World of Tanks | Week of T49 – Day 5

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Oh the shame. I’m such a liar :c
No South Ace for you, since I deleted it by mistake 🙁

TheRiisingSun Forum

Locastan’s Mod Pack

GME(Generic Mod Enabler)

Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sound mod


  1. :O You liar!

  2. Der mit den Spinnen tanzt

    I want this tank so bad! It´s a shame that it´s such an high level tank ;(

  3. I was the Ru 251 (TitaniumTurnip) Unfortunately in the first 3 mins of the
    game I got snap shotted for all my health by an FV215b 183 :D


  5. Great video as usual. Congrats on the Ace Tanker awards. I’m nowhere near
    to unlocking this tank but look forward to it (I was very frustrated at
    first when I discovered, after enlisting back in 1980, that the Sheridan
    Light Armored Assault Vehicle, had been withdrawn from front line units
    with the exception, at the time, of the 82nd Airborne….and this old
    country boy made a promise to himself that he would NEVER voluntarily jump
    out of an otherwise perfectly serviceable aircraft. But I did come to love
    the M60A1 anyway.) but I’ve slacked off playing WoT and gaming in general
    of late, so it’ll be a while before the T49 finds a place in my garage.
    Keep up the excellent work and keep ’em comin’!

  6. boi an gurl mak out gurl stops makiin out an is ded. boi wantetd marri gurl. lik dis if u cri eritim

    Isn’t a week 7 days? :P

  7. Week of Loltracktor :D

  8. Good to have you back Christian. :-)

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