World of Tanks || Waffentrager Auf E-100 – Heartbreak

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Going on a rampage in the German tank destroyer Waffentrager Auf E-100

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  1. first comment

  2. I hope you enjoy this game – was my first real good round with the WT-Auf

    I’m LiveStreaming now with Jingles and Ik!

  3. WT OP pls nerf

  4. Lol just saw 1 of your videos. Now theres another one to watch :P

  5. Hey quickybaby 

  6. WHY U NO 1080p @60FPS?!

  7. You want a ä to copy into the Title?


  8. ah the stream game, yeah that ending was painful to watch 

  9. OMG NOOOO I saw this att your live stream ;C

  10. Is for quick baby is play goods game but is for Claus is for to say Auf
    E-100 is stupids tank for to ruins game. Is stupids. Is tanks is bigs
    like Maus is big like E-100 heavy is tall is long is big likes house but is
    no can spot. Is quick baby for to sits be on beach is just wait is
    sits. For then is for to be scouts tank for come down beach. For what is
    for be to happen? Is scouts tank spots Auf E-100 fo is be size of house?
    NO! Is lites scouts tank smalls like Volkswagen is for to scouts but what
    for to happen? Scouts tank for can no see Auf E-100 for even if be size
    for house and sits open on beach not even for to be hide for bush. Is
    stupids. Is ruins for game for to play scouts tank. For why play scouts
    tank? for can not to spots. Is no goods. Is just for to drive fast for
    to let auf E-100 shoots for to kill. and Auf E-100 shoots kills scout for
    then is shoots big gun so for 50B is spots Auf E-100 for sures yes? NO!
    Is still is stay for to be invisible! Even for after for be shoot sgun is
    still no be spot! Is stupids? YES! Is french tank see for scout die but
    even for be shoots Auf E100 is no can be spot. LOL. Is stupids tank for
    make drive scouts tank stupids. Why for to be in game invisible tanks for
    can to shoots kill all tank?

  11. Nice game Quicky 

  12. Bas Riemenschneider

    Why did you load apcr when you knew there where only 2 very softly armored
    targets left???

  13. Wow. Between you and the enemy version that was 13 kills. Kind of fitting
    you squared off at the end. In general I like the idea of a glass canon. I
    think it encourages team work. It isn’t that different than giving light
    tanks high speed and better camo to make up for the light armor and lower

  14. 12:55 Let the Germans have this! Let the Germans have the glory for

  15. I was happy that the Wt100 did lose
    Hate that g*ddamn OP tank

  16. I still think that this tank is OP. It had that bad turret but the gun is
    pretty brutal and OP

  17. O~P!!!!!

  18. I wish you would show more game play of tanks that actually require some
    form of thinking or skill. E100 series tanks are too easy to do reasonably
    well every game. 

  19. Martin Barkaway Nielsen

    I think it should get removed, i really hate it..

  20. “no more glass cannons” FV4005

  21. You dont really need armour if youre going to support(by sniping) your team
    from distance and considering that gun is best in the game for that it
    makes me feel its “very” balanced.

  22. sasa stojisavljevic

    can you quicky baby do an IS tier 7 soviet hevytenk review

  23. Waffles deserve heartbreaks D:


  25. I don’t think a tank can be too extreme. They should nerf tanks because
    they are overpowered, not because they are too unique.

  26. Since I play the WT as a fun tank I use the 15 cm (no I dont spam heat). I
    prefer going into agressive position, surprising the enemy since they dont
    suspect an agressive WT (sometimes I even flank them :P). But you have to
    be very careful with that playstyle since you can end up dying very fast.

  27. Ey man, cool videos…. I need to ask for opinion? How about you tell us
    more about IS line? I mean: IS, IS3 and IS8? How to, where to, weak points,
    best points etc…. tnx ;)

  28. 20 rounds of apcr…?

  29. WT auf E 100…OP

    tell me when they give it a real nerf
    13:00 basic reason.

    its only weakness is the turret. everything else is a strength….not

  30. ᴄʀᴀғᴛᴇᴅᴘɪxᴇʟ | ᵍᶠˣ ᵈᵉˢᶦᵍᶰ

    If you had waited for him to peek rather than you then your would have
    maybe won :'(

  31. This tank should have its camo rating nerfed as hell! He spots me while I’m
    stationary in Obj. 140, fires and stays unspotted! And it’s big like a
    house! Fuck that shit!

  32. Every ET Auf E-100 game should be a heartbreak. No skill tank. 

  33. well QB next T10 TD will be a glass cannon too :(

  34. nice clip,i hope you make clip replay tiger 1

  35. shot to IS-7 last-shot-system -> ON
    WT shot to us – last-shot-system -> OFF

  36. WT Auf E 100 is so incredibly OP. 5 shot clip with a total damage potential
    to 1-clip kill every tank in game (with good damage rolls, only Maus
    propably lives) Armor is the same as E 100 (not the turret) and the speed
    is not bad. They called AMX 50 Foch (155) OP…

  37. Quick non video related question.
    When i want to grind the t62a
    there are 3 ways to grind it, which line should i go? Which is the better
    one or the more fun one?

  38. 60 th cooment lol

  39. Almost nothing as satisfying as hitting one of these with HE for 1100
    damage and a fire.

  40. Retardedly OP TD.

  41. This tanks is so broken. Fair enough the armor sucks (on the turret only)
    but the firepower, speed, good healthpool, and stupidly good camo make it a
    little too good.

  42. As based on the statistics made public by the devs , more that 75%-80% of
    the WTE100’s on all servers die before the first reload and you still call
    this thing OP? Has lowest recent WR among AMX 50 Foch 155,Object 263,FV215b
    (183),T110E3 … and you still call this op? Can be hit by anyone , 40-50
    sec reload time and most of the time they see you first than you see them
    because of the terrible camo and you still call this thing OP? Sadly you
    don’t know what you are talking about / and / or retards.

    Try to snipe for weakspots of the hulldown IS7 , T62A , Obj140 in your
    WTE100 and then we’ll talk about OP’ness. 

  43. Was this on the stream I’m certain I’ve seen this before

  44. i see this video when u playing in twitch QB was gj 

  45. Would’ve won with the 150mm :P

  46. Saw this on your live stream last week

  47. No more glass cannon tanks, eh?

    So…how ’bout that FV4005. Anyone excited?

  48. Can you please put links for your end slate videos in the description for
    your mobile viewers. 

  49. Kinda wish ‘heartbreak’ videos such as this one would have an ambiguous
    title, to not give the ending away.

  50. I never really had a problem with the Waffentrager, though I call it the
    waffle maker since my German is horrible, ha. Maybe I just get people who
    do not know how to drive it well, but it never causes me a serious issue.
    The thing is a giant target. Even my least accurate guns can hit it with
    ease, and that giant turret is made of paper, so HE does insane damage to
    crew and gun. If I hit the breach block, it is a guaranteed damaged gun.
    Also if he just blow his magazine, I can come around the corner and just
    sit there with my HE due to the very long reload. Driving out in front of
    one when it is loaded is suicide as it has the power to take out every tank
    I own with one magazine.

  51. omg look closely at 3:08 some poor bastard bounced his shell off of the
    superstructure xD

  52. i think they should reduce the tier 8-10 TD health by 25% to make them more
    killable by normal tanks of equal tier
    i’ll use the ISU-152 for example, 1010 HP, not great armor, gun does 750
    average damage per hit with ~17 second reload
    this tank autopens and usually takes half the health or more of any tier
    eight tank in the game and can sit and eat every shot that gets thrown at
    it while it is reloading since most tanks get one maby two shots before it
    reloads and since TD’s generally sit in the back as snipers (except
    British/Ferdinand/Jagdtiger/Jagdpanzer E-100 which sometimes play as
    assault guns) why do they need so much health

    that’s all i really have to say about that

  53. Saw it on the stream ^^

  54. I love how hard that IS-7 was panicking when he bounced his second shot.
    You could just see the fear in his crew as he was about to get smashed. 

  55. Watched this on the stream :D

  56. Aleksa Karamarkovic

    9.5: op deathstar buffed
    New tank implemented,waflletraktor with a deathstar’s gun,yeah it will be
    so balanced.

  57. why is the video loading so slowly omg

  58. What do you think about leopard1 ?
    Should i go for it ?

  59. My dignity doesnt allow me to play play a tank with 2950 average damage per
    somewhat shot ^^ When i still played this game i sat there just like now
    shaking my head in disbelieve, wondering if there was a monkey at the
    keyboard programming this game and waiting for the WTs barrel to burst
    into pieces from overheating. And dont give me this “he has no armor” crap.
    Yes the one shot the opponent gets into him before he dies will probably
    penetrate … oh and the end was just so satifing, got a taste of his own
    medicine there ^^

  60. this is why almost alll TDS need a nerf 

  61. QB VS 4 enemies? Pretty-much a fair fight, I’d say.

  62. QB these are the game I personally like to see, you playing, solo, having a
    great game (not mandatory 🙂 ) and not platooned. It’s good to see a random
    match as it’s what we – me mostly play, some mid tiers would be great to
    see. Keep up the good work :)

  63. Quicky you donkey. :)

  64. Surely one of the most cool looking tanks in the game.

  65. it’s still stupidly powerfull…

  66. I dont understnd Y the foch 155 has a 72 clip reload though the WT E100 has
    a gun thsat does the same dmg with 1 more shell in its clip, and it has a
    40 sec reload

  67. Quickybaby why don’t you like the tortoise anymore?

  68. No more glasscanoons? wait for next patch :D

  69. For me there are 2 problems with the Waffle E-100. The turret turns to fast
    look at the Hellcat turret – 16 Waffle E-100 -22. Just nerf the turret
    traverse to 10 since it has a giant gun and the auto loading mechanism
    would be incredibly heavy. They other is how fast the vehicles is 40 kph on
    a E-100 chassis is much to fast. Should be 25. There problem solved. If
    they made these changes the waffle could be easily taken out.

  70. i know you dislike light tanks but was hoping if you could maybe do i video
    of the M5 stuart gameplay. 

  71. wait so in world of tanks the max spotting range is 445 meters? 

  72. I agree with you QB that this tank is a detriment to those that want to
    actually “play” and attack, however, in my book arty is a much much bigger
    detriment. the most fun games by far are those without arty, the maps open
    up and you can use a lot of position to try to outplay your opponent, were
    as now, you feel shohorned into arty covers, forcing a much more camp based

  73. man fraps kill your fps

  74. Hate that damn TD. Should never been introduced in the game.

  75. Such an annoying scumdog of a tank, I hate it 

  76. How come I saw Chinese at 11:23?

  77. I completely agree with you QB about how the Wt E100 discourages aggressive
    play. I feel the same way about its predecessors as well. All basically
    everybody does in them is camp at the back doing nothing to help their team
    until they all die, and then they too die.

    The same applies with artillery. I strongly think that the matchmaking
    should be modified in some way that artillery only feature in half the
    games that tanks do, so that tanks like the Maus dont continually get
    screwed because there is a vehicle that can attack them from the other side
    of the map without the Maus driver having a chance to attack back or defend

    I also think that the alpha damage on the 128mm L61 (correct me if i’m
    wrong) is to high. 560 is more than all 130mm guns (note the 2mm calibre
    difference!) in the game and should be nerfed, especially considering all
    tier 10 120mm guns that the allies get only do 400 damage, which imo should
    be buffed. They are only 8mm less in calibre but do over 20 percent less

  78. regiment scumbag artillery reporting for duty with BC 155 58 to waffle bake

  79. Hate this td

  80. I personally feel that this tank can be a little OP if the person playing
    it is even somewhat good. I watched a replay where an Object 263 was the
    last player on his team and the waffentrager e-100 the last player on his
    team. the waffentrager started capping and the 263 rushed back across the
    map, over the hill into the cap and one shoted him (mind you the
    waffentrager wasn’t on full health) but this is simply because the 263 has
    excelent camoflauge and a really powerful gun and the waffentrager was out
    in the open. if your team is say advancing up the right flank of a map and
    there’s a waffentrager sitting in cover straight ahead of you, YOU ARE
    SCREWED! so thats why this thing is a bit OP. so ill be getting an object
    263. i like it better and everyone doesnt think you’re an asshole ;)

  81. That was a perfect examination of strategy in this tank; all the more
    because you lost, which I’m sure you realized. Thanks a lot; these are
    incredibly informative.

  82. The Leopard OTO, with a 8-10 shot autoloading clip. 

  83. Where do I download the 9.5 test server?

  84. I’m yet to be trapped by these Waffentragers e-100. The test server doesn’t

  85. Weak points on Waffen E-100? hahahahaha

  86. “Weak point” on a turret of like 10mm? Lol

  87. Иван Димитров

    A very nice gameplay and a very nice tank! :)

  88. 144p is beautiful! I was wondering if I had my glasses on my nose.. 

  89. QB: wg no more glass cannons
    FV4005: plz

  90. Thatguywiththeface ofawsomness

    wt so balanced

  91. Hey QB, great video!
    One thing – in the last nerf, the camo raring of the WT E100 was nerfed
    from 0.07 to 0.00. As far as I understand, this means there is no advantage
    in using a camo net (because any percent of 0.00 is still 0). You are still
    using it – can you feel that it helps somehow?

  92. I feel it is overall a strong machine, but at the same time it is very
    oppressive towards unskilled drivers due to the huge size, and paper thin
    armor on the top of the hull and all around on the turret, making it an
    airfield for arty shells… especially if they hold still for the 8+
    seconds it takes to empty the clip. You really have to know what you are
    doing to work around its weaknesses and really play to its strengths.

  93. Throw harder you garbage player

  94. where can i send in my replays? i have got a really good one with the t54

  95. Would I still be able to use quickybabys modpack if I add the new arty mod?
    I really like qbs mod and don’t wana lose it , thanks .

  96. Hey guys…anyone knows, if it worth to put on a tank coated optics and
    binoculars together? or it makes no difference? thx

  97. i remember watching this game on stream. if i recall correctly, you got
    quite depressed at the end of it :)

  98. You said no one shoot you ….. at 03:08 you had a bounce … When you are
    spotted for the first time

  99. to bad u get spotted first :v :v
    and,,,,,well dat suck ur first shoot,,,,,,,,u hit the rock,,,,
    but hell yeah,,quick,,,u keep the best player in the WoT

    o7 sir

  100. I really wonder what +QuickyBabyTV will have to say about the new British
    “Glass cannon” :D

  101. fuck this tank. really. that shot delay, aim time and accuracy are just
    retarded. not even mentioning the “camo” rating of that house. such on OP

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