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Another day, another premium tank. But in the PR shitstorm around SirFoch’s “” of this machine and Wargamings’ over the top response to it, everybody’s overlooking something…


  1. Don’t forget to pack enough HE in your IS-6 Boys ans Girls.

  2. did we learn nothing from the type-59 fiasco?

  3. Tiger_1 Airsoft

    The best way to change what WG are doing is simply not to buy what they are selling. If the community is serious about it, don’t buy the Chrysler. Let it flop as a sales object. Then what the community means will be clear. Personally I would extend the “no buy” until they get the chieftain in the pc ver 😉

  4. And people complained about the e-25.

  5. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, this is all going according to Jingles master plan to provide his channel with more content. No wonder why they call him “Mighty.”

    In all actuality though, i’m really looking forwards to his next Mingles with Jingles vid. THAT will be fun to see.

  6. they did the same sort of thing to jingles about his criticism of world of war planes

  7. Killed one this afternoon in a comet.

  8. WG will never “get the point” their games have always been rife with P2W and they will never change that because they know there’s enough rich idiots willing to throw their real money at their games- so they don’t have to use their brains and actually use skill- to keep the company afloat.

  9. the defender has plenty of frontal weak spots, it’s not a good example. I counted 4

  10. what is point of having IS-6 now ??? Imagine MM VK 45,E-75,Type 4 ,Vk 100,Defender,Obj 252 and i need to shoot them ??? HOW ??? You have to run premium acc,and shoot premium ammo and hope that you will pen something.So how can I make some credits.Because even with premium acc you can be i minus 40 k with premium tank

  11. I agree with you, about the tank and also about the situation with SirFoch. In all the brouhaha, Foch’s message got lost on everyone, especially WG; but then it does seem that WG is really leaning towards increasing “powercreep” with all the new premium tanks being offered on their web page. I for one wish that WG and SirFoch could have worked out a meaningful result, instead of “hiting the 2 key and using their “nuclear option” to resolve the issue. As for the tank, I did purchase one and am currently reveling in the “power rush” you get, from bouncing many a shot like a boss and being able to fight efectively, most times………hehe, putting me in the “dirty rotten scoundrels” list!

  12. WG is making a ton of money off these absurdly armored vehicles, forcing the use of premium ammo. A tier 10 heavy (e5) cannot pen a tier 8 heavy… That makes a LOT of sense. Lets all join sr Foch and boycot this game. Its a great game but OP premium tanks are killing it. If we don’t boycot them now it’s too late. It seems like they have decided the end of the game is near and they riding the money wave as far as they can. It’s quitre sad what they are doing to this spectacular technology of a game. Premium tanks should be CHEAP and balanced, then we’ll all buy them and they wouldnt upset any one. Enhnaced crew training alone is reason to drop some real money on a cheap tank, make them unique and you have a winner. I’m only playing low tiers now, it seems like the tier 6 prems are less OP. Not balanced, but less OP, except the Crom B, thats an absurd tank

  13. I knew WoT was going to shit. It was just a matter of time…

  14. Same ………deleted my account……………

  15. ASTRO BOY william

    my IS-03 can handle the Defender just fine. but what i hate this time is the Japanese Type 4 and Type 5 and the Maus. firing APCR is fine but i don’t play world of tanks on a regular basis due to work so it’s a pain in ass.

    that tank is cancer

  16. “Highly offensive”? No way.

  17. Aurelian Manoli

    The answer to this is simple. Stop playing the game. There are tons of games out there. WT and AW are better now in my opinion than this pile of rubbish WOT is. So if you are looking for a tank related game you have alternatives. If you dont like it and you feel frustrated when playing this game STOP playing it. It will just do you harm in the end. I have 2 months of WOT free and i stoped being angry for some reason…Make peace not war(gaming)

  18. WOT is going slowly down, its sad to say that but if they continue so i don’t see a bright future for the game

  19. I`m not playing wot anymore just because this gold bullshit they got. I saw that coming and I don`t play it almost 3 months ago. You cand fuck yourselves wargaming just like bioware with that star wars bullshit pay to win they1ve got. We dont want to spend money on a free to play game you fucks ! Wake up !!!!

  20. Uğurcan Kalaycı

    Go on jingles protect the rights of “having fair and fun games“ for us! We got your back !

  21. Well worded jingles… Wot blitz is even worse though.. Don’t even bother to play that game guys.. Wg is a douche

  22. Have watched the video Circon put up about his dealings with wargaming reference the comments he made during a video, and now find out about threats to another youtuber. I cannot find the video Jingles is on about obviously because of its removal from you tube, but Jingles has said that it has been put up by others on facebook. Is there any chance a link can be supplied for me to look at please? I have recently got back into WoT so may not uninstall the game because of the threats but if it is as bad as what people are saying it will at least stop me from plowing any more monies to them

  23. Very Well Educated

    JINGLES I WANT YOUR OPINION! For me I’m perfectly fine and actually encourage tier 10 super heavy tanks to have absurd amount of armor. for the simple reason that that is the whole reason why they were built to take massive amounts of damage and still being able to continue along the battlefield. now of course when I say super heavy tank I am of course referring to the Maus E-100 and type 5 heavy, yes I know they were never actually built but you know what I mean. however when it comes to war gaming consistently popping out tier seven eight and nine tanks that have the same armor values as a tier 10 I agree that must stop. at the same time though I am asking the wargaming community to not ask that the Maus type 5 heavy Andy E-100 have their armor removed.

  24. puh well when I see what is happening to WOT, Iam so happy that I sold my super unicum main account for 400 euro 😀 where I spent around 200 Euro… Now I have bought a SHITTY account for 15 euro on ebay and guys, I dont care about anything :D. I have my 4 tier 10s so I dont have to spend anymore money, because I have everything I want and you know THIS SHIT COMPANY IS GOING DOWN :D. NICE

  25. Uninstalled my WG games
    Selected other
    Left a comment saying I think their actions are censorship and unacceptable
    Fuck this shit they’re doing
    Vote with your wallet!

  26. Too bad I invested in premium account a while ago. But I still opened a ticket for “unbalanced pay to win features.” and asked if I can get a refund for ununsed time. It’s not going to happen of course.

  27. Can’t see a problem with the tank myself, don’t players want a challenge and use tactics instead of just sitting behind a bush and shooting?

  28. How about people start flanking heavy tanks… you shouldn’t be able to pen a tier 8 heavy from the front like the old days. why even have armor then? The maus was the worst tier 10 before cause any tier 10 could just load gold and pen your front if they wanted to. Heavies should have armor that is not pennable to 2 tier below frontally so they have purpose. Also this tank cannot angle at all because the front drive wheel becomes easily penned (the shots go into the side through the track)therefore you only have to punch through like 210mm of armor which most tier 7s can pen with premium ammo and all tier 8+ can pen most of the time.

  29. Really though what can you do with the Japanese heavy tanks? think of how they were before, no one played them because they were utter garbage, and to be honest they are still pretty unfun to play, other than the occasionally penetrating HE shell. Average game in the Type 5 is, very slowly drive up to the front, manage to deal 300-1500 damage with an unreliable gun then get blown apart by artillery and premium ammo. What really can you do? They are extremely slow with terribly inaccurate and unreliable guns (not using the premium shells), Armour is all they have really.

  30. “only 198” *KV-5 sobs*

  31. WoT is garbage! I unninstalled it.

  32. tomasz kulawinski

    Wow what a coincidence 🙂 few days ago I didn’t extend my premium account as I need more time and money for running electronics project in my garage and here we are – I just find out what wargaming did and simply uninstalled this stupid time and nerves consuming annoying game! I’m free now and slept better last few nights 🙂 thank you wargaming for making me free from your drug 😉

  33. Now is the time for Jingles to quit WOT and get back into Atlantic Fleet.

  34. I bought a t34-85-m thinking it would put me on more competitive footing ,Great !,, now I,m in tier 8 games ,just about penetrate some of them firing gold ??????

  35. If I would CEO of wargaming I would piss off too.
    Sirfuck just bite the hand who feeds him, it always have the consequences.
    CC´s are there for making money to WG. If you fail youre out. that how it goes.

    I dont like this pay to win system where wargaming is going but it´s business, not charity

  36. Chrysler GF makes the vk 45 02b and pz.kpfw. VII look shit.

  37. This isn’t anything new. WG has been putting out gold spam inducing tanks for ages now (Super Pershing anyone). They’ve also been pretty damn arrogant and high handed in dealing with criticism for just as long. But then, that’s the direction the entire gaming industry has been headed. I quit WoT years ago for all of these reasons, plus more and aside from a short stint in WoWs, even quit that for the same reasons. It’s just now finally getting bad enough even the WG fanbois can’t even argue against it and are speaking up about it, with the same predictable results. It’s why I refuse to play ANYTHING WG puts out, good or bad. Why give money to gaming companies that don’t deserve it? That’s what happens when the great Soviet Gestapo meets capitalism. Piss people off enough and they’ll vote with their dollars.

  38. a new game introduced guys.
    a collab with wg and gajin
    its called……

    world of fuck you give us money

  39. Spartakus112112

    haha i quit wot some months after starting to release these ultra op prem tanks and i wont return ultil these tanks are removed from the game.

  40. I am so very glad to have abandoned World of reta… umm sorry… World of Warships/tanks for good.

  41. Sandijs Bartušs

    World of tanks is just going to road of pay to wi.

  42. Martijn Wissink

    well, do as me. Play arty all day and focus Crystlers 🙂

  43. Yes it is frustrating to people when a new OP tank comes out and spams the gold but wargaming is a business. They are always looking for a way to make money because guess what? It costs money to run a business and pay peoples wages.

    I’m sure there is people out there who have never bought premium anything. Which is fine but this does not support the game. Does wargaming put a stop to this? No. Instead they make their money elsewhere. In this case the Chrysler.

  44. Grzegorz Utecht

    skoda t25 185 mm Penetration on apcr and what can i do… gg wg p2w all the way.. sad

  45. Wargaming has become a greed machine, not just in WoT but even more so in Blitz. They just changed the normal 3 piece equipment setup into 24 perks that they force you to pay as you go as well as one of them being an anti tracking perk that completely negates tracking a vehicle, an instant repair that costs NOTHING. They sell you “premium vehicles that don’t make any credits unless you’re a unicum and require gold to be even slightly competitive. I’m pretty much done with anything produced by WG. Bad ping, bad MM and changing the format of a game I invested my hard earned money in, horrible customer service and a lack of respect for it’s consumers.

  46. MarioSupersonic

    Careful now jingles the mighty war gaming empire might see your words as borderline treason to the emperor him selfand may attempt to find a reason to copy strike you -.-

  47. one small thing about the gun on this is that it is same penetration as the t32

  48. Comments 2 minutes in it doesn’t make me want to play this fantasic game hearing about what happened and his opinion.

    Now watching videos on this channel make me want to play the game again until i hear about something like that, then i remember WOT is basically pay to win and/or free to LOSE.

    You grind so much in bad tanks to reach a tank you’d like to play and without the buffs it takes a very long time, because its meant to encourage you to spend money, but even premium tanks don’t earn enough to come out ahead very often so if you buy them in order to farm free exp/gold its still a shit time.

    I’m pretty sure this entire action they took has pushed back my want to play this game at least a couple of months, lets hope they don’t fuck something else up when i again feel like installing their games.

    and good job Jingles, you had almost sold me on the game but the companies really don’t make it easy for you do they? just like that other tank based game i even forget its name now since they fired the last dev team, it looked promising i was considering getting it then they fuck it up for themselves.

    See i don’t preorder and i sat back and watched the Aliens colonial anal rape happen from a distance while i pissed myself laughing but that kind of thing is exactly why i don’t jump day one into new games, nothings lost if i wait a month or two.

  49. No frontal weakpoints and good enough mobility to avoid geting flanked… FUCK THIS SHIT

  50. This isnt the first time that wargaming has done this sort of thing. Unfortunately, with continued videos and streams of thier game by yourself and other well known streamers and youtubers that support thier company even after these debacles. The only way to counter this would be to remove the vids as a protest to thier reaction… but we all know this will never happen.

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