World of Tanks | Week of T49 – Day 3

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Lets get a couple of games, where I influence the games a lot, alongside a few guys you might know from somewhere.

TheRiisingSun Forum

Locastan’s Mod Pack

GME(Generic Mod Enabler)

Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sound mod


  1. Love these types of videos.. good to see them back!

  2. Der mit den Spinnen tanzt

    I wish I would own one myself :S

  3. I really really like the intro music, the T49…not my style really

  4. that mod doesn’t take everything into account for your wn8, i can advise
    yasenkrasen’s statistics, it will add a better overview in your battle

  5. what’s the WN8 counter thing (mod link)

  6. I need to say it, its actually ST-One, The I is a roman number, if you dont
    trust me you can look at the russian tankopedia and search for ST-I and
    IS-3/IS-7 etc. the I in IS-3 is different (Cyrillic) while the I in ST-I is
    the same because its roman as I said.

  7. +TheRiisingSun can you turn on advanced minimap options in WoT? Tank names
    and last known positions on the minimap are really nice to have.

  8. Sebonotik Insertnamehere

    Try get a good game with the stock gun. I´d love to see one :D

  9. I love this funtank myself – i played it almost 800 battles. Take my advise
    and aim a bit longer – you miss too many shots – autoaiming will also give
    you more chance to hit as it is in sync with the server recticle. 

  10. “SirFoch […] lost only one HP, I think he just bumped with Circon, maybe.”

    Yeah right, blame it on the others 😉 –> 14:18

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