    – SPG, play style are too limited especially in urban maps, some rocks
    should disintegrated when fired on and ALL buildings can be demolished with
    SPG rounds. Currently wot statistics doesn’t include “building (or bridge)
    demolition”, which lower your overall “victories rating” even though
    clearing building for direct line of fire is part of the strategy.

    – Translation – option for auto translate messages (even if it a bad
    translation, it better than not understanding at all what other players
    intention were)

    – Discontinuation of “Rare / Special edition / gift tanks”. e.g. LTP, KV220
    or Panzer J (tier 2 with armor equivalent to KV1), everyone should be
    allowed to buy it OR completely remove it from the game and not somewhere
    in between.

    – APCR should be limited, but also be rewarded after a specific “mission”
    (not just a box of cola).

    – Option to reward “exceptional” players with “capture” tank & modules
    after specific mission, instead of purely research

    – Training should be expanded. e.g. ability to select any enemy (no
    driver) & own tanks in a training environment to test drive a tank BEFORE
    spending many many research weeks and end up finding a tank that doesn’t
    suit your style of play. AND enable to practice different shot angle and
    ammo selection and distance for a specific tank. (it is something you can
    never do when reading the spec)

    – Take the WOT MOD seriously e.g. PEN ZONE as part of skills and perks?
    Reload time is now part of default, but what about “range finder” on an
    open field to judge shot travel time. Customizable radial menu as part of
    default, current one is almost useless.

    – include Ammo Tracer, not only by shot direction, but distance and type of
    ammo used (very hard to tell especially between AP or APRC without looking
    on the exterior).

    – TK should be banned for player in a set time limit

    – sort out AFK! either a dead player could take control of nearby AFK tank
    or remove AFK player completely from the map

    – Smoke grenade (cmon even counter strike has it)

    – “limited” anti tank mines, rifles & bazooka for light tanks????

    – Secondary guns????

  116. i think he is right

  117. i think WOT will become good because of competition form war thunder

  118. TheSchwarzKater

    I played WoT about 700 hours and now started with WT GF (84 hours). I like
    both games. WoT is more arcade and WT GF is more realistic. I recommend you
    to test both. Keep in mind WT GF is still in Beta and WoT has had much more
    time since release.

    What I like about WT GF is that you start with a good tank and the
    balancing feels better than in WoT. The guns are not so random to hit its
    spot than in WoT and also you get rewords for how good you played and not
    your team. So (almost) no frustration about noob teams. But I would say in
    WoT you have a little more team play because your tank can bounce a lot
    etc. In WT GF you can easy die with one shot if you have bad luck. On the
    other hand the matches are quicker and you can respawn. After all this. Let
    me repeat I like both games. You can only compare them and say both are
    tank games. And that’s about it. Like as if you compare Arma and Call of

    I got sick of WoT because of all this points CaptCanada made in his video.
    Also the reason why I stopped playing WoT for now 6 months. And I guess
    nothing changed at all. Tell me Wargaming changed something. I’d like to

    Cheers! :)

  119. Avre(ItsAHuske)

    WT raped WoT. Wargaming is in panic, and they nerf every tank they find.
    Anyway Pros and cons from WT!
    +Big maps
    +Camos are unlockable
    +A low tier can kill a mediocre tier tank
    +Better MM
    +Lots of tanks
    +No tank nerfs/buffs (except Pz. M4, a bit (3 mm) armor nerf)
    +Better optimalization
    +Good graphics

  120. Played WT only for a few minutes. Driving model is awful, tanks slide as if
    they were rally cars.

  121. Wargaming had their chance to update their engine. Warthunder has been out
    for years with a clearly better game engine, and it was very clear that it
    would be the same as what would be used for their inevitable tank game.

    instead of designing a new engine, they decided to franken patch their low
    budget engine (with more or less irrelevant ‘updates’). WG makes TONS of
    money now, but for those of you who don’t know, they bought a license for a
    modest engine to start World of Tanks when they were a fledgling company.

    The latest graphic patch makes the wheels on the tanks go up and down and
    blows off turrets. Well guess what? Warthunders engine already does those
    things better along with everything else. It is far too late for them to
    start on a new engine now.

  122. The problem with Warthunder.
    They have killed all their fanbase which uses weaker computers.

  123. WT just kills my computer at 7 fps. WoT and WoW I can play at ~34-40 fps.

  124. I love how everyone says how much more realistic War Thunder is and then go
    on to complain about how overpowered tanks in WoT are. A real KV1S vs a
    Jumbo Sherman will easily go to the KV1S.

  125. JustinAkaDeadstuff

    kv-1s sinds when is that tank op??

  126. JustinAkaDeadstuff

    the maps of warthunder are tropical map But I never learned that Germany
    and Russia have fight against each other in the Caribbean 

  127. WT:GF has large maps because of the planes dogfighting.

  128. WT > Wot

  129. The only flaw I can see in the WT engine is that tanks can do massive
    donuts. But when you compare it to WoT with it’s engine it makes Big World
    look like a peice of s**t.

  130. Alexander Prokhorchuk

    We, in Russia, have the same balancing and upgrade plan problems with
    current version of WoT.

  131. im not your friend buddy
    im not your buddy broh
    im not your broh friend


    1 NO MORE invisible tanks

    2 bigger maps

    3 better MM, no more stuff like tier 6 vs tier 8 tanks. all same tier with
    maybe 1 or 2 higher tier tanks to spice things up

  133. Jax Worldentertainment

    I like both games. They are totally different games in their own special
    way.If they had the exact same things what the point,.

  134. but its no fun playing a tog2, t95 in a huge map or some of the t10
    american tds

  135. Every patch WoT they got new russian tanks and more buffs on their tech
    tree. While other nations like the U.S.,Germans gets a lot of nerfs. This
    game is too much of russian biased game.

  136. What does WoT needs to do? Nothing, I don’t want it to copy WT and make
    everything historically accurate. Let WoT keep health bar, track repairing
    during battle, etc. 

  137. war thunder is win

  138. Is the community as toxic and caustic as it is in WOT?

  139. Katherine Winyala

    What does Wargaming need to do in order to keep World of Tanks relevant
    against War Thunder? Nothing. Just sit back, and watch, while Gaijin
    repeatedly makes idiotic mistake after idiotic mistake, watch as they do
    nothing to correct the ridiculously broken physics system, watch as they
    endlessly screw up the game balance even further in their attempts to
    “balance” it… and watch as Gaijin, in the middle of doing all of that,
    continues trying to sucker more money out of their fanbase by putting more
    and more powerful premium (Russian) tanks into the game, and slowing down
    their non-premium grinds.

    Of course, WG isn’t doing that, and they actually are stepping up their
    game quite a bit. Gaijin had their chance to kill WoT, and they blew it,
    badly. They crushed World of Warplanes, no question of that, but World of
    Tanks isn’t going anywhere.

  140. T18 is OP, Hellcat should have a scout MM or be nerfed! & KV-1S is the

  141. ive played wot 2 years, all i can say is that WT is alot more ejoying to
    play unlike Wot wich is very stresful to play. In WT u dont care if win or
    lose, you cant lose credits and nobody will call u lowstat noob, on top of
    that in WT only real tanks that existed is in the game and have full
    simulator modes,and low level tanks are alot of fun and you REALY enjoy the
    game, not like WoT and its fantasy tanks wich stress u with shit stock

    On top of that try “mixed battles” in WT, and ull be able to play tanks vs
    tanks vs planes all controlled by real players, you even have AntiAir
    vehicles, Wot is a shit of the past.

  142. I’ve played WT and I believe that they will steal WOT’s spotlight. I thing
    the play style of WT is a bit confusing but is also fun. The graphics on WT
    are almost as detailed as GTA V and they’re amazing! The suspension physics
    in WT actually work like a real tank’s suspension vs WOT’s suspension still
    uses the “stick” suspension. WOT’s graphics even at the highest settings
    still look like PS2 graphics. The MM in WOT is still shit the grinding
    process is a bitch and I mean a real bitch. I really hope WT becomes a lot
    more successful than WOT. There’s a reason why WOT is not on steam.

  143. I stopped playing WoT due to RNG (dinging a kv-1s from behind with a T-29
    ?!?), slow experience pace (this game is worse than WoW comparing the grind
    fest), the fact that experience depends on your performance in game. This
    creates competition within teammates instead of promoting team efforts.
    Experience is often unrelated to player skill and sometimes out of the
    player’s control. Having a HP bar while trying to be a simulation. Either
    have HP and get damaged every time you get hit, or don’t have a HP bar and
    die whenever you get hit (if penetrated). Having both is redundant and
    counter-intuitive. Mouse-hover outline?!?!?! Might as well put
    satellite-navigated death ray from outer space.

    Not a lot of reasons, but enough to stop playing. I sometimes come back to
    the game, play the first 3-4 min of the first match and just press alt+F4.

  144. I agree that “stealth” tank in WoT is a turn-off for some people, and I do
    prefer to have visible tanks – not hiding until it gets spotted – and
    engaging in active battle, not sitting all day spotting targets or sneaking
    around or getting shot without knowing where it came.

    But I do understand that if WoT get rid of that invisible tank and all
    tanks are now visible by default, then arty tanks with top-down view could
    spot them right on after the game starts, and that spells problem. Maybe
    then they could implement that top-down view still can’t see enemy tanks
    until it gets spotted, or probably changing the top-down view into map
    coordinates, where arty can’t see live battle but relies on spotted and
    coordinates from teammates.

    On top of that, WTGF battles seems more realistic and I like it. And WoT
    tanks are much more of arcade-ish, which I also like.I’ve been played both,
    and enjoying both.

  145. yereverluvinuncleber

    so dull

  146. Also with WT you can customise your tanks color and make some really cool
    looking skins!

  147. Been playing WOT for 2 years. I just moved to Warthunder and i think its
    far better than WOT.
    WarThunder has
    – Big maps,
    – Well balanced tanks.
    – Far better physics
    – Way Better optimization than WOT. Example in WOT My AMD 280x gets
    25-30fps on full, While Warthunder gets 45-70fps on full settings. And it
    looks WAY better than WOT.
    – Did i say Warthunder looks way better than WOT? oh yes i did!
    – No bullshit health bar in Warthunder.
    – No invisible tanks!

    Warthunder is around 5-7 month old it still has some bugs to be fixed. But
    it crushed WOT in every way possible!


  149. WoT compared to War Thunder is like
    Tanki Online compared to WoT

  150. War thunder better

  151. WT vs WoT, War Thunder owns. you can fly in war thunder! the ground forces
    isnt that fun but if i say: WT airplanes vs WoT then WT wins completely!!
    cus WT has both airplane and tanks but WoT just has tanks. srry ppl. WoT’s
    time is over…

  152. 1 thing i hate in WoT is that you can drive around with a dead crew and
    systems all once 100% destroyed but fixed by your dead crew and you can
    keep coming after all that and that’s just dumb.

  153. Meh, I just stopped playing wot, I was thinking of uninstalling two games,
    and I just deleted wowp and wot, I’m not going back to it too.

  154. war thunder needs american tanks

  155. Hamarios Lavakistu

    Send it to Wargaming pls
    if next updates will not be good either, i will change 😀
    And you didn’t talk about that the Tiger (or tiger2 but mostly Tiger) were
    the best tank of WWII. Now its a bunch of shit. Maybe it’s just disturbs
    me, or i don’t know but it is realy annoying having the best tanks of the
    WWII and its a crap.
    Your video was good, I enjoyed it, congrats for it ;).
    So pls send these stuffs to WG, and if you can, let me now what they
    Sorry for my bad english

    • the best german tank would be maus or pz4 and before. tiger too hevey, basically can’t reverse, medicore armanemt to counter for the lack of speed (until tiger 2)
      the best tank of wwII in my thoughts would be the t-34 (85mil and 57mil varients)or the M24

  156. As a WoT player from the very first start, once i tried ground forces i
    never played WoT again

  157. Even in arcade mode, War Thunder’s ground combat is way more realistic than
    World of Tanks, and the latter makes a miserably poor effort of trying to
    combine MMO gameplay with realism. War Thunder also has a much smoother
    learning curve than World of Tanks, probably because you don’t find
    yourself fighting eighth-tier heavy tanks in a fourth-tier light tank in
    War Thunder but also because WT does a far better job of simulating armour
    penetration. In WT you have clear statistics on each weapon and tank as to
    what you can go up against and what you cannot. The stats in WoT,
    especially for the guns, are far too vague.

    But then again, WoT is probably better suited to the casual gamer who
    prefers Battlefield-type multiplayer gameplay over stat-based ultrarealism,
    and I will concede that WoT does a better job of providing simple, casual
    gameplay than War Thunder does.

  158. just cant compare those games, the only thing they both got are tanks. 

  159. its true my cousin stopped playing because he was complaining about the
    tanks getting invisible :P

  160. war thunder’s handling & graphics are FAR more realistic and superior to
    WoT. i really wonder why war thunder is a free game?! we should be able to
    buy the game instead of purchasing premium accounts which is 12 euros a

  161. wot is good

  162. the community of wot is big and also many assholes … how many times you
    get insulted and pushed shot and so on,,and how about that bots they are
    even with t8 premium … wg now should also make the rules harder with
    bands not only of one or two days but weeks maybe even months.let’s see how
    often would you find assholes, idiot kids in the game.

  163. war thunder is way better

  164. With the Sherman Firefly not being available in WoT is ridiculous! It was
    one of the most famous and influential tanks in the Second World War.

  165. I’m also really sick of being in a Luchs (WoT German Tier 4 Light Tank) and
    being the bottom of the food chain and ricocheting all of my shots at the
    REAR ARMOUR of a KV-1 (Russian Tier 5 Heavy Tank), when using the
    highest-penetration gun. Getting one-shotted by almost everything at and
    above your tier because you’re forced to camp is extremely irritating. I
    really hope Wargaming pulls themselves together and balances the
    matchmaking and realism of the game (WoT), as I have been versing tier 6-7
    tanks and getting pwned.

  166. War thunders maps are a pain to get across takes 15mins to get into battle
    and then you get one shotted 

    • wat?
      u get one shotted because u do not see the enemy when they can see you. Situational awareness is important. Plus most maps gets you into the combat fairly quickly. (ex. Berlin)
      way too biased.

  167. FatFlyingCreeperMan

    I prefer war thunder because it’s more balanced and more realistic also
    bigger and better maps. 

  168. So wg should make a new game?

  169. Can CHris Taylor and gas powered gaming please stop with WoT and please
    remake Dungeon Siege 3.

  170. war thunder : 10+
    wot : -6

  171. KV-1S didn’t need to be fixed. You ever see the IS-1 in WT? That’s
    essentially the KV-1S. It’s able to one shot a Tiger. WT accurately
    represents tanks based on their real stats and loadouts. Balancing them
    would ruin it. 

  172. The shermans now in patch 1.45 are so overpowered the german tanks lose
    every time in RB and SB. War blunder is pure shit. I spend my money on
    germans tanks and now its impossible to win with a german tank. I’m so
    fucking mad at war blunder. WOT is a hell of a lot better, At least you
    have a chance to win. Capt you are totally wrong. War blunder will fall

    • cuz gaigan rushes things
      plus until leopard 1, all tigers r bad for obvious reasons on most maps(slow speed, basicly no reverse, armor is all flat etc. just endure until the leopard 1

  173. World of tanks? Good community? HAHHAHA!

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