World of Tanks – WG Fest Thoughts

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Source: Anfield

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  1. Nice Video! I hope you have a good day!

  2. Better later than never.

  3. Oh shit, hope the changes make wot enjoyable for you again.

  4. jimbeam the redneck

    Be world of HE shells….

  5. 1 HP OMEGA LULZ! Love always~ BiggHAUS/YourMomsHouse

  6. Do you plan to come back … i miss your videos and comments 🙁

  7. reducing the damage prem ammo does will hurt lower tier tanks in the 3 5 7 mm.

    • I think it will not hurt the lower tiers in the 3 5 7 mm because ( wg says that ) they will rebalence all the tanks. And i dont use prem ammo and it is fine. It bring back the challenge to hit the weakpoint. But it will be better if wg make more weakpoints


  9. In general the suggestions are great albeit probably too late for some. Yes they’ll need to rebalance the armour obviously but the ammo changes will reward skill rather than lazy 2-key pressers. They have to get new maps in the game as well to keep it interesting.

  10. These changes look great, but sadly they’re about a year to late for me.

  11. Any incomin changes will not change the meta.. TDs will snipe and russians will still be heavily armoured…

  12. maybe in 2019 we’ll have a game that we’re not embarrassed to say we play

  13. Welcome back Anfield. I’m actually really excited for the “buying tanks with bonds”. I’m an above average player, but I’ve never been able to get into a good clan that tries for the reward tanks. So I’m hoping the 15k bonds I have saved up will be enough to get a 907 or something. Looking forward to seeing what else they put out there.

  14. I don’t agree with the prem ammo changes as they stand. As it stands it will be an indrect buff to super heavies if they keep their armor and HP. I’d very much rather see a total rebalance of armor to have weakspots pennable by AP and prem ammo changed more into utility rounds. Like use HEAT when pen dropopp becomes too great or against extreme angles, APCR against fast moving targets etc. This has to come along with +/- 1 MM. It’s a much more dauting task, but I feel that it’d yield a better result in the end.
    At the very least I don’t want to face tanks I already can’t pen with standard ammo, but with less DPM. WG no

  15. Huge potential for the game to get infinitely better. Also huge potential for them to break the game with the prem round rebalance. We’ll have to see.

    If everything is implemented well, and they remove arty, the game will actually be good. At that point it’d only be the terrible new player experience holding them back, but a lot of that is due to the bad matchmaker so it might not even be an issue.

  16. I don’t trust anything they say. All they’ve done since the Patriot is ramp up the income they make. Every descision is tuned to squeeze more money out of the player. It’s a [Bela] Russian game, they play by different rules over there, they can and will say anything to keep you paying.
    They won’t nerf armor before they nerf the prem ammo which just means the player has to Shoot *more* and pay *more* to take down those type 5’s..
    They won’t rework 6th sense because that generates income through free exp conversion.
    They won’t do +1 -1 because the lower tier in +2 has to fire more prem rounds just to keep pace which means the need for prem time, prem tanks and credit reserves.
    They don’t give a shit about the game balance. It’s all about the money. If they did care we wouldn’t be having this discussion in the first place, the game would be balanced, not pay (*an absurd amount*) to win/play.

    I could go on but i have a life to live..

  17. Isn’t the premium ammo nerf just a buff to heavy tanks, and a significant nerf to many tanks DPM? I’m pretty sure all this change will do is cause people to spam more premium ammo, not less. I do like some of the other changes, but a chain is always just as strong as the weakest link:))

  18. These changes should have happened before 1.0 IMO. I am skeptical of the ammo re-balance, they need to balance a lot of tanks armor layout. I can see them breaking a lot of tanks and taking MONTHS to fix it. Unless they have been working on this already and have kept it a secret. The sad thing is, I think these changes are only occurring because they lost so much of the RU player-base. I guess they don’t like ridiculously unbalanced game play either.

  19. I hadn’t played the game for a while and came back just to find out that, they turned is3a into an autoreloader that’s better and the italian tanks.
    Can’t really trust anything WG says.

  20. Miss you dude. thx for the wot vid

  21. Yay, he’s posting vids again <3

  22. 6th sense for everyone is great an all but players have used gold to convert xp into crew skill for 6th sense… Do you think this matters? Or what would you do about it… Imo they should give players an extra crew skill point or something along those lines or perhaps convert / crew xp that could be used to train new crews

  23. It says a lot when all the CC are just sick of the shit coming out of WG. My guess is. All changes will be set to maximize WG income to the health and wellness of the game.

  24. Wargaming want imbalance in the game so that they can maximise income, 80% of the maps are advantageous from one spawn point, if they lower the pen of prem ammo people will just use more of it as the armour can’t be penned otherwise. MM 1+1 could be the most welcome significant change, why hide stats of the players on game, I for one base my strategy on each game after I have looked at the opponents Win8. It also gives a measure to just how well you are progressing in the game overall.

  25. Remember when we all cried to have arty nerfed. Now you get perma stunned but space machine guns. Careful what you ask for

  26. afnel and wot? blink twice if youre held captive

  27. guillem fuster adrover

    The premium ammo rebalance is not necessary if the rebalance the armour layout of the heavily armoured vehicles, if they reduce the DMG it would mean a significant buff to the most heavily armoured tanks, I don’t think premium ammo is that big of a deal, I understand the plebs on their mauses, type 5s, jageroos… Crying bc getting wreck by premium ammo, what do you expect? Mostly corridor maps with frontal engagements…

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