World of Tanks | Week of T49 – Day 2

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Day 2 and why not go and brawl a bit? 😀 Well.. More like hit and run a little, then come back and do the same thing 😀

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Locastan’s Mod Pack

GME(Generic Mod Enabler)

Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sound mod


  1. Moar Highflyer 😀 Moar effuridai

  2. Sweet! Love your videos and scouting Highflyer, your tips have made me a
    better scout, and I do pretty well now. Glad to see you’re putting out
    more content! Have fun!

  3. 11:25, “I dont need to paly like a light tank”
    That’s the problem i have with this tank ,yes its fun but in high tier
    matches LT can be game changes being a crucial role and almost all the t49s
    ive encounter have that mentality of “I dont need to play like a light
    tank”, they are horrible players on the SEA server

  4. It’s a pershing, it has the armor of a heavy.

  5. Enemy E75 in the first game was stock with the bad Tiger II turret, so
    rushing wouldnt had been worked for him.

  6. I dont want to cap,but personal mission require me to cap…. XD

  7. Great videos. What about “week of deathstar”? 

  8. whats the name of the intro song?

  9. Ah thats quick ;)

  10. I actually got a game of me in my t49 with no tier 9s, just t8s. No
    kidding, only t8s, t7s and t6s, i will look for a screenshot and mail it to

  11. 14:30 “Too bad I didn’t fully penetrate”

    You fired HEAT. I’m pretty sure it “fully penned” :D

  12. I see you doing quite a lot of damage and still only being awarded 2nd
    class mastery. What does it take to get Ace Tanker in this machine? 5-6k?

  13. Just started playing tanks, what is the best tank to start with to end up
    with the T49?

  14. I got my ELC AMX in a tier 5 game on Prohorovka a few days ago… and then
    got lag spikes because of bad wifi and was watching my tank go
    uncontrollably down the 1/2 line… I tried hitting buttons and hitting rr
    to make sure it would keep moving but… alas 🙁 

  15. Richard Gustafsson

    18:00 Right in the PUSSY!

  16. Richard Gustafsson

    21:30 T-28 have 8sec reload. Slow reload?

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