World of Tanks | Week of T49 – Day 1

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One of my all time favourite , but sooo tough to Ace. Don’t worry, at the end of the week they shall appear 😀

TheRiisingSun Forum

Locastan’s Mod Pack

GME(Generic Mod Enabler)

Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sound mod


  1. I’m glad this series is back

  2. Good one Highflyer. Thanks for the informative and entertaining gameplay. I
    hope that your health issue has improved, you sound as if it has.

  3. Does the T49 get this massive, massive gun for Xbox 360 edition?
    I feel dumb for even playing this on Xbox in the first place but it’s my
    only option. I’m using a Dell laptop from 08′ which miraculously still runs
    for whatever reason.
    Back onto the point though, I’m working on the US TD line as well as the
    Shermans. Do you have any videos already containing tips for these kind of

  4. do you play on eu or na

  5. can you also show WN8 scores next time?

  6. Glad you are back HighF! It’s nice to see your videos in the channel’s

  7. The T49 has been compaired to the KV2. Both have a high damage , low
    penetration weapon that works best with HE. The T49 is a;ll about speed,
    while the KV2 depends on support of the team to be effective. The KV2 has
    poor view range while the T49 is a scout and has all the advantages of a
    scout. Both have simulate reloading times, but the T49 can scuttle away
    while the KV2, if it misses, it just may be doomed! T49 has 1000 hit point,
    while the KV2 only has 810. The biggest difference is that the KV2 will
    never unless it is poorly platooned, never see tier IX / X matches, while
    the T49 lives there. i’ll also say this: I have one shot many T49’s yoloing
    against my IS3, they simply get ammo racked while charging. The KV2 is
    harder to kill, even at tier VIII. a two shot most games at that tier. The
    only time I can recall at tier VI one shorting one is with another KV2
    going for it’s weak spot, and ammo racking it.

  8. I hate how much T49 depends on RNG. I prefer tanks that has reliable guns
    and even though I’ve had some decent games in T49 I almost never play it
    anymore because it keeps missing even close range fully aimed shots… Got
    like 57% hit ratio in it xD

  9. Welcome back Christian! 

  10. i have a replay of me doing 4k dmg in 4 or 5 minutes in my T49 :D

  11. long time no see :D

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