World of Tanks || Welcome to Hell!

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– M48A1. Today Zipuu has his work cut out for him as he has a serious carry on his hands!

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  1. 250k twitch follower special – you pick the tanks – live now 🙂

  2. wait, you need 2 bushes to shoot without getting spotted? i thought it’s only 1

  3. Love the M48, the king of snapshot.

  4. 100% aimbot

  5. vehicles smoke when they burn don’t they so no smoking makes sense

  6. No smoking. It’s obviously because there’s ammo inside the tank xD

  7. ur not supposed to smoke around ammunition in the turret,, it could explode

  8. Ooh the M48. I’ve seen two IRL, an A1 and an A5, the latter of which I’ve seen in motion.

  9. Hey QB, I realize the patch hasn’t been released to EU yet.  But here on the NA server, having to manually move my crews and equipment SUCKS !!!!!!!! Any chance you are going to release your updated xvm ?

  10. I don’t see the south part of the map as a problem. I quite like it actually.

  11. 9.18 modpack plz <3

  12. Zipuu = Zippo, popular old-school liquid-fueled cigarette lighter. (or is that a stretch?)

  13. Allways Lukcy

  14. “you should point it out when i make mistakes” Quicky, are you sure you’re not Canadian?

  15. Can not speak for Zipuu, but I normally pair up the ‘No smoking’ sign with the name ‘Fireball’ as a twisted humor for going up or down in a burning wreck for most of my matches.

  16. what program is he using to view the game in a free camera, like where he cna look around the entire map

  17. I recently got back into WOT and I use you as my everything info to try to give me a slight edge. Your not annoying, good voice, you obviously know your shit (Or at least look like it)

  18. I am a huge fan and actually got into Wot because of you. Even though my best tank in the tier VII T-34-1, (Which is kind of sad) I still watch your high tier videos. You really know your tanks.

  19. I always though Zippo (like the lighter) was pronounced Zip Poe with the E being silent. The way QB says it is different, but funny nevertheless.

  20. James Irwin-McConnell

    qb you need to get a new xvm working.

  21. Jack Hemmersmeier

    ?Welcome to Hell, Its great here, so put up a chair, have cold beer. You can live by the sea, so happy you’ll be?

  22. Feeelings… nothing more than Feeeeelings!

  23. what equipment ?

  24. 10:56 his 2 kills indeed.

  25. yeah, that Bush mechanicthing, where it makes you invisible to nothing.. IT STINKS!!!!
    I mean, MOUSE, behind 2 bushes… sniper mouse, no way to see him… he is a tiny tiny tanks, right.
    About the game, good one, indeed.

  26. What is so special about this video??? He did 7k damage just for snipe from bush,light tank did all hard work

  27. Need your help QB, which tier 10 medium is better for solo play STB-1 or Object 140????

  28. mustafa alkhazraji

    fuck you

  29. Hi QB, thank you for all the great content.

    I have some bad news for you. From the WG website for update 9.18:

    Finally, changes to the branch structure won’t affect XP you’ve earned on light tanks. They stay at the Tier they were earned on.

    Your XP on tier 8 light tanks stays at tier 8. Sorry….

  30. Ok, this is getting annoying! Why wont youtube let me play 1080p in 60fps? I can watch in 1080p without 60fps, but because they are two diffrent “modes”. Those that are originally in 1080p60, I can now only watch on 720p60… And don’t come here with ” your phone is not compatible” because I have a 1440p screen running at 60Hz on my ZTE Axon 7″

  31. AlphaOmega Channel

    may i know your setting for create the replay before upload to youtube?
    Because my video quality is not so good if compare with you.
    I use xsplit broadcaster.
    Please help and thankyou

  32. Nice lawnmower engine sound effects. Kinda goes well with the fake russkie dev ‘physics’.

  33. 10:56 *10 kills… 🙂

  34. Wot the game where you need to carry 14 clown teammates

  35. Tier 10 is your favorite, what a shocker.

  36. Kas van den Hofstad

    welcome to hell no smoking thats the joke you cant smoke in hell

  37. Good stuff Quicky. I’ll have a lot of catching up to do when I am done with BCT and AIT here in the USA!

  38. Yes , QB ; I am a recovered smoker , you got it haha 🙂

  39. Good Clan name

  40. That was pretty intense at the end. Well played M48 Patton.

  41. Only 5k games and I have 1470 wn8……..50b driver has 80k games and 1509 wn8. How does that work, do people just not learn. And I’m not a re-roll by the way because most people think that I am. Just found out about quickybaby very early on.

  42. that was the best game Ive ever seen in a while

    maby a reference to the smoking animation after your tanks death ….

  44. He used at the beginning advanced autoaim which is an illegal modification. Why Mr. Quickbaby you dont say anything about it?
    Apart from that good commentation as allways!

  45. zipu did hit the SP1C

  46. Need to shout-out to the T49…his patience to just spot and not keep risking shot-trading to get his own hits in allowed the M48 to hold the south without having to expose himself.

  47. QB where is the 1080p? Two recent videos both at 720p only…

  48. fantastic game 🙂

  49. this is was intense episode, btw.

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